There are many real estate marketing strategies floating around but many are outdated, very involved or inefficient.

Below you'll find “100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies For 2021.”

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100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies

I've been in real estate for 25 years, love what I do, and I'm so grateful to have found Real Estate Spice!  If you’re a real estate agent looking for practical, well-designed approaches to stay in touch with past clients and to continue to grow your business, look no further!

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Lisa Loveless, Realtor® (St. Louis, MO)

Opportunities come to those prepared...prepare and generate real estate leads using these marketing strategies specific to Realtors®.

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100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies 

1. Give a Real Estate Binder To Clients and Prospects 

Real Estate Binder For Clients

This real estate binder sets you up as a true professional. I’m surprised at the number of agents who don’t give one to clients and prospects.

Ensure you're branding is in this and you include valuable real estate information to your prospect.

Clients tell me years later they still have theirs and they’ve kept all their home selling/buying info in it. It was easy reference. 

Go To: for information and your free template on what I include in my binder.

This has been one of the most popular items with the agents.  They're telling me the feedback they're getting from their clients and prospects is incredible.


2. Your Entire Team Is Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

You are the product.  Your team is the product.

The team is not only agents who work with you but also includes your preferred Title Companies, your preferred lenders, your photographers and your home inspectors. They are a representation of you.

If someone on your team is not providing the level of service to your clients (and you) let them gofind someone else who will.

I usually have at least a conversation with the person before this happens.  It’s a case by case basis.  Your team is part of your marketing brand.  

Make no mistake…your team is part of your real estate marketing strategy.


3. Send A Monthly Real Estate E-Zine (Strategic Newsletter)

Real Estate Digital Newsletter

This is one of the easiest and most consistent ways to stay in front of your sphere and prospects.  In fact this Forbes article states it's still the number one way to generate leads.

Visuals and strategic formatting make your Real Estate E-Zine (Strategic Digital Newsletter) extremely effective for your own real estate lead generation and referrals. 

Ensure you offer valuable home tips. Real Estate Buyer Tips. Seller Tips.  

Be Strategic with creating links in your newsletter so you can see who is engaged and what they’re clicking on. 

You should always include something for buyers and sellers. If you see someone clicked on a link it’s a good flag they may be selling or buying soon.

Your own strategic real estate digital newsletter is a must if you want to leverage yourself, stay top of mind and generate consistent leads and referrals.

The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy – 5 Rules for Exponential Growth Video

4. Your Own Professional Real Estate Website

This Real Estate Website provider allows people to search homes, save favorites, receive updates on their favorite properties and updates every 15 minutes with your MLS. 

If the property is under contract it let's them know.  They also have a built in CRM and the ability to send hot sheets personalized from your website.

I've used this company for years and they have all these features at an incredibly low price of $59/MO.

In fact here is their PRICE GUARANTEE  “We're so sure we provide the best value for your dollar, if you can find any Real Estate Website Provider who has the same features at a lower price, we'll beat their price!”

What to look for in a real estate website company:

• Fully integrated IDX Search

 Excellent CRM

• Optimized for mobile devices

 Multiple lead capture features

• Social Media Integration to leverage your social media network

 The ability to create your own blogs

• Video integration capabilities

• Fast Server

• Exceptional support

Start your own custom site with them. Your first 30 days are free and no set up fees. 

Develop raving fans that keep coming back to your site.

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100 Real Estate Marketing Strategies

5. Make Sure Your Real Estate Listings Pop 

I get top dollar for my listings and often put them under contract within a relatively short period of time.

Use twilight photos (along with day photos).

Learn to effectively write copy (remarks) that psychologically draw buyers in and makes them ‘have to have the property’ before they even step foot on the property.

Highlight the surrounding area too…not just the house. 

I have my professional real estate photographer take photos of the geographic area and I highlight points of interest around the property.

I do this so the buyers have an emotional feel of living in that area.  I've been told several times, by the buyers' agents later and the buyers, that once they saw the listing online they just “Had To Have It.”

You’ll get referrals from your sellers because you were a star when selling their home!

6. Farm frequently traveled roads and streets. The listing sign is a free Billboard For YOU!

When you get a real estate listing on one of these streets your listing sign is a ‘free billboard' for you!

I've had so many excellent leads (and sales) that have come from my listings on frequently traveled roads.

Head over here for additional real estate farming ideas and a real estate farming guide.

7. Use Listings To Leads

A real estate agent recently shared with me she generated 142 buyer leads from one of her listings using the LISTINGS TO LEADS platform.

