Barndominium living rooms offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comforts, embodying the versatile nature of these distinctive homes.

Barndominium homes have gained popularity recently due to their customizable floor plans and unique style.

These hybrid structures and barndominium interiors combine the features of a traditional home with the spaciousness of a barn or workshop.

Large barndominium living room with vaulted ceilings wood beams a loft connected to kitchen says the best barndominium living room designs

The living room is one of the most striking aspects of a barndominium, which often features an open-concept design and high vaulted ceilings, making the space feel inviting and expansive.

In your barndominium living room, you can tailor the space to your exact preferences, from the placement of walls and windows to the choice of flooring and lighting.

Many living rooms in barndominiums measure at least 30×25 feet or larger, providing ample space for a comfortable living area.

Whether you choose a compact or sizable design, your barndominium living room is an ideal place for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the many advantages of this versatile type of home. 

Barndominium living room vaulted ceilings wood beams open concept rustic

Beyond aesthetics, mixing leisure and entertainment areas into your living room further enhances the appeal of your barndominium interior space.

An upstairs loft for game nights, a corner dedicated to movie screenings with a projector, or a designated space for hobbies and crafts can seamlessly integrate into your living room without compromising the open and spacious feel.

With thoughtful planning and design, your barndominium living room can become a multifunctional area that meets your needs while showcasing your unique preferences and personality.

What Is A Barndominium?

Originally coined by real estate developer Karl Nilsen in 1989, the term “barndominium” initially described properties with both a dwelling area and boarding facility for horses.

Over time, the definition evolved, and the concept took root, especially in the state of Texas, United States.

Today, barndominiums are seen as metal or pole barn structures that have been creatively converted into comfortable residential spaces.

While the exterior often maintains the original barn aesthetic, the interior is designed to cater to modern living standards.

It can be highly customized to match the homeowners’ architectural and design tastes.

barndominium living room open concept steel rod black beams texas modern style

Barndominiums Offer Much Versatility

In essence, barndominiums epitomize versatility. They often start as open floor plans that can be partitioned into various living spaces based on the homeowner’s preferences.

Often, these structures are constructed using a pole barn as the framework, adding an element of rustic charm.

Compared to conventional houses, barndominiums are generally more cost-effective due to using less expensive, prefabricated steel or pole barn structures.

They’re lauded for their durability against weather conditions and pests.

And they also tick the box for sustainability, as their steel structures are often sourced from recycled materials and can be insulated to promote energy efficiency.

Barndominium Home Tour

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Barndominium Living Room Dimensions

When planning your barndominium living room, it’s important to consider the dimensions that will accommodate your furniture and design preferences.

Generally, living rooms in barndominiums are designed with spacious open-concept layouts.

For smaller living rooms, opt for a rectangular layout with a size of around 12′ x 18′. This size provides enough space for comfortable seating arrangements and essential furniture pieces like a coffee table and entertainment center.

If you prefer a larger living room seamlessly flowing into the kitchen or dining area, consider a space measuring approximately 30′ x 30′.

This open floor plan allow for a more significant seating area, accommodating more people and larger furniture groups.

Remember to account for the following when planning your living room dimensions:

FURNITURE SIZE: Ensure there’s enough space to comfortably fit your desired furniture, allowing for a comfortable traffic flow around the room.

FUNCTIONALITY: Consider how you’ll use the living room and create a layout that meets those needs. Have fun with this.  Remember, this is an area for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

DOORWAYS: Consider the proximity to exterior or interior doorways and the possible impact on furniture placement. Some homes even have garage-style doors opening out to outdoor living spaces.

WINDOWS: Consider window and furniture placement. In a barndominium, the placement and size of windows impact furniture arrangement in the living room, as homeowners often orient seating and entertainment centers to optimize natural light and views of the outdoors and maintain the balance between window locations and wall space. 

