Use these 10 kitchen staging ideas to attract more buyers and more offers.

There are so many kitchen staging ideas out there, and deciding which ones are worth your time and money can be challenging.

Below you’ll find 10 easy kitchen staging ideas that take no time and are inexpensive.  You’ll also find a more comprehensive kitchen staging guide at the end of the 10 easy staging tips.


upscale kitchen says 10 easy kitchen staging ideas for a high roi

Kitchen staging is crucial when preparing your home for sale, as it can significantly increase the chances of receiving an attractive offer.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen tends to draw a lot of attention from potential buyers.

To impress them, creating an organized, welcoming, and functional space that sparks their imagination is essential.

Your ROI is worth staging efforts.

Grab a pen and paper and take notes!

Let’s get started!

All homes need staging! There is no price range where it doesn’t work and no price range that doesn’t want more money!

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10 Kitchen Staging Ideas That Wow Buyers

Kitchen Staging Idea One

1. Plan Ahead 

kitchen that says plan and checklist underneath

When staging your kitchen, have a game plan.  This will make it much easier for you and reduce your time invested when staging it.

1. ASSESS YOUR KITCHEN: Evaluate your kitchen’s current condition and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Take note of any repairs, updates, or improvements that need to be made.

2. SET A BUDGET: Determine a realistic budget for staging your kitchen, considering factors such as repairs, updates, and decorative items. Stick to this budget to avoid overspending.

3. REVIEW THE BELOW LIST: Make notes of the below items.  Decide which ones you’ll implement, in what order and give yourself a deadline for completing these items.  Deadlines work!

Use this list as your baseline regarding what you want to include with your staged kitchen.

Kitchen Staging Idea Two

2. Deep Clean and Remove Clutter

gold word on green floor says declutter

Buyers have a keen eye.  They notice grime, dirt, and cluttered areas.

The kitchen is one of a potential buyer’s top areas of interest.

It’s important to make your kitchen stand out and appeal to buyers.

When deep cleaning your kitchen for staging purposes, focus on creating an immaculate and inviting environment that appeals to potential home buyers.

Here are the key areas to address:

1. COUNTERTOPS AND BACKSPLASH: Thoroughly clean countertops and backsplash, removing any stains, grime, or grease. Ensure that grout lines are clean and free of mildew.

2. CABINETS AND DRAWERS: Wipe down the exteriors, interiors, and handles of cabinets and drawers, ensuring they are free of dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Repair any damaged or misaligned hardware.

3. APPLIANCES: Clean the exteriors and interiors of all appliances, including the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Ensure they are free of smudges, grease, and food residue.

4. SINK AND FAUCET: Scrub the sink and faucet to remove any stains, mineral deposits, or grime. Disinfect the sink and ensure the drain is clear and odor-free.

5. FLOORS: Sweep and mop the floors, paying close attention to corners, baseboards, and the areas under appliances. Remove any stains or spills.

6. WINDOWS AND LIGHT FIXTURES: Clean windows, light fixtures, and bulbs to ensure they are free of dust and grime. This will allow for optimal natural light and a bright, welcoming atmosphere.

7. VENTILATION AND EXHAUST HOOD: Clean the exhaust hood, fan, and filters to remove grease and grime. This will improve air quality and eliminate lingering cooking odors.

8. GARBAGE DISPOSAL AND TRASH CANS: Clean and sanitize the garbage disposal and trash cans to eliminate unpleasant smells.

9. PANTRY AND STORAGE AREAS: Organize and clean pantry shelves, removing expired or unnecessary items. This will demonstrate the kitchen’s storage capabilities and create a sense of order.

Use this kitchen cleaning checklist to help you stay on task.

By meticulously addressing these areas, you’ll create a pristine, well-maintained kitchen that appeals to potential buyers and showcases the space’s full potential.

Kitchen Staging Idea THree

3. Place A Spoon Rest Next To Stove

Black Sleek Spoon rest next to stove

The kitchen is often the heart of the home.  You want to declutter your kitchen but not to the point where there’s a sterile feel.

An elegant spoon rest is a simple, easy touch that brings warmth to a kitchen.

It’s psychological, but it subtly evokes those feelings of cooking something delicious that warms the stomach and soul.

Kitchen Staging Idea Four

4. Replace Your Cabinet Hardware

modern hardware on kitchen drawer

Is your kitchen hardware nicked or dated?  