This comprehensive lead generation platform can be just what's needed to streamline your lead generation systems AND GENERATE MORE LEADS.

Get your 21 day free trial offer made available for the Real Estate Spice community.  See why this real estate lead generation company is trusted by 18,000+ Agents, Brokers and Offices.

8. Develop relationships with local shops in your area 

This Forbes article highlights how a Realtor can claim a territory in real estate.  Use the Monthly Themes and Special Holidays at the end of these 101+ Real Estate Marketing Ideas to create buzz around certain theme months.

For example “Celebrate Your Veterinarian” Day and highlight a veterinarian or a few in your community… or “Donut Day” and create some promotions with a local bakery or donut shop.  There's also recognized theme months and you can create some promotions around those with local business. 

This can be one of your best real estate marketing strategies.  It positions you as a local authority.

9. Testimonials Are A Must 

Bill Gassett,  a top Broker in Massachusetts…, excels at this.  He delivers exceptional service to his clients, continues to stay abreast of the real estate market, advises his clients accordingly…and is rewarded with great testimonials. 

His clients love him and refer him all the time.  Provide exceptional service, get awesome testimonials and place them on your website for all to see. 

Learn how to acquire and optimize real estate testimonials  for lead conversions.

10. Market HUD Homes To Generate Buyer Leads

This has literally made me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the years.

Many agents have asked how to generate real estate leads through this and turn them into clients.  Learn how to do this step by step.

11. Have A Tent Real Estate Business Card 

Realtor Business Card

I have fold-over business cards that stand upright like a tent. I leave them everywhere and particularly at homes I show.

It's very prevalent and stands apart since it stands up.  Plus, it's a mini-marketing brochure since there's enough room for copy. It's nicely done and people usually keep it…they don't throw it away.   

Get your own custom fold over business here at Zazzle.  They have many options from which to choose.

12. Connect With Corporate Recruiters

Develop relationships with corporate recruiters and recruiting companies as part of your real estate marketing strategy.  Have them send  referrals for people who will be relocating to your area.

Create community information packets that would be helpful for people out of state.  Create online articles (and link to those articles) that speak to people who may be moving to your area.


13. Develop Relationships With Human Resource Departments of Local Businesses

Create home buying/home seller programs exclusive to their company.  It's an added perk for their employees!

I've had clients call me months later thanking me for the voicemail, it made their day…and they want to sell their home now.

They didn't call back then but they REMEMBERED IT and HOW IT MADE THEM FEEL.  It keeps you IN FRONT OF THEM.

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14.  Include Current Real Estate Market Updates On your website 

This offers valuable information to your sellers, buyers and community.  Anita Clark, a top Realtor in Georgia, displays market reports for several areas in the state. 

She's a true professional and you can see how she's the market expert in her area.  

Real Estate Market reports are typically easy to access. Contact your local and/or state board for information. 

15. Have a tagline and use in all of your real estate marketing 

For instance, mine is The Realtor® Who Works Hard For YOU.”  That's my primary and shows up on my signature email.  I also use the following in various contexts: “I help you find your sanctuary.”  “I help you sell your home for top dollar.”

Remember, part of your real estate marketing strategy should be your branding.  A tagline helps people remember you. It's part of your branding!

Head over to this article “75 Best Slogans & Taglines” for ideas and help.


16. Have your realtor® business photo in your email signature

People love to see who they're corresponding with.  Email can be so impersonal.  We're in a relationship business…let them see you whenever you email them!

17. include a Call To action on your email signature

I have a composed signature area on my email. It states: “Search All Homes listed for sale, Click Here…”

18. Include a testimonial in your email signature

I include a client testimonial in mine. I also have a link that states: See what others say… (with a link to my testimonials on my website.)

19. Easy real estate marketing: Customize your email signature

Use the ideas above or anything else that'll be a strong call to action and/or a Unique Selling Proposition.  

20. Create hot sheets for your real estate leads. Email them directly and make it personal.

Send them directly from you (rather than from your local MLS.)  Include a personal note to them…ie this looks like the perfect kitchen you described, take a look.

BTW, I saw this on and it made me think of you (include a link specific to their wants and interests.) 

21.  have a professional Realtor® photo. 

Ensure you have a nicely done photo that speaks to your niche. This photo will vary from market to market.


22. Offer CMA's Regularly offer CMa's

Contact your SOI (Sphere Of Influence) and offer to conduct CMA's for them.  Definitely include a link in your E-zine (newsletter) for a free CMA.  Offer CMA's to FSBO's.