Barndominium Living Room Layouts

When planning your barndominium living room, consider the functionality and comfort of this interior area.  You want to create an enjoyable area for yourself, your family, and your guests.

I’ll introduce you to some popular living room layouts for your barndominium interior area to help you achieve a stylish yet comfortable setting.

Barndominium Open Concept Living Room

barndominium living room with metal beams open concept fireplace modern rustic style

One popular layout for a barndominium living room is the open concept design.

Combining the living room, kitchen, and dining area into a single space allows you to create a seamless flow throughout your home.

This layout encourages social interaction, making it perfect for those who love to entertain.

Be sure to use cohesive colors and materials to give the area a harmonious feel, and consider using area rugs to define the living room zone.

Traditional Barndominium Living Room

Consider creating a conversation-focused living area if you prefer a more traditional layout.

Arrange your seating around a central coffee table, with your sofas and chairs facing each other.

This layout encourages interaction and creates a cozy environment for quality time with family and friends.

You can still have open views of other areas within your barndo, but use furniture arrangements to distinguish the living room area.

Barndominium L Shaped Living Room

Another layout option is the L-shaped living room, which maximizes the floor space in your barndominium.

This design often includes a large sectional sofa or a combination of a sofa and a loveseat, with additional accent chairs to provide ample seating.

Position your television or fireplace as a focal point on the shorter side of the L-shaped layout, and fill the longer section with comfortable seating options.

Add a coffee table and strategically placed side tables to complete the setup.

Other Living Room Considerations

Remember to pay attention to the overall lighting of your barndominium living room. Incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a welcoming and versatile atmosphere.

Ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps all contribute to the warmth and character of your living space.

Remember, the layout of your barndominium living room should reflect your style and cater to your family’s needs.

Whether you prefer an open concept, conversation-focused, or L-shaped layout, the key is to ensure that your living area is comfortable, functional, and inviting for everyone who spends time there.

Contemporary Barndominium

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Barndominium Living Room Design Ideas

living room in bardominium with open concept living connecyed to kitchen white black grey colors modern farmhouse design

Creating a barndominium living room that reflects your taste and lifestyle can be exciting. 

I’ve compiled design ideas to help you craft the perfect space for your relaxation and entertainment.

1. Traditional Rustic Style Barndominium

To capture a sense of rustic charm in a living room, combine natural elements with a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Start with warm, earthy tones for your base color palette; think deep browns, gentle creams, and muted greens.

For the flooring, consider reclaimed hardwood or stone, both of which bring a textured, organic feel to the space. Furniture with materials like weathered wood, distressed leather, and wrought iron should be sturdy and substantial.

An oversized fireplace, ideally stone or brick, is a perfect focal point for a rustic living room.

Add accents like vintage rugs, antique trinkets, and cozy throw blankets to finish off.

Lighting is key in a rustic design; a wrought-iron chandelier or lantern-style pendant lights cast a warm, inviting glow.

Consider heavy drapes or wooden blinds for the windows to maintain the rustic look.

With these elements, your living room will radiate the rustic charm that is both timeless and homely.

2. Modern Rustic Barndominium

Modern rustic charm design for a living room balances sleek contemporary aesthetics and homely, nature-inspired elements.

The color scheme should lean towards a neutral palette, utilizing shades of white, gray, and beige, accented with black for a modern twist.

As for flooring, light wood or polished concrete creates a clean, minimalist base while retaining a touch of rustic warmth.

Modern rustic living room furniture can range from mid-century modern pieces to more streamlined contemporary selections crafted from natural materials like leather and raw or distressed wood.

An unadorned fireplace, possibly with a clean, concrete, or flat stone surround, can be a striking focal point.

Accessories should be carefully curated; a mix of industrial metal accents, natural fiber textiles, and simple graphic art pieces can perfectly tie the room together.

Overall, a modern rustic living room should exude comfort and sophistication, marrying the best of both rustic charm and modern design.

3. Contemporary Minimalist Barndominium Style

Balance a simple yet elegant design by choosing a minimalistic approach for your living room.