Replacing kitchen cabinet hardware is a simple yet effective way to update a kitchen’s appearance. This cost-efficient upgrade can breathe new life into dated cabinetry and instantly enhance your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

When selecting new hardware, choose a style and finish that complements the existing kitchen design while also appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

Opt for modern, sleek designs that can transform the look of your cabinets without overwhelming the space. Consider the functionality of the hardware, ensuring it is easy to use and provides a comfortable grip.

By investing a little bit of time and effort into this minor change, you can significantly impact the perceived value of your kitchen, making it more appealing to potential a buyer and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

This is always on the to-do list when I update kitchens when selling.

Kitchen Staging Idea Five

5. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

close up white kitchen cabinet

Are your kitchen cabinets dated or have they simply lost their shine?

Painting or staining your kitchen cabinets is an effective and budget-friendly way to give your kitchen a facelift and refresh your kitchen’s appearance when selling your home and staging the space.

A well-executed paint or stain job can instantly modernize dated cabinetry, making the kitchen more attractive to potential buyers. To begin, choose a neutral, universally appealing color that complements the design elements. Look to see what are the going trends with new home builds in your area.

Before painting, remove cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware to ensure a professional finish. Clean and sand the surfaces thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or old paint, and then apply a coat of high-quality primer.

Once the primer is dry, apply two or more coats of your chosen paint, allowing each coat to dry fully before proceeding to the next. Use high-quality brushes or a paint sprayer for a smooth and even finish.

After the paint has fully dried, reattach the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware, ensuring proper alignment and function. As mentioned above, consider replacing the hardware for a cohesive, modern look.

By taking the time to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can significantly enhance the room’s appeal and potentially increase the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Staging Idea Tip Six

6. Add Texture 

kitchen with a neutral kitchen rug

Adding fresh hand towels and a neutral kitchen rug is an easy way to add texture to your staged kitchen.

Keep the rug neutral and the color of your hand towels a contrasting color to your kitchen cabinets.

This adds a subtle depth to your kitchen.

Kitchen Staging Idea Seven

7. Add Fresh Fruit

close up of bowl of green apples in a staged kitchen

Display a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter.

This brings color and that “alive” feeling to your kitchen.

Head over and check out different ways you can elegantly display fresh produce.

Kitchen Staging Idea Eight

8. Include a Coffee Station

upscale kitchen with breakfast coffee bar

A coffee station has a welcoming feel to it.  If you don’t have one now, it’s an easy addition when staging your kitchen.

Coffee bars have a warmth and charm to them.  They evoke a feeling of a welcoming home, not a sterile property.

And that’s the feeling you want to evoke.  Remember, people buy a lifestyle.

Check out ideas for making a coffee station part of your kitchen staging.

Kitchen Staging Idea Nine

9. Update Your Lighting

upscale kitchen with modern lighting

Light fixtures can date a home.  That’s not what you want when staging your kitchen.

With a few simple adjustments, you can update the lighting in your kitchen and transform it into a kitchen oasis.

Consider adding task lighting under your kitchen cabinets.  Task lighting adds a lovely ambiance to your kitchen too.

Head over and get some ideas with these easy kitchen lighting upgrades.

Kitchen Staging Idea Ten

10. Organize The Cupboards and Pantry

woman opening organized pantry door

Buyers open up everything.  They’ll open the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, and oven.

They’ll look under your kitchen sink.

They want to see the storage space in your kitchen.

Be sure your cupboards, drawers, and pantry are spotless and nicely organized.

It leaves an indelible impression on buyers.

eview the above kitchen staging ideas and implement the ones that suit your situation.

Remember, you’re competing with other home sellers.  You want your kitchen to stand out and be memorable.

When you’re preparing your property for sale, home staging is essential, and the kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, deserves special attention.

Incorporating innovative home staging ideas, such as virtual staging and strategic kitchen renovations, allows you to create a space that appeals to potential homebuyers and sets your property apart from the competition. From the living room to the kitchen island, ensuring that each area of your home is staged effectively can significantly impact the overall success of your sale.

Investing in new or updated appliances, furniture, and fixtures can revitalize your kitchen space, making it more appealing to buyers. Updating a small appliance, such as a toaster is inexpensive and can modernize a kitchen too. With virtual kitchen staging, you can even provide a glimpse of the room’s potential without the need for physical changes.

