Done for you monthly strategic Real Estate e-Zines (Newsletter)

This Done For You Strategic Newsletter is a custom digital newsletter we create and send for you monthly.

This will pay you back in SPADES.  

Leverage yourself with this.  See who in your SOI is a potential seller and/or buyer. 


In the existing real estate climate you can't afford to NOT STAY TOP OF MIND CONSISTENTLY. 


Real Estate Newsletter Service

Agents/Brokerages SELL THEIR LIST when they retire or move on.  This newsletter and list is an asset in their business.

If you do this well and stay consistent  not only do you have regular consistent leads and a flourishing business but you also have an asset you've built that you can sell when you're ready to move on or retire.  

You can sell this list/this email system with your book of business to other agents.

This is a systematic way to stay top of mind to your SOI and others will pay for an established marketing system within a business.

It's taken me years to learn and figure out the exact method to have a strategic Realtor® newsletter that people love receiving, that generates leads and referrals and that is strategically created so you can see who the potential sellers and buyers are in your SOI/your email list.

This is  the ONE TOOL you need to keep the leads and referrals coming in consistently and it allows you to LEVERAGE YOURSELF. 

I've had so many agents ask if we could create and send these Strategic Monthly Newsletters for them so I've this service. 

I offer the course in which I teach you the strategies and you can create these on your own but many agents asked to have these created and sent for them. 

There's an EXACT strategy that's VERY SPECIFIC to Realtor® needs.  There's a psychological strategy to this system. 

This method also helps you identify who in your SOI is a potential seller and/or buyer, it keeps you top of mind, it brands you and it profiles you as THE ONLY GO TO REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL. 

This is personalized for you and customized to your Sphere/Demographic/Community.

This includes a conversation with me so I may get a feel for your style, community, demographics and sphere.

1) One of the most useful pieces to this is you can see who may be potential sellers and buyers in your SOI/List.

2) It's important to include local activities and events your sphere might be interested in.  

3) We'll have the graphics done for you. You won't need to worry about graphics unless you'd like to send us some.  You may want to have your top banner done by a professional graphic designer. We have a recommendation for someone at  who has created nice banners for other agents in the Real Estate Spice community.  

4) Your newsletter is sent monthly 

5) These are mobile optimized so it shows well on desktops, tablets and phones.

This is a digital newsletter and it's created with specific strategies to generate buyer and seller leads, to keep you top of mind, brand you and allows you to see who may be a potential seller and/or buyer.

It's not a printed newsletter.  The power is in the digital format and this is why we use Constant Contact.  Constant Contact has the exact tools needed to make this an extremely effective and strategic newsletter.  We do not use another service.


  1) One time set up fee: $100.  I have a call with you to learn how we can customize your newsletter for your sphere and demographic and we get your template and branding done. 

I'll help you with the top banner if you'd like and you can customize it with your photo. Or you can have someone do this at or another graphic designer.  

 2) 3 months:  $400 (minimum 3 months offered)

 3) We use Constant Contact.  Constant Contact service fee is $10/mo for a list of under 501.  If you have a list between 501-2500 it's $45/mo. 

I also provide ideas/ways to help you grow your list.  It's so important to get emails from EVERYONE you encounter…or at least those who fit your target audience. 

People share, forward and refer you with these newsletters…these work so, so well!

Get your own branded, strategic Realtor® newsletter for $400 (every 3 months).  These are sent monthly. This is monthly.  It is not offered quarterly or bi-monthly.

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