TV accent walls come in various styles, materials, and textures, making it easy to create a look that complements your existing decor.

The possibilities are endless, from bold patterns and colors to minimalistic and sleek designs.

You'll find stunning TV accent wall images and ideas for every room in a house, even the kitchen and bathroom!

TV Accent Wall On white Marble and floating shelf below with wood slat paneling to the side

When choosing the perfect TV accent wall, consider the size of your TV, your room's layout, and your personal preferences so that the result is visually appealing and perfect for you and your home.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, and enjoy!  This is your creative time for your home!

1. Acoustic Panels With Floating Wall Shelf 

floating wall cabinet shelf on tv accent wall

This sleek floating TV shelf is ideal for a TV accent wall, effortlessly blending with any living room or bedroom aesthetic, thanks to its minimalist design and versatile color choices.

Not only does its floating design simplify room cleaning, but it also optimizes space, making it a perfect fit for compact areas.

It has 3 or 4 drawers with flip-down doors and offers generous storage without compromising style.

These drawers discreetly house your belongings, ensuring a clutter-free appearance, and with the hydraulic door hinges, you can expect a smooth and silent operation each time.

Enhanced with strong stainless steel wall hangers, this TV stand supports up to 140 lbs, ensuring durability and peace of mind.

Wood Acoustic Wall Panels In 5 Different Colors

Wood Slat Acoustic Panels for walls and ceilings

2. Faux Marble Tile Over Wood Paneling

tv accent wall marble look tile over stylish wood paneling in living room

Creating an accent wall in your living room with marble look tile over stylish wood paneling can be a striking design choice that adds texture, depth, and elegance to the space.

This combination offers the warmth of wood and the sleek sophistication of marble, achieving a balance that can complement both modern and traditional interiors.

Faux Marble Wall Tiles In 10 Different Colors

Faux marble look tile grey and white

3. Vaulted Ceiling TV Accent Wall With Wood Slat Paneling

Vaulted Ceiling TV Accent Wall With Wood Slat Paneling

This vaulted ceiling TV accent wall boasts beautifl wood slat paneling which provides a striking contrast to the white wall, which combines traditional materials with a modern twist.

Pendant lighting enhances the ambiance, casting a gentle glow and highlighting the intricate details of the woodwork.

The evenly spaced wooden slats offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, which I adore. What I particularly love about this design is the innovative use of wood, crafting a look that's both refreshing and timeless.

4. TV Accent Wall Modern Mounted Entertainment Center

Mid-century Modern entertainment center for tv accent wall


Create a beautiful TV accent wall with the charm of mid-century modern design.

This wall-mounted entertainment center is characterized by its organic feel, sleek lines, and a distinct squared profile. Enhance your living space with this throwback to retro-modern decor.

 Crafted for media storage and showcasing decor, this entertainment hub offers expansive shelves, with some areas artfully hidden behind adjustable sliding slatted doors.

Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or lounges, this media center not only offers a display mantel but also securely mounts to the wall, accommodating TVs up to 50″.

5. Fireplace TV Accent Wall With Media Entertainment Center

Media Entertainment Console with Fireplace and TV Above It


This 60″ glass electric fireplace insert has a slim air outlet, amplifying the visual appeal and seamlessly integrating with expansive TV cabinets to elevate the overall ambiance for a TV accent wall.

Experience a fusion of rustic industrial charm with the entertainment center's zinc-toned hardware and crisp lines.

The fireplace showcases nine lifelike flames, adjustable across five brightness levels, with the flexibility to function with or without heat. It also offers remote-controlled temperature settings and a timer feature.

Constructed from eco-friendly, high-density MDF, this piece is accentuated by distinctive corner guard connections and a metal base.

Its design prioritizes both form and function, ensuring resistance to deformation and added stability over time. Plus, the 3 open storage shelves generously accommodate books, DVDs, and more.

6. Bathroom TV Accent Wall Behind Bathtub

Tv hanging on Accent Wall in Bathroom Behind Bathtub


Installing a waterproof TV on an accent wall behind the tub can elevate your bathroom experience, transforming it into a spa-like retreat where you can unwind while enjoying your favorite shows or movies.

This TV accent wall serves as a stylish backdrop for the TV and adds visual interest, making the bathroom a luxurious and technologically advanced space.

7. TV Accent Wall With Built-In Shelves and Cabinets

TV Accent Wall With Built in Shelves and Cabinets with under cabinet lighting and tv in the middle

This TV accent wall masterfully integrates built-in shelves and cabinets, creating a harmonious balance between storage and display.

