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This ultimate real estate marketing strategies guide for 2022 will help you in a fiercely competitive market.

Much has happened in 2022 with mortgage interest rates doubling, low housing inventory and many real estate agents and brokers dealing with the last 3 years of a roller coaster ride (think pandemic).

You need a strategy for your real estate business. STRATEGIES WORK, especially during times like we are experiencing in 2022.

Realty Times said “This is one of the BEST Realtor® marketing strategy guides for both seasoned and new agents.”

Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Strategies PDF eBook 2022

Opportunities and fulfilled goals come to those prepared.  Prepare and generate real estate leads using these real estate marketing ideas and strategies specific to real estate agents.

I've been in real estate for 25 years, love what I do, and I'm so grateful to have found Real Estate Spice!  If you’re a real estate agent looking for practical, well-designed approaches to stay in touch with past clients and to continue to grow your business, look no further!

This IS A MUST in your real estate tools!

Lisa Loveless, Realtor® (St. Louis, MO)

“100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2022” PDF (Includes monthly Themes and Special Dates)

Consistently Market 

Do you know that people need to see your message a minimum of 39 times these days before they act on it?

30 years ago that number was 9-10 times. That was an entirely different era. 

That was a time before text messaging, social media, smart phones and so much more that now vies for out attention.

And, think about this…how often are people selling and buying a home?

This means you need to stay in front of your sphere and local real estate market constantly.

Thus, when the time comes, YOU are the one they reach out to when the time comes to buy, sell AND ALSO REFER YOU TO OTHERS.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads For Real Estate Marketing

Google ads can be an excellent way to market and maintain a strong presence in your real estate market.

When done strategically google ads can be a great way to stay at the forefront of your target audience and build brand awareness.

As our world becomes more digital online marketing with google ads can be a great way to leverage yourself.

Learn how google local services ads work and see if it's a good fit for your real estate marketing campaign.

2. Use Social Media Strategically

Social Media For Real Estate Marketing

Social media can be confusing and overwhelming to many.  I get it.

But, it can be a powerful tool in generating leads and new business.

Remember this – Include all of your contact information on your profiles and posts.  Don't make people have to think and hunt for your contact information.

Build brand awareness on social media. Use real estate slogans and taglines consistently in your online marketing efforts.

Learn one social media platform at a time. Focus on learning how to market strategically on one platform before mastering and spending time on a new one.

Where does most of your target audience hangout when it comes to social media?  Which social media platform is most effective for you to reach your goals?

For many agents, that's Facebook.  Facebook has created a platform that allows you to engage people, that offers targeted ads, that allows people to visit your website directly via posts and offers so many custom features for real estate agents.

If you'd like help from professionals who've mastered Facebook marketing for agents (and who are reasonably priced) check them out.

See why over 16,000 agents and brokerages have entrusted them to help them with their real estate social media marketing.

One agent shared with me “I received 142 leads from one campaign.”  She went on to tell me she's used them for years and they've helped her grow her real estate business in ways she couldn't have alone.

“Ultimate 100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Ideas For 2022” PDF guide Below

3. Digital Real Estate Newsletters

Real Estate Digital Newsletter

This is one of the easiest and most consistent ways to LEVERAGE YOURSELF and stay in front of your sphere and prospects.  In fact this Forbes article states it's still the number one way to generate leads.

This is A VERY POWERFUL ONLINE MARKETING TOOL and has one of the best ROIs – both in dollars spent and time spent on it.

Visuals, strategic formatting and the resources you offer make your Real Estate E-Zine (Strategic Digital Newsletter) extremely effective in generating leads and referrals. 

Don't just show listings and talk about real estate in your newsletter. Offer additional tips and resources in it. 

Be known as a valuable resource in your community and cater to your demographics.

Always include all of your contact information in your digital newsletter.

There's a specific strategy to wowing your SOI so they look forward to your e-Zines. 


