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Real Estate Spice (Website) is one of the top visited real estate websites in the United States for real estate agents and brokers, home buyers, home sellers and homeowners.

Integrity of this site is paramount and thus we strive to offer helpful,  valuable and real world information, product information and industry related coverage for real estate agents, brokers, home sellers, home buyers and homeowners.

Real Estate Spice has an email subscription list of 20,000 (Realtors®, Brokers and other Real Estate Professionals).  This subscription list has an engagement rate of 79% (which is virtually unheard of with a subscription list this size).  This is a highly engaged, loyal audience.

Real Estate Spice offers a limited amount of advertising, collaborations, industry news related coverage and affiliate options to select businesses and media outlets including:

* Sponsored Ad Space In Real Estate Spice’s Newsletter/Emails (20,000 Subscribers/Real Estate Agents and Brokers – Engagement Rate is 79%)

* Social Media promotion options (Facebook 13,000 Followers; Pinterest 14,000 Followers)

* Affiliate Partnering

* Product Reviews/Interviews

* Industry Related Coverage

For consideration email and include information regarding all the details of your proposal and why this would be a newsworthy and good fit.