These 29 real estate marketing strategies will boost your business in 2024. Tools and Free PDF Guide included. Real estate agents use these to get more leads and brand themselves.

Real estate marketing strategies have changed for 2024, along with our changing times. Some marketing strategies don’t work as well as in years past.  Other approaches work better than ever before.

Competition is fierce in the real estate industry. Leverage yourself and stay three steps ahead of others this year.

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Real Estate Marketing 

First things first.  It’s important to realize that your real estate marketing must be synergistic with other parts of your business for optimal effectiveness.

Each part of your marketing plan strengthens the other parts of your real estate business.

You’ll achieve optimal business success the tighter and more strategic you are with implementing marketing strategies that complement both your business plan and goals.

I’ve been in real estate for 25 years, love what I do, and I’m so grateful to have found Real Estate Spice!  If you’re a real estate agent looking for practical, well-designed approaches to stay in touch with past clients and to continue to grow your business, look no further!

This IS A MUST in your real estate tools!

Lisa Loveless, Realtor® (St. Louis, MO)

Consider Your Objectives 

Grab a pen and paper and take some notes.

This will be essential to having a successful marketing strategy…and increasing your business.


• Increase Real Estate Referrals

• Generate More Home Buyer Leads

• Generate More Listings

• Certain Geographic Areas For Property Listings

• Particular Buyer or Seller Demographic

• Increase Commercial Real Estate Transactions

• Increase Net Commissions

• Increase Your Brand Recognition

Do you have others?

It’s important to figure out your objectives for your marketing strategy.  Take time, reflect on your goals and write them down.

29 Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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Include several strategies below in your real estate marketing plan for optimal business success.

1. Get Leads Through Opt-Ins 

Offer home buying guides, home seller guides and other helpful tools to potential buyers and sellers on social media, your website, and in person.

Get an email address so they can receive these resources from you.  Add their email address to your email newsletter. Ask for their phone number to text and call them.

L2L offers 75+ PDF guides for sellers, buyers and homeowners.

Generating leads is the lifeblood of your real estate business. There are several ways to mine for real estate leads. Offering opt-ins is a great way to leverage yourself and generate buyer and seller leads.

2. Power Up Your Website

Real Estate Website Showing Homes For Sale

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing and lead-generating tools.

Be sure it includes the following:

• Own Your Website.  It should be separate from your brokerage.

• Text Features


• CRM and Follow-up Features Built Within the Software Platform

• Optimized For Mobile Devices

• Multiple Lead Capture Features

• Optimized For SEO

• Social Media Integration To Leverage Your Social Media Network

• Blog and Article Features

• Video Capabilities

• Home Valuation Feature

• Fast Server

• Excellent Support From The Website Company


ProAgent Websites: Start 30 Day Free Trial

3. Improve Your Website’s SEO

Laptop That Says Local SEO on screen

The real estate industry is highly competitive.

One way to stand apart and give yourself a fighting chance of dominating your local market is by using local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Utilize content marketing on your website and write, or have someone write, hyperlocal articles to improve your website’s local SEO.

Include articles on your website highlighting local real estate trends.

Publish articles that include current local market data on your site.

Dominate local searches with these ten tips to improve your real estate website to dominate in local searches.

4. Include Resources On Your Website

says real estate resources with person typing on laptop

Give people a reason to go to your real estate website.

Get them used to going to your site instead of Zillow or other real estate competitors.

Send them to your site for property searches, home buyer resources, home seller resources, mortgage resources, and market updates.

5. List Reviews On Your Website

Says why reviews are essential for real estate agents with a person reading a review on a real estate agent

Include reviews from past clients on your website.

If they’re older reviews, remove the dates.  Also, consider not listing dates on your reviews.

People love to see reviews regarding past experiences clients have had with you.

I’ve had clients choose me as their Realtor based on reviews.  These clients found my real estate website through my marketing.

Include links to your reviews and testimonials on your eZine (real estate newsletter), social media, and email reply signature.

6. Manage Your Online Reputation With Google Alerts

screen shot of google alerts and has real estate agent listed with google alerts and what it says in google alerts for today

Be notified when you’re mentioned online with a google alert.

The online world is vast and often you don’t know if you or your business has been mentioned online.

Set up a google alert and you’ll be notified when you’re mentioned online.