Pay attention to details like countertops, open shelving, and kitchen walls; they are critical in creating an inviting atmosphere. Removing personal items and adding a fresh coat of paint can further enhance the space, making it easier for potential homebuyers to envision themselves in their new home.

Don’t forget to consider smaller aspects of kitchen design, such as small appliances, bar stools, and even outdoor furniture for an adjacent patio or deck.

Incorporating stainless steel appliances and other modern touches can elevate your kitchen’s overall appeal. Keep countertops clutter-free by minimizing the number of small appliances on display and focusing on creating a functional, organized space.

Remember that effective kitchen staging tips extend beyond aesthetics, addressing the room’s function and visual appeal. Start with one staging tip then move to the next.

By paying attention to details like cabinet doors and the placement of a coffee maker, you demonstrate your commitment to creating a welcoming, cohesive space.

Ultimately, the key to successful home staging lies in understanding the needs and preferences of potential buyers and showcasing your property’s unique features in the best possible light.

itchen Staging Fundamentals

Decluttering and Cleaning

First and foremost, you need to declutter your kitchen. Remove all items from your counters, cabinets, and drawers, and only leave essential, visually appealing items.

A minimal, clean look is key to making your kitchen feel spacious and inviting. After decluttering, it’s time to give your kitchen a thorough deep clean.

Consider hiring a professional to ensure every surface, appliance, and hidden corner is spotless. Don’t forget to clean your fridge inside and out, and pay special attention to greasy areas near the stove and backsplash.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Picking the right color scheme for your kitchen can make a significant impact on its overall appeal.

Opt for neutral, light colors that will make your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. If your cabinets are looking outdated or worn, consider painting them to refresh their appearance.

A fresh coat of paint and updated hardware can give your kitchen a more modern, polished look.

Lighting and Atmosphere

Proper lighting is crucial in creating an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

Take advantage of natural light by keeping window areas clean and free from obstructions.

If natural light is limited, make sure your kitchen is well-lit with a combination of overhead and task lighting.

Update old, dull fixtures with more modern ones that complement your chosen color palette.

To enhance the atmosphere, add small touches like a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers.

These simple accents can make your kitchen feel welcoming and homey without adding unnecessary clutter.

Remember, the goal is to showcase your kitchen’s potential, making it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves cooking and entertaining in the space.


Focusing on Key Areas

When staging your kitchen, it is essential to concentrate on key areas.

By tackling these vital sections, you can create a more appealing space that showcases your kitchen’s best features.

Countertops and Storage

Your countertops are a prime focus in a well-staged kitchen. Clear the clutter and minimize items on the counters to maximize your countertop space.

Opt for durable and visually appealing materials like granite or laminate.

If you want to incorporate a more natural look, butcher block is another great option.

To create the illusion of more storage space, keep your cabinets and pantry organized.

Remove excess items, store seasonal kitchenware, and use storage solutions like dividers and hooks to keep everything in place. Potential buyers should see your kitchen as functional and spacious.


Cabinetry and Hardware

Cabinetry plays a significant role in the overall impression of your kitchen.

When staging, ensure your kitchen cabinets are in excellent condition. If necessary, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint or refinishing them. When choosing colors, lean towards neutral shades to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Don’t forget about hardware. Update cabinet handles and drawer pulls to create a cohesive and modern look.

Select hardware that complements your cabinetry while also adding a touch of style.

Island and Table Styling

Your kitchen island and table should emphasize the functionality and versatility of your space.

When staging your island or table, keep it simple and elegant. A bowl of fresh fruit, a vase with flowers, or a stylish centerpiece can make a statement without overwhelming the area.

Following these homeowner tips in each key area will help present your kitchen as fresh, clean, and functional, encouraging potential buyers to see it as their own.


Adding Decorative Touches

When staging your kitchen, adding well-thought-out decorative touches can make a significant difference in the overall appeal of the space.

In this section, we will explore various ways you can incorporate decor, accessories, and textures into your kitchen staging plan.

Textiles and Accessories

Enhancing your kitchen with textiles and accessories can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

Consider using kitchen towels, a runner or rug, and coordinating place settings to create a cohesive look.

Feel free to mix and match patterns and textures, but avoid using overly bright or busy designs that may distract potential buyers.