Positioned centrally, the TV becomes the focal point, flanked by elegantly lit under-cabinet lighting. This design not only optimizes the space but also adds a luxurious touch with its soft illumination.

I'm particularly like the fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a standout feature in any room.

How To Create A Stone Fireplace TV Accent Wall Video

8. TV Home Theater Accent Wall With Backlit Lighting

Home Theater TV Accent Wall With wood slat panels faux marble backlit with light wall sconces

This home theater TV accent wall features intricate wood slat panels juxtaposed against a striking faux marble backdrop.

Enhancing the overall ambiance, the marble is delicately backlit, creating a soft glow. Separate from this, elegant wall sconces add an additional layer of sophisticated lighting.

I particularly love the blend of textures and the dual lighting elements, which together create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Faux Marble Wall Tiles In 10 Different Colors

Faux marble look tile grey and white

9. Board and Batten TV Accent Wall With Media Cabinet and Fireplace

Rustic wood cabinet with fireplace with tv above for tv accent wallMedia Entertainment Console with Fireplace and TV Above It


Enhance your TV area with a fireplace and cabinet combination, perfect for creating a TV accent wall.

This centerpiece has a 30” electric fireplace, radiating warmth and visual appeal with its lifelike flames. The rustic design with sliding doors perfectly complements and enhances any modern farmhouse-themed space.

Place this in front of a board and batten wall for a stunning tv accent wall space.

The 30″ electric fireplace not only adds warmth but also offers a cozy ambiance. The flames can be on with or without heat, making it perfect for any season. Plus, you don't have to worry about safety; it has a feature that turns it off if it gets too hot. 

10. Kitchen TV Accent Wall Between Cupboards With Backsplash

Kitchen TV accent wall with tv between cupboards and mounted on backsplash kitchen countertops below

Elevate your kitchen with a TV accent wall seamlessly integrated between cupboards. Enjoy your favorite shows while spending time in the heart of the home.

The TV is strategically mounted on a backsplash, ensuring harmony with the surrounding design.

Directly below, kitchen countertops provide a cohesive look, boasting a matching backsplash. This setup offers both function and a modern touch to your kitchen.

11. Floating TV Wall Panel For TV Accent Wall

Floating Tv wall panel for TV Accent Wall tv in the middle with shelves above and below on the tv wall panel


Experience sophistication with this elegant wall-mounted TV entertainment center, ensuring timeless style and refinement in your room.

Transform your living room into a cinematic experience with this floating wall panel unit turned into a TV accent wall. For added security, the TV cabinet is mounted with an extra cleat.

This wall paneling design boasts an overhead shelf, two side shelves, and two drawers, offering generous storage. Its open storage concept ensures easy accessibility to media players and DVDs.

12. Rustic Industrial Entertainment Console With TV and Artwork

TV Accent Wall with Rustic Industrial Entertainment Console With TV art pieces and paintings hanging above TV


This TV shelf against the TV accent wall is designed for flat screens up to 70″ on its 60” wood top.

Two mesh doors on either end offer storage for DVDs, books, and decor, while central shelves cater to media devices and anything else.

Cable management cutouts ensure a tidy space. The Industrial-Chic Center's wood and metal design blends modern and traditional styles. Its aesthetic complements and enhances any TV accent wall. 

Hang artwork above the TV and add subtle lighting on one or both sides.

13. Wood Paneling With Floating Shelves TV Accent Wall

recessed tv accent wall with wood slats and flat wall with floating shelves above and bench below tv

This recessed TV accent wall has partial wood slat paneling and a flat wall. The offset floating shelves above the TV allow space for artwork, photos, and home decor items.

Below the TV is a bench, with elegant storage units underneath.  You can also add speakers or an entertainment unit below the bench.

This TV accent wall is painted in shades of sage green and greige, and the partial wood paneling adds depth and texture and offers a beautiful contemporary style I love.

14. Marble and Slat Wood TV Accent Wall With Bookshelves

TV Accent Wall with tv mounted on marble and wood slats on each side of marble and two tall bookshelves on each side

This TV Accent Wall showcases a TV mounted on a striking marble backdrop, flanked by wood slats on both sides.

Two tall bookshelves stand symmetrically on each end, enhancing the design, allowing you to showcase art pieces, books, ambient lights, or whatever else you'd like.  

Below the TV, a sleek floating cabinet is mounted directly on the marble, offering aesthetic appeal and functionality.