Include this offer in your facebook marketing posts, in your e-Zine 

23. Have some real estate flyers and brochures made that offer helpful/valuable information to buyers and sellers.


 10 Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips To Attract More Buyers And A Higher ROI

 3 Strategies Buyers Need To Win The Best Properties

24. If you're in the neighborhood of a past client make a quick stop.  the element of surprise and fun should be part of your marketing strategy

Make a quick stop at a grocery store and pick up a simple ‘treat' and a card.  Write a personal note in the card, put all of it in a bag and leave it at their door. Text them you left a little something for them…you were thinking of them. 

They'll LOVE the surprise, the thoughtfulness and you could seriously make someone's day! 

25.  Pick up the phone and call a past client

Say hello without a purpose.  Leave a voicemail message if they're not available. It can be something so simple as a hello and you're thinking about them.

I've had clients call me months later thanking me for the voicemail, it made their day…and they want to sell their home now.  They didn't call back then but they REMEMBERED IT and HOW IT MADE THEM FEEL.  It keeps you IN FRONT OF THEM.

26. Include Valuable Information on your business card 

You can include something that people will use all year round on your card so they'll want to keep it.

27.  Join a local group or meetup that enjoys similar hobbies as you

The question “What do you do?” inevitable comes up and have you noticed everyone Always Wants To Talk About Real Estate?  Make sure you have some cards on hand. However, often people don't want a card…which brings me to the next one…

28. Create your own contact information in your phone

Have your business picture in there, your tagline and all of your contact information.  When someone asks for your card or your contact information you can simply text (or email) YOU, saved as a contact, in your phone.

There are also a number of virtual card business apps.   Google Virtual Business Cards and you'll see them.

29.  Always ask for someone's email address.

Simply say, “Would you mind if I send you my monthly e-zine? It includes the most recent real estate news, home tips and maintenance and things to do in the area…what's your email address?”   

The majority of people will give you their email address.  Put them on your subscriber list to receive your monthly newsletter/E-zine.  See creating a strategic newsletter that gets you leads and referrals.


30.  Create valuable, useful home and maintenance tips on your real estate website

If you'd like to save time, use these free editable PDF's for Realtors.


31.  Ensure you have an opt-in on your website

Have a way to capture emails (and phone numbers) if possible on your site.  Make it enticing or if they have to access something they need to sign in with their email address (and/or phone number).


32. Have a raffle/giveaway

Send an email blast to your customers and real estate prospects before a holiday and have them respond to enter a raffle or giveaway. Use the unique monthly themes/special days included in this free download for ideas and inspiration.

33. Have a unique signature item you're known for

Something that sets you apart from other agents…maybe it's a unique hat, a style/attire.  Be you and get creative.


34. Get some ‘swag' promotional products with your real estate branding

You can customize just about anything here.  They have so many swag and branding options for agents.

Take a peak…it's cool to see the options and it will get your Realtor marketing juices flowing.

Have useful items created so your SOI and clients will want to keep and use them!

35. Write and publish your own Real Estate EBook and/or printed book for Buyers and Sellers

This is a powerful way to establish yourself as an authority.  If you're not comfortable with writing or you have other reasons you can't write now…you can have a ghost writer do it for you. 

Establish an outline with some topics and key areas to address and then have someone else fill in the blanks.  

The book doesn't have to be long…in fact it shouldn't!  This is a powerful marketing piece for you. 

36. Post Regularly On Your Website 

If you want to establish yourself as the primary Realtor in your area this is a great way. 

You can optimize it with keywords so you also show up in search engines.  You can take a topic, write your own summary and link to an article from

It offers a variety of homeowner and maintenance tips, remodel tips, seasonal ideas and the site is published by the National Association of Realtors.


Use this real estate marketing strategy to be known as the local resource in your area.

37. Create your own real estate hot tips for buyers or sellers using a great photo and CTA (call to action) that drives them to your website

You can use Canva for this too. Create something that can be shared on social media, in your E-zine and other places.  It will drive them to your site where they can read it in your realtor blog post.

38. Use the idea above in 37 but create a landing page

When they arrive at your landing page they have to opt-in with their email address to receive the material or access something.

39. Give potential buyers and sellers a financial sheet

You can offer this in a print  flyer or send via email.  Include your branding and contact information.

List all potential costs involved when buying or selling.  There are title costs, inspection, appraisal, etc.

