Real estate leads with no upfront costs are some of the best, quality leads you can have in 2023.

There's a strategy to these type of leads, however, but you'll find they can be easier and faster to convert than the typical, random Zillow leads and other non-vetted online leads.

Read on and implement these no upfront cost lead generating strategies in 2023. 

Keep your pipeline full of quality seller and buyer leads with these strategies.

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“No Upfront Cost Real Estate Leads” Guide

Keep this guide for easy reference and implement the lead generating strategies for a thriving real estate business – MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER™

7 Real World Ways To Get Real Estate Leads With No Upfront Costs

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1. Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist

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Do you know the traffic Craigslist has monthly? It has almost 300,000,000 visitors per month and is ranked as the 24th most visited site in the United States and 83rd globally.

That's a lot of people visiting this online platform!

People visit Craigslist often to view homes for sale.  This is a well kept secret that agents are using to generate free real estate leads.

Use these tips to generate free real estate leads on Craigslist.

And, remember, follow up with an email, text, offer them something valuable and add them to your monthly real estate eZine.

How To Generate Real Estate Leads With No Upfront Costs On Craigslist

2. Pay At Closing Real Estate Leads

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There are a number of ways to get real estate leads that you pay for at closing.  This can be a great way to generate leads with no upfront costs.

There are companies that provide you with leads in which you pay at closing but many have qualifications you must meet.

However, real estate lead generation companies are not the only way to generate pay at closing leads.

Head over and check out the multiple ways you can get real estate leads that you pay for at closing.

3. Get Real Estate Leads With EMail

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One of the easiest ways to leverage yourself, market and generate quality leads is utilizing something we use everyday – email.

Email your sphere with an easy monthly STRATEGIC DIGITAL NEWSLETTER that generates leads and referrals.

Stay in front of your SOI consistently with a strategic digital newsletter so you come to mind when someone you know needs real estate guidance or needs to refer someone in need of a Realtor® and not another real estate agent.

And, remember to add all your new contacts to your CRM in your monthly e-Zine.

4. Host Open Houses For Other Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents often look at open houses as a benefit for a seller.

The buyer and seller leads that hosting open houses generate is often overlooked by agents.

But, agents who consistently host open houses see that hosting open houses can bring in millions in closed real estate transactions.

For newer agents who don't have many listings, if any, hosting open houses for other real estate agents can produce a gold mine in leads and future revenue.

Use these tips on how to effectively host open houses for other agents that generate real estate leads and lead conversions for you.

5.  Use Social Media

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Learn to strategically use social media, particularly facebook, to generate no upfront cost real estate leads. 

There are over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook.  Facebook has many features that specifically work for real estate lead generation so this is a good platform to master first.

Learn to use hashtags. Using real estate hashtags in social media can help improve engagement, exposure and lead generation.

Use a CTA (Call To Action) every time you post that includes your name and all of your contact information.  Don't make them think. 

Make it easy for them to contact you. Don't make them hunt for your contact information.

Get tips on how to use social media to attract better real estate leads HERE.


6. Attend City and County Meetings

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Get to know the real estate movers and shakers in your area. 

Attending city and county meetings is a great way to meet your local builders and the residents in your community.

Get to know your city planner.

Hand out folded business cards that make an impression at these meetings.

Attending these meetings regularly and networking with the your local community in this capacity will bring you exposure and will generate leads for your real estate pipeline.

This is a fantastic way to establish a strong and powerful presence in your community.

They will remember you for it and you'll surely receive quality real estate leads.

7. Network Well

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Networking well can build a pipeline of trusted real estate connections for you and that generates consistent real estate leads.

This is one of the stongest and best ways to build a thriving real estate business.  It can keep your lead pipeline full for years to come.

Mastering the art of networking well is one of the best things you can do for your real estate business.

Get tips on how to network that leads to real estate deals.

These SIMPLE, but powerful ways show you how to get real estate leads with no upfront costs.

Even though these are quality leads you still have to work them. Remember this – put them on your list to receive your monthly strategic real estate newsletter, place them in your CRM, email and text them after your first contact.

20 years ago people had to see your message 9-10 times before remembering you and acting on it.  With so much information, messages and data bombarding us it's now 35-40 times.

Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up.


“No Upfront Cost Real Estate Leads” Guide

Keep this guide for easy reference and implement the lead generating strategies for a thriving real estate business – MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER™

Real Estate Leads With No Upfront Costs In 2023 (7 Methods)