Here I cover the ten best under cabinet lighting models for 2024, where the best designs meet the most desirable functions to meet your needs.

See the various installation options, the different features of each lighting model, the specs, and the overall rating for each one.

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With technological advancements, controlling these lights has become a breeze, from tactile touch switches to remote controls and precision dimmers.

My list guides you through the ten best under cabinet light options to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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The 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting Models and Options

Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model One

1. TORCHSTAR FlexiBright Rotatable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

says best under-cabinet lighting and shows features and sizes in kitchen under-cabinets of TORCHSTAR FlexiBright Rotatable LED Under-Cabinet Lighting



Overall Customer Rating: 9.2 / 10

The TORCHSTAR FlexiBright Series Upgrade offers a versatile lighting solution for your cabinets. The package comes with all the necessary accessories, which are also compatible with the TORCHSTAR StableShine Series. Thoughtfully designed, they cater to a wide range of cabinet widths with three product sizes and allow for seamless connections or jump cables.

I’m particularly impressed with the flexibility and versatility of the FlexiBright Series. Adjusting the lighting direction, seamlessly connecting multiple lights, and selecting from varied color temperatures allows for customizing exact needs. The emphasis on safety and quality with a 3-year warranty and ETL listing also offers peace of mind.





• COLOR TEMPERATURE: 3 Color Temperatures


• AVERAGE LIFE: 30,000 Hours

Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Two

2. GETINLIGHT Dimmable LED Puck Lights

shows kitchen with under cabinet lighting under is the GETINLIGHT Kit with puck lighting detail


GETINLIGHT Dimmable LED Puck Lights

Overall Customer Rating: 9/10

This puck lighting designed for under cabinet light is impressive with its multi-function capabilities. Its in-line slide dimmer smoothly transitions from full brightness to the softest levels, adeptly catering to ambient and primary lighting requirements. Moreover, its ultra-compact design is aesthetically pleasing and especially suited for tight spaces, requiring only a 2 1/2-inch cut-hole for installation.

Its lightweight structure adds to its appeal, presenting an array of mounting options – be it recessed, surface-mounted, or even integrated into a custom  DIY project. It’s perfect for kitchen floating shelves.

The Instant-On feature ensures immediate illumination, eliminating any wait time. Furthermore, with its CRI 90+ rating, the puck lighting promises clear and vibrant illumination without heat accumulation, flickering, or shadows. The detailed and straightforward mounting guidelines are a bonus, making setup a breeze for users of all expertise levels.



• POWER SOURCE: Corded Electric


• LIGHT COLOR: Soft White/Yellow


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Three

3. Litever Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights Dimmable 

shows kitchen with before under cabinet strip lights then after and what is included in Litever Under Cabinet LED Lights Kit strip lighting dimmable


Litever Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights Dimmable 

Overall Customer Rating: 9.4/10

What I appreciate about this under cabinet lighting system is its versatility and focus on customer service.

It’s impressively compatible with a broad range of in-wall AC dimmers. The dimming effect is smooth, creating the right ambiance for various settings.

The LED driver stands out with a high power load of 50W and 12VDC 4.16A, allowing more LED light bars to be added. The slim design of the LED driver, at just 26mm in height, is a significant plus as it can be discreetly hidden and easily mounted. The options for plug-in or hardwiring, coupled with removable AC and DC connectors, offer unparalleled flexibility in installation.

Its quiet operation and adaptability to work as a non-dimmable LED driver or with a DC12V PWM LED dimmer makes it an ideal choice for any under cabinet lighting setup.


• CONTROL METHOD: Light Switch

• POWER SOURCE: Plug In or Hardwired


• LIGHT COLOR: Warm White


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Four

4. Ustarus White LED Tape Rope Strip Lights Dimmable

Ustarus White LED Tape Rope Strip Lights Dimmable under cabinets in kitchen under cabinet in living room

Source: Ustarus

Ustarus White LED Tape Rope Strip Lights Dimmable

Overall Customer Rating: 8.8/10

This lighting system offers many features. The brightness is a game-changer, yet it’s designed to be touch-safe, ensuring peace of mind during use. I’m a big fan of modern solutions, and the compatibility with smart plugs, combined with the sleek LED design, gives the space a contemporary edge. The promise of an 80% energy saving is eco-friendly and kind on the wallet.

