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10 ways to get your calm on when business throws you a curve

Are you putting out quite a few fires lately?   Problems keep popping up?

As business owners we have constant evolution occurring…and part of that is problem solving and at times everything seems to hit the fan. You’re not Alone…it happens to all of us.

Part of moving through the challenges and problems that inevitably arise is NOT LETTING THEM consume you…And there are things you can do in which you’ll actually come out feeling better and more creative!

Take a look below…do one, a few…or all of the below!  I promise you’ll be more clear and feel so much better.

1. Take a 5 minute break (the short audio below will help)

Take some deep breaths and listen to something calming.   Below is a 5 minute breathing audio with music that you can come back to anytime. The nervous system can be trained to relax.  This is a 5 minute break just for you…

2. Listen to music designed to calm your mind and body.

Listen to music designed to calm your mind and body.  There are many options available.  Amazon prime membership includes an entire array of Free MusicSee Below. Either way this is a good oneCALM WITHIN.

3. After you have some time of calm & recharge, take action

After you take a few minutes of calm take action on the issue that’s creating angst. Taking action gets us out of our head and gets us moving.   This business woman is a prime example how action turns the page for her when life’s thrown her curves.


4. GET in nature

Get in nature and if you can’t studies show looking at photos of nature scenes has a calming effect on the body.

5. Move your body

Get up and move your arms.  Walk around…move your entire body.   Shake your arms out. It helps!


6.  Enjoy warm liquids

Have tea or soup. Research shows warm liquids have a soothing effect on the body.  Stop in your favorite shop or order some so you’ll have soothing tea on hand. 

7. Give some love…

Hug your kids, your pet, your spouse.  Do something kind for another.  These actions release a chemical in your body, Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone which has a soothing effect on the body.


8. Listen to something uplifting

Often placing our attention on something else…rather than allowing our minds to ruminate on what’s bothering us or creating ‘overwhelm’ can place us in an improved state of being.  Audible is a favorite. It’s super easy to keep in your phone and it’s available anywhere. I listen to it in the car, while doing chores around the house, exercising…or simply just stopping and listening to it.

It takes me to another space…whether I’m listening to an inspirational book or learning something…it’s a wonderful 24/7 ‘companion!’  Audible even has a 30 day free trial and you receive 2 free audiobooks…regardless whether you continue past the trial or not.  

9. Take a moment and be fully present with your surroundings

Notice the sounds around you. Notice the items around you. If you’re moving notice the movement of your body…place your attention on something you normally wouldn’t. Notice your breath.  Light a candle and observe the flicker of the flame.  Notice a plant close by.

10. Smile

Think of a fond memory, go to YouTube and watch something that’ll have you laughing so hard people can hear you around the block…if you have time watch a comedy.

Call someone who brings a smile to you when you interact.  Or, simply raise the corners of your mouth and smile…it changes your body composition!


Take a few moments and do one or a few of the above… AND REMEMBER…TAKE SOME DEEP BREATHS… 


Bookmark this page and come back anytime…


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