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Real Estate Spice (Website) has an Alexa Ranking of 17,000 in the United States.  If you are not familiar with Alexa Rankings – that's an incredibly low score which means there's a high volume of quality traffic and an engaged audience.  Alexa ranks millions of websites.

It's important to maintain a strong real estate site that offers helpful and valuable information to people in the real estate industry, home sellers, buyers and homeowners.

Real Estate Spice also has a subscriber list of 25,000 (mostly real estate professionals).  They are a highly engaged and loyal audience.

It's important to maintain the integrity of the site and brand.  I will consider partners/brands if it's a good fit for this site and audience.

Real Estate Spice offers a limited amount of advertising and affiliate options to select businesses including:

  • Sponsored Ad Space In Real Estate Spice's Newsletter/Emails (25,000 subscribers/Real Estate Agents)
  • “Brought to you by” post footer options
  • Product or brand inclusion content/editorial post
  • Weekly or monthly sticky sidebar graphic advertisement
  • Social Media promotion options (Facebook 13,000 Followers; Pinterest 13,100 Followers)
  • Affiliate Partnering

For more information please email using the subject “ADVERTISING/AFFILIATE INQUIRY” with all the information regarding your brand and budget, as well as the type of promotion you are interested in.