These top real estate hashtags are very powerful in real estate social media when used skillfully.

Using them correctly results in increased engagement and more exposure, leading to lead generation in your real estate business.

Real Estate Hashtags

Hashtags serve different purposes depending on the social media platform.  Knowing how to use hashtags in each social media platform will improve your engagement.

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What Are Hashtags?

Real Estate Hashtag Explanation

A hashtag looks like this: #austintexashomes.  They’re used in social media when you’re posting text and can help a particular post stand out amidst a sea of other posts.

They can be used to market your business and can help your social media activity stand out if set up correctly. 

It’s important to know how each social media platform uses hashtags and how the audience within that platform uses hashtags.

If they’re not used correctly, you could waste your time and jeopardize the impact of your posts.  You could also jeopardize your social media account.

Using real estate hashtags properly can be a very powerful way to help you stand out on social media. But, you need to use them properly for maximum effectiveness.

This article and e-guide PDF goes through popular social media platforms for real estate agents and best practices for using hashtags within each platform.

How To Create A Real Estate Hashtag

1Use the Hashtag symbol (#), just the pound sign, before your word or connected words.

Some people say it’s okay to have the hashtag after your word but most use hashtags before the word.

2. Do not leave spaces between the words. Connect all the words together.  Example: #austintexashomes.

3. Do not use punctuation in your hashtags.

Real Estate Hashtag Generator

You can also use these real estate hashtag generators for additional ideas.

1. Real Estate Hashtag Generator For All Social Media

2. Real Estate Hashtag Generator For Instagram

Do’s and Don’ts Of Real Estate Hashtags

Do's and Don'ts Of Real Estate Hashtags

1. Don’t use too many hashtags and make your post look spammy.

2. Don’t use so many hashtags within your explanation text.  Doing this breaks up the context of your text and message. It makes it difficult to read.

This is an example of a text within a post: “Luxury home in #AustinTexas just listed.  Don’t miss this #premiereaustinproperty.  #AustinTX is ranked as one of the premier places to live…”  Don’t Do This.

3. Do know the hashtag requirements of each social media platform.  Most have limitations on how many hashtags you can use.

Some platforms will ban or penalize your account if you use excessive hashtags on individual posts. Consequently, be sure to know how to use hashtags so this doesn’t happen to you.

How To Use Hashtags In Popular Realtor® Social Media Platforms

Hashtags In Social Media

1. Facebook Real Estate Hashtags

Facebook changed their hashtag algorithm and how they index posts within Facebook.

I suggest you experiment with real estate hashtags on Facebook and see what’s happening with your posts.

Get tips for Facebook Hashtag Best Practices.

How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Improve Your Reach 

YouTube video

1.   Using 1 hashtag results in the most engagement on a facebook post (even better than 0 hashtags).

2.   Including 10 or more hashtags in one Facebook may decrease engagement.

3.  Based on the research by Social Bakers, using 1-2 hashtags results in optimal engagement on your facebook post.

4. How many can you actually use?  Up to the maximum number of characters facebook allows in a post.

Real Estate Facebook Hashtags

Make sure you use facebook hashtags related to your farm area.

Use best practices when using facebook hashtags strategically in brand recognition and marketing.  Head over and see the suggestions where 13 experts weigh in.

Find Facebook’s hashtag rules and guidelines here.

LinkedIn Real Estate Hashtags

Using hashtags on LinkedIn can be an effective way to reach a larger audience.

If you’re not using LinkedIn hashtags I suggest you take a few extra seconds and start adding them to your articles.

You can follow hashtags within LinkIn. If you hashtag your post that post will be found in the hashtag group that others have chosen to follow.

Keep in mind once you publish an article you cannot edit, remove or add hashtags.

For strategic ways to use hashtags in LinkedIn to grow your client base head over to this article. 

Find LinkedIn hashtag rules and guidelines here.

Instagram Hashtags For Real Estate Business

YouTube video

Instagram Real Estate Hashtags

There are many reasons to use hashtags in Instagram.  Posts with at least 1 hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement.

Your posts will be exposed to a larger audience when you use hashtags.  Using hashtags is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Hashtags place your posts in particular categories and people following those categories can discover your posts. This can result in them discovering you too.  

