Use this February Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist and take preemptive measures to maintain the integrity of your home and to help protect your family.  

There's a printable checklist available for a reminder.

You love your family and your home – protect both and you'll enjoy a beautiful space for years to come with your loved ones.

February Home Maintenance Checklist

Easy February Home Maintenance And Safety tips

We know life gets busy so we've kept this concise and simple for you.  The printable checklist will be a handy reminder for you too. 

Included are home safety tips.  Be proactive and take small steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Fall asleep rest assured you took steps to ensure a safe home for your family. 

Home Maintenance Checklist for february


1. Rotate your mattress

Rotate Your Mattress

Help your spine out and prolong your mattress by rotating or flipping it at least once a year. 

Your body and wallet will thank you for it.

Should you rotate or flip? This depends on your mattress. Take a look at these tips from

2. Deep clean your garbage disposal

Deep Clean Your Garbage Disposal

This should take less than 10 minutes. Cleaning your garbage disposal is something we often overlook but it's an important task for home maintenance.

Bob Vila takes you step by step on how to properly and easily clean your garbage disposal.


3. Touch up interior walls and doors

Touch up interior walls

Keep your home in tip top shape and remove those scuff marks and touch up the paint.

Follow these tips to remove scuff marks.

Order your magic eraser and keep some of these on hand.

Touch ups don't have to be a major pain.  For nicks and small scratches this small paint tool could do just the trick.  

4.  Have HVAC unit serviced

Service HVAC

Your HVAC unit should be serviced at least once a year.  Not only does regular maintenance help in reduced utility bills but it can extend the life of your HVAC system.

The cost to have your system cleaned runs approximately $100-$150.  Watch for local special deals and coupons for this service.  It's very common for companies to offer coupons for servicing HVAC systems.

5. Clean refrigerator coils

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Extend the life of your refrigerator and increase its efficiency by periodically cleaning its condenser coils.

Follow these steps and you should have it done in less that 15 minutes.

6.  Check caulking and grout around sinks, showers and tubs

Check Caulking and Grout

Water seeps through unseen areas.  Help mitigate water damage and potential mold issues by checking caulk and grout around your sink, tub and shower.  You should repair where needed.  

7. Set up water leak detectors

Water heaters, washing machines, basements – what do these have in common?  The potential to cause havoc from a major water leak.

Other areas of your home have the potential to leak too.  Invest in water leak detectors.  There are several types on the market and some you can be alerted on your phone.  

8.  Test your home for radon

Test Home For Radon

You can't see or smell radon.  But, it's a dangerous gas and breathing in high levels of this gas can increase your risk for lung cancer.

In the United States it's the #2 cause for lung cancer and is estimated to be the cause of 20,000 deaths per year.

1 out of every 15 homes have high radon levels.  

It's pretty inexpensive to buy a radon test.  

9. Clean your furniture

Clean Furniture

Winter months often mean spending more time indoors.

Take some time and get your furniture in tip top shape and fresh.

The average cost to have your furniture professionally cleaned is $164.

If you prefer to clean them yourself take a look at cleaning tips here for leather furniture.  For fabric furniture cleaning tips head on over here.

Keep all your home instruction manuals and maintenance records in your own custom home maintenance binder.  Customize this just for you.  Get organized!  You'll be glad you did!

The most neglected home maintenance task: Changing Filters

Get Your February's Home Maintenance Checklist Below

The February home maintenance checklist is a good start. Add to it as you like. Maybe there’s something here you've meant to get done but it's slipped your mind. 

If you love going all out and tackling more, there’s a place on the printable checklist to add more of your own “To Get Done This Month.” 

Comment below and share your ideas and additional items you’d like to tackle this month.

February Home Maintenance Checklist
9 February Home Maintenance and Safety Tasks