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101+ Real Estate Marketing Ideas

How do you get real estate leads fast?

How do you stay in front of your past customers and leads so they don't forget about you?


Tired of spinning your wheels and not seeing results?  Could your business use a boost?   Interested in what other successful agents are doing?

These 101+ tried and true  real estate marketing ideas and lead generating techniques work for me and so many other agents.  I know they'll work for you in generating real estate leads.

Read some below and get the entire incredible list sent to you in a Printable. 

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101+ rEAL eSTATE Marketing Ideas  That Actually Work


1. Have a professional binder you give to clients & prospects

 The binder sets you up as a true professional. I’m surprised at the number of agents who don’t give one to clients and prospects.

I have clients that tell me years later they still have theirs and they’ve kept all their home selling/buying info in it. It was an easy reference for them and they loved it. 

Go To: RealEstateSpice.com/binder for templates, visuals and how you can make your own binder.


2. Have A Monthly, valuable real estate Newsletter

Have valuable real estate information so it's helpful to your customers and leads. Offer home tips and local events to add local flair. 

Be Strategic with creating links in your newsletter so you can see who is engaged and what they’re clicking on.  For instance I include something for buyers and sellers…if I see someone clicked on a link it’s a flag to me they may be buying or selling soon. 

In my last newsletter I generated 8 CMAs, 6 direct phone calls and 10 emails to me within 24 hours of sending it…Not to mention the people who called and emailed me after receiving it just to say “Hi”…I LOVE IT!  It's such a great way to connect with your sphere.

Learn how to create a super simple strategic newsletter that gets you leads and referrals and keeps you top of mind.  I take you step-by-step in this course and you have an exclusive Mastermind community and group coaching to help you implement this.

3. Farm frequently traveled roads and streets

It's a FREE BILLBOARD FOR YOU!  Get listings on highly traveled roads and you'll receive so many calls. 

I’ve received many excellent leads that's resulted in great leads converting to high commissions from people calling on my signs.

4. Have an excellent website 

You want a site that your users love to use and also captures leads and information for you.  I've used the same website company for years and LOVE THEM. 

The website company I used does this and is only $59.00/MO.  That is so inexpensive for all of those capabilities. 

In fact here is their PRICE GUARANTEE:  “We're so sure we provide the best value for your dollar, if you can find any Real Estate Website Provider who has the same features at a lower price, we'll beat their price!”

 What to look for? 

* Fully integrated IDX Search

 * Excellent CRM

 * Optimized for mobile devices

 * Multiple lead capture features

* Social Media Integration to leverage your social media network

 * The ability to create your own blogs

 * Video integration capabilities

 * Fast Server

* Exceptional support

5. Market HUD homes

This has literally made me Thousands of dollars over the years. I’ve had many agents ask me how to do this and turn them into customers.

I don't actively market them now but I made $16,000 in the last 2 months from past clients and referrals as a result of this technique I employed years ago. LEARN  HOW TO DO THIS and start generating your own leads now.

 6. Your Business Card

 I have fold-over business cards that stand upright like a tent. I leave everywhere and particularly at homes I show. 

It’s very prevalent and stands apart because they stand up. Plus, it's a mini-marketing brochures.  There's plenty of room for copy.  It's nicely done so people don't throw it away.

7. Call To Action On Your Email Signature

 I have a composed signature area on my email. My email signature includes this… “Search All Homes listed for sale, Cick Here”

8.  Include A Testimonial In Your Email Signature

 I include a client testimonial in mine. I also have a link that states: See what others say…with a link to my testimonials on my website.

 9. Create Your Own Contact Info In Your Phone

 Have your business pic in there, your tagline and all of your contact info.  When someone asks for your card or your contact info you can simply text (or email) You…your saved contact information on you.  Just forward the contact. 

10. Create Theme Months

 Using the monthly marketing ideas and unique dates from See Below. Offer a tip of the month using one of the unique themes/days.  See below for the current month themes/dates and receive them monthly. GET YOURS BELOW.


11. And Get 91+ More Ideas On “101+ Marketing Ideas For Realtors From A Realtor!”  Get It Now, Below! 


Many people have offered to to pay me for this after they received it…they said it was that good and helpful!  It's yours, Free!