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post.  TrackMaven found the optimal number is 9 per post for boosting engagement.

Instagram Hashtag Engagement Chart

For a step by step guide on how to use hashtags strategically head on over to this article.

Find Instagram’s hashtag rules and guidelines here.

Top 100 Real Estate Hashtags THAT BOOST YOUR BUSINESS

100 Best Real Estate Hashtags

Below you’ll find the top 100 Real Estate Hashtags to use in your business. 

Be sure to get creative with your area, know your demographic and what attracts your SOI to your business and your brand.

Hashtags when used effectively can build your brand awareness, increase your reach and help to keep you top of mind – all which can help increase your sales!

Real Estate Hashtag General Ideas

1. #homes

2. #home

3. #realty

4. #brokerage

5. #realestate

6. #listing

7. #greatvalue

8. #Realtors

9. #luxuryrealestate

10. #mansion

11. #HUDhome

12. #foreclosure

13. #househunting

14. #makememove

15. #luxuryliving

16. #homegoals

17. #housegoals

18. #investmentproperty

19. #emptynest

20. #broker

Sell Real Estate Hashtags

21. #realestateagent

22. #locationlocationlocation

23. #rentalproperty

24. #livinginparadise

25. #(get clever here…clever grabs attention)

Think of something trending, use a play on words or something unique with a  twist.  Depending on the social media forum get creative and have some fun with these.

Facebook is an ideal platform to use creative hashtags.  It’s not used as a search engine and you only have a second to grab someone’s attention within the platform when they’re scrolling through their feed. 

People scan your text within Facebook and a creative hashtag can really pop.

Real Estate Hashtag Listing Ideas

26. #openhouse

27. #offmarketlisting

28. #pocketlisting

29. #newlisting

30. #homeforsale

31. #renovated

32. #largeyard

33. #fencedyard

34. #cornerlot

35. #culdesac

36. #granitecounters

37. #eatinkitchen

38. #motherinlawsuite

39. #motherinlawapartment

40. #lowmaintenanceliving

General Real Estate Hashtags

41. #possibleVRBO

42. #closetoschools

43. #petfriendly

44. #dogsokay

45. #catsokay

46. #condo

47. #coop

48. #twofamily

49. #midcenturymodern

50. #colonial

51. #urbanliving

52. #Victorian

53. #bungalow

54. #starterhome

55. #cashcow

56. #wontlast

57. #dreamhome

58. #fixandflip

59. #turnkeyinvestment

60. #pool

61. #massivecurbappeal

62. #justsold

63. #parklikeyard

64. #selling

65. #townhouse

66. #brownstone

67. #frontporch

68. #parking

69. #curbappeal

70. #justlisted

71. #dontmiss

72. #rambler

73. #singlefamilyhome

74. #adultcommunity

75. #retiredcommunity

Real Estate Hashtag Neighborhood Ideas

76. #walkableneighborhood

77. #HOA

78. #treelinedstreet

79. #downtown

80. #uptown

81. #urban

82. #yourneighborhood + style of home

83. #yourneighborhood + real estate

84. #yourneighborhood + home

85. #yourneighborhood + home for sale

86. #yourneighborhood + realtor

87. #yourneighborhood + life

88. #yourneighborhood + living

89. #closest big city + real estate

90. #closest big city + home for sale

91. #closest big city + realtor

Neightborhood Real Estate Hashtags

92. #closest big city + life

93. #closest big city + living

94. #outdoorliving

95. #closetothe(insert whatever is popular/unique for your area)

96. #greattransportation

97. #dogparknearby

98. #publictransportclose

99. #traxclose

100. #trainclose

Branding Hashtags For Real Estate

101. #yourbrokerage

102. #realestateexperts

103. #referrals

104. #yourpersonalbrand

105. #reducedfee

106. #your farm area + expert

107. #your farm area + brokerage

108. #your farm area + personal branding

Fun Real Estate Hashtag Ideas

109. #realestatehumor

110. #yourweeklylaugh

111. #fridayfans

112. #freecookies

113. #freewine

114. #bringyourcat

115. #felinefriendly

116. #bringyourdog

117. #poochfriendly

118. #motivationmonday

119. #thursdaythoughts

120. #thedailyhometip

121. #theweeklyhometip


#Hashtag Humor …

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