If you'd prefer to have a custom strategic real estate e-Zine done for you head over here.

4. Call 5 People A Day

Business Woman Talking On The Phone Calling

Calling your prior real estate clients, prospective buyers, potential clients and your SOI works in generating lead and referrals!

It's a habit that's easily put to the wayside or forgotten though.

Pick up the phone and call. You hear this from real estate coaches, your broker and other real estate agents and there's a reason why.

It's another touch point with your sphere and, when done consistently, you will generate listings and get buyer leads.

If you don't reach someone, LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE.

Leaving voicemail messages is the professional way to operate a business.

I've had clients call me months later thanking me for the voicemail.  They told me it made their day and they want to sell their home now.

They didn't call back when I left the message but they REMEMBERED IT and HOW IT MADE THEM FEEL.

Calling your SOI leaves a personal touch and it keeps you consistently in front of them.

Use this daily planner page to help you stay on track with your phone calls.

Real Estate Marketing – 5 Rules for Exponential Growth Video

5. Your Team Is A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Team Various figures male and female

You are the product. Your team is the product.

Your team is not only agents who work with you but also includes your preferred title companies, your preferred lenders, your real estate photographers, your home inspectors and other professionals you rely on to help facilitate your real estate transactions and closings.

If someone on your team is not providing the level of service to your clients (and you) let them go.

Find someone who will.

I usually have at least a conversation with the person before this happens.  It's a case-by-case basis. Your team is part of part of your marketing brand.

Make no mistake – your team is a vital part of your real estate marketing strategy.

“Ultimate 100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Ideas For 2022” PDF Below

6. Include Real Estate Slogans and Taglines 

Keyboard middle key says add your tagline

Real Estate slogans and taglines in your business are an important part of your marketing strategy. 


Mine was “The Realtor® Who Works Hard For YOU.”  That was my primary tagline and showed up in all my real estate marketing material AND my email signature.

I also used the following in various contexts “I help you find your sanctuary.” “I help you sell your home for top dollar.”

A tagline helps you stand out and is memorable.  The majority of agents don't use them and this is another reason you should.

Part of your real estate marketing strategy is your branding.  A tagline is an important part of your business and doing away with taglines is a huge mistake.

Head over here “75 Real Estate Taglines and Slogan” for help and ideas.

7. Your Real Estate Website With Certain Features

Real Estate Website Showing Homes For Sale

Your own real estate website is likened to your online store front.  The strategic part of this is that anyone can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use a website platform in which you can optimize for local SEO.

It's your real estate online marker.  It represents you as a real estate professional.  It highlights YOU.

You want your sphere and current real estate clients to access your website as opposed to another one.  Get your sphere used to visiting your site and only your site.

My SOI and real estate clients gave my site to other people to use (as opposed to the other sites on the web). And, this in turn brought me many more leads and closings.

My testimonials were on the main page and because of these testimonials I closed many transactions.  How do I know this?

People told me.

What To Look For In a Real Estate Website Company?

• Fully integrated IDX

• CRM and follow up features built within the software platform

• Optimized for mobile devices

• Multiple lead capture features

• Search Engine Optimized

• Social Media integration to leverage your social media network

• The ability to create your own articles and blog posts

• Video integration capabilities

• Fast server

• Excellent Support

I used this real estate website company for years and many agents and brokers in the Real Estate Spice community do as well.

What some real estate agents say about ProAgent Websites:

Their website has delivered more potential customers in the two months I’ve been using it than others have in two years! Great product, great service.” – Great State of Texas Realty

“Love this Realtor website host. Very user friendly, easy to navigate and set up new clients in. My clients love to search property on it. I like that I can see the homes they mark as favorites and we can communicate right through the site on each particular home of interest. Tech support is always friendly and available. I think it is worth every penny.” Angie S

“I hope to find the right words to express my sincere satisfaction with the Pro agent websites! They offer a very comprehensive platform, easy to navigate “back end” for customization, and incomparable customer service! I tried different services that offer an integrated website and CRM, to name a few. All of them fail in comparison to Pro Agent.  From my 24 years of experience as a real estate broker in Florida, I can confidently say they are so far the best solution for an individual agent or a team. Regardless if you have an advanced understanding of customization or just a novice, their customer service responds promptly to all adjustments requested. The tutorial videos are simple to understand and follow. Last but not least – the price for their product is affordable to any budget.  lliana l

8. Testimonials 

arrows and it says Client Testimonials

Strategically used real estate testimonials can increase your sales and closings by over 34%.

