The best kitchen floating shelves strike a balance between being fashionable and functional.

At first sight, their design-forward appearance offers a chic space to showcase your porcelain teacup collection or transform an empty wall into an art display. They serve as organizational gems, granting generous room to neatly store spices or display cherished cookbooks.

6 photos of the best floating kitchen shelving

In the quest to find the most resilient and aesthetic options, I’ve researched the market, focusing on shelves that will elevate the look and feel of your kitchen or pantry.

These best picks for kitchen shelving are stunning, enhancing your kitchen’s design, and practical enough to store your kitchen items securely.

1. Bestier Kitchen Floating Shelves With LED Lighting

Bestier Kitchen Floating Shelf With Light


This kitchen wall shelf is very unique. The two glass shelves seamlessly blend function with aesthetics. When the soft glow of the LED lights hits the glass, the result is a stunning showcase that turns every displayed item into a centerpiece.

Beyond its visual appeal, what stands out to me is the thoughtful design that emphasizes user customization.

The adjustable height of the glass shelves and the manufactured wood side panels ensures that this piece isn’t just beautiful but practical. It allows users to modify and personalize their space based on the items they display, whether tall vases or delicate china.

Such design considerations aren’t found in every piece of furniture, and this blend of beauty and functionality makes this kitchen wall shelf a standout.

The adaptability it offers and its sleek and modern aesthetic really sets this floating shelf apart in home decor.

Bestier LED Kitchen Floating Shelves 7 color backlit lighting with 6 shelves

2. Urban Legacy Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelves

Urban Legacy Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelves kitchen floating shelf with dishes a bowl of apples and plant on it

Gorgeous handcrafted wooden kitchen floating shelf with industrial brackets. 100% genuine reclaimed barn rafters in their natural solid wood state (no stain).

Urban Legacy Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelves kitchen floating shelves with dishes on them

These floating kitchen shelves are strong enough for dishes.  3″ thickness for a chunky look and sturdy enough to hold dishes, fruit, cookbooks and other kitchen decor.

Urban Legacy Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelves kitchen floating shelves with dish of apples and small plant on it


Urban Legacy crafts unique products from reclaimed wood taken from old barns.

These chunky floating shelves are made from salvaged beams and rafters, offering thick, durable storage space.

Amish artisans handcraft each shelf and the accompanying steel brackets. Choose between “floating” low profile or complete frames, each supporting up to 50 lb. for a total shelf capacity of 100 lb.

This sustainable approach preserves history and adds character to modern spaces.

What I particularly like about this handmade floating shelf, is every piece tells a story, merging timeless craftsmanship with contemporary design.

3. Bestier Industrial Rustic Kitchen Floating Shelving With Hooks

Bestier Pipe Shelf Industrial Floating Shelving 31 Kitchen Wall-Mounted Shelf with Towel Bar Hooks


Constructed from robust wrought iron pipes combined with chunky PB wood boards, these have a charm that seamlessly blends the edgy look of iron with the warmth of wood. This blend accentuates the kitchen’s ambiance and stands out with its sturdy craftsmanship.

The 2-tier open shelving system is perfect for displaying decorative items, storing essential kitchen ingredients, or even showcasing your favorite cookbooks.

I like the added feature of the 8 S-shaped hooks. They’re ideal for hanging kitchen utensils, towels, or mugs.

4. WGX Design Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf

WGX Design Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf with mugs and home decor on it and coffee station underneath


This rustic industrial pipe shelf has a captivating black finish, which combines beautifully with the ruggedness of the pipe with the warmth of reclaimed natural wood.

I’m drawn to its unique design, which combines quality pipe and solid wood in a ladder style, resulting in a shelf that measures 45.6 inches in length, 8 inches in depth, and 24.4 inches in height. This 4-layer pipe design offers a modern twist on the classic ladder shelf.

Beyond its striking design, this rustic industrial pipe shelf is a testament to the harmonious fusion of industrial elements with natural materials. Its spacious four-layered structure provides ample storage and display opportunities, which makes it versatile for various kitchen and decor needs.

Whether for showcasing cookbooks, kitchen items, or kitchen decor, this shelf’s blend of durability and style ensures that it not only stands out as a statement piece but also meets practicality with flair.

5. Olakee Kitchen Floating Wall Shelves With Hooks

Olakee Floating Wall Shelves for Kitchen with hooks has mugs hanging and kitchen items on shelves


These kitchen floating shelves with ten removable hooks are a fantastic blend of style and utility, something I appreciate. These shelves are made from high-quality pine wood and have a sturdy and heavy-duty foundation.

Paired with industrial metal brackets processed with a matte finish, the rustic charm of these shelves complements virtually any wall color, making them both versatile and attractive.

One of the standout features is their generous size, with dimensions of 5.9 x 17 inches on the top. This provides ample space to organize essentials like spices, jars, and cookbooks. This design ensures that not only is the kitchen space optimized, but the aesthetics of the area are also enhanced.