For us, Realtors, it's commonplace but for our potential clients it's not.  This is very helpful information and they appreciate it! 

40. Offer real estate online tools and calculators

You can link to other helpful tools for buyers and sellers. You can link from your website, on your social media pages, in your E-Zine (newsletter)…include in an email.

Here are 4 calculators to begin with.  I also share a mortgage calculator app for their phone.  It makes it easy for them if you send them links!

1) Rent vs. Buy Calculator

 2) Home Affordability Calculator 

 3) Mortgage Calculator

 4) Refinance Calculator


41. Go to your city planning meetings and/or review the minutes online.

This will keep you posted on what's happening in your area and you can share with clients/prospects and/or make a quick ‘hot real estate tips to know' in your area.

42. See what's going on with builders in your city (find out from the city meetings/city planner) and Contact Builders

All new build communities have to go through the city planner.

See what builders are doing and contact them to list their new build/communities.

43. Meet with the city planner as part of your real estate marketing strategy

Call the city planner and schedule a meeting.  Develop a relationship with your city planner.

Stay abreast of current and future plans are for your city.  Share this information with your clients and sphere.

44. The minute you have a real estate lead call them. If you can't at that moment then text them

It's important to respond quickly.  The reality is they most likely are speaking with multiple realtors or have been referred to multiple realtors.

Stand out and shine.  Respond quickly or have an assistant do so.

If you can't call them text them.  Include your tagline in your text and you can also direct them to something that's helpful to them on your website.

Let them know why you can't talk (people are okay when given an explanation) and let them know when you or someone else can call them.

45. Happy birthday texts and/or calls

There are many companies offering specialized texting features.  Google and see which ones may fit your needs.

46. Create theme months using the monthly themes and unique dates offered in the below free download

Offer a tip for the month using one of the unique themes/days in your real estate marketing.

47.  Meet with apartment complex managers as part of your real estate marketing strategy

Target certain areas and conduct PR (public relation) calls to the apartment complex managers.  Meet with them in person. Drop off treats, your real estate marketing materials and cards.

Create professional packets for them.  They always have people moving and ready to purchase a home.

48.  Develop an educational course (either via email drips or online through video, etc) for buyers and sellers

By doing this you create a valuable resource for buyers and sellers.  Educate them on the buying and/or selling process.

Once you have this done it's an automated tool for you.  All you have to do is send the link/the course to them.

49.  Create A Pinterest Account

Have interesting boards that appeal to your market. Don't just stick with your listings and real estate advice.  Women mostly use Pinterest, however, men are using it more and more.

Have boards on kitchens, home ‘command' stations, gardening, remodeling, garages, landscaping, before and after boards…make it interesting and inspiring!  People use pinterest for inspiration.

Make sure you link to your website. Explain in your profile who you are and what you do for your customers and leads.

Do you want even more exposure and help with Pinterest?  It's Pinterest on steroids when you use the TailwindApp.

This application is a superpower and automates, saves you time and has great features to elevate your Pinterest marketing efforts! 

50. have share buttons on your monthly realtor® e-zine

Have share buttons on your monthly E-Zine (Realtor Digital Newsletter).  This encourages your sphere to share your information and the value you're providing.


51. Have an Instagram account

Show beautiful homes, offer home tips, highlight areas in your region, capture visual images that reflect your area and highlight those on your Instagram feed.


52.  Offer workshops/adult education as part of your real estate marketing strategy

You can market these yourself and team up with others.  Many school districts offer evening adulat learning workshops.  Have classes/workshops on various topics that appeal to your target demographic.

53. Add lighting to your listing signs 

You can find solar-powered ones or ones that run on batteries so you don't have to worry about finding an electrical outlet.

Part of your real estate marketing strategy is your branding.  This is a great way for people to see you and your branding.

Your listing signs are your Realtor “Billboards.”  Make them stand out and pop!  Get people's attention with your listing signs and become known as the local go to real estate agent. 

Developing a marketing strategy is crucial to stay competitive. You need one to consistently generate leads and referrals. 

Implement some or several of these and you'll be known as the go-to real estate market expert and you'll continue to develop an even stronger business!

Make sure you get your Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Ideas above.  Included are monthly themes and special dates that you can create social media posts around, events, raffles, giveaways and interesting promotions.

There are so many real  estate marketing ideas for seasoned and new agents.

Infuse some new real estate marketing strategies in your business.  Sometimes new actions and strategies are just what is needed.

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