Use clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal decor to create a serene and calming environment.

Adding a touch of natural wood can also evoke the rustic charm of a barndominium.

4. Loft Style Living Room Barndominium

Creating a loft-style barndominium living room requires an open, airy layout and industrial design elements.

Exposed beams and ductwork, brick or concrete walls, and large windows are typical characteristics, embracing the building’s original barn structure.

Furnishings, such as a sleek leather sofa and reclaimed wood or metal coffee table, should balance comfort and modernity.

Finally, well-placed lighting, like vintage pendant lights, and a minimal color palette featuring neutral tones and pops of bold color can perfect the loft aesthetic.

5. Industrial Flair Barndominium

Creating an industrial style for a barndominium living room involves blending barn and modern elements for a striking aesthetic.

Begin by showcasing materials like exposed brick for a raw, urban touch and concrete flooring to anchor the space with an industrial feel.

Introduce metal accents, such as iron light fixtures or a steel coffee table, to amplify the edgy vibe and create visual interest.

Lastly, balance the rugged industrial features and comfort by incorporating modern, plush seating and warm lighting, ensuring the living space feels stylish and inviting.

Barndominium Living Room Furniture

barndominium living room traditional farmhouse chandelier lights couches and chairs around living room table

When designing your barndominium living room, choosing furniture that aligns well with the room’s aesthetics and fulfills your requisite practical needs is crucial.

The right furniture can enhance the rustic charm of your barndominium’s interior area and thesecreate a comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment.

1. Seating

Consider the type of seating you’d like to include in your living room.

Sofas and sectionals can provide ample seating for larger gatherings, while armchairs and accent chairs offer versatility for more intimate settings.

Upholster your seating choices in fabrics like leather, suede, or a durable performance fabric that can withstand daily wear and tear.

2. Tables

To complement your seating, incorporate coffee tables and side tables that provide surface space for drinks and accessories and add balance and style to the room.

Choose materials that align with the rustic feel of your barndominium, such as reclaimed wood or metal.

3. Storage Pieces

Storage pieces, such as shelving and media consoles, can effectively merge practicality with design in your living room.

These elements can help maintain a clutter-free space and showcase your style through decorative items, books, and other collections.

Barndominium Living Room Lighting

barndominium living room with vaulted ceilings garage style doors on each side modern farmhouse large windows natural light


When designing your barndominium living room, paying attention to lighting is crucial.

The right lighting can enhance the functionality of your interior space, showcase its unique architectural features, and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

1. Pendant Lights

Consider pendant lights for localized lighting and adding character to your living room.

Available in various shapes and sizes, these hanging fixtures emphasize specific areas while offering essential flexibility in terms of style.

2. Rustic Chandelier

In addition to pendant lights, you might appreciate the classic country charm of rustic chandeliers.

These fixtures can serve as focal points in your barndominium living room and bring a touch of elegance to the space.

Choose a chandelier that complements your barndominium interior space’s overall design, whether it leans toward a modern, industrial aesthetic or a more traditional, farmhouse-inspired look.

3. Table Lamps

Table lighting plays a significant role in enhancing a barndominium living room.

Strategically placed table lamps can create pockets of warm, ambient light, softening the room’s atmosphere and making it more inviting.

Additionally, the lamps themselves, whether they’re rustic vintage pieces, sleek modern designs, or industrial metal fixtures, can serve as decorative elements that contribute to the overall style of the living room.

4. Natural Light

Don’t forget the importance of natural lighting in your barndominium living room.

Large windows and sliding glass doors can brighten up space while providing beautiful, unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside.

To maintain control over sunlight and privacy, consider incorporating stylish window treatments, such as curtains, blinds, or shutters.

5. Layered Lighting

Layer your lighting by combining ambient, task, and accent lighting techniques.

