Be inspired by these stunning large wall decor ideas that can turn a big wall into a stunning focal point in any room.

Below you’ll find innovative ways and large wall decor images that will help you transform your large blank wall into a striking masterpiece.

Breathe life into your living room, bedroom, hallways, kitchen, and entryway with this savvy array of large wall decor ideas.

small shelves with wall decor covering a large wall says large wall decor ideas

Whether you’re a fan of minimalist aesthetics, bold artistry, or modern contemporary, or prefer a more traditional approach, I’ve got you covered with these large wall design ideas and tips.

Discover how to make the most of your blank wall and create a captivating backdrop that reflects your unique style and enhances your space’s overall ambiance with these big wall decor ideas!

Be sure to see the 10 tips below on how to incorporate these ideas and image inspiration when decorating your own wall.

Grab a pen, paper, and a beverage of choice, take your time, and let your interior designer loose!

Captivating Large Wall Decor Ideas

1. Floating Shelves With Art Decor On Large White Wall

40 small black floating shelves on large white wall with small modern black and white art decor and small art pieces on each shelf
Floating Shelves On Large Wall

Transform your large, blank wall into an impressive gallery with the strategic use of small, multiple floating shelves.

This innovative approach serves as a unique wall decor idea. It provides a dynamic platform to showcase your cherished art objects and decor pieces, creating a visually engaging narrative in your space.

2. Create Your Own Mural For Large Wall

Lake with Trees Mural behind two twin beds with cabin design bedding bears trees throw pillows
Personal Mural For Large Wall

Breathe life into your large wall by transforming it into a grand-scale canvas with a personalized wall mural created from your chosen image.

This remarkable big wall decor idea will radiate your unique style and weave a compelling visual story, turning an ordinary wall into a captivating centerpiece of your space.

3. Family Photo Gallery Wall In Large Living Room

9 black and white family photos on large wall with 3 down lights above them basket on floor with blankets and throw pillows
Family Photo Gallery Wall

Transform your large living room wall into a heartwarming canvas of memories by creating a family photo wall gallery.

This charming decor idea allows you to narrate your family’s unique story through photographs, turning your wall into a personal timeline that adds warmth and personality to your space.

4. Large Living Room Gallery Wall Artwork

Large Wall In Green Modern Living Room With A Gallery Wall of 8 Nature prints on Green Blank Wall
Gallery Wall Artwork

Turn your large living room wall into an artistic masterpiece by curating a gallery wall of diverse artworks.

This dynamic decor idea adds a burst of creativity and personal touch to your living room, transforming your blank wall into an inspiring visual journey that reflects your taste and style.

5. Inspirational Wall Decor For Large Wall

inspirational large Wall art deco says accept what is let go of what was have faith in what will be above large seating area
Large Inspirational Wall Decor 

Embellish your large wall with inspirational wall decor to create a space that motivates and uplifts you.

This powerful decor idea not only adds a personal touch to your wall but also constantly reminds you and your visitors daily of positivity and resilience.

In interior design, the effective use of wall decoration can transform any room, particularly when dealing with a tall wall.

Such expansive wall space presents a unique opportunity to make a bold statement. One way to utilize this canvas is by incorporating a large wall sculpture, which can add depth and interest, turning a once bare wall into a captivating focal point.

The integration of such pieces not only fills the space but also reflects your personal style and taste, taking the concept of wall decor to new heights in design.

6. Breathtaking Large Scale Wall Art

floral 3 piece large scale wall art above modern bed with grey brown and green pillows and wood ceiling and headboard


Large Scale Wall Art

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your large wall by adorning it with a breathtaking, large-scale wall art piece.

This captivating big wall decor idea not only serves as a striking focal point, but it also infuses your space with a sense of grandeur, personality, and artistic flair like no other.

For those grappling with a large blank wall, the world of interior design offers an exciting range of solutions. A popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike is to invest in a large piece of art.

This could be an abstract painting or an extra large wall art piece that speaks to your style and the mood you wish to convey.

This decoration covers the large wall space and provides a strong visual anchor for the entire room. The frame of the art piece, its color scheme, and its scale in relation to the wall can all play pivotal roles in achieving the desired look.

Yet, some homeowners might be overwhelmed by the daunting task of finding a single piece to fill a big blank wall. In such cases, turning the entire wall into a decorative element might be a more manageable strategy.

An interior designer can help you select a color scheme or a wall texture that complements the rest of the room. Another approach could be to create a gallery wall, where a series of smaller framed pieces are arranged to cover the large empty wall.

