Implement one, two, or all of these ideas to create a relaxing bedroom.  Turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary.

You’ll love having this spa-like escape in your own home to rest, sleep and recharge.

Use these 10 simple tips to create the perfect space for you.  You’ll look forward to retreating to your bedroom every day to relax, wind down and enjoy a luxurious night of sleep.

luxury soothing bedroom says how to create a relaxing bedroom sanctuary

How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary You’ll Love

Hotels are a great inspiration for ideas on creating a relaxing bedroom sanctuary.  This is where I get quite a few decor ideas for my home.

Take a look at Google Images Luxury Hotel Rooms.  You can also look at google images of some of your favorite hotels for inspiration.

One of my favorite places is the 4 Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  I just type in 4 Seasons Hotel Room in google images for inspirational ideas.

Beautiful relaxing bedroom with soft throw calm colors flowers plant

A Great Bedroom Lifts The Spirit And Calms The Soul

Implement these 10 simple tips to create your beautiful bedroom sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave.

Whether your intention is to create a spa-like bedroom sanctuary or you’d like tips on creating a romantic bedroom sanctuary, you’ll find ideas to help you make your ideal setting perfect for you.

Before you start, remove the clutter and start with a fresh slate.

Grab a pen and paper take notes from these tips below and get started and create the perfect master bedroom sanctuary for yourself.

Take your time, have fun with this and ENJOY…YOU DESERVE IT.

beautiful relaxing brown tan bedroom with comfortable pillows and tray with tea and snacks calm aesthetic


Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip One

1. Opt For Soothing Lighting

Soothing Lighting For Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary

Choose soothing lighting and ones that are easy to access.

When you’re winding down and in bed the last thing you want to do is get up and turn off the lighting.

These flameless candles are perfect in creating a bedroom sanctuary.  I absolutely love mine and they come with a remote.

You can relax anywhere in your bedroom and simply point the remote to your various candles and turn them off and on.

Are you in bed and don’t want to get up? 

Simply get comfortable, reach for the remote and with the press of a button the candles turn off.

This 3 way touch, dimmable bedside lamp is the perfect light fixture.

You choose the light setting, 3 way dimmer, and when you’re ready to turn it off, simply touch the lamp.

And this beautiful bedside lamp has 2 USB charging ports and an AC outlet so there’s no need for you to get up and recharge your electronic devices.

Everything is simply right there at your fingertips.

This bedroom lamp is all in one for a relaxed experience.

Try to limit your use of blue light as it can affect your ability to have that restful, calm feeling and can mess with your body’s ability to fall asleep.

Examples of blue light are electronic devices and very bright LED bulbs.

Different types of light affect your bodies ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and even heal.

Blue, red and natural light affect your ability to relax and fall sleep in different ways.

Lighting matters.  Take stock of the lighting in your bedroom and as you create your bedroom sanctuary.

Choose lighting that suits your needs and preferences for your bedroom sanctuary.

stunning relaxing white and cream bedroom with soft throw flowers white drapes table lamp

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip two

2. Use Luxurious Throws and Blankets

luxury throw and blanket Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Soft, luxurious throws and blankets add exquisite textures to your cozy bedroom and they’re simply wonderful to wrap yourself in and have that cozy feel.

Choose soothing colors that match the ambience you wish to create.

This 60″ x 80″ elegant, soft throw is one of my favorites.  I’ve purchased this multiple times, for myself and as a gift to others.

Consider neutral colors with these.  Neutral colors have a soothing feel to them.

Luxurious throws and blankets are perfect for that cozy, relaxed feeling.  I fall asleep in mine.

cream and brown bedroom with two nightstands

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip three

3. Store Essentials In A Bedside Table

Bedside Tables In Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary

Having a bedside table is an essential piece of furniture for your bedroom sanctuary.

You need something to place your bedside lamp on and one in which you can easily store other items but still have easy access from your bed.

I encourage you to consider bedside tables that have drawers at the top so you can easily store your bedroom essentials such as your electronic devices, books, magazines and so forth.

create a relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary tips From The Squad

YouTube video

In this short video, IKEA Home Tour, The Squad heads to Philadelphia to help Julia turn her outdated and cluttered bedroom decor into a relaxing bedroom sanctuary.

bedroom with faux throw blanket flowers plant cream tan and white accents

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip Four

4. Make Use Of Luxurious Pillows

Luxurious pillows in Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary

Luxurious pillows are used for more than sleep. 

Besides sinking your head into luxurious pillows for a wonderful night of rest and sleep, they can be used for so much more.

Larger, quality pillows can be used to prop yourself up while reading or watching tv.

They can be used for to rest your legs under or placed between your legs for back support.

My husband always wanted smaller, more firm pillows, however after a while and using my pillows when I wasn’t around, he admitted he really liked mine.

I ordered more and we now have eight of these! We LOVE them.

For a relaxing, cozy bedroom sanctuary, pillows make a significant difference.  They’re a must for relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip Five

5. Hang Blackout Curtains

Woman in front of blackout curtains in bedroom

The absence of light is essential to rest and sleep.  Insufficient darkness throughout the night can lead to sleep disturbances and frequent and prolonged awakenings.

I first invested in blackout curtains which worked wonderfully.  

We then added blackout shades throughout our house and we love the entire set up now.

Not only do blackout curtains, blackout shades and blackout blinds help with rest and sleep, they also offer you a high level of privacy.