The real RF remote control offers convenience at your fingertips, and the ability to toggle between tunable white, warm white, daylight white, and cool white means you can set the perfect mood for any occasion. Its dimmable feature, backed by an impressive 3000 LED lamp beads, ensures versatile illumination.

The cuttable and extendable feature makes this even more versatile, allowing customization based on your space and requirements. Plus, the availability in various lengths ensures that it fits the different sizes you need, making it a thoughtfully designed and efficient lighting choice.



• POWER SOURCE: Corded Electric


• LIGHT COLOR: Warm White


Best Under-Cabinet Lighting Model Five

5. LAMPAOUS Smart Under Cabinet Color Changing Light Bar

LAMPAOUS Smart Under Cabinet Color Changing Light Bar in kitchen under cabinets and shows kit with colored light bar


LAMPAOUS Smart Under Cabinet Color Changing Light Bar

Overall Customer Rating: 8.6/10

This under cabinet LED light strip has many advanced features. First, its compatibility with Alexa and Google Home voice speakers offers a hands-free, voice-activated control that fits into a smart home setup.

Additionally, lighting management via a smartphone app provides convenience in this digital age. I’m impressed with its expansive color palette with many color options and the flexibility to adjust between a cozy 2700k warm white and a crisp adjustable 6500k cool white.

The music sync capability is a fun feature that can set the mood for gatherings or personal relaxation moments. The DIY lighting scene modes offer a personalized touch, ensuring the lighting reflects your unique preferences.

Practical features like the timer setting function mean you can automate your lighting schedule, while the ease of installation is a significant plus. All these elements combine to create an under cabinet lighting system that is both versatile and user-friendly.



• POWER SOURCE: Corded Electric


• LIGHT COLOR: Multicolor


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Six

6. Armacost LED Tape Light RibbonFlex Pro Series 60

Armacost LED Tape Light RibbonFlex Pro Series with kitchen shows under cabinet lighting and the led tape light

Armacost LED Tape Light RibbonFlex Pro Series 60

Overall Customer Rating: 9.4/10

I’m impressed by the RibbonFlex Pro LED tape light. The professional design is crafted for various lighting needs and is an accessible project for DIY enthusiasts. Customizing its length and seamlessly extending the 12-volt power wires provides unparalleled flexibility. Its connectors, included in the package, are perfect for bridging gaps and ensuring lighting continuity.

The transformative effect of these lights is popular with customers. They’re ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and ambiance to spaces like kitchens, baths, living rooms and even media rooms.

The energy-efficient accent lighting elevates the aesthetics of any area. Armacost Lighting backs the product with technical and installation support, with tech staff available by phone or email from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

The Series 60 2835, with its high-output LEDs producing 250 lumens per foot and offering a soft white 2700K color temperature that’s fully dimmable, makes it even more enjoyable.


• CONTROL METHOD: Switch/Dimmers



• LIGHT COLOR: 2700k White


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Seven

7. AIBOO Color Changing Puck Lights

Color changing under cabinet puck light kit shows puck light remote 8 way splitter cords controller adapter

Source: AIBOO

AIBOO Color Changing Puck Lights

Overall Customer Rating: 9.2/10

I appreciate the user-friendly features of the under cabinet LED light kit with RGB color. The ample self-adhesive pads and accompanying mounting equipment make installation a breeze. What stands out to me is the dedicated rotary switch dimmer, which offers versatile lighting control with 0%~100% step-less dimming.

The fact that it comes with a premium quality power supply reassures me of its reliability. I also value its flexibility, as a licensed electrician can modify it for hardwiring. Plus, the 24-month warranty, contingent on proper installation and use, adds more confidence in its durability.