Regardless of the method chosen, the key to successful large wall decor is to consider the entirety of the wall space as part of the room’s overall design scheme.

Large wall decorating ideas can transform a blank space into a stunning focal point, enhancing the ambiance of any room.

7. Tall Large Wall Art Display With Stacked Picture Ledge

Large Wall Art Display With Picture Ledge on grey two story wall in rustic living room with brown furniture and white accent colors
Tall Wall Art Display

Transform your tall large wall into a dynamic display by incorporating stacked picture ledges to showcase your choice of wall art and pictures.

This innovative decor idea allows for flexibility and versatility in arrangement, creating a visually engaging showcase that reflects your personal style and artistic sensibility.

8. Long Oversized Wall Art For Decorating Large Walls

Large Black and White Wall Art In Living Room

Long Wall Art 

Enliven your expansive wall by incorporating a horizontal oversized wall art piece perfectly tailored for decorating large spaces.

This impactful decor idea offers a striking focal point that extends the visual width of your room, creating a sense of balance and grandeur that effortlessly elevates your space.

Inexpensive Large Wall Art Ideas Video

Looking for inexpensive wall art?  Check out the video below for ideas and inspiration.

9. Tree Of Life Wallpaper On Large Wall

tree of life wallpaper on large wall in modern living room


Tree Of Life Wallpaper

Revitalize your large wall with a Tree of Life wallpaper, an emblematic representation of nature’s beauty and interconnectedness.

This distinctive decor concept not only adds depth and color to your space but also infuses it with a sense of tranquility and vitality, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for your everyday life.

10. Gallery Wall For Large Blank Space

7 Black and white framed photos create a Gallery Wall For large wall with two black down lights over them and black accents in room
Gallery Wall 

Reimagine your large, blank wall as an expansive canvas by curating a gallery wall that captures your unique aesthetic.

This creative decor concept allows you to blend a variety of art pieces or personal photos, transforming an empty space into a visually compelling story that adds depth, personality, and inspiration to your room.

11. Large Board and Batten Accent Wall

Large Black Board and Batten Accent Wall Behind beige bed in modern bedroom
Board and Batten Accent Wall

Transform your large wall into a striking feature with a large board and batten accent wall.

This architectural decor idea adds depth and texture, creating a distinctive backdrop that infuses your space with a blend of classic charm and modern elegance.

12. Large White Wall With Framed Art

large framed art of sea landscape in modern living room with grey couch and chair
Oversized Framed Art

Embrace the power of simplicity by decorating your large white wall with stunning framed art.

This minimalist decor idea creates a striking contrast and allows the artwork to take center stage, infusing your space with an air of sophistication and a strong personal statement. 

13. Large Wall Art Decor In Modern Bedroom

Large Wall Art Decor Above Bed In Modern Bedroom Green and Dark Brown Accents Cool light grey Wall
Modern Large Wall Art Decor

Redefine a modern bedroom’s aesthetic by incorporating a piece of large wall art decor.

Whether you’re incorporating master bedroom wall decor or for other large bedrooms in your home, oversize wall art is an impactful decor concept that not only creates a stunning focal point but also enhances the overall ambiance of the space, making it an inviting and stylish sanctuary.

14. Dining Room Large Wall With Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves on each side of wall art in dining room with brown furniture and white accents chairs
Floating Shelves In Dining Room

Transform your dining room’s large wall into a visual delight with the addition of floating shelves.

This unique decor idea provides a dynamic platform to display cherished curios, art pieces, or themed decor, adding depth and personality to your dining area while making meal times all the more enjoyable.

Add a painting or print between the floating shelves, as shown above, for an enhanced aesthetic.

15. Decorate And Brighten With A Large Wall Mirror

grey framed modern large wall mirror in modern white and grey home in hallway


Hang A Large Wall Mirror

Elevate your space by adorning your large wall with a grand wall mirror.

This savvy decor idea not only amplifies the light and creates a sense of spaciousness but also adds an element of elegance and intrigue, turning a simple wall into a stylish and functional feature of your room.

16. Texture Wall Art For Large Space

Blue and White Large Texture Wall Art with downlighting highlighting it on cream wall in boho living room


Add Textured Wall Art

Unleash a new dimension of style in your space by gracing your large wall with modern textured wall art.

This unique decor approach adds a tactile element that stimulates visual interest and infuses your space with character and depth, turning an ordinary wall into a captivating sensory experience.

