Use this January Home Maintenance Task Checklist and take preemptive measures to maintain the integrity of your home and to help protect your family.

There’s a free January checklist available you can download for a reminder.

You love your family and your home – protect both and you’ll enjoy a beautiful space for years to come with your loved ones.

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January Home Maintenance And Safety Checklist

We know life gets busy so we’ve kept this concise and simple for you.  The printable January home maintenance and safety checklist below will be a handy reminder for you too. 

Included are home safety tips.  Be proactive and take small steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Fall asleep rest assured you took steps to ensure a safe home for your family. 

Home Maintenance Checklist For January


1. Decide On Home Projects 

Home Projects

Use this month’s indoor time and review home maintenance projects you’d like to accomplish this year. 

Be sure to write them down.  Studies show if you write your goals down you’re more likely to achieve them.

Use the resource book below. It offers ideas, suggestions and “how to’s” for home maintenance and other home projects. 

You’ll find over 600 home projects, thousands of photos, charts and graphs in it. 

2. Wipe Down Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

arm wiping kitchen cabinets

ysclHoliday cooking and entertaining can leave the kitchen with splatters of grease and other remnants that made their way to your kitchen cabinets and hardware.

Carve out time and give your kitchen cabinets and hardware a good wipe down.

Below are popular cleaners for wood cabinets and other types of cabinet material. 

3. Update Your Home Inventory List

Home inventory sheet columns and pen

Home accidents and disasters can and do happen. 

Be prepared with a current home inventory list in the event you need to file a home insurance claim.

It’s such a stressful time and the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time and energy trying to remember all the items you lost in your home when filing a home insurance claim. 

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If you don’t have a home inventory list, start one now.  If you do have one make sure it’s updated.

Use these excellent tips from State Farm Insurance on how to create a home inventory list.

4. Change Water Filters

person changing water filters

Water filters should be replaced once or twice a year (or as recommended by the manufacturer).  The size of your household and usage affects this too.

Thinking about adding more water filter systems to your home? Check out this water filter buying guide from Consumer Reports.

5. Create Safe Outdoor Landscaping

home landscape plants outdoor garden lights flowers

Create safe and beautiful outdoor areas that offer a stunning landscape to your home.

Good landscape design can add up to 20% of your home’s value.   Poor landscaping has an adverse effect.

Take time and brainstorms ways to improve your landscape design and outdoor safety features before warmer weather approaches.

Add lighting to entryways and garden pathways, to decks and around trees for safety and ambiance. 

The book below offers many styles and ideas to help you create a safe and beautiful outdoor space.

6. Clean and Organize Closets

organized luxury closet

While it’s cold outside take advantage of your indoor time and clean and organize your closets.

January is a great time to clean out your closets.  Use leftover boxes from the holidays to pack unused items and donate them.

Clean, organized closets are a great way to start a new year.

Use this guide to give you ideas to have the ultimate organized closets.

7. Check For Ice Dams

roof with ice hanging from it

Check for ice dams and take measures to remove them.  

These 5 signs you have an ice dam will help determine if you have any. 

Be proactive and remove ice dams to prevent damage and exorbitant water damage repair costs to your home.

8. Protect Pipes From Freezing

pipe with water bursting through it

Frozen pipes (and bursting) can cause a lot damage to your home. 

Take preventative measures and protect your pipes from freezing.

9.  Wash Blankets and Comforters

teen girl on a couch with a blanket wrapped around her

Your family room blankets have probably had a lot of use during the holidays and cold months.  

Take time and wash all of them. 

You’ll love the softness and scent of freshly laundered blankets while you’re binging on your favorite shows!

Home Maintenance Log Book

Organize, Schedule, Plan, Repair, and Renovate with the HOME MAINTENANCE LOG BOOK BELOW.

Your home is one of the most exciting purchases you will make.  It’s also one of the most valuable assets you can own.

It’s simultaneously the playground, retreat and castle for you and your family.

Make sure you keep track of your warranties and maintenance records.

The Most Neglected Home Maintenance Task

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Get Your January Home Maintenance Checklist Below

This January home maintenance printable checklist is a good start. Add to it as you like. Maybe there’s something here you’ve meant to get done but it’s slipped your mind. 

If you love going all out and tackling more, there’s a place on the printable checklist to add more of your own “To Get Done This Month.” 

Comment below and share your ideas and additional items you’d like to tackle this month.

9 January Home Maintenance and Safety Tasks Checklist