Acquiring testimonials should be one of the real estate marketing cornerstones in your real estate business.

Bill Gassett, a top broker in Massachussetts (, excels at this.

He delivers exceptional service to his clients, continues to stay abreast of the real estate market and advises his clients accordingly.

He uses google reviews and also has testimonials on his real estate website for all to see.  These real estate testimonials continue to generate leads and closed transactions for him.

Use these tips and get your guide on how to acquire and use real estate testimonials strategically.

Learn how to use Google My Business to get more clients and for people to leave online reviews.

9. Email Marketing For A High ROI

Laptop and cell phone with dollar signs floating down on photo

Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels$42 back for every dollar you spend.  Forbes “Email Marketing: Still The Most Powerful Tool To Take Your Business To The Next Level.”

Email marketing is one of the least expensive and most powerful ways to leverage yourself as a real estate professional.

The proper ESP (email service provider) is crucial when selecting an email software platform for your email campaigns.

Constant Contact excels at the features needed for real estate professionals.  Real Estate is a visual industry and Constant Contact allows you to use images, templates and see which subscribers are clicking on particular articles.

Seeing who is clicking on what articles, ie buyer articles and home selling articles, can be an indicator that someone may be buying or selling soon.

Learn how to create and send strategic monthly e-Zines that generate leads, referrals and keep you top of mind HERE.

Email marketing is a very powerful online marketing tool – I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO USE IT FOR ONE OF THE BEST ROI'S – Both in dollars spent and time spent.

10. Listings To Leads

arrow says leads with marbles on spiral center of spiral says sales w marbles around it

A real estate agent shared with me she generated 142 leads on one campaign using the LISTINGS TO LEADS platform.

This comprehensive lead generation platform can be just what's needed to streamline your lead generation systems AND GENERATE MORE LEADS.

Get your 21 day free trial offer made available for the Real Estate Spice community.  See why this real estate lead generation company is trusted by 18,000+ Agents, Brokers and Offices.

11. Tactical Real Estate Supplies

Office and says Realtor Supplies

Real estate supplies and products are a great way to stay top of mind, set yourself apart and be known as the ultimate real estate professional.

Many real estate agent products are helpful tools that promote you as a true professional AND CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.

Don't miss these real estate supplies for agents and brokers.

“100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Ideas In 2022” Below – PDF 

12. Be Memorable With Unique Closing Gifts

Has a thank you card and says memorable closing gifts

Between the time you and your buyers and sellers first meet to closing – you and your clients go through much.

It's a time when a bond often forms, however, once they're in the home or have sold their home, memories can fade.

Be memorable and celebrate their closing with a unique closing gift they'll appreciate and will be sure to remember you!

Get some ideas with these closing gifts that WOW.

13. Give a Professional Real Estate Binder To Clients and Prospects

Real Estate Binder For Clients

This real estate binder sets you up as a true professional. I’m surprised at the number of agents who don’t give one to their clients and potential clients.

Ensure you include your branding and valuable real estate information and resources in it.

Clients tell me years later they still have theirs and have kept all of their home selling and buying information in it. It's an easy reference for them.

Give one to each potential client. They'll be impressed and it will set you apart.

This is one of the most popular items with real estate agents. They're telling me the feedback they're getting from their clients and prospects is incredible.

Head over to the Real Estate Agent Binder Information to get your free template and tips on creating your own custom Realtor® binders.

