Outdoor fountains bring a soothing ambience to your backyard, front yard, garden, patio…really any outdoor space.

The soothing sound of the flowing water adds another dimension to your outdoor living space.

Below you’ll find the best unique outdoor floor fountains in 2023 that will transform your outdoor space.

Add that peaceful touch to your landscaping, patio, deck…just about anywhere outdoors.

Outdoor Floor Fountain

10 Unique Outdoor Floor Fountains That Sure To Impress



1. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Stone Finish Fountain With Soft Lighting

2. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Rustic Outdoor Floor Fountain With LED Light

Have An Interest In Making Your Own Outdoor Water Fountain?

Watch the below video:

YouTube video

3. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Gorgeous 4 Tiered Pot With Built In LED Lights

4. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Stunning Tiered Copper Leaves Floor Fountain With Lights

5. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Unique Patio Faux Stone Floor Fountain With Lighting

6. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Elegant 3 Layered Fountain With LED Lighting

7. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Breathtaking Waterfall Fountain With 6 LED Lights and Timer

8. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Beautiful 4 Tiered Rustic Fountain With Lights

Be sure to watch these Helpful Tips On Water Fountain Maintenance and Cleaning

YouTube video

9. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Stunning 5 Tier Outdoor Water Fountain With Lights

10. Outdoor Floor Fountain

Outdoor Glazed Pot Floor Fountain


Adding an outdoor floor fountain adds so much to the tranquility and beauty of your outdoor areas.

You’ll love having one or more of them!

For more outdoor waterfall options head on OVER HERE.

Transform Your Yard: 10 Unique Outdoor Floor Fountains In 2023