Use ambient lighting to set the general mood of the room, task lighting for specific activities like reading or working, and accent lighting to highlight artwork, unique architectural features, or other design elements in your barndominium living room.

Material and Finishes For Your Barndominium Living Room

Selecting the right materials and finishes is essential in achieving the desired look and feel in your barndominium living room.

Here are a few options to consider:

1. Flooring

The choice of flooring in a barndominium can significantly influence its overall aesthetic and feel.

Common flooring options include polished concrete for a modern, industrial look, hardwood for a warm, rustic appeal, or luxury vinyl plank for a cost-effective yet attractive solution that mimics the look of natural materials.

2. Countertops

While it’s less common to see countertops in a traditional house, in a barndominium design, they can be an innovative addition.

Countertops can divide the space between the living room and kitchen, creating a natural partition while maintaining the room’s flow.

They can also serve as additional seating or dining areas, perfect for casual meals or when entertaining guests. Moreover, they can function as decor, books, or plants display surfaces, enhancing the living room’s aesthetic.

Material choice is key; for example, polished concrete or stainless steel can enhance an industrial aesthetic, while natural stone or wood countertops can bring in a rustic touch.

Whichever material is chosen, the countertop should be durable and easy to maintain, given the high-traffic nature of living spaces.

3. Interior Wall Paneling

The interior wall paneling of a barndominium living room significantly influences the room’s aesthetic and can add to the structure’s unique character.

Classic barn wood paneling can give the space a rustic feel, maintaining the charm of a traditional barn. Alternatively, painted in neutral colors, shiplap or board and batten walls can add a touch of farmhouse chic.

For a more modern or industrial vibe, exposed brick or corrugated metal can make a striking statement.

Each option can enhance the architectural details of the barndominium interior walls while providing a fitting backdrop for your chosen decor.

4. Window Treatments

Window treatments in a barndominium living room serve practical functions such as privacy and light control and play a significant role in shaping the room’s visual appeal.

Consider options like wooden blinds or thick, textured drapes in earth tones for a rustic or farmhouse look.

In the case of a modern industrial style, roller shades or minimalist curtains in neutral tones could be the right choice.

Ultimately, these treatments should integrate well with the room’s other design elements, adding an extra layer of visual interest, texture, or color.

Barndominium Living Room Windows and Doors

The choice of windows and doors plays a pivotal role in shaping both the visual appeal and practical usability of your barndominium living room.

Ensure your choices complement your design theme and allow for sufficient natural light:

WINDOWS:  Large windows or even floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a sense of space and bring in ample natural light, enhancing the room’s ambiance.

Depending on your preferred design, you can choose from various styles—picture windows, casement windows, or sliding windows.

DOORS: Sliding barn doors, French doors, or pocket doors can all add character and practicality to your barndominium living room.

Choose a style that complements your design and provides easy access to adjoining spaces.

Barndominium Living Room Vaulted Ceilings

Barndominium living room white modern style vaulted ceiling open concept

In your barndominium living room, one design element that can make a significant impact is a vaulted ceiling. 

Vaulted ceilings are known for creating an airy, open space that adds a touch of luxury and grandeur to your home.

They are particularly suitable for barndominiums, which often have taller sidewalls and flexible roof pitches.

When planning the vaulted ceiling for your living room, consider the size of the room and the desired effect.

A vast, open room with a soaring vaulted ceiling can provide an impressive, dramatic effect.

If your living room is smaller, a modestly sloped roof may still create an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Living Room Vaulted Ceiling Material

In your barndominium living room, the choice of materials for your vaulted ceiling can also contribute to the overall aesthetic.

For a rustic and traditional feel, you may opt for exposed wooden beams that emphasize the structure of the ceiling.

Alternatively, you can choose sleek and smooth finishes for a more modern, minimalist look.

Vaulted ceilings can be customized to suit your taste and style preferences. Whether you prefer a classic gable and shed-style roof or an innovative, contemporary design, the options are endless.