14. Market HUD Homes To Generate Home Buyer Leads

HUD Home Marketing Lead Generation


This literally made me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the years.

Agents told me this marketing strategy has generated multiple home buyer leads and closings for them.  It's particularly helpful when first starting out as a real estate agent.

It works!

Many have asked how to generate home buyer real estate leads through marketing HUD homes.

Learn how to generate leads from HUD home marketing in this class.

15. Have A Tent Business Card

Realtor Business Card

I had fold-over business cards that stood upright like a tent.

I left them everywhere and particularly at homes I showed.

It's very prevalent and stands apart from other business cards since they stand up.  And, it's a mini-marketing brochure since there's enough room for copy.

It's nicely done and people keep it. They don't throw it away.

Create your own real estate tent business cards here. 

There are many options from which to choose that fits you!

16. Develop Relationships With Local Businesses

sign says support local business

Building relationships with local businesses can be a powerful way to grow and maintain a successful real estate business.

Use the Monthly Themes and Special Days and Holidays included in the PDF guide at the end of the 100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to give you ideas.

Have fun and create buzz around certain theme months and special days.

For example “Celebrate Your Veterinarian” Day and highlight a veterinarian or a few in your community.  There's “Donut Day” and create promotions with a local bakery or donut shop.

There are recognized theme months in which you can create promotions with local business.

Interview the owners and highlight the business in your real estate e-Zine. 

Write a blog post highlighting the business on your website.

This can be one of your best real estate marketing strategies.  It positions you as a local authority.

“Ultimate 100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Strategies For 2022”

No more thinking about how you can stay top of mind and rack your brain on how to generate leads.   

People have insisted on paying for this. I say no, it's yours.  

Get your FREE Download below.

Says Strategic plan

17. Create Listings That Captivate Buyers

Real Estate Sign Says Hot Property

I got top dollar for my listings, often received multiple offers (before multiple offers were the norm) and usually had them under contract within a short period of time.

How do you captivate and draw in as many qualified buyers as possible?

Use twilight photos along with day photos.

Learn to effectively write copy, remarks, that psychologically draw buyers in so they feel they ‘have to have the property’ before they even step foot on the property.

Highlight the surrounding area in your remarks and photos.  Highlight the points of interest. Don't just highlight the house.

I had my professional real estate photographer take photos of the geographic area and I would highlight points of interest around the property.

I would do all of this so the buyers have an emotional feel of living in that area.

I was told several times, by the buyers' agents after closing and the buyers, that once they saw the listing online the buyers just “Had To Have It.”

You’ll get referrals from your sellers because you were a star when selling their home!

18. Farm Frequently Traveled Streets. Your Listing Sign Is A Free Billboard For You!

Street with houses on it and stop light

When you get a real estate listing on one of these streets your listing sign is a ‘free billboard' for you!

I've had so many excellent leads (and closings) that came from my listings on frequently traveled roads.

People would call driving past one of my listing signs on these busy streets and inquire about the property. This generated many leads.

I also had so many people that know me call right when they drove past one of my listing signs.  They'd say “Hi, just saw you on …” It's a great touch point and reminder with your SOI!

Head over and get more real estate farming ideas and a real estate farming pdf guide.

19. Get Leads From Corporate Recruiters

3 professionals standing up 2 ladies shaking hands and man standing by smiling

Develop relationships and obtain leads from corporate recruiters and recruiting companies as part of your real estate marketing strategy.

Be the knowledgeable local real estate expert and have the recruiters send you referrals for people who are relocating to your area.

Create community information packets that are helpful for people out of state and not from the area.

On your website have articles that feature local information.  Include local resources on your website such as school information and other local highlights.

From your website link to local areas of interest that may help those not familiar with the area.

20. Include A Testimonial in Your Email auto Signature

5 gold stars and middle stands out

I always included a client testimonial in my email auto signature.