  • Use kitchen towels in complementary colors or patterns on your oven handle or countertops.
  • Add a runner or rug in a contrasting texture to create visual interest and warmth underfoot.
  • Set the table or kitchen island with eye-catching place settings that complement the overall design.

Plants and Herbs

Incorporating plants and herbs into your kitchen staging can bring life and energy to the space. Whether you opt for live plants or realistic faux options, the addition of greenery can make your kitchen feel more inviting and vibrant.

  • Place small potted herbs near a sunny windowsill to add freshness and color.
  • Opt for low-maintenance plants, such as succulents or snake plants, that can withstand varying conditions.
  • Group plants in odd numbers, like threes or fives, for a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement.

Open Shelving and Cookbooks

Open shelving can create a sense of openness and highlight your kitchen’s design features.

Use this opportunity to showcase attractive cookware, dishware, or even a curated collection of cookbooks, helping to give your kitchen a lived-in yet organized feel.

  • Remove cabinet doors to create the illusion of more space and showcase your dishware.
  • Arrange a small collection of cookbooks on a wooden shelf or countertop for easy access during meal prep.
  • Keep the displayed items simple, functional, and in line with your kitchen’s color scheme to maintain visual harmony.

By thoughtfully implementing these decorative touches into your kitchen staging and ready for your open house, you’ll create an inviting atmosphere that can help potential buyers envision themselves cooking, entertaining, and enjoying the space.

Remember to keep it clean, simple, and tailored to the style of your home for the best results.


Staging Tips from Professionals


Real Estate Agents

As a home seller, it’s essential to work with real estate agents who are experienced in kitchen staging.

They can provide valuable insights on how to attract potential buyers.

To make your kitchen more appealing, consider decluttering your countertops and adding simple kitchen lighting ideas to highlight your kitchen’s best features.

For example, installing under-cabinet lighting can show off your beautiful countertops, while a stylish pendant light can create a focal point above your island.

Home Stagers and Decorators

Collaborating with home stagers and decorators can take your kitchen styling to the next level. You may want to have a home staging consultation with one or two of them.

These professionals can offer home staging tips and tricks, such as using a tablecloth to refresh your dining table or selecting neutral colors to make your kitchen more inviting for potential buyers.

Don’t forget to depersonalize your kitchen by removing any personal items, such as family photos or calendars, and stick to minimal yet impactful decor like a bowl of fresh fruit or a plant.

Using Virtual Staging Software

In today’s digital world, you might also want to consider using a virtual staging software program to help showcase your staged kitchen to home buyers who are looking online.

This technology enables you to digitally declutter, rearrange, and add furniture and decorative items to your kitchen, making it more appealing to online home browsers.

Remember, your goal when staging your kitchen is to create a clean, functional, and attractive space that will leave a lasting impression on potential home buyers.


Don’t Miss These In Your Kitchen Staging

An open house is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the appeal of your home, and your kitchen staging can play a significant part in attracting a prospective buyer.

Utilizing DIY kitchen staging ideas can go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of your kitchen without necessarily requiring a major kitchen renovation.

Upgrading worn wood cabinetry and small appliances gives your kitchen a fresh, modern feel.

If budget allows, consider updating major kitchen appliances as well. A contemporary appliance set can create a great impression on buyers and give your kitchen a high-end look.

The value of good home decor should never be underestimated, especially in the kitchen. A stylish countertop can become a focal point, drawing the eye and creating interest.

Opt for durable and visually appealing materials when considering a kitchen countertop replacement or update.

Remember that interior design matters; thoughtfully selected light fixtures can provide excellent ambient lighting, highlighting your kitchen’s best features and making the space feel warm and welcoming.

Never forget the smaller details, such as well-coordinated kitchen mats and dining table decor. These additions can be surprisingly impactful, creating cohesion and contributing to the overall aesthetic.

As a homeowner, tips like these can prove invaluable, helping to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary with relative ease.

Remember, a professional home stager can offer invaluable advice, but don’t underestimate the power of DIY efforts.

Making these simple changes and adjustments can create a remarkable difference in the atmosphere and aesthetic of your kitchen, turning it into a desirable and inviting space for any prospective buyer.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that any potential buyer can envision themselves in – a place where they can see themselves cooking, dining, and creating memories.

Considering these considerations, your kitchen will be one step closer to leaving a lasting impression and a GREAT ROI.

10 Easy Kitchen Staging Ideas: Tips To Sell Your House