A professional Real Estate Binder you provide to clients and prospects is one of the best ways to make a long lasting impression with people.

People tell me years later they still have theirs.  I’ve received countless emails and notes from agents who have implemented this binder in their business and they’re receiving rave reviews from people on them.

Real Estate Binder

Competition out there?  How Do You Set Yourself Apart From Other Agents?

I’m surprised more agents don’t have one.

Create a professional binder to give to your customers and prospects. It’s super easy to put together. Use this template to start your own.

I’ve included a checklist, simple outline and visuals for the binder.  I like to keep it simple when I first give it to customers and prospects.  I don’t want to overwhelm them at the beginning and I explain that. 

People are impressed with the binder – it gives them something to take notes, they keep their items in it and it sets you apart as a professional.  I have clients tell me years later they still have it.

I’ve had many so many agents ask about it so I’ve put this together for you.  It’s super easy to follow and create your own in minutes. Enter your email in the box above or to the right here and you’ll receive this information immediately.

It’s just a matter of heading over to Amazon or Staples and picking up the supplies.  Print a few pages, write a personal note when you give it to someone and whala…done.

I recently designed and purchased custom pens.  I mention this in my 101+ Realtor® Marketing Ideas With Unique Monthly Themes and Dates”

Get your professional realtor® binder template Below 


Your first impression can make the difference between someone hiring you as their agent...or not. Create a professional binder and give it to your clients & prospects. Represent yourself as a true professional and set yourself apart.

See an outline of mine here with a checklist. Enter your email below and I'll send you this simple printable for you to use.

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Set Yourself Apart And Make An Impression With Your Own Professional Real Estate Binder