17. Textile Large Wall Art In Living Room

Oversize large wall decor textile that is woven in beige and black design above fireplace and built in shelved in modern living room
Hang Large Textile Wall Art

Enhance your living room’s visual appeal, dimension, and vibrancy with large scale wall art.

Above is “The top” an authentic Boho wall decor textile art composed of hundreds of wool strands. The dip-dyed ropes hang elegantly from hickory wood and contribute to a minimalist, cozy, and refined aesthetic. Handcrafted intricately with a natural cotton rope that’s soft to the touch, it embodies exquisite craftsmanship.

This large wall art exhibits a color palette that blends bluish-black, gray, and brown tones in your living room.

This dip-dyed macrame wall hanging is the perfect choice to infuse your space with character, depth, and a delightful sense of warmth and coziness. Meticulously handmade, this distinctive textile wall hanging showcases captivating, abstract color layers.

18. Wall Mural Decor Foggy Forest

foggy forest wall mural behind green couch
Wall Mural 

The living room boasts a foggy forest wall mural, transforming the space with a touch of mystique and natural beauty.

A green couch sits prominently in front of this backdrop, creating a harmonious, visually engaging environment.

19. Abstract Wall Sculpture In Modern Living Room

large modern wall sculpture abstract design with cream black gold and auburn colors in modern living room hanging on a grey wall
Modern Large Wall Sculpture

A large modern wall sculpture showcasing an abstract design in cream, black, gold, and auburn hues hangs prominently on the living room’s grey-textured large blank wall.

This stylish space is further defined by a cream couch, accompanied by a tasteful arrangement of indoor plants that bring a touch of nature indoors.

20. Ocean Wave Abstract Extra Large Wall Art

large wall art that is an abstract design titled ocean splash with burgundy colors hanging on w white wall with hanging lamps to the side a stool and home decor items on each side
Extra Large Abstract Wall Art

An extra large wall art piece titled “Ocean Wave” displays an abstract design in vibrant shades of burgundy, and is a commanding presence on this white wall, flanked by hanging lamps, a stool, and an array of home decor items on the floor.

A complementary rug, echoing the artwork’s color palette, is thoughtfully placed in front, further tying the room together.

21. Hang An Oversized Nature Scene

large nature scene of ocean shows hand getting ready to hang on wall

Source: bigwalldecor

Oversized Nature Scene

A large wall nature scene can transform a space, making it a captivating focal point that evokes the feelings tranquility and awe.

When used as large wall decor, the serene imagery of ocean waves gently lapping onto a beach can transport viewers to a place of relaxation and natural beauty.

10 Tips On How To Decorate A Large Wall

Decorating a large wall can be an opportunity to make a bold statement or create a dynamic focal point in a room.

Use these tips to help you as you design and build your large wall masterpiece.

Big Wall Decor Design: Step-by-Step

1. Gallery Wall

Arrange a collection of framed photographs, artwork, or prints in a cohesive and balanced layout. Consider mixing frame sizes, shapes, and colors for added visual interest.

• Curation: Stick to a color palette or theme to give your gallery wall a cohesive look.

• Layout: Lay your frames on the floor before hanging them to determine the best arrangement. Use painter’s tape to mark out the design on the wall.

•  Variety: Mix different frame styles, colors, and sizes but maintain a common element, like a consistent spacing or color theme.

2. Large-Scale Art

Choose one large artwork that speaks to you and makes a statement. This can help anchor the space and provide a central focus.

• Positioning: Center the artwork at eye level for optimal viewing.

• Protection: Ensure the art is protected from direct sunlight, which can cause fading.

• Lighting: Use dedicated picture lights or adjustable spotlights to highlight the piece.

3. Mural or Wallpaper

Cover the entire wall with a beautiful mural or patterned wallpaper. This can transform the look of the whole room.

• Theme: Choose a design that complements the room’s overall theme.

• Preparation: Ensure the wall is clean and smooth. Prime it if necessary.

• Professional Help: Consider hiring a professional for intricate murals or for applying wallpaper seamlessly.

4. Shelving & Display

Install floating shelves or bookshelves to display decorative items, books, plants, or collectibles. This can add both functional storage and aesthetic appeal.

• Balance: Alternate between larger and smaller items to create visual interest.

• Personalization: Display personal items, like travel souvenirs or family heirlooms, for a unique touch.

• Flexibility: Consider adjustable shelves so you can update the display over time.

5. Texture & Dimension

Use 3D wall panels, textured paint techniques, or materials like reclaimed wood or stone to give the wall depth and character.

• Material Choice: Research materials suitable for your geographic climate and room function (e.g., moisture-resistant bathroom options).

