These 17 Christmas decoration ideas for 2021 is designed to help you with ideas to bring some magic to your home during the 2021 Christmas holiday.

With all that's happened the last year take some time and immerse yourself in this 2021 holiday season.  You and your loved ones deserve it.

Be sure to watch the VIDEOS below too for additional Christmas decoration ideas.

Christmas Decoration Ideas For 2021

Enjoy this checklist and see what you'd like to add or enhance for your home during this 2021 Christmas season.

Let's spread some beauty and magic this season!

17 Christmas Decoration Ideas For 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

Take a few moments to go through these and comment with your favorite decorations and anything that you'd  like to see added to this checklist.

Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful 2021 Christmas season!

17 Christmas Decorations Ideas List For 2021

Snow Falling on top of christmas decorations

The “17 Christmas Decorations List” is below.

You'll also find VIDEOS below to offer you more holiday decorating ideas for this 2021 season!

1. Ambiance With Christmas Lighting 

Living Room With Lit Christmas Tree candles and lit mantle

Lighting sets the tone and ambience of a home.  Winter brings us shorter, darker days and accent lighting through holiday decor, candles and LED festive decor adds much depth and warmth during the holidays.

These glittering gift boxes on Amazon emit a soft, festive glow.

Look around and see where you can add more festive lighting to your home during the holiday season.





You can add a touch of wildlife to your Christmas

Decor with these elk flameless candle with a timer and remote.

VIDEO: Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Christmas Tree

2. Magical Holiday Centerpieces

3 Different Christmas Centerpieces

Holiday centerpieces add focal points to coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, foyers, shelving and so many other places in a home.

There are so many different styles of centerpieces, but each one adds it's own dimension of color, layers and beauty.

Are there areas in your home in which you could place a centerpiece that you haven't before?

Think about adding a new center piece this year to your holiday decor. This Festive Hydrangea Candleabrum on Amazon adds a stunning touch.

Sometimes a new one is just what's needed to bring some new energy and a different spark into the sesason.


3. Your Christmas Tree

3 different styles of christmas christmas trees

Whether it's a table top tree or 10'+ tree, real or artificial a tree is pretty much a must at Christmas.

The Christmas tree is the one distinction that brings nostalgia and

delight during the Christmas season.

 It doesn't matter what type of tree it is…a  Christmas tree is one of those magical items to have during the season.

Turn on the Christmas music, have plates of holiday cookies and appetizers and enjoy setting it out and decorating it!

4. Holiday Tall Decor

Add height and dimension to your holiday decor with christmas decorations that stand tall.  Nutcrackers, bears, reindeer, and christmas signs are all items you can find that are taller and make a statement.

The added height adds a special feel and dimension to your christmas decor.

VIDEO: Window Decoration Ideas For Christmas

5. Christmas Decorative Pillows and Luxury Throw Blankets

luxury throw blanket and christmas pillows

Decorative  holiday pillows and luxurious throw blankets are accents that add a special touch and feel to a room.

They can make furniture come alive for the season. They're an inexpensive way to add that holiday feel to your room.

This luxury throw blanket is will add warmth
and comfort to your winter evening.

6. Luxury Tree Skirts

luxury christmas tree skirt

Often not much thought is given to the tree skirt, however, it's the base of your fantastic tree.  It's what helps give your tree presence.

It's the holiday season.  Splurge some and give your tree presence with a luxury tree skirt.

7.  Tree Toppers That Wow

Christmas Tree Toppers

The tree topper is often forgotten but it can be the grand finale to decorating your tree.

Many families have passed their tree toppers on through the generations too.

If you don't have one it may be time to get one and start a new tradition.  Or, maybe you're ready to add a different tree topper to bring in new holiday energy to the season.

Remember to add the grand finale to your christmas tree with your personal tree topper. 

8. Bring In Nature's Beauty

red poinsettias

There's nothing like bringing nature into your home.

Whether it's poinsettias, pine cones, the scented pine cones you buy from the store, your live christmas tree or whatever else…think of ways to bring nature into  your home during this special season.