To make your space truly unique, you can also explore the addition of skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows, which bring in plenty of natural light and enhance the overall spatial experience.

Don’t forget about the importance of lighting when designing your barndominium living room with vaulted ceilings.

Accentuate the height and architectural features of the room using well-placed recessed lighting, chandeliers, or pendant lights.

Balance the general lighting with task and ambient lighting options to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for both you and your guests.

Vaulted ceilings perfectly enhance your barndominium living room, offering added height, spaciousness, and endless design possibilities.

Aim for a ceiling design that complements your living space’s size, style, and function, and remember to factor in proper lighting for the best result.

The world of barndominium living rooms is diverse. It’s clear that the uniqueness of each barndominium floor plan, married with the ingenuity of its interior design, breathes life into these stunning spaces.

The barndominium interior, often marked by striking elements like barn doors crafted from salvaged wood or the unexpected use of a garage door, goes far beyond the functional.

Each square foot is thoughtfully curated, blending the rustic charm of a modern farmhouse with the sleek appeal of a contemporary dwelling.

A barndominium house plan goes beyond merely repurposing a barn into living quarters; it’s about creating a unique, durable, and environmentally friendly home.

If you choose to go with a barndominium kit, the scope for personalization is virtually limitless. You can customize almost everything from the design of the gambrel roof with its distinct metal roofing to the overall layout of the modern barndominium, making it a true reflection of your unique style and preferences.

Ultimately, the greatest allure of barndominium living lies in the possibility of a home that mirrors your lifestyle, dreams, and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re drawn to the rustic simplicity of barn doors and country charm or the sophisticated ease of modern barndominium interior design, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular interior design styles for barndominium living rooms?

Popular interior design styles for barndominium living rooms are rustic, farmhouse industrial, and modern aesthetics. Each style has unique characteristics that complement the overall aesthetic of the barndominium. Mix-and-match design elements are often created to personalize the space.

How Can I Maximize Space In a Barndominium Living Room?

To maximize space in a barndominium living room, consider implementing an open-concept layout, which promotes a sense of spaciousness by reducing physical barriers between rooms. Clever use of furniture, such as pieces that double as storage or are proportionate to the space, also helps to optimize the living area without causing it to feel cluttered.

What type of furniture works best in a barndominium living room?

In a barndominium living room, furniture that balances aesthetics and durability is ideal. Reclaimed wood pieces, metal frames, and plush cushions harmonize well with the setting, contributing to a rustic or industrial vibe. For a modern touch, sleek, minimalist designs are a good choice. Investing in versatile furniture, such as modular sofas, also provides flexibility, which is helpful when hosting guests or rearranging the space.

How Do I Choose The Right Color Scheme For My Barndominium Living Room?

When choosing a color scheme for your barndominium living room, factors such as the room’s size, natural light availability, and how the colors harmonize with existing elements like the floor and architectural details should be taken into account. Warm neutrals, earthy hues, or gentle pastels are often employed to cultivate a comfortable and inviting ambiance. To add depth and texture to the space, try infusing accent colors via decor, fabrics, or even a statement wall.

What Are Some Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate a Barndominium Living Room?

Decorating a barndominium living room on a budget can be done through DIY projects, upcycling, and shopping at thrift stores or garage sales. Repurpose or paint old furniture cost-effectively to create a fresh look. Use textiles like rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to add color and texture. Create your own wall art or look for affordable local options. Consider rearranging your layout or swapping out smaller decor items to change the atmosphere without breaking the bank.

What Flooring Options Are Most Suitable For Barndominium Living Rooms?

The most suitable flooring options for barndominium living rooms depend on the design aesthetic and practical requirements of the home. For an industrial look, polished concrete is a durable and sleek choice, while hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl plank that mimics wood can lend a warm, rustic feel and are both long-lasting and easy to maintain.

The Top Barndominium Living Room Designs and Ideas The Top Barndominium Living Room Designs and Ideas