7. Increase and Maximize Reviews

Infographic stats on consumers and how impactful online business reviews are says how consumers read and write local business reviews from Brightlocal Survey


You don’t want to miss maximizing online reviews when growing your real estate business.

Important Review Statistics:

• 89% of consumers are ‘highly likely’ or ‘fairly likely’ to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews  (BrightLocal)

• When considering a new business, 91% of people think reviews are important enough to sway decisions on who they choose to do business with (Sitejabber)

49% trust consumer reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family (BrightLocal)

Take time to increase, improve and maximize reviews with these tips.

8. Email Custom Newsletters

says create simple strategic newsletters that keep you top of mind and get you leads and referrals increase your income

Emailing real estate newsletters is one of the easiest, low-cost, and consistent ways to get leads, increase your income and grow your business while leveraging yourself.

This Forbes article states email marketing is still the number one way to generate leads.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool and has one of the best ROIs…in dollars spent and the time invested in it.

Visuals, strategic formatting, and resources offered in your newsletter make a real estate newsletter highly effective in staying top of mind and generating leads and referrals.

Don’t just show your listings. People tire of that. It’s essential to offer exciting tips and engaging resources to your demographic.

Be known as a valuable resource in your community.

There’s a specific strategy to wowing your SOI, so they look forward to your real estate newsletter.

9. Send Drip Campaigns

Create home buyer and home seller email marketing drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns are a series of emails that are sent to someone with a particular real estate interest.

If someone opts in to receive a home buyer guide or other home buyer resources you have, then you’ll send them a series of emails that a home buyer finds helpful.

Create and send home buyer drip campaigns, home seller drip campaigns, commercial real estate drip campaigns; new home builds drip campaigns and other drip campaigns that interest a particular segment.

Use these ideas for real estate drip campaigns.

10. Set Up Google Alerts On Cities 

Be the first to know when a particular city is mentioned in the news.

This is helpful to stay apprised of new developments, particular events happening in the area, and any changes occurring in that specific geographic area.

It’s the same as setting up a google alert with your name.  Set up a google alert for a particular neighborhood or geographic area.

Write a short synopsis or headline for the article and include a link to the article in your monthly digital newsletter and on your website.

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11. Include A Home Valuation Page

You need a home valuation page to capture people interested in seeing what their home is worth.

It’s a great touch point with people; often, these people consider selling their home soon.

Ideally, you want this on your website.  Some real estate agents send people to a page not connected to their website.

PRO-AGENT WEBSITES include the home valuation as part of their inexpensive package.

12. Use Memorable Slogans

Effective slogans and taglines can take your business to another level.

People will start repeating your slogan if it’s catchy and memorable.

Don’t dismiss the power of a slogan.  It can boost your business exponentially.



Buying leads can be a great way to jumpstart or grow your business…when done correctly.

You need to understand how to manage these leads and implement systems for them strategically.

See the recommended companies that offer leads you can buy.


This made me thousands of dollars over the years.

Agents tell me this marketing strategy has generated multiple home buyer leads and closings for them.  It’s particularly helpful when first starting out as a real estate agent.  It works!

Many have asked how to generate home buyer real estate leads through marketing HUD homes.

Learn how to generate home buyer leads from HUD home marketing.


Screenshot of Google Ads On Computer

Google ads can be an excellent way to market, generate leads and maintain a strong presence in your real estate market.

When done strategically, google ads can be a great way to stay at the forefront of your target audience, build brand awareness and get real estate leads in your area.

Learn how google local services ads work and see if it’s a good fit for your real estate marketing campaign.

16. Market On Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn can be great vehicles to market your real estate business.

You do have to post consistently on social media to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Head over to 100+ real estate social media ideas and strategies for help.

17. Include Contact Info In Posts

Include all of your contact information on your profiles and posts.

Don’t make people have to think and hunt for your contact information.

18. Post Related Information On Social Media

Post real estate market trends, home buyer and seller tips, community information, and posts related to real estate.

Implement the 90% rule. 90% of your posts should be business, home, helpful information specific to your sphere, and community-related.

The other 10% can be inspirational, holiday-related, family-related, or other.

19. Master One Social Media Platform At A Time

screenshot of many social media platform thumbnails

Focus on learning how to market strategically on one platform before mastering and spending time on a new one.

Where do most of your targeted sphere hang out on social media?  Which social media platform is most effective for you to reach your goals?