The 10 adjustable hooks are a game-changer. Perfect for hanging utensils for easy access, they offer the added benefit of keeping the kitchen counter clutter-free.

6. HOMEKAYT Kitchen Rack With Floating Shelves and Glass Holders

HOMEKAYT Industrial Pipe Kitchen Rack with Floating shelves and 4 Stem Glass Holders


This 4-layer shelf offers a unique design, partitioned at varying intervals, which immediately captures attention. This design, complemented by a dedicated glass holder, allows for a spacious arrangement of glasses, kitchen essentials, and cookbooks.

It’s a versatile piece that cleverly maximizes storage without compromising on aesthetics.

A significant aspect I appreciate is the sturdy construction of the shelves. It uses varnished pipes and pine wood, making for a rustic modern statement piece.

What I particularly like is how the ruggedness of the pipes contrasts with the warmth of the pine wood, creating a kitchen floating rack that’s functional and a conversation starter in its own right.

7. Etsy Kitchen Floating Shelves With Lights

Etsy Kitchen Floating shelves with lights one at night and one during day


These kitchen floating shelves with integrated universal single-color mini LED dimmers are a favorite in modern home decor.

This floating wall shelf stands out in any kitchen, and the added RF remote capability allows for easy dimming, ensuring the ambiance is always right. The fact that you can adjust the LED’s intensity to cater to different moods and times of day showcases a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

They’re made with a low-cost, economical LED power supply.  The wood shelving is available in different colors and stains ensuring that you  can find a shade that resonates with their decor, adding a personal touch to the already versatile and stylish design.

Best Kitchen Floating Shelves Essentials

When it comes to kitchen design, the best floating shelves are more than just a place to store items; they’re a key element of style and functionality.

A well-selected floating shelf can add visual interest and practicality to a kitchen, helping to maximize wall space while minimizing clutter. Unlike upper cabinets that can make a small space feel cramped, open shelves offer an airy feel and make the kitchen appear larger.

The best floating shelves are made from wood. They bring a warmth and organic feel to the kitchen, complementing various interior design styles from rustic to modern.

Custom floating shelves have an edge over pre-manufactured options because they can be tailored to the exact dimensions and finish that a kitchen remodel requires. For those with a knack for DIY, creating a DIY floating shelf can be a fulfilling project. It allows for complete control over the materials and dimensions, ensuring the final product fits the designated wall space perfectly.

Key Elements Of A Kitchen Floating Shelf 

The functionality of a floating shelf in the kitchen isn’t solely dependent on the material or customization, however. The floating shelf bracket plays an integral role as well.

A sturdy bracket, securely attached to a wall stud, ensures that the wooden shelf can hold the weight of heavy items such as dishes or kitchen appliances without sagging. For those looking for a seamless look, a piece floating shelf with mounting hardware concealed within the shelf itself presents a sleek, clean line against the wall.

While engineered wood is a budget-friendly option, it may not have the strength to support heavier objects without the help of a wall anchor. That said, engineered or manufactured wood can be ideal for displaying lighter items such as picture frames or small pottery pieces, especially in areas where space is limited.

Floating Shelves For Smaller Kitchens

In smaller kitchens, a single, long floating shelf can create a focal point, displaying a mix of functional items and decor.

For tall wall spaces in a small kitchen, multiple floating shelves can be stacked, providing extra storage while allowing homeowners to express their favorite kitchenware or cookbooks, adding both functionality and personality to the kitchen.

Where To Buy Floating Kitchen Shelves

The best done-for-you kitchen floating shelves offered by highly respected businesses, as listed above, offer a range of floating shelves that cater to various kitchen styles and storage needs.

They provide the ease of pre-selected sizes and finishes, along with the necessary mounting hardware, making them a convenient choice for those who prefer to avoid the custom route.

Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen remodel that incorporates floating shelves not only embraces the trend of open shelving but also provides an opportunity to showcase beautiful kitchenware and collectibles.

Whether you opt for the durability of manufactured wood, a solid wood handmade shelf, or other sophisticated options, floating shelves are an excellent choice to enhance the appearance and efficiency of your kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are commonly used for kitchen floating shelves?

Common materials for kitchen floating shelves include solid wood (like pine or oak), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), metal, and tempered glass.

How much weight can a kitchen floating shelf typically hold?

Depending on the material and installation method, a standard kitchen floating shelf can support between 15 to 75 pounds. Some will withstand up to 280 lbs. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can kitchen floating shelves be installed on any wall type?

While kitchen floating shelves can be installed on most wall types, including drywall, plaster, and brick, using the appropriate anchors and hardware for each wall type is essential.

What is the best thickness for kitchen floating shelves?

A 1.5 to 3-inch thickness is commonly recommended for kitchen floating shelves for optimal sturdiness and aesthetics. However, the ideal thickness can vary based on the material and intended use.

Where is the best place to put floating shelves in a kitchen?

The best placement often depends on individual needs, but popular spots include above the countertop, beside the kitchen hood, or over the sink. Floating shelves can fill empty wall spaces or corners, providing storage and decorative value.

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