15. Wood Slat TV Accent Wall In Bedroom

Wood Slat Panels TV Accent Wall and Ceiling TV on the wall with entertainment console below


This TV accent wall in the bedroom is stunning with elegant wood slat panels that seamlessly extend to the ceiling, creating a unified architectural look.

The TV, perfectly positioned on this backdrop, becomes the bedroom's centerpiece. Directly beneath it, a chic cabinet enhances the space's functionality.

Enjoy the beauty of this blend of modern aesthetics with warm, timeless wood textures. 

16. Faux Stone With Fireplace TV Accent Wall

faux stone wall with tv mounted on it built in shelves on each side of stone wall and fireplace under tv

Elevate your living room with a faux stone wall designed for a tv, capturing the authentic beauty and texture of stone.

This TV accent wall's intricate detailing and rustic elegance create a welcoming ambiance in any entertainment space.

The earthy tones add depth, complementing both contemporary and classic interiors. This decorative element beautifully enhances your room's aesthetic appeal.

17. TV Accent Wall With Wood Panels And Wall Sconces 

wood panels for tv accent wall with wall sconces and floating shelf below tv

Source: thulawall

A accent wall behind the TV, features wood panels and wall sconces that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room while serving as a sophisticated focal point. 

The floating shelf below the tv on the accent wall allows for storage and also adds dimension to the tv accent wall.

Wood panels offer texture and depth, and wall sconces provide additional lighting that enhances the ambiance, making it ideal for entertainment and relaxation.

Wood Slat Acoustic Wall Panels In 5 Different Colors

Wood Slat Acoustic Panels for walls and ceilings

Faux Marble Wall Tiles In 10 Different Colors

Faux marble look tile grey and white

Accent Wall Behind TV Ideas

In today's modern living rooms and other living areas, TV accent walls play a crucial role in elevating the overall aesthetics of the space while also acting as a focal point.

With many design options, you can easily find a unique and stylish way to showcase your TV and enhance your room's ambiance.

TV Accent Wall Materials

One popular approach to designing a TV accent wall is using a combination of marble and wood accents. This minimalist and timeless option effortlessly complements various styles and adds a touch of sophistication to your living area.

Another great option is a wood slat accent wall, which adds texture and warmth to your living space. This versatile design element works well with both contemporary and rustic styles. You'll find various wood accent wall ideas that can create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Design and Functionality

You can add functionality and versatility to your TV accent wall using modular shelves and units. The flexibility of these components allows for customization of the wall layout, enabling you to create the ideal storage solution or decorative display that complements your style.

Incorporating bold colors or patterns into your accent wall can make a striking statement in your living room. Experiment with different hues or wallpapers to draw attention to the TV area and create a captivating visual experience for you and your guests.

TV Accent Wall Lighting

Don't forget about lighting your TV accent wall to enhance its appearance and create a cozy ambiance in the room.

You can opt for subtle, ambient under-cabinet lighting or choose more dramatic, focused lighting solutions to emphasize the wall's design and elevate its impact.

There are countless options to consider when designing your TV accent wall. The key is finding the perfect combination of style, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good accent wall color for behind the tv?

A good accent wall color behind the TV is a deep matte navy or charcoal gray, as these colors reduce screen glare and make the TV screen pop. Neutral tones like taupe or soft beige can also be effective, blending seamlessly with most room decor. Lastly, consider the room's overall color palette to ensure cohesion.

Can a TV wall be an accent wall?

Yes, a TV wall can be an accent wall. Different colors, textures, or designs can make the TV wall stand out. This approach highlights the TV and adds visual interest to the room.

How to do a TV accent wall?

Choose a focal point, typically where the TV will be centered. Decide on a color, texture, or material that complements the room's design. Prepare and paint or install your chosen materials, ensuring they are securely attached. Mount the TV and any additional fixtures like shelves or soundbars, ensuring they are properly anchored.

Should you do a TV accent wall?

Yes, a TV accent wall can enhance the visual appeal of your room. It provides a designated focal point and can minimize screen glare. However, ensure the design complements the overall aesthetics of the space. A well-designed TV accent wall can boost the room's functionality by integrating storage or sound solutions.

How to build an accent wall behind a TV?

Measure the desired area and mark the center for the TV placement. Choose a material or color that contrasts or complements the surrounding walls. Prepare the wall, apply paint, wallpaper, or install wood panels, tiles, or other materials. Once the accent wall is complete, mount the TV using appropriate hardware, ensuring it's securely anchored.

Wood Slat Acoustic Wall Panels In 5 Different Colors

Wood Slat Acoustic Panels for walls and ceilings

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