Exclusive For Realtors: 101+ MARKETING STRATGIES FOR 2019 and UNIQUE MONTHLY THEMES & SPECIAL DATES ****Receive new updated ones too. Print, Save, Edit. People offer to PAY FOR THIS they said it's that good. Hundreds of reviews on how helpful this is. No more looking for ideas! SAVE TIME.

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Don't lose your customers to another agent

stay engaged with these unique themes & dates

 Yes, here are the current ones…have a blast with them, stay on top of the dates and create activity around some!

 To keep it concise and simple for you, the dates are listed in order below.  Get creative, have fun and be notified of these days regularly.  Enter your email to receive them in a printable format monthly.

 We love sharing tips and ideas!   Wondering how to hit the 6+ level income? Head on over to The 1 Common Denominator of 6+ Figure Agents.   

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February 2019  – Unique Themes & Dates

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Celebrate the Monthly Theme:

  • American Heart Month
  • An Affair to Remember Month
  • Black History Month
  • Canned Food Month
  • Creative Romance Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • Great American Pie Month
  • Library Lovers’ Month
  • National Bake for Family Fun Month
  • National Bird Feeding Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • National Cherry Month
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month
  • National Embroidery Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Macadamia Nut Month
  • National Snack Food Month
  • National Weddings Month
  • North American Inclusion Month
  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Vegan Cuisine Month


Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1:  Baked Alaska Day

1:  Bubblegum Day

1:  Car Insurance Day

1:  Decorating with Candy Day

1:  National Dark Chocolate Day

1:  National Freedom Day

1:  No Politics Day

1:  Serpent Day

1:  Wear Red Day

1:  Working Naked Day

1:  World Read Aloud Day

2:  Candlemas Day

2:  Day of The Crêpe

2:  Ground Hog Day

2:  Hedgehog Day

2:  Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

2:  Lace Day

2:  Lung Leavin’ Day

2:  Marmot Day

2:  National Groundhog Day

2:  Play Your Ukulele Day

2:  Sled Dog Day

2:  Take Your Child to The Library Day

2:  Tater Tot Day

2:  World Wetlands Day

3:  Carrot Cake Day

3:  Doggy Date Night

3:  Dump Your Significant Jerk Day

3:  Feed the Birds Day

3:  Golden Retriever Day

3:  National the Day the Music Died – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens And the Big Bopper Died in A Plane Crash In 1959.

