What are curb appeal tips to help you sell your home? 

Below are 10 inexpensive curb appeal tips to attract more buyers and have a high ROI. It’s a stressful time selling your home.

Utilize some or all of these tips to create more enthusiasm from buyers and attract higher offers. 

Curb Appeal Tips For selling house front of house great landscape and front entrance

Increase The Odds Of Higher Offers With Curb Appeal

“Jaymie, I did exactly what you said and I received multiple offers on my first listing! I followed you step by step and got a full price offer. We also have back-ups! Thank you so much!”  ∼ Brianna

“You don’t often find people in our field who are willing to share their successes. Thank you so much for not only sharing this information but also following through with what you said you’d do and sharing the results of your hard work.  I appreciate it!” ∼ Adrianne 

10 Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips To Attract Buyers


Get potential buyers excited about your home (enthusiasm is a high level emotion which motivates) and they get excited to make an offer.

It’s crucial you spend some time on your home’s curb appeal.  It’s an important part of staging your home and one that you do not want to skip over.

It’s worth investing a few dollars (or even just time) on THIS FIRST IMPRESSION.  It’ll pay you great dividends.

1. Have An Inviting Front Entrance 


When the potential buyer is standing at your front door waiting while the agent is accessing the home or ringing the doorbell...there is plenty of time to assess your front entry and how clean and welcoming it is.

Is it inviting? Clean? Place some plants, flowers or decorations on your front entry.  Have a nice mat at the door.

Do a quick search for “Front Door Entry Decorations And Plants” google images. You’ll find many ideas to help you in making your front entry as inviting and welcoming as possible.

2. Clean or paint your front door


The potential buyer is standing at your front door waiting and has time to assess the door and entry.  

I’ve had several buyers tell me they make a quick judgment on the house by the front door. Clean the door.

If needed restain or repaint it.  Put some attention on your front door. It makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.



3. Update Porch & Garage Lights


Having bright, shiny new outdoor lights illuminating your exterior makes your home POP.

You can find new ones fairly inexpensive…or at the very least clean and brighten themWash the glass so they sparkle! 

4. Clean Or Get A New Mailbox

A sharp, attractive mailbox upon approaching a home makes an aesthetic statement. 

Clean it/paint or stain it…or consider purchasing a new one.

Look online…you can find very inexpensive ones.

Check out simple ideas in the video below… 

YouTube video

Get your phone ringing with buyers who can’t wait to see your home!


5. Have Clear, Crisp Easy To Read House Numbers

Don’t start off on the wrong foot with a potential buyer because they can’t see your house number and are driving up and down the block.

Ensure your address is clear, easy to find and the house number looks sharp and crisp.

There are even backlit ones available and they’re stunning.

6. Freshen Your Deck

Make sure your deck is clean and fresh looking. 

There are many ways to freshen decks that won’t cost you the bank.

7. Maintain Your Lawn 

Make sure your lawn is trim and green.  If your lawn is bare, brown sod can be expensive. 

Some areas have a water shortage so it’s impossible to ‘green’ your lawn. 

Consider alternatives. Lawn paint is one. This new trend is environmentally friendly/biodegradable lawn paint and may do the trick.

8. Trim Hedges 


Keep your hedges trim and your landscape clear of debris and overgrowth. 

Get the shears out, trim…pull some weeds and till some dirt.

It’s amazing what fresh tilled dirt and some trimming/simple landscaping does to a yard.

9. Add Some Character 


Brick and stonework can add character and dimension to a home.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

See the difference in the photo above…and it’s only a small part of the home.  Take a look and see what options are available.

10. Light Pathways


Many people drive past homes in the evening after work.

They’re not sure if they’d like to see the home (saw it online) so they decide to check out the street, the house and may call to schedule an appointment if they like what they see.

Make it inviting! Light up your yard and the paths to your door…it pops and gives it a ‘wow’ factor.  And, they’re pretty inexpensive.

10 Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips For Selling Your House 10 Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips For Selling Your House 10 Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips For Selling Your House