• POWER SOURCE: Corded Electric


• LIGHT COLOR: RGB Changing Colors


• AVERAGE LIFE: 4,000 Hours

Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Eight

8. EZVALO Wireless Under Cabinet Lights Motion Sensor With Remote

EZVALO Wireless Under Cabinet Lights Motion Sensor With Remote shows 4 different uses for light and under cabinet hand holding remote pointing to under cabinet lights

Source: EZVALO

EZVALO Wireless Under Cabinet Lights Motion Sensor With Remote

Overall Customer Rating: 8.6/10

I love the innovative features of the USB-rechargeable motion sensor light, especially as an under cabinet lighting solution. Its 1100mAh battery, designed to endure, is one of its standout attributes.

The impressive ability of the battery to last up to 60 days in Auto mode or provide 52 hours of non-stop lighting is commendable. Its use of Grade A+ Lithium-Polymer batteries adds to customer confidence, known for their efficiency and longevity.

This is a wireless installation. Its slim 9mm design and in-built magnets allow for easy attachment to metal surfaces. The inclusion of mounting strips for non-metallic areas exemplifies its versatility. The convenience of easily detaching and repositioning the light, whether for recharging or catering to different lighting scenarios, makes for easy installation and functionality.

The customizable lighting modes are the icing on the cake. The remote-controlled ON, AUTO, and OFF options offer a tailored lighting experience. While the AUTO mode is excellent for everyday use, the added dimming and timer functionalities ensure you can adjust the ambiance as needed.

The full-range brightness adjustment, from a gentle glow at 0% to a bright 100%, guarantees that I can set the perfect mood for any occasion. This feature and its adaptability make it an ideal fit for under cabinet spaces and other challenging lighting areas.


• CONTROL METHOD: Motion Sensor & Remote

• POWER SOURCE: Battery Operated


• LIGHT COLOR: Cool White


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Nine

9. AIBOO LED Plug-In Strip Lights With Dimmer

AIBOO LED Plug-In Strip Lights With Dimmer with three photos of lighting under cabinets and one of entire lighting kit

Source: AIBOO

AIBOO LED Plug-In Strip Lights With Dimmer

Overall Customer Rating: 9.2/10

This under cabinet lighting fixture with its multiple features, quality construction, and ease of installation, makes this one of the top ten models this year. The double-sided tapes and screws ensure a hassle-free setup, catering to different preferences.

One of the strong points is the brightness of the 3W light bar, which offers ample lumen output, perfect for enhancing the ambiance and utility of under cabinet spaces.

One of the standout features is the linkable installation. The package includes two types of linking cables, one measuring 5.9 inches and the other 20 inches. This flexibility ensures you can tailor the lighting setup to suit various cabinet lengths and configurations.

The dial dimmer switch adds to this adaptability, allowing you to adjust the brightness level from a subtle glow at 0% right up to 100%.

The updated UL-listed power adapter is compatible with a wide voltage range of 100-240Vac to 12Vdc, so you can effortlessly plug it into a standard US outlet.

Cutting off the plug and wiring the adapter directly to an electrical circuit offers another level of integration, catering to those who might prefer a more permanent setup. This balance between simplicity and customization sets it apart for under cabinet lighting needs.



• POWER SOURCE: Corded Electric


• LIGHT COLOR: Warm White


Best Under Cabinet Lighting Model Ten

10. VST Mini Puck Lights Plug In With Wired Touch Dimmer

VST Mini Puck Lights Plug In With Wired Touch Dimmer shows photos of under cabinet uses including kitchen and photo of lighting kit and 10 levels of adjustable brightness

VST Mini Puck Lights Plug In With Wired Touch Dimmer

Overall Customer Rating: 8.8/10

These mini puck lights are a top pick under cabinet lighting due to their refined design and functionality. The ultra-thin 0.4-inch design is elegant and seamlessly integrates beneath cabinets. Its soft, uniform lighting without any glaring bright spots is exactly what many seek for a subtle ambiance. Another popular feature is the dimmable brightness, which allows for setting the perfect mood.