For many agents, that’s Facebook.  Facebook has created a platform that allows you to engage people, offers targeted ads, allows people to visit your website directly via posts, and offers so many custom features for real estate agents.

One agent told me, “I received 142 leads from one campaign.”  She told me she’d used them for years and they’ve helped her grow her real estate business in ways she couldn’t have alone.

Over 16,000 agents and brokerages have entrusted L2L to help them with their real estate social media marketing.

20. Fire Some Of Your Team

You are the product. Your team is the product.

Fire some of your team.

Your team is not only agents who work with you but also includes your preferred title companies, your preferred lenders, your real estate photographers, your home inspectors, your broker and other professionals you rely on to help facilitate your real estate transactions and closings.

If someone on your team is not providing the level of service to your clients (and you) let them go. 

Find someone who will.

If someone on your team undermines you…let them go.

Find someone you can trust.

I usually have at least a conversation with the person before this happens.  It’s a case-by-case basis.

Make no mistake – your team is a vital part of your business and real estate marketing strategy.

21. Scale With Team Hires

If you want to grow your real estate business, you’ll need help.  Review areas where you can hire people to take over some of your responsibilities.

Hire an assistant and add additional real estate agents.

Connect With Past Clients

22. Call 5 People a Day

Call your prior real estate clients and your SOI.

Connect with people who know what an exceptional real estate agent you are.  They’re your best ambassadors.

Calling is a habit that’s easily put to the wayside or forgotten altogether.

Pick up the phone and call. You hear this from real estate coaches, your broker and other real estate agents and there’s a reason why.

It’s another touch point with your sphere and, when done consistently, will generate listings and buyer leads.

If you don’t reach someone, LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE

man with a cell phone to his ear and says leave a voicemail

Leaving voicemail messages is the professional way to operate a business.

I’ve had clients call me months later thanking me for the voicemail.  They told me it made their day and they want to sell their home now.

They didn’t call back when I left the message but they REMEMBERED IT and HOW IT MADE THEM FEEL.

Calling your SOI leaves a personal touch and it keeps you consistently in front of them.

Use this daily planner page to help you stay on track with your phone calls.


A thank you note for referrals, or any other reason is an acknowledgment of appreciation.

People like to be appreciated.  People feel valued and acknowledged.

For referrals, include a $25 gift card (look up your state’s regulation on the dollar amount allowed) to Starbucks or another place where they can use the card a few times.

Every time they use your card, they’ll remember you.

A thank you card is a gracious acknowledgment and another way to connect with your past clients and sphere.

Brand Your Real Estate Business

24. Use Taglines

Real estate slogans and taglines are an important part of your marketing strategy.

People remember you when you use taglines and slogans.

Mine was “The Realtor® Who Works Hard For YOU.”  That was my primary tagline and showed up in all my real estate marketing material AND my email signature.

I also used the following in various contexts “I help you find your sanctuary.” “I help you sell your home for top dollar.”

A tagline helps you stand out and is memorable.

The majority of agents don’t use them and this is another reason you should.

Part of your real estate marketing strategy is your branding.  A slogan is an important part of your business and doing away with taglines is a huge mistake.

Head over for ideas and help  “Real Estate Slogans and Taglines.”

25. Give A Branded Binder


This real estate binder sets you up as a true professional. I’m surprised at the number of agents who don’t give one to their clients and potential clients.

Ensure you include your branding and valuable real estate information and resources.

Clients tell me they still have theirs years later and have kept all of their home selling and buying information in it. It’s an easy reference for them.

Give one to each potential client. They’ll be impressed, and it will set you apart.

This is one of the most popular items with real estate agents. They’re telling me the incredible feedback they’re getting from their clients and prospects.

Head to the Real Estate Agent Binder Information to get your free template and tips on creating your custom Realtor® binders.

26. Have A Memorable Business Card

Realtor Folded Branded Business Card with agents headshot and real estate slogan on it


I had custom-folded business cards that stood upright like a tent.

I left them everywhere and particularly at homes I showed.

It’s very prevalent and stands apart from other business cards since they stand up.

And, it’s a mini-marketing brochure since there’s enough room for copy.

It’s nicely done, and people keep it. They don’t throw it away.

Have your own folded, branded business cards.

They set you apart from everyone else, and they LEAVE A FAVORABLE IMPRESSION.

