Your own real estate newsletter is one of the best ways to generate leads, stay top of mind and have consistent, closed deals. Get your e-Guide PDF here.  It’s one of the BEST WAYS TO LEVERAGE YOURSELF.

When done correctly you can see who in your SOI is a potential seller or buyer.

Below you’ll find 7 Real Estate Newsletter ABSOLUTE MUSTS AND TEMPLATE. Be sure to get your FREE PDF e-Guide below.

Real Estate Newsletter

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7 Musts Of Real Estate Newsletters That Generate Leads and Keep You Top Of Mind


1. Make Your Realtor® Newsletter Visually Appealing

Visually Appealing

Great images and photos are the number one way to grab people’s attention in the real estate business. Photos tell a story and appeal to people.

Make sure your newsletter template is visually appealing.  Use attractive photos throughout your Real Estate Newsletter.

Find a newsletter platform that’s designed for visuals and photographs within your newsletter.

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2. Your Real Estate Newsletter Must Have a catchy and timely subject line

Catchy Subject Line

Your subject lines make a difference on your open rate. There are many ways to create catchy subject lines which help your open rates.

1. Add timely information such as current home interest rates for new purchases and refinancing.

2. Seasonal homeowner tips capture attention

3. Current real estate market data always grabs people’s attention.

Using benefit-driven subject lines and curiosity subject lines help your open rates. 

3. Include Local information

Timely Information

Do not have your real estate newsletter just about real estate and listings.


Keep your sphere looking forward to each one of your digital newsletters with interesting information that’s not just about real estate.

There are many ways to create an interesting Realtor® newsletter your sphere will enjoy and look forward to.

Include information about your community. Highlight local events and businesses in it. 

Have helpful information to homeowners.  Know your demographic and include information of interest to them.

Having a well rounded, professional real estate newsletter will improve your open rates.  Your SOI will look forward to your monthly newsletter!

4. Always Include Calls To Action

Call To Action

Having calls to action in your Realtor® newsletter is an absolute must.  There are many ways to include calls to action in them.

1. Call Now For A FREE CMA

2. CLICK HERE To Find Out The Value Of Your Home


4. CALL OR TEXT ME FOR (_________)

Using strong calls to action is one of the key elements in an effective real estate newsletter that gets you leads and referrals. 

5. Your Contact Information At The Top

Contact Information

In the pivotal and ground breaking book “Don’t Make Me Think” it lays the foundation for creating effective layouts.  The strategies the author teaches influence human behavior.

This is how billion dollar Amazon built it’s empire.  It built it on the principles of don’t make your end user-reader think.  They make it easy to find, click and buy.

Your phone number should be at the top and make it LARGE.  Don’t make them think or work to find it. 

Include your business contact information in an easy to see area. 

6. Your Real Estate Newsletter Must Be Scannable

Easy To Read

Make your newsletter scannable and easy to read.  DO NOT MAKE IT difficult to read.  It needs to be easy to read on desktops and on mobile devices.

Do the following to ensure your newsletter is enjoyable and easy to follow:

1. Make sure you have plenty of ‘white space’

2. Use 16-18 font size for sentences

3. Use 22-24 font size for headings

Make reading less of a chore and more enjoyable.  Ensure it’s easy to scan so people can find what interests them quickly.

7. Your Real Estate Newsletter TEMPLATE MUST BE Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized

Image: Litmus

More than 41% of people read their emails on their phone.   That statistics is increasing too.

If your Realtor® Newsletter displays incorrectly on a mobile device it’s likely to be deleted within 3 seconds. 


REMEMBER – Stay top of mind consistently and market yourself. 




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