Use this April Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist and take preemptive measures to maintain the integrity of your home and to help protect your family.  

There’s a printable checklist available for a reminder.

April is National Lawn and Garden Month.  Be sure to check out the ideas below to help you with outdoor maintenance ideas.

You love your family and your home – protect both and you’ll enjoy a beautiful space for years to come with your loved ones.

April Home Maintenance

Easy April Home Maintenance And Safety Checklist

We know life gets busy so we’ve kept this concise and simple for you.  The printable checklist will be a handy reminder for you too. 

Included are home safety tips.  Be proactive and take small steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Fall asleep rest assured you took steps to ensure a safe home for your family. 

Home Maintenance Checklist For April


1. Spruce Up Your Front Porch

Home Maintenance April Porch

April is a time for welcoming the new season. We spend more time outdoors as warmer weather approaches.  Spruce up your front porch and create an inviting space for yourself and visitors.

Just a few simple tasks make a world of difference.

Wipe down your front door, shake out your welcome mat and add some plants or foliage.  If you have the space add a chair or sitting area.

A stylish and functional doormat is a great way to welcome visitors.

Sometimes we need a nudge of inspiration to get us out of a style rut.

Head over to 5 unique ways to style your front porch for ideas.


lady stepping on a black front door entry mat says welcome

2. Inspect And Clean Window And Door Screens

Clean Screens

Dirt and grime tend to get stuck in our window screens during the winter months.  Take advantage of a sunny day and give your screens some TLC.

For non-removal screen tips and more in depth screen cleaning tips head over here.

You’ll appreciate looking out your windows and enjoying your spring views when you’re not looking through grimy screens!

3. Clean Your Toaster

Clean Your Toaster April Home Checklist

Toasters can be huge fire hazards.  Take a few minutes to clean and inspect your toaster.

You may be surprised at what you find in your toaster.  Head over and pull out your toaster’s crumb tray.

Use these tips to clean and maintain your toaster properly.

book handyman 100 things every homeowner must know says hows to save money solve home problems and improve your home

4.  Spring Yard Spruce Up

Our yards often take a beating during winter months.  Take some time and prepare your yard for the Spring and Summer seasons.

This spring yard cleanup checklist is designed to help you stay on track with your spring clean up.

Outdoor yard inspiration

For outdoor living and yard inspiration head over and check out these modern outdoor designs and ideas.

Have a small yard?  No worries.  There’s something here for everyone in 14 ways to make your small yard seem big. 

How To Design The Perfect Landscape For You

YouTube video

5. Check Yard For Low Spots

April Home Maintenance Check Lawn Low Spots

After spring rain, check your yard for low spots.  Low spots can become a breeding ground for lawn fungus, killing your grass and attracting mosquitos.

Use these tips to remedy low spots in your yard.

6.  Wash Windows

April Home Maintenance Clean Windows

Now that Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, the yard is filling in with lush, green grass, and the trees are blossoming.  We look forward to the longer, sunny days, the fresh-cut lawn scent, and the floral scent wafting in the air.

Avoid these common mistakes when cleaning your windows.  

Clean your windows to allow the sun to shine fully in your home.

Clean windows allow you to see the rich colors Spring and Summer bring!


7. Boost Curb Appeal

April Home Maintenance Curb Appeal

Spring is a great time to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Simple projects such as updating your house numbers, updating your mailbox, and cleaning outdoor light fixtures can make a world of difference.

Add solar pathway lights for safety purposes.  They also add a warm, beautiful dimension to your home’s exterior.

Head over and check out 10 inexpensive curb appeal tips. 

8.  Clean Garbage and Recycle Bins

April Home Maintenance Clean Trash Bins

Clean the trash and recycle bins.  Residue gets stuck and trapped in the containers.

With warmer weather, now’s a great time to give them a spray and deodorize them.

Here are easy tips on cleaning your trash and recycle bins. 

9. Check Smoke Detectors

April Home Maintenance Check Detectors

Check your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. Be sure to wear ear protectors when checking your smoke detector. Make sure you have Double AA batteries on hand.

This article takes you step-by-step through checking your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors.

Home Log Maintenance Book

Organize, Schedule, Plan, Repair, and Renovate with This Home Maintenance Log Book.

Your home is one of the most exciting purchases you will make.  It’s also one of the most valuable assets you can own.

It’s simultaneously the playground, retreat and castle for you and your family.

Make sure you keep track of your warranties and maintenance records.

Get Your April Home Maintenance Checklist Below

This April home maintenance printable checklist is a good start. Add to it as you like. Maybe there’s something here you’ve meant to get done but it’s slipped your mind. 

If you love going all out and tackling more, there’s a place on the printable checklist to add more of your own “To Get Done This Month.” 

Comment below and share your ideas and additional items you’d like to tackle this month.

9 April Home Maintenance And Safety Tasks