Real Estate Marketing Ideas


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101+ Real Estate Marketing Ideas

How do you get real estate leads fast?

How do you stay in front of your past customers and leads so they don’t forget about you?


Tired of spinning your wheels and not seeing results?  Could your business use a boost?   Interested in what other successful agents are doing?

These 101+ tried and true  real estate marketing ideas and lead generating techniques work for me and so many other agents.  I know they’ll work for you in generating real estate leads.

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101+ rEAL eSTATE Marketing Ideas  That Actually Work


1. Have a professional binder you give to clients & prospects

 The binder sets you up as a true professional. I’m surprised at the number of agents who don’t give one to clients and prospects.

I have clients that tell me years later they still have theirs and they’ve kept all their home selling/buying info in it. It was an easy reference for them and they loved it. 

Go To: for templates, visuals and how you can make your own binder.


2. Have A Monthly, valuable real estate Newsletter

Have valuable real estate information so it’s helpful to your customers and leads. Offer home tips and local events to add local flair. 

Be Strategic with creating links in your newsletter so you can see who is engaged and what they’re clicking on.  For instance I include something for buyers and sellers…if I see someone clicked on a link it’s a flag to me they may be buying or selling soon. 

In my last newsletter I generated 8 CMAs, 6 direct phone calls and 10 emails to me within 24 hours of sending it…Not to mention the people who called and emailed me after receiving it just to say “Hi”…I LOVE IT!  It’s such a great way to connect with your sphere.

Learn how to create a super simple strategic newsletter that gets you leads and referrals and keeps you top of mind.  I take you step-by-step in this course and you have an exclusive Mastermind community and group coaching to help you implement this.

3. Farm frequently traveled roads and streets

It’s a FREE BILLBOARD FOR YOU!  Get listings on highly traveled roads and you’ll receive so many calls. 

I’ve received many excellent leads that’s resulted in great leads converting to high commissions from people calling on my signs.

4. Have an excellent website 

You want a site that your users love to use and also captures leads and information for you.  I’ve used the same website company for years and LOVE THEM. 

The website company I used does this and is only $59.00/MO.  That is so inexpensive for all of those capabilities. 

In fact here is their PRICE GUARANTEE:  “We’re so sure we provide the best value for your dollar, if you can find any Real Estate Website Provider who has the same features at a lower price, we’ll beat their price!”

 What to look for? 

* Fully integrated IDX Search

 * Excellent CRM

 * Optimized for mobile devices

 * Multiple lead capture features

* Social Media Integration to leverage your social media network

 * The ability to create your own blogs

 * Video integration capabilities

 * Fast Server

* Exceptional support

5. Market HUD homes

This has literally made me Thousands of dollars over the years. I’ve had many agents ask me how to do this and turn them into customers.

I don’t actively market them now but I made $16,000 in the last 2 months from past clients and referrals as a result of this technique I employed years ago. LEARN  HOW TO DO THIS and start generating your own leads now.

 6. Your Business Card

 I have fold-over business cards that stand upright like a tent. I leave everywhere and particularly at homes I show. 

It’s very prevalent and stands apart because they stand up. Plus, it’s a mini-marketing brochures.  There’s plenty of room for copy.  It’s nicely done so people don’t throw it away.

7. Call To Action On Your Email Signature

 I have a composed signature area on my email. My email signature includes this… “Search All Homes listed for sale, Cick Here”

8.  Include A Testimonial In Your Email Signature

 I include a client testimonial in mine. I also have a link that states: See what others say…with a link to my testimonials on my website.

 9. Create Your Own Contact Info In Your Phone

 Have your business pic in there, your tagline and all of your contact info.  When someone asks for your card or your contact info you can simply text (or email) You…your saved contact information on you.  Just forward the contact. 

10. Create Theme Months

 Using the monthly marketing ideas and unique dates from See Below. Offer a tip of the month using one of the unique themes/days.  See below for the current month themes/dates and receive them monthly. GET YOURS BELOW.


11. And Get 91+ More Ideas On “101+ Marketing Ideas For Realtors From A Realtor!”  Get It Now, Below! 


Many people have offered to to pay me for this after they received it…they said it was that good and helpful!  It’s yours, Free!

Real Estate Marketing Ideas


Exclusive For Realtors: 101+ MARKETING STRATGIES FOR 2019 and UNIQUE MONTHLY THEMES & SPECIAL DATES ****Receive new updated ones too. Print, Save, Edit. People offer to PAY FOR THIS they said it's that good. Hundreds of reviews on how helpful this is. No more looking for ideas! SAVE TIME.

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Don’t lose your customers to another agent

stay engaged with these unique themes & dates

 Yes, here are the current ones…have a blast with them, stay on top of the dates and create activity around some!

 To keep it concise and simple for you, the dates are listed in order below.  Get creative, have fun and be notified of these days regularly.  Enter your email to receive them in a printable format monthly.

