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Use these top 10 kitchen staging ideas to attract more buyers, more offers and that give you a high ROI.

There are so many kitchen staging ideas touted and it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your time and money.

Below you'll find 10 easy kitchen staging ideas that take no time at all  and your ROI is worth the small efforts.

Grab a pen, paper and take notes!

Let's get started!

upscale kitchen says 10 easy kitchen staging ideas for a high roi

All homes need staging! There is no price range where it doesn't work and no price range that doesn't want more money!

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10 Kitchen Staging Ideas To Attract Buyers and A Higher ROI

1. Plan Ahead When Staging Your Kitchen

kitchen that says plan and checklist underneath

When staging your kitchen have a game plan.  This will make it so much easier for you and will reduce your time invested when staging it.

Make notes regarding areas you need to fix in your kitchen.

Use this list as a your baseline regarding what you want to include with your staged kitchen.

2. Declutter and Deep Clean

gold word on green floor says declutter

Buyers have a keen eye.  They notice grime, dirt and cluttered areas.

The kitchen is one of the top areas of interest for a potential buyer.

It's worth your time to ensure you make your kitchen stand out and appealing for buyers.

Clear your counter space and then go back and see what you want to include in your staged kitchen.

Use this kitchen cleaning checklist to help you deep clean your kitchen and stay on task.

3. Place A Spoon Rest Next To Your Stove

Black Sleek Spoon rest next to stove

The kitchen is often the heart of the home.  You want to declutter your kitchen but not to the point in which there's a sterile feel to it.

An elegant spoon rest is a simple, easy touch that brings warmth to a kitchen.

It's psychological but it subtly evokes those feelings of cooking something delicious that warms the stomach and soul.

4. Replace Your Kitchen Hardware

modern hardware on kitchen drawer

Is your kitchen hardware nicked or dated?

Replacing your kitchen hardware on your cabinets and drawers is an inexpensive and easy way to update your kitchen.

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5. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

close up white kitchen cabinet

Are your kitchen cabinets dated or simply lost their shine?

Give them a facelift with new paint or a new stain.

Painting them or adding a fresh, new stain can bring new life to your kitchen.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

6. Add Texture To Your Kitchen

kitchen with a neutral kitchen rug

Adding fresh hand towels and a neutral kitchen rug is an easy way to add texture to your staged kitchen.

Keep the rug neutral and the color of your hand towels a contrast to your kitchen cabinets. This adds a subtle depth to your kitchen.

7. Add A Touch Of Fresh Produce

close up of bowl of green apples in a staged kitchen

Display a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables on your kitchen counter.

This brings color and that “alive” feeling to your kitchen.

Head over and check out different ways you can elegantly display fresh produce.

8. Include a Coffee Station

upscale kitchen with breakfast coffee bar

A coffee station has a welcoming feel to it.  If you don't have one now, it's an easy addition when staging your kitchen.

Coffee bars have a warmth and charm to them.  They evoke a feeling of a welcoming home, not a sterile property.

And, that's the feeling you want to evoke.  Remember, people buy a lifestyle.

Check out ideas on how to make a coffee station part of your kitchen staging.

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9. Update Your Lighting

upscale kitchen with modern lighting

Light fixtures can date a home.  That's not what you want when staging your kitchen.

With a few simple adjustments you can update the lighting in your kitchen and transform it to a kitchen oasis.

Consider adding task lighting under your kitchen cabinets.  Task lighting adds a nice ambience to your kitchen too.

Head over and get some ideas with these easy kitchen lighting upgrades.

10. Organize The Cupboards and Pantry

woman opening organized pantry door

Buyers open up everything.  They'll open the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator and oven.

They'll look under your kitchen sink.

They want to see the storage space in your kitchen.

Be sure your cupboards, drawers and pantry are spotless and nicely organized.

It leaves an indelible impression on buyers.

Implementing these kitchen staging ideas are well worth your time and effort.

You're competing with other home sellers.  You want your kitchen to stand out and be memorable

Taking the time and making a few adjustments for your staged kitchen can pay you back in dividends.

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