Real estate farming can be an excellent way to generate leads and referrals.  You must, however, have a plan and use the following techniques.

Farming a neighborhood takes intention, focus, and consistent execution.  Learn how to farm a neighborhood in real estate in 2023.  It will pay you great dividends for years to come.

Be the go-to Realtor® in your chosen farming area.

Read these 9 farming strategies, watch the video below and get your REAL ESTATE FARMING PDF Guide.

Real Estate Farming

Use These Tips and Strategies From the Real Estate Farming PDF eBook 

Easy Real Estate Farming Tips For Agents

You do not need to implement all nine at once.  In fact, that can be overwhelming.  Start with one idea and over the forthcoming weeks and months implement another strategy.

These work synergistically, however, you should focus on one at a time before tackling all of them at once.  Be sure to watch the video below.  Sally shares how she generated $226,000 GCI with her farming techniques.


Real Estate Farming Ideas For Agents: How To Dominate The Real Estate Market

1. Real Estate Farming Must: Use Neighborhood Hashtags  

Real Estate Farming Ideas

Neighborhood hashtags help you be seen in a multitude of social media forums.  When you post on social media use hashtags so your posts will show up in the appropriate threads and neighborhood feeds.

These posts sit out there forever so they'll be constantly working for you.

Research and use common tags for the community you're farming.  Using hashtags effectively in social media is a great way to expose people in the neighborhoods you're farming to you and it builds your brand awareness.

2.  Attend Your Farming Area's City and County Meetings

Real Estate Farming

Be the consummate community expert by attending the city and county meetings. 

You can do this online or in person.

Stay apprised of upcoming changes and challenges the city is facing.  Take local decision makers out for lunch or coffee and get the real story on what's going on in the area.

Report pertinent information in your market updates and your Real Estate E-Zine.

Become a real estate data nerd for your area. 

3. Mail 4″ x 6″ Real Estate Farming Postcards To Stand Out

Real Estate Farming

If you're going to spend time and money on postcards make sure you grab their attention.

Use a 4″ x 6″ size for your real estate farming postcards.  Postcards get noticed more than a letter.  Often, people don't even open an envelope but a 4″ x 6″ postcard certainly captures the recipients attention.

Speak with your preferred title companies and lenders and ask if they'll subsidize some of the investment.  Some may partner with you on these postcards. Many title companies will provide the addresses and mailing labels.

Mail real estate farming postcards at least quarterly to the same address.  Mail more often if possible.  This is a strategy that works if you stay committed to it.

One mailing won't do much for you.  STAY CONSISTENT with your mailings.   

The agents who stay consistent with mailing postcards to the same community year after year see results and a nice return.

Use These Tips and Strategies From the Real Estate Farming PDF Guide

4.  Create A Community Facebook Group For Your Farming Area

Real Estate Farming

Become a knowledgeable resource when real estate farming.

Creating and growing a community facebook group is a great way to become known in a particular geographic area.

Follow these tip for the best ways to market and grow your own community group. 

5. Always Get Email Addresses When Farming

Real Estate Farming Ideas

When you speak with someone in the area you're farming,  simply say “Would you mind if I send you market updates, sales activities and events going on in the neighborhood?…What's your email address.” 

While you're at it get their phone number too.  After they give you their email simply say “and your phone number is?”  and wait for them to respond.

Make sure you follow up with a personal email soon afterward. Send them your most recent  Strategic E-Zine (Strategic Real Estate Newsletter.)

If you've left a swag bag at their home, follow up with a personal email.  Use these tips to locate email addresses.

How To Farm An Area In Real Estate: Get Your PDF Guide

6.  Give Swag Bags To Your Real Estate Farming Community

Real Estate Farming

Include items in your swag bag in which homeowners find useful. 

Partner with local businesses and ask them to include items for your swag bag. 

Include information on your business, testimonials and other information to acquaint the homeowner with you and your business.

Check out these promotional real estate swag items.


7.  Host Community Events For Your Real Estate Farming Area

Real Estate Farming

Host neighborhood and community events for your farming area.  Team up with the local fire department in October for Fire Safety month and create an event around this theme.

Help the local HOA and sponsor their next meeting.  Everyone loves great food and desserts.  Enlist the help of a local business and provide excellent refreshments at the next meeting.

Use these 10 Tips To Hosting A Great Community Event

8. Take Neighborhood Walks To Farm An Area Effectively

Real Estate Farming

Walking a neighborhood is a great way to become known in a neighborhood and pick up listings.  Be prepared as you're walking the community. Doorknock.

Be sure to watch the video below for ideas on your approach. 

Have your cell phone or tablet on hand and consider dropping off some swag bags.

Connect with the homeowners and be ready with the RPR Neighborhood Activity Report.

Ensure you get their emails.  Simply say “Would you mind if I sent you the neighborhood market updates? 

It keeps you informed of the current market value of the homes in the neighborhood and the sales activity.” 

You'll find most people will reply with a “sure” and they'll give you their email. 

9. Email Market Updates To Your Real Estate Farming Community

Real Estate Farming

People love to hear how the real estate market is doing in there area.  Is the market appreciating, depreciating?  How long do homes stay on the market?  What's going on in the local real estate market?

Email quality market updates.  Learn how to create impressive real estate reports. 

Be sure to include this information on your real estate website.  Include a link to your website from your emailed market report.  Encourage them to use your branded website.

She generated $226,000 GCI from her real estate farming strategy

Be sure to get your “How To Dominate and Farm An Area In Real Estate” PDF eBook below.  You can access it anytime.

Real Estate Farming: How To Dominate Any Area With These