It really brings life into your home and a natural dimension.

9. Festive Table Accents

Table Christmas Accents snowman candles pine cones ornaments

Festive christmas table accents add another easy dimension to your holiday decor.

These can range from small christmas table ornaments, to small holiday votives to christmas *artificial* flowers strategically placed in a room.

Get your creative holiday juices going and see how you can add these easy holiday decor items to this season's holiday decorations.

10. Special Touch With Christmas Dishware 

Magical Christmas dinner setting candles dishware

From entertaining dishware to dishware sets, holiday dishware adds such a special touch to the Christmas holiday.

The season comes around once a year so pull out your holiday dishware and use them.

If you don't have any now this year may be the time to add that special touch, or add a few more, and enjoy them now and for years to come.

11. Christmas Tree Ornaments That Pop

ornaments on a christmas tree

Christmas tree ornaments add that special flair to your tree. 

Some are personal and are a mixed array of ornaments that have been passed through generations and other christmas trees look as though they're entering a Christmas tree contest.

The beauty is you decide.  It's your tree and in some cases trees.

Regardless, a tree isn't a Christmas tree without your own ornaments and holiday decor.

Some people choose a christmas ornament set and others blend an array of ornaments.

It's you who makes the decorating of the tree special and how you choose to decorate it.

Are you going to do something different, add something different or stay with your traditional way you've done in years past?

It really doesn't matter.  It's the presence you give to this time…this holiday time.

Enjoy it!

12. Holiday Rugs and Welcome Mats

Front door christmas mat and christmas rug front of chair

Holiday rugs and welcome mats add that festive flair to a room and and your entry way.

Holiday rugs can change an entire look and feel of a room.

The christmas mats welcome not only your visitors with the christmas spirit but it's a festive reminder to you as you change out your seasonal welcome mats.

13. Front Porch Christmas Decor

Front Porch Decorated Christmas Decorations

Decorating your front porch or entryway for the christmas season can be as easy as adding a christmas wreath or as elaborate as adding multiple holiday decorations to your entry way.

Bring some christmas joy and the holiday spirit in some way to your front entry way.

14. Stunning Holiday Mantle Decor

Mantle with Christmas Decorations wreath Candles lit

One of my favorite things to do is to decorate my mantle during the christmas season.

There's something incredibly warm and festive while enjoying a roaring fire and have the mantle decorated for the christmas season.  Maybe you'd like to add some new mantle decorations to yours.

If you don't have a fireplace mantle add some holiday decor to a wall shelf and turn that into your mantle.

Head over here for ideas on decorating your mantle for the Christmas season.

15. Christmas Wall Decor

Mittons and Stockings and Pine Boughs hanging on a brick wall

Add Christmas flair to your walls with holiday accents.  Christmas wall decorations add another festive dimension to your rooms.

Head over here for an array of christmas wall hangings and decor.

16. Holiday Garlands

Pine Christmas garland lit with pine cones and poinsettias

Holiday garlands provide such a to rooms and they even connect floors when used on a staircase.

Christmas garlands run an array of styles and are the perfect complements to any room or fixture.

Get creative with holiday garlands.  You can add to them by adding lighting, artificial flowers, pinecones, more greenery, faux berries and so much more.

It's infinite what you can do with them.

Check out the multitude of garlands available HERE.

17.  Wreaths That Warm

Christmas wreath on door snow falling white gloved hand holding small gold clock

Christmas wreaths can be added anywhere and bring such holiday color and brightness to rooms and doorways.

Some people hang one on their front door and others hang them on every door in their home.

Some hang them on walls, hang them in windows or simply lean them back on shelving.

Want to add a new wreath to your holiday decor this season?  Or, perhaps get some ideas to make your own? Head over here for various wreaths.

I hope you found this article useful in guiding you through some christmas decoration ideas for your home this holiday season!

I would love to hear from you in the comment section and please share your favorite Christmas decoration ideas below!

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