• Consistency: Ensure a consistent application, especially with textured paint or materials, for a polished look.

6. Tapestry or Fabric

Hang a large tapestry, rug, or fabric panel to bring warmth and texture to the space. This works particularly well in bedrooms or cozy living areas.

• Hanging: Use a rod or a dowel to hang the tapestry smoothly and evenly.

• Care: Choose a fabric that can be cleaned or dusted easily, especially if placed in high-traffic areas.

7. Mirrors

Use one large mirror or an arrangement of smaller mirrors to reflect light and make the room appear larger. Mirrors can be framed in various styles to fit the room’s décor.

• Placement: Reflect a beautiful view or an interior feature, like a chandelier, for maximum impact.

• Safety: Ensure the mirror is securely fastened, especially if it’s heavy or large.

8. Plants

Consider a vertical garden or hanging planters for a touch of greenery. This adds life and vibrancy to the space.

• Plant Choice: Opt for indoor plants that thrive in your home’s light conditions.

• Maintenance: Use self-watering wall planters or systems if you don’t want to water them frequently.

9. Sculptural Elements

Incorporate 3D decorative items like metal wall sculptures, ceramic plates, or wooden carvings. These can break the monotony and add a unique touch.

• Placement: Space out the pieces so they don’t overcrowd the wall.

• Harmony: Ensure the colors and materials of the sculptures blend well with the wall’s color and room’s décor.

10. Zoning

If the wall divides different areas in an open space (e.g., a dining and living area), consider using various decorating techniques or colors for each zone to define the spaces subtly.

• Color Coordination: Use colors that transition smoothly from one zone to another for a fluid look.

• Functionality: Make sure the décor of each zone aligns with its function (e.g., more subdued décor for a reading nook versus vibrant décor for an entertainment zone).

Take some time, think about your style and color preferences and remember to step back periodically and view your large wall creation as you’re building it out.

Your Ultimate Large Wall Masterpiece

I’m excited for you to transform your large wall into a stunning visual masterpiece!

Hopefully, you found some inspiration here and are equipped with many ideas to help you.

Your wall is a blank canvas waiting to reflect your personality, style, and taste. Turn it into your artistic masterpiece.  The possibilities are endless, whether you create a gallery wall, install an oversized mural, opt for textured wall art, or other wall designs.

Embrace the challenge and let your creativity flow with these large wall design ideas. Let your large wall creation serve as a backdrop and a pivotal design statement piece that brings life, warmth, and character to your space.

Happy Decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

What decor should be put on a large wall?

For a large wall, consider using a statement piece of art, a gallery wall of various sized frames, or a large mirror to add depth and interest. Textural elements like a woven wall hanging or a collection of smaller mirrors can also add variety. Use lighting, such as track lights or spotlights, to highlight these features and create ambiance.

How do you style an oversized wall?

To style an oversized wall, incorporate a mix of large-scale artwork, wall hangings, or a bold wallpaper pattern to create a focal point in the room. Consider adding dimensional elements like 3D sculptures or floating shelves to display collectibles. For a cohesive look, ensure the wall decor complements the room’s overall color scheme and style.

How do you fill a big wall with decor?

To fill a big wall with decor, use a combination of oversized paintings or prints, a tapestry, or a series of shelves displaying decorative items and plants. Adding a large clock or a set of unique sconces can provide function and style. Arrange these elements in a balanced way to avoid cluttering the wall.

How do you decorate a large empty wall?

To decorate a large empty wall, you can hang a series of coordinated art pieces, use a large scale wall mural, or incorporate a combination of wall hangings and floating shelves. Mix textures and materials, like metal, wood, and fabric, to add depth. Consider the wall’s visibility and lighting when arranging items to maximize impact.

How do I decorate a 20 foot wall?

For a 20-foot wall, consider installing a custom mural, a series of large framed artworks, or a vertical garden for a dramatic and eye-catching display. If the wall is in a communal area, interactive elements like a chalkboard wall or a large world map can be both functional and decorative. Ensure that the scale of the decorations matches the grandeur of the wall to maintain visual balance.

How do you decorate a big wall in a small room?

In a small room with a big wall, opt for a large mirror to create the illusion of space, use vertical storage solutions like tall shelving, and choose light or bright colors to keep the room feeling open. Avoid overcrowding the wall with too many items; instead, select a few key pieces that draw the eye. Using vertical lines in the decor, such as tall, narrow paintings or vertical paneling, can make the ceiling appear higher, enhancing the sense of space.

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