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real estate marketing: August 2019  – Unique Themes & Dates

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August unique themes and special dates




Celebrate the Monthly Theme:

  • Admit You’re Happy Month
  • Anti-Frizz Month
  • Back to School Month
  • Family Fun Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • International Assistance Dog Week
  • Inventor’s Month
  • National Eye Exam Month
  • National Golf Month
  • National Immunization Awareness Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • Peach Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
  • Water Quality Month

Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1:  DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

1:  Earth Overshoot Day

1:  India Pale Ale Day

1:  International Childfree Day

1:  National Girlfriends Day

1:  National Mountain Climbing Day

1:  National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

1:  Regatta Day

1:  Respect For Parents Day

1:  Rounds Resounding Day

1:  Spider-Man Day

1:  World Lung Cancer Day

1:  World Scout Scarf Day

1:  World Wide Web Day

1:  Yorkshire Day

2:  International Beer Day

2:  National Coloring Book Day

2:  National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

3:  Campfire Day

3:  Clean Your Floors Day

3:  Disc Golf Day

3:  Grab Some Nuts Day

3:  International Hangover Day

3:  National Clown Day –

3:  National Mustard Day

3:  National Watermelon Day

3:  Psychic Day

3:  Sandcastle Day

4:  White Wine Day

4:  Assistance Dog Day

4:  Doll Day

4:  International Forgiveness Day

4:  Mead Day

4:  National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

4:  National Friendship Day

4:  National Sisters Day

4:  Single Working Women’s Day

4:  U.S. Coast Guard Birthday

5:  National Underwear Day

5:  Oyster Day

5:  Work Like a Dog Day

6:  Balloons to Heaven Day

6:  Farmworker Appreciation Day

6:  Fresh Breath Day

6:  International Sailor Moon Day

6:  Provincial Day

6:  Root Beer Float Day

6:  Terry Fox Day

6:  Wiggle Your Toes Day

7:  National Lighthouse Day

7:  Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

7:  Professional Speakers Day

8:  Bowling Day

8:  Happiness Happens Day

8:  Odie Day

8:  Scottish Wildcat Day

8:  Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

8:  World Cat Day

9:  Book Lover’s Day

9:  Discovery Day

9:  Melon Day

9:  National Women’s Day

9:  Rice Pudding Day

10:  Duran Duran Appreciation Day

10:  Garage Sale Day

10:  National Lazy Day

10:  National S’mores Day

10:  National Spoil Your Dog Day

10:  Skyscraper Appreciation Day

10:  Vlogging Day

10:  World Lion Day

11:  Ingersoll Day

11:  National Bowling Day

11:  National Son and Daughter Day

11:  Play in the Sand Day

11:  Presidential Joke Day

12:  International Youth Day

12:  Middle Child’s Day

12:  Vinyl Record Day

12:  World Elephant Day

13:  Filet Mignon Day

13:  International Lefthanders Day

14:  National Creamsicle Day

14:  National Financial Awareness Day

14:  Social Security Day

15:  Chant at the Moon Day

15:  Check the Chip Day

15:  Cycle to Work Day

15:  Feast of the Assumption

15:  Lemon Meringue Pie Day

15:  National Relaxation Day

15:  Relaxation Day

16:  Airborne Day

16:  Men’s Grooming Day

16:  National Rum Day

16:  National Tell a Joke Day

16:  Rollercoaster Day

16:  Surveillance Day

16:  World Bratwurst Day

17:  Break the Monotony Day

17:  Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day –

17:  Gold Cup Parade

17:  International Geocaching Day

17:  National Black Cat Appreciation Day

17:  National Thrift  Shop Day

17:  Vanilla Custard Day

17:  World Honey Bee Day

18:  Bad Poetry Day

18:  Mail Order Catalog Day

18:  National Fajita Day

18:  World Honey Bee Day

18:  Pinot Noir Day

19:  Aviation Day

19:  International Bow Day

19:  International Orangutan Day

19:  National Aviation Day

19:  National Potato Day

19:  World Humanitarian Day

19:  World Photo Day

20:  Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

20:  International Day of Medical Transporters

20:  International Homeless Animals Day

20:  National Lemonade Day

20:  National Radio Day

20:  World Mosquito Day

21:  National Senior Citizens Day

21:  National Spumoni Day

21:  Poet’s Day

21:  Senior Citizen’s Day

21:  Spumoni Day

22:  Be An Angel Day

22:  Burger Day

22:  Eat A Peach Day

22:  National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

22:  National Tooth Fairy Day

22:  Pecan Torte Day

22:  World Plant Milk Day

23:  Cheap Flight Day

23:  Cuban Sandwich Day

23:  Health Unit Coordinators Day

23:  National Sponge Cake Day

23:  Ride the Wind Day

24:  International Strange Music Day

24:  Knife Day

24:  National Waffle Day

24:  Peach Pie Day

24:  Pluto Demoted Day

24:  Vesuvius Day

25:  Kiss and Make up Day

25:  National Banana Split Day

25:  National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

25:  Pony Express Day

25:  Whiskey Sour Day

26:  Cherry Popsicle Day

26:  Dog Appreciation Day

26:  National Dog Day

26:  Raksha Bandhan

26:  Webmistress Day

26:  Women’s Equality Day

27:  Banana Lover’s Day

27:  Global Forgiveness Day

27:  Just Because Day

27:  National Heroes’ Day holiday

27:  National Just Because Day

27:  The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day