The touch switch allows for ease of use. Its modern design offers a simple touch feature for toggling between ON and OFF, and a longer press for brightness adjustments.

The kit includes both screws and double-sided stickers. The separation of the power, switch, and dimmer units ensures compatibility with other dimming systems if you ever choose to customize.

This versatile application on these are numerous. While it’s perfect for kitchen cabinets, its suitability for jewelry stands, wine cabinets, bookcases and more showcases its adaptability. Installation is simple, with three methods to choose from, be it the convenience of 3M double-sided tape, the security of screws, or the sleekness of recessed installation.





• LIGHT COLOR: Natural White


Under Cabinet Lighting Buying Guide

Several factors should be considered when choosing the best under cabinet lighting for your home. The type of lighting, installation method, and desired functionality will all play a role in your decision.

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect under-cabinet lighting solution.

Type of Lighting

Various types of under cabinet lights are available, such as LED strip lights, puck lights, and linear lights. Each type serves a specific purpose and provides different levels of brightness and coverage.

LED strip lights

These are flexible and can be customized to fit your cabinet’s length. They provide even lighting coverage because they can be installed as a continuous strip of light.

Puck lights

These small, round lights are installed individually and work best for focused or accent lighting. They are easy to install but may require more units for full coverage.

Linear lights

These are rigid and generally installed as a single unit. They are ideal for providing uniform lighting coverage across the entire length of your cabinet.

Installation Methods For Your Under Cabinet Lighting

Consider how you want to install your under cabinet lighting. Some options are easier to install than others and may require professional assistance.


This method directly connects the lights to your home’s electrical system. It requires more advanced installation but provides a clean, seamless appearance with no visible wires.


This option is simpler, with lights connected to an outlet using a power cord. It is easier to install but may result in visible cords.


These lights are the easiest to install and do not require any wiring. However, you’ll need to replace batteries periodically, and they may not provide as much brightness as other options.

Functionality and Features For Under Cabinet Lighting

Think about the functionality and features that best suits your needs.

Dimming capability

Adjusting the brightness of your under cabinet lighting can make it more versatile and suitable for different tasks or moods.

Motion sensors

Motion-activated lights can help save energy and provide illumination only when needed, making them ideal for frequently visited areas.

Color temperature

Consider the color temperature of the lights you choose. Warmer tones (lower Kelvin ratings) provide a cozy, inviting feel, while cooler tones (higher Kelvin ratings) create a more vibrant and energetic atmosphere. 

Here I’ve researched and found the best options for under cabinet kitchen lighting, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of home design. Far from being exclusive to the kitchen, this versatile lighting solution can drastically improve functionality and ambiance in various home areas.

I researched various modern lighting technologies, such as LED strip lights, smart lighting, and LED fixtures.

My guide covers various installation techniques, including direct wire, tape lights, and LED light bars, aiding you in finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

From LED puck lights designed for concentrated lighting to bar lights and rope lights for broader illumination, this serves as a resource for navigating the multitude of under cabinet lighting options currently available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal brightness for under-cabinet lighting?

The ideal brightness for under-cabinet lighting depends on your preferences and needs. Generally, 200 to 500 lumens per linear foot is recommended. Consider the room’s overall lighting and the specific tasks you’ll perform in the lit area.

Which type of under-cabinet lighting is the most energy efficient?

LED under cabinet lighting is the most energy-efficient option. They consume less power, offer a longer lifespan, and generate minimal heat compared to other types like incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

How do I choose between hardwired and battery-powered lighting?

Hardwired lighting systems require professional installation and a permanent power source but offer a neat, reliable, and consistent performance. Battery-powered systems are portable, easy to install, and don’t require professional assistance but may require frequent battery replacements.

Are there any recommended systems for easy installation?

Consider systems with peel-and-stick adhesives, magnetic attachments, or plug-in options for easy installation. Some options include LED puck lights, LED dimmable lighting strips, and USB under-cabinet lighting. These systems allow you to install lighting with minimal tools or technical expertise.

10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting For 2024