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Soomin Kim sold 87 deals, $67,000,000 in production, in his FIRST YEAR as a NEW REALTOR Using YouTube

YouTube video

This is GOOD.  I encourage you to watch this to the end.  Soomin Kim sold 87 deals, $67,000,000 in production, in his FIRST YEAR as a NEW REALTOR… entirely for FREE from his YouTube videos…without prospecting or running ads. In this video, he explains how.

Keep in mind Google owns YouTube.  Have you noticed more videos are showing up in Google search?  That’s one of the reasons. 

Your YouTube videos could show up in Google searches, and that helps everything!

Remember to include your YouTube videos on your real estate site too.  Not only does it help people who visit your website, but it gives your site “link juice” which helps your website with SEO, and that’s a very good thing!

Energize Your Language and Talking Points to Activate Your Buyers

Christopher Mayer, the Paul Milstein Professor of Real Estate at Columbia Business School, joins Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi to explain the iBuying phenomenon, where institutions use technology to buy and flip houses, and what it means for homebuyers and the housing market.

YouTube video

Competition is tough out there for agents, sure… but consider what it’s like for buyers right now… Demand is high, inventory is low, and interest rates have interested buyers sitting on the fence.

If you’re going to get them off that fence and into a home, you need to be working with the right knowledge and the right language. Byron Lazine offers helpful advice here.

Make sure to watch or listen, then start reconsidering the special language you will bring into conversations.

AI Magic For Real Estate Agents: Chat GPT

YouTube video

Chat GPT is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that helps real estate agents save time and increase productivity by automating various tasks and generating creative content. As you use it, you’ll see all the different things you can do with this.

To get started, visit and register for a free account. If it says it’s at full capacity, give it a bit of time. You can usually get in within an hour.

Enjoy! There’s so much you can do with this!

Ninja Action Tip This Week: Rating Hot and Warm Leads

YouTube video

Head Over and Get The Book or AudioBook.

When you sign up for a monthly audible subscription Premier Plus (like I have) you’ll also have access to hundreds of free audible books every month.

It’s an added bonus I love.  I listen to at least a few audio books a month. 

It’s a great way to continually learn and pick up something to help in business and life.

Why the real estate iBuying boom could ‘end badly for a lot of folks,’ according to an expert

YouTube video

Brutally Honest Business Advice From Billionaire Mark Cuban – Excellent Interview

YouTube video

You may be surprised at what he did when he first bought the Dallas Mavericks. I love it!  And, it’s what I’ve always done too.

As a business owner it’s crucial to always be learning. Be sure to check out the best books for real estate agents and Real Estate Spice’s online courses and programs.

Wise Words From Tom Ferry – Done Is Better Than Perfect

YouTube video

What do you need to get done (or start) before the end of 2021? Listen to these wise words from Tom Ferry.

Real Estate Industry Safety Protocols and “Real World” tools to help prevent and deter crime and overall safety


Join Andrew Dorn & Marci James as they chat with Carl Carter about industry standard security protocols, “real world” tools to prevent and deter crime and overall safety in the real estate industry!

Real Estate Trends – Housing Market Update  (Short 2 Minute Video) October 1, 2021

YouTube video

Real Estate Trends – Housing Market Update  (Short 2 Minute Video) Sept 24, 2021

YouTube video

This week, Manager of Economic Research George Ratiu talks about the latest economic and real estate indicators

“Billionaires Use THESE HABITS Everyday To MASTER PRODUCTIVITY”| Jim Kwik & Lewis Howes

YouTube video

Jim Kwik shares systems and tips for high level productivity. He’s the Founder and CEO of Kwik Learning, a brain training and learning company where he teaches people how to get the most out of their minds.

What’s Required For Business Success?  Real Estate Powerhouse and Shark Tank Investor Barbara Corcoran Explains

YouTube video

Real Estate mogul and business expert, Barbara Corcoran shares what’s needed for high level business success.

Real Estate Trends – Housing Market Update  (Short 2 Minute Video) Sept 10, 2021

YouTube video

Recent Economic and Housing Trends July 23, 2021

This week, Senior Economist George Ratiu talks about the changes in the economy and real estate markets, starting with the surprising rise in jobless claims.

He follows-up with mortgage rates, which experienced the fourth consecutive weekly decline, boosting sales of existing homes.

He also discusses the welcome increase in the number of homes listed for sale this summer, based on’s weekly inventory release.

Realtor Pro Live

Join Andrew Dorn & Marilyn Wilson for an engaging and beneficial Huddle session with Inman’s Person of the Year as they chat about diversity, fair housing and how honesty, quality and customer service have been the foundation for Anne and her brokerage’s success.

Instagram For Real Estate Agents

***Be sure to get your TOP 100 Real Estate Hashtags Free Guide

This is a FULL STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL on how to use Instagram for Real Estate Agents.

Instagram is one of the best real estate lead generation strategies when it comes to social media for real estate agents, and he wants to break down EVERYTHING you need to know about Instagram for Realtors, including:

– Instagram stories for real estate agents

– Instagram REELS for real estate agents

– Instagram LIVE for real estate agents

– IGTV for real estate agents

– Best Instagram Posts for real estate agents

YouTube video

Predictions for 2021 Winners & Losers in Real Estate

Join Ken McElroy as he talks about his predictions for 2021. He covers the trends and economic conditions that have and will impact real estate during 2021.

YouTube video

Successful marketing strategies That GET RESULTS!

Join Andrew Dorn & Marilyn Wilson for a valuable & fun Huddle session with Sean Carpenter as they chat about best practices in engaging your sphere of influence, proven ways to increase productivity and successful marketing strategies and GET RESULTS!

Successful Real Estate Social Media Strategies and MORE

Join Andrew Dorn & Marilyn Wilson for a valuable & fun Huddle session with Sue “Pinky” Benson as they chat about successful social media strategies, how to get more agent to agent referrals and branding that works!

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