Creating Monthly Newsletters That

Get You Leads & Referrals

Course with exclusive mastermind group and group coaching

A monthly newsletter can make you thousands of dollars if done right. 

Learn how to create ‘triggers' within a newsletter to see which buyers and sellers are hot leads.

Create your monthly newsletter so People Want To Open Them and See you as Their Professional Real Estate Advisor. 

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Feeling overwhelmed at times?  Get sidetracked sometimes?  A Harvard study showed that 3% of their graduating students earned 20 times more than the rest of their class by writing down goals and having a plan.

This Planner includes the latest systems that help you plan and accomplish the goals for you and your business.

“Be A Star: Sell Your Listings For Top Dollar”

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Find out step by step how to list and sell for top dollar. Marketing, Negotiating and Strategy are FOUNDATIONAL.  We go into the psychology of marketing and sales in this one.

I provide you with case studies and how you can obtain these results by following some simple techniques and marketing methods.

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You'll be a star to your sellers. Find out step by step how to list and sell for top dollar. Marketing, Negotiating and Strategy. We go into the psychology of marketing and sales in this one.

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