Blackout curtains and shades come in many colors.  For our bedroom sanctuary we have black ones.

Color is personal so whichever color you choose, know that blackout curtains contribute much to a relaxing bedroom and help you have a good night’s sleep.

I get a solid, good night’s sleep with my black out blinds and black out curtains.

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip Six

6. Ditch Digital Clocks

digital clock on bedside table with red x through it

Light (and blue light from digital clocks) can distract us and prolong the time it takes for us to fall asleep.  It can also cause sleep disturbances.

Blue light also distracts from the cozy, aesthetic feeling of your bedroom.

Ditch the digital clock.  You’ll have a more aesthetically pleasing bedroom sanctuary and most likely a better sleep.

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip seven

7. Keep wireless headphones Close By

white headphones with music notes and ahhh in background

Keep wireless headphones or earbuds close by.

Be sure to conduct your research on headphones and AirPods.

GREAT headphones are perfect and allow you to block out external noise. Many offer excellent stereo-quality sound. After owning two other sets of headphone and much research, I found these headphones that I absolutely love.

This is a great way to block out the rest of the world and get lost in music, a great show, or an audiobook.

Earbuds are fantastic, too.  I LOVE my wireless headphones and AirPods. I keep both close by.

Either way, these allow you to turn your entire world into a sanctuary.

Headphones and earbuds also set the stage for better sleep.


Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip eight

8. Get A Home Massager

man's hand holding a neck massager over a bed and blanket

Unwind in your bedroom sanctuary with a home massager.

It can be just what’s needed to loosen tight muscles and work out those knots in your neck after a long day.

Relax and work out those sore muscles and body aches and pains with a shiatsu massager or a full body massage mat.

These  have certainly help me unwind and they helped much during a time I was dealing with some physical health challenges.

These can help turn your bedroom into a spa-like oasis.

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip nine

9. Enjoy A Soothing Essential Oil Humidifier

essential oil humidifier in bedroom

 The scent of a soothing essential oil wafting throughout your bedroom while this small humidifier adds moisture to the air is the perfect complement when creating your relaxing bedroom sanctuary.

Set it on a bed bench or another piece of bedroom furniture.

The soft bubbling water in this diffuser sounds like a gentle stream and is very relaxing and soothing for a master bedroom.

This is the perfect complement to your master bedroom oasis and takes relaxation to another level.

It’s another way to bring natural elements to your sleep sanctuary. 

Also, consider adding some scented candles to complement your diffuser.

Fall into a restful sleep to this. 

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Sanctuary Tip Ten

10. Have Quality Scented Candles

yankee candle autumn wreath with fall foliage and cinnamon in the background on a bedroom table

Source: YankeeCandle

A quality scented candle can transform a bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility, setting the stage for restful sleep or quiet meditation.

I love my scented candles and find Yankee Candles one of the most long-lasting, with many beautiful scents.

The flickering flame from the candle creates a soft, ambient light that immediately instills a sense of calm while the fragrance wafts subtly throughout the room. Whether the scent is soothing lavender, warm vanilla, or autumn comfort, a premium scented candle can work wonders in dissipating stress and evoking a mood of serenity.

As the candle burns, it becomes a multisensory experience that elevates your room’s atmosphere, making it a haven for relaxation and respite.

relaxing bedroom with comfortable bedding candles and floating shelves

This is such a beautiful relaxing bedroom with soft bedding, candles, and floating wall shelves.

Be sure to consider your bedroom wall decor when creating your incredible bedroom sanctuary.

Create A Relaxing Bedroom Checklist:

• Opt For A Calming Color Scheme: Choose soft, neutral colors such as beige, gray, or cream to create a peaceful atmosphere. Calming colors help to unwind and relax.

• Invest In High-Quality Bedding: Soft and comfortable bedding can make a big difference in how relaxing your bedroom feels. Choose high-quality sheets, blankets, and pillows for ultimate comfort.

• Add Comfortable Seating: Incorporate a comfortable accent chair, chaise lounge, or bench in your bedroom for a comfortable seating option to read or relax in.

• Declutter: A cluttered bedroom can create a stressful and chaotic atmosphere. Organize your space by removing unnecessary items and investing in storage solutions to keep your bedroom tidy and serene.

• Add Greenery: Incorporate indoor plants in your bedroom for a natural and calming touch. Not only do they purify the air, but they also add a pop of color and texture to the space.

• Incorporate Soft Lighting: Harsh lighting can create a harsh and unwelcoming atmosphere. Opt for soft lighting options such as lamps or dimmer switches to create a calm and relaxing ambiance.

• Incorporate Relaxing Scents: Use essential oils, candles, or diffusers to add calming scents to your bedroom. Lavender, chamomile, and vanilla are all great options for promoting relaxation and peaceful sleep.

• Include Relaxing Artwork And Bedroom Wall Decor: Add bedroom wall decor that promotes tranquility and relaxation.

• Add Spa-Esque Accessories: Keep neck massagers and body massagers nearby.  Include water features such as a tabletop fountain or wall fountain.

These easy ways to create a bedroom sanctuary shouldn’t take too long. Make it as relaxing, serene, and cozy as you’d like.

These tips will help you quickly and easily transform your bedroom into a tranquil, relaxing sanctuary.


Find more inspiration on how to create a relaxing bedroom sanctuary with this single issue magazine from Better Homes and Gardens “STRESS-FREE HOME” ~ Find Calm ~


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