27:  Tug-of-War Day

28:  Bow Tie Day

28:  Cherry Turnover Day

28:  Cracker’s Over the Keyboard Day

28:  National Red Wine Day

28:  Race Your Mouse Day

28:  Radio Commercials Day

28:  Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

29:  According to Hoyle Day

29:  Individual Rights Day

29:  More Herbs, Less Salt Day

29:  National Lemon Juice Day

30:  College Colors Day

30:  Frankenstein Day

30:  Grief Awareness Day

30:  International Whale Shark Day

30:  National Beach Day

30:  Slinky Day

30:  Toasted Marshmallow Day

31:  Franchise Appreciation Day

31:  Love Litigating Lawyers Day

31:  National Eat Outside Day

31:  National Trail Mix Day

31:  We Love Memoirs Day

31:  International Bacon Day




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Real Estate Marketing: September 2019 Unique Themes and Dates

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 Celebrate the Monthly Theme:

  • Animal Pain Awareness Month
  • Baby Safety Month
  • Better Breakfast Month
  • Intergeneration Month
  • National Chicken Month
  • National Cholesterol Education Month
  • National Honey Month
  • National Learning and Development Month
  • National Papaya Month
  • National Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month
  • National Suicide Prevention Month
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • Sexual Health Month
  • World Alzheimer’s Month
  • National Assisted Living Week
  • Nephrology Nurses Week
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • National Bourbon Heritage Month
  • National Biscuit Month



Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1:       American Chess Day

2:       Labor Day

2:       VJ Day

2:       World Coconut Day

3:       National Skyscraper Day

3:       Telephone Tuesday

4:       ​National Wildlife Day

5:       International Day of Charity

5:       National Cheese Pizza Day

6:       National 401(k) Day

6:       National Read a Book Day

7:       Brazil Independence Day

7:       National Beer Lover’s Day

8:       Day of the Homeland

8:       International Literacy Day

8:       National Grandparents Day

9:       International Sudoku Day

9:       National Wiener Schnitzel Day

10:     World Suicide Prevention Day

11:     National Day of Service and Remembrance

11:     National Make Your Bed Day

12:     National Video Games Day

12:     National Day of Encouragement

13:     European Heritage Days

13:     Mid-Autumn Festival

13:     National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

13:     Stand Up to Cancer Day

13:     National Peanut Day

14:     German Language Day

14:     International Stuttering Awareness Day

14:     National Coloring Day

15:     Batman Day

15:     International Day of Democracy

15:     International Dot Day

15:     National Gymnastics Day

15:     National Linguine Day

15:     Wife Appreciation Day

16:     Mexican Independence Day

16:     National Guacamole Day

17:     Constitution Day

17:     International Patient Safety Day

18:     National Cheeseburger Day

18:     National First Love Day

18:     National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

18:     National School Backpack Awareness Day

19:     Get Ready Day

19:     National Meow Like a Pirate Day

19:     International Talk Like a Pirate Day

20:     German World Children’s Day

20:     National Pepperoni Pizza Day

20:     National Punch Day

20:     National Queso Day

21:     National Day of Civic Hacking

21:     International Day of Peace

21:     Miniature Golf Day

21:     Civic Day of Hacking

21:     National Dance Day

22:     Falls Prevention Awareness Day

22:     National Elephant Appreciation Day

22:     National Hobbit Day

22:     National Ice Cream Cone Day

22:     Car Free Day

22:     National Singles Day

22:     National White Chocolate Day

23:     First Day of Fall

23:     National Dogs in Politics Day

24:     ​National Voter Registration Day

24:     National Cherries Jubilee Day

25:     Heritage Day

25:     National Comic Book Day

25:     National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

25:     National Cooking Day

25:     National Lobster Day

26:     Johnny Appleseed Day

26:     National Dumpling Day

26:     European Day of Languages

26:     National Family Day

26:     National Mesothelioma Awareness Day

26:     National Pancake Day

27:     AFL Grand Final Day

27:     German Sandwich Day

27:     National Crush Day

27:     Sport Purple for Platelets Day

27:     World Tourism Day

28:     National Bunny Day

28:     National Drink Beer Day

28:     National Hunting and Fishing Day

28:     National Good Neighbor Day

28:     National Public Lands Day

28:     World Rabies Day

29:     Family Health & Fitness Day USA

29:     National Coffee Day

29:     National Starbucks Day

29:     Rosh Hashanah

29:     World Heart Day

30:     ​National Love People Day

30:     International Podcast Day

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Exclusive For Realtors: 101+ MARKETING STRATGIES FOR 2019 and UNIQUE MONTHLY THEMES & SPECIAL DATES ****Receive new updated ones too. Print, Save, Edit. People offer to PAY FOR THIS they said it's that good. Hundreds of reviews on how helpful this is. No more looking for ideas! SAVE TIME.

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