I also had a link in my email signature that said “See what others say” and linked to testimonials on my website.

This is a great way to remind those with whom you're corresponding the outstanding experience prior clients have had with you.

21. Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized For Local SEO

Laptop That Says Local SEO

The real estate industry is highly competitive.

One way to stand apart and give yourself a fighting chance of dominating your local market is using local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Utilize content marketing on your website and write, or have someone write, hyperlocal articles to improve your website's local SEO.

Write your own blog post for your website highlighting local real estate trends.

Have a blog post that includes current local market data on your site.

Use these 10 tips to improve your real estate website so that it can dominate in local searches.

22. Get Referrals From Past Real Estate Clients

Hand with pen and 3 lines on page. Top says Referrals

For many agents referrals make up to 50% (and more) of their real estate business.

Stay at the forefront of your SOI and past real estate clients and make it easy to remind them to send you referrals.

Use CTA's (Call To Action) In Your Marketing:

• Mention sharing your e-Zine (monthly real estate newsletter) with others

• Mention a real estate referral reward program on social media and in your real estate e-Zine

• Create a follow up survey when a you close on a transaction.  As part of your survey ask who they could refer to you and who you can add to your email list to receive your monthly e-Zine.

Use these other 4 memorable ways to get referrals from past real estate clients.

23. Host A Local Event

Daily Planner with entry event and pink arrow post it pointing to entry

Hosting local events can be a great way to interact in person with your SOI and community.

You can create an annual one in which people look forward.  This can be a Christmas event or summer picnic.

Perhaps it's a movie event.

I rented a theater and premiered one of the Toy Story movies when one of the Toy Story Movies was first released.

I had swag bags, red roll out carpets and raffle giveaways before the movie started.

My SOI had to RSVP for the event and I had to upgrade to a larger theater because there were so many who RSVP'd. It was a huge success.

Local events can be seminars educating home buyers and potential sellers.

Have an event that focuses on commercial real estate and draws in real estate investors.

The sky is the limit!

Local events can set you apart and people will remember you.

Use these tips to host local events to build your real estate business.

24. Mail Oversized Postcards

Postcard in sand and says postcard has shells around it

Oversized postcards make a statement and are SEEN.

People don't have to open an envelope. 

They will immediately see your message.

You can mail these to introduce yourself and offer a CMA, mail them for your open houses, mail to your just listed neighborhoods, mail to your just sold neighborhoods – the sky is the limit in terms of your message.

To qualify to mail postcards at the first-class rate the postcards should be no more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long.

Check out the various real estate post card options.

25. Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

words say marketing branding promotion media business and more

A real estate marketing plan outlines your sales goals and the marketing, advertising and actions you plan to take to achieve these goals.

Include a new marketing strategy in your marketing plan. Perhaps that's running a new facebook ad, adding digital marketing to your marketing this year or a new way to connect with a potential buyer.

How can you improve your online marketing and leverage yourself more?

Include an outline to build brand awareness in your marketing plan.

Your real estate marketing plan should contain metrics in which you'll measure how well your marketing and ad campaigns are doing.

Whether you're a solo agent or building a real estate agency, it's important to have a plan and to measure your marketing efforts.

Learn how to create a comprehensive real estate marketing plan here.

Get the Entire “100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Strategies With 2022 Unique Monthly Themes and special date” PDF Guide Below

Developing a marketing strategy is crucial to stay competitive. You need one to consistently generate leads and referrals. 

Implement some or several of these and you'll be known as the go-to real estate market expert and you'll continue to develop an even stronger business!

Make sure you get your “100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Strategies” PDF eGuide.  Included are monthly themes and special dates that you can create social media posts around, events, raffles, giveaways and interesting promotions.

There are so many real  estate marketing ideas for seasoned and new agents.

Infuse some new real estate marketing strategies in your business.  Sometimes new actions and strategies are just what is needed.

17+ Lead Generating Real Estate Marketing Strategies In 2022 - PDF