These kitchen organization ideas can help you enjoy your kitchen more and relax in it.

Don't you feel more relaxed and less stressed when there's some organization in certain areas?

The kitchen is where we often spend much of our *home* time.  It's natural that you want to have it organized and make it easy to locate items.

And, when your kitchen is well organized it makes for an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Use some of the kitchen storage ideas below and add some of your own to bring more organization (and enjoyment) to this place where so much time is spent!


Easy and Quick Kitchen Organization Ideas

13 Kitchen Organization Ideas That Make Your Life Easier

1. Spice Jars

I absolutely love these spice jars.  I love cooking and I go though so many spices.  I ended up buying all my spices in bulk since I go through so much.

I needed some organization for all of my spices and wanted to easily locate the spices in my spice drawer.

With these you can use the printed labels that come with this spice jar set and you can also create your own labels with the pen and blank labels provided.

I also keep several different spices in the RV and these spice jars come in super handy!

2. Spice Rack Tray Insert

Get your spices organized in your drawer and easily locate that certain spice quickly.  Get tired of fumbling through your spice drawer or kitchen cabinet with the spices back to back?

Use this for your spice organization to help make your cooking experience easier and more enjoy enjoyable!

3. Bamboo Organizer Set

Use this organizer set in drawers, kitchen cabinets, in your pantry or even on your kitchen countertops.

It's aesthetically pleasing and you'll find many purposes for this set!

4. Under The Kitchen Sink Organizer

You know how disorganized and cluttered these under the sink areas can be.

Use this organizer specifically designed for that cabinet space underneath sinks.

The flexible design allows you to customize according to your space.

5. Slide Out Cabinet Organizer

Use these for your hard to access areas in your kitchen cabinets.

They're sturdy and slide in and out smoothly.

6. Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Organize your refrigerator and keep your refrigerator shelves *cleaner* with these fridge organizer bins.

Need to clean your fridge?  Just pop the bins in the dishwasher.  It'll make your life a lot easier instead of scrubbing those refrigerator shelves constantly.

Use these refrigerator bins to organize the items in your fridge and to help find items quickly.

7. Glass Food Storage Containers

While we're talking about the refrigerator use these food storage containers to save leftovers and other miscellaneous food items.

Have pre-cut veggies for salads and other food prep items done so you can easily throw dinner together.

And, they make for great meal prep meal containers.  Have the week ahead meals ready to go using these.

8. Expandable Cabinet Shelf

Use these to maximize the space in your kitchen cabinets, pantry and other shelving

These are adjustable so they work in a number of different sized areas.

9. Expandable Drawer Organizer For Silverware and Utensils

Use this bamboo expandable organizer for your silverware, miscellaneous utensils and other kitchen items.

Since it's adjustable you can customize for a variety of drawer sizes.

10. Stackable Can Rack Organizer

Tired of having your canned goods in disarray and losing precious cabinet space with them?

This can rack organizer can be just what you need.  Save space and frustration with this handy kitchen organizer.

11. Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers

Easily see your dry food items and store them appropriately with this set of sturdy organizing containers. 

This set has an airtight 4-sided locking system which makes for a watertight and airtight seal, keeping your perishables and dry food very fresh.

12. Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack

Get all of your kitchen wraps consolidated and save room with these kitchen wrap racks.

See why this set of 2 has rave reviews.

13. Bamboo Tea Chest Organizer

Do you have tea boxes stacked up and you rifle to find the perfect tea in the moment?

Do you have company over and wish to offer a selection of teas without needing to rifle through boxes of teas?

This is a great way to organize your tea selection (and even create a tea area) with this beautiful bamboo tea organizer.

Head on over and check out this high quality product.

Having an organized kitchen makes for a much more enjoyable experience and time spent in the kitchen for everyone.

Take a few minutes and decide on at least one area that you'd like to get more organized in your kitchen.

What tips do you have and what products do you like for kitchen organization?

13 Easy and Quick Kitchen Organization Ideas For 2021