27. Give Unforgettable Closing Gifts 

Between the time you and your buyers and sellers first meet to closing – you and your clients go through much.

It’s a time when a bond often forms. However, memories can fade once they’re in the home or have sold their house.

Be memorable and celebrate their closing with a unique closing gift they’ll appreciate and will be sure to remember you!

Get some ideas with these closing gifts that WOW.

28. Farm Frequently Traveled Roads

FREE BILLBOARD FOR YOU – When you get a real estate listing on one of these streets, your listing sign is a “Free Billboard” for you.

I’ve had many excellent leads (and closings) coming from my listings on frequently traveled roads.

People would call driving past one of my listing signs on these busy streets and inquire about the property.

This generated many leads.

I’ve also had so many people that know me call right when they drove past one of my listing signs. They’d say, “Hi, just saw you on …” It’s a great touch point and reminder with your SOI.

Head over and get more real estate farming ideas and a real estate farming pdf guide.

29. Host Local Events

Hosting local events can be a great way to interact in person with your SOI and community.

Host an annual event to which people look forward.  This can be a Christmas event or a summer picnic.

Perhaps it’s a movie event.

I rented a theater and premiered one of the Toy Story movies when one of the Toy Story Movies was first released.

I had swag bags, red roll-out carpets, and raffle giveaways before the movie started.

My SOI had to RSVP for the event, and I had to upgrade to a larger theater because so many RSVP’d.  It was a huge success.

Have an event focusing on commercial real estate and draw in real estate investors.


Local events can set you apart, and people will remember you.

Use these  tips to host local events to build your real estate business.

The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy – 5 Rules For Exponential Growth

YouTube video

Creating Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a plan for achieving your real estate goals by understanding the needs of your SOI, potential home buyers and potential home sellers.

You create a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage by designing and adhering to a solid real estate marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy needs to encompass everything from determining who your potential clients are to the demographics of these people and what channels to use to reach prospective clients.

With a good marketing strategy, you define how you position yourself in the marketplace, the types of services you offer, your strategic partners and the type of advertising and promotion you’ll undertake.

Combining Your Strategies With Your Marketing Plan

Your real estate marketing strategy is different than your marketing plan.

A marketing strategy presents the business’s actions to reach a certain goal. A marketing plan outlines the specific daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities the marketing strategy calls for.”  Venngage

Take time and integrate your marketing strategies with your marketing plan

If you need help writing your real estate marketing plan, head over here. 

The dynamic landscape of real estate marketing in 2024 calls for the adoption of advanced digital marketing techniques. As a real estate professional, staying ahead of the curve is vital to ensure you reach your target market and secure the attention of potential buyers and sellers.

Digital marketing strategies, such as real estate digital marketing, provide many opportunities to engage with prospective clients.

By incorporating cutting-edge real estate marketing ideas, real estate professionals can elevate their marketing efforts and yield impressive results.

Marketing automation streamlines the process and allows small businesses to focus on their core objectives while maximizing their online presence.

Open houses can create a powerful impression on potential clients when combined with Facebook ads and other online marketing initiatives. By producing high-quality marketing materials, such as captivating visuals and engaging content, real estate advertising will be more effective in capturing the interest of prospective clients.

Google My Business optimization is crucial for improving local search visibility while maintaining strong relationships with previous clients can lead to valuable referrals and repeat business. An email campaign tailored to your target audience can nurture leads and close real estate deals more efficiently.

By blending these marketing strategies and staying informed of emerging trends, real estate professionals can ensure their marketing campaigns remain relevant and effective.

Be sure to get the comprehensive PDF guide, which offers invaluable insights and tips to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of real estate marketing in 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your marketing game and secure your position as a leader in the industry.

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Marketing Strategies Review:

• Creating Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

• Optimize Your Real Estate Website

• Establish A Strong Online Presence

• Strengthen The Power Of Your Team (Fire Some)

• Stay Top Of Mind With Email Marketing

• Apply Social Media Strategies

• Implement Easy Content Marketing

• Mine More Real Estate Leads

• Connect Consistently With Past Clients (Your Best Ambassadors)

• Brand Your Real Estate Business

• More Real Estate Marketing Strategies

• Combining Your Strategies With Your Marketing Plan

29 Real Estate Marketing Strategies For Leads In 2024: PDF Included