3:  Superbowl Sunday – Superbowl 53

4:  Create A Vacuum Day

4:  National Homemade Soup Day

4:  Stuffed Mushroom Day

3:  Yorkshire Pudding Day

4:  Sweater Day

4:  Thank A Letter Carrier Day

4:  World Cancer Day

5:  Chinese New Years

5:  Chocolate Fondue Day

5:  National Shower with A Friend Day

5:  National Weatherperson’s Day

5:  Safer Internet Day

5:  Western Monarch Day

5:  World Nutella Day

6:  Ash Wednesday

6:  Lame Duck Day

6:  National Chopsticks Day

6:  National Frozen Yogurt Day

7:  Ballet Day

7:  E-Day

7:  National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

7:  National Send A Card to A Friend Day

7:  National Signing Day

7:  Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day

8:  Laugh and Get Rich Day

8:  Molasses Bar Day

8:  National Boy Scout Day – Celebrates the Birthday of Scouting

8:  National Kite Flying Day

8:  Opera Day

9:  National Bagel and Lox Day

9:  National Bagel Day

9:  National Pizza Day

9:  Read in The Bathtub Day

9:  Toothache Day

10:  Cream Cheese Brownie Day

10:  National Umbrella Day

10:  Plimsoll Day

10:  World Marriage Day

11:  Clean Out Your Computer Day

11:  Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

11:  Get Out Your Guitar Day

11:  International Day of Women and Girls in Science

11:  Make A Friend Day

11:  National Clean Out Your Computer Day

11:  National Inventors' Day

11:  Peppermint Patty Day

11:  Pro Sports Wives Day

11:  Satisfied Staying Single Day

11:  White T-Shirt Day

12:  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

12:  Darwin Day

12:  Extraterrestrial Culture Day

12:  National Lost Penny Day

12:  National Plum Pudding Day

13:  Employee Legal Awareness Day

13:  Galentine’s Day

13:  Get A Different Name Day

13:  Madly in Love with Me Day

13:  National Tortellini Day

13:  World Radio Day

14:  Cream-Filled Chocolates Day

14:  Donor Day

14:  Ferris Wheel Day

14:  International Book Giving Day

14:  Library Lovers Day

14:  National Organ Donor Day

14:  Pet Theft Awareness Day

14:  Valentine’s Day

15:  Candlemas – On the Julian Calendar

15:  Hippo Day

15:  National Gum Drop Day

15:  No One Eats Alone Day

15:  Singles Awareness Day

15:  Susan B Anthony Day

16:  Do A Grouch A Favor Day

16:  Innovation Day

16:  National Almond Day

16:  Tim Tam Day

16:  World Pangolin Day

16:  World Whale Day

17:  My Way Day

17:  National Random Acts of Kindness Day

17:  World Human Spirit Day

18:  Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (*2 Holidays, Similar Name, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, 1St Saturday Of February)

18:  National Battery Day

18:  National Drink Wine Day

18:  Pluto Day

18:  Presidents' Day

19:  International Tug-Of-War Day

19:  National Chocolate Mint Day

20:  Cherry Pie Day

20:  Handcuff Day

20:  Hoodie Hoo Day

20:  National Love Your Pet Day

20:  National Muffin Day

21:  Card Reading Day

21:  International Mother Language Day

21:  Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day

21:  National Sticky Bun Day

22:  Be Humble Day

22:  Cook A Sweet Potato Day

22:  George Washington’s Birthday

22:  International World Thinking Day

22:  National Margarita Day

22:  National Walking the Dog Day

22:  Single Tasking Day

22:  World Thinking Day

22:  World Yoga Day

23:  Banana Bread Day

23:  Curling Is Cool Day

23:  International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

23:  National Chili Day

23:  National Toast Day

23:  Open That Bottle Night

23:  Play Tennis Day

23:  World Sword Willower’s Day

24:  National Tortilla Chip Day

24:  Tortilla Chip Day

24:  World Bartender Day

24:  World Sword Swallowers Day

24:  91St Oscar Awards Day

25:  Chocolate-Covered Nut Day

25:  National Clam Chowder Day

25:  Pistol Patent Day

25:  Play More Cards Day

25:  Wine and Cheese Day

26:  Carnival Day

26:  For Pete’s Sake Day

26:  Levi Strauss Day

26:  National Pistachio Day – It’s A Nutty Day!

26:  National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

26:  Personal Chef Day

27:  Inconvenience Yourself Day

27:  International Polar Bear Day

27:  Kahlua Day

27:  National Pancake Day

27:  National Strawberry Day

27:  No Brainer Day – This Day Is for Me!

27:  Pink Day

27:  Pokémon Day

27:  World Ngo Day

28:  Chili Day

28:  Digital Learning Day

28:  National Chocolate Souffle Day

28:  National Floral Design Day

28:  National Tooth Fairy Day – And/or August 22

28:  Public Sleeping Day

28:  Rare Disease Day

28:  Scouse Day




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March 2019 Unique Themes and Dates


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Celebrate the Monthly Theme:

  • Asset Management Awareness Month
  • Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Hemophilia Awareness Month
  • International Ideas Month
  • March Madness
  • Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
  • National Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • National Breast Implant Awareness Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • National Celery Month
  • National Cheerleading Safety Month
  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Credit Education Month
  • National Flour Month
  • National Frozen Food Month
  • National Irish American Heritage Month- designated by Congress in 1995.
  • National Kidney Month
  • National Music in Our Schools Month
  • National Noodle Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • National Professional Social Work Month
  • National Sauce Month
  • National Trisomy Awareness Month
  • National Umbrella Month
  • National Women's History Month
  • Poison Prevention Awareness Month
  • Red Cross Month
  • Rising Star Month
  • Small Press Month



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Exclusive For Realtors: 101+ MARKETING STRATGIES FOR 2019 and UNIQUE MONTHLY THEMES & SPECIAL DATES ****Receive new updated ones too. Print, Save, Edit. People offer to PAY FOR THIS they said it's that good. Hundreds of reviews on how helpful this is. No more looking for ideas! SAVE TIME.

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