There are multiple ways to generate real estate leads that you pay at closing.

Get creative, read the below and stay open to ideas, companies and methodsPLAN AND EXECUTE and you'll take your real estate business to the next level and maintain an exceptionally thriving business!

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Pay At Closing Real Estate Leads – 5 Ways You Can Do This

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1. Pay At Closing Lead Referral Companies

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2. Pay At Closing Lead Referral Companies – This is an excellent way to generate real estate leads that are vetted and ready to buy or sell.

Some of these companies, however, have stringent qualifications to join their program.

Many of these real estate lead referral pay at closing programs will require you to have:

1. A certain number of years in the real estate industry

2. A certain number of transactions completed

3. Excellent real estate reviews and ratings

Not all pay at closing lead referral companies require the above so be sure to check out each company's rules and requirements before applying to the company.

These real estate lead generation companies have a vested interest in whether you close a real estate deal (or not). 

These companies invest a lot of money in generating quality referral leads and they often vet these leads.  They want to be sure the referrals they give you will close and the seller or buyer has received high quality service from you.

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COST FOR PAY AT CLOSING REAL ESTATE LEADS: Most take a minimum of 25% of your commission at closing.  Some have a base dollar amount and also take a percentage  of your commission at closing.

Ensure you do your due diligence so you know the exact amount you'll be charged for the referral fee at closing.

Real Estate Leads – Pay At Closing Lead Referral Companies:

• ROCKET HOMES –  This company has a stringent vetting program to join their verified partner agent network.  However, they claim you'll receive vetted and exclusive leads.

For more information on the Rocket Mortgage Realtor® Referral program head HERE. 

• AGENT HARVEST – Agent Harvest states they limit 3 agents to each referral lead. This gives the seller or buyer an opportunity to interview 3 different agents. 

You'll find information on their AgentHarvest® Elite Agent™ program HERE.

• ZILLOW'S PAY AT CLOSING REFERRAL PROGRAM – You must first be a Zillow Premier Agent and then be *invited* by the company.

This I was told from Zillow “We look for our best Premier Agents on conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores and partnership with the Zillow Group. We work with different agents in every market.  In order for an agent to be in the running they need to start as a Premier Agent.”

You can check out their Premier Agent program HERE.

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Pay At Closing Real Estate Lead Companies:

• AGENT FIXUP – They use proprietary software to find a good match between buyer, seller and the Realtor®.

They claim referral leads are exclusive to one agent.  Check out Agent Fixup HERE.

• AGENT PRONTO – They notify the agent via text message and email when they have a new referral. The message includes the referral’s first name, city, estimated sale price or budget and a link to a page where the agent can accept or skip the referral.

The page shows the referral fee the agent agrees to pay when they successfully close on a property (typically 25-35% of the gross referred-side commission). 

They require that the agent quickly accept or skip the lead so the referral isn’t kept waiting. Head over HERE for more information on Agent Pronto.

• LIST WITH CLEVER –  They base their referral program on reviews the agents receive.  They claim if the agent continues to receive excellent review the company will continue sending buyer and seller referrals to the agent.

Depending on the amount of the closed transaction they charge a flat fee or a percentage.  Head over HERE for more details on List With Clever.

• REFERRAL CLOUD – Referral cloud is an agent referral company that matches agents' referrals with an accepting agent in a particular market.

The receiving agent is expected to use the platform and provide updates regarding the progress of the buyer or seller referral.

At closing the receiving agent pays a percentage fee which goes to the referring agent and a small percentage goes to Referral Cloud.  For more details head HERE. 

• UPNEST – This company markets to buyers and sellers by promoting on their main page targeting referral leads “Save thousands on commissions” and “Find the best *agents* to compete for you.”

This may be or may not (everyone has their own opinions) in something in which you'd like to participate.  For more information on the Upnest referral fee and their agent referral program head HERE.

• EFFECTIVE AGENTS – This company has stringent requirements to be a part of their agent network.  If you qualify they commit to sending you quality buyer and seller leads and you don't pay any fees until you close. Learn more HERE.

2. Use Future Closings To Pay For Real Estate Leads Now

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1. Use Future Closings To Pay For Real Estate Leads Now – There are a number of companies that will extend you a commission advance and you and your broker agree to pay the company a fee or a percentage when an under contract transaction closes.

Each company has different parameters when extending a commission advance so it's worth your time to research their requirements.

Most claim they can extend you the commission advance within 48 hours.

You can use these commission advances to pay for lead generating services, such as Listings To Leads, and other marketing help.

Watch Listings To Leads video Below:


Use Real Estate Commission Advances To Pay For
“Listings To Leads”

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Real Estate Commission Advance Companies:

• eCOMMISSION –  This company offers advance payment on commissions on pending and active listings. For more details on their commission advance program head HERE.

e-Commission also has a new program, a buy now and pay later at closing. This program allows you to purchase services and products from certain real estate vendors, including lead generation companies, and pay when you close on a transaction.

• COMMISSION EXPRESS –  This company has been in business since 1992 and prides itself in funding advanced commisions within 2 days.  Learn more head HERE.

• PREMIER COMMISSION –  They state they have the lowest rates in the nation and offer same day approval. You can learn about them HERE.

• REAL COMMISSIONS –  Real Commissions offers a free online *fast* quote and state there is not a credit check. If you wish to move forward you then complete their online application.  Head HERE for more details.

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3. Partner With Busy Real Estate Agents

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3. Partner With Busy Real Estate Agents – Many times a busy real estate agent cannot service all of their referrals, leads and current clients – some just don't have the bandwidth or they want to take time off for vacation or other personal reasons.

You sign a referral agreement contract with them, an agreed upon commission percentage split upfront, and they receive their payment and you receive your commission payment at the time of closing.

Many local markets have their own Facebook groups where agents connect, share information regarding the local market and ask for help.  Post in the group that you're available and able to work any leads they have.

Get the word out to everyone that you're available anytime to work an agent's extra leads.

Tell your broker and tell your real estate colleagues you want to help agents with their excess leads and help them in their business.

You may want to consider offering a higher commission split to the referring agent.  A referring fee is typically 25% however you may want to offer a higher referral fee.

You can create flyers, brochures and postcards offering your help and services to other agents.  Include testimonials from prior clients on these.

Stay consistent in your marketing to other agents and you'll be top of mind when they need help with their excess leads!

4. Maintain A Database Of Real Estate Professionals Across The Country

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4. Maintain A Database Of Real Estate Professionals Across The Country – You meet and do business with various real estate professionals across the country.

This could be another agent in which their client is selling their home in another state and relocating to your market and you're helping the client on the buyer side.

It could be one of your sellers and they're relocating to another state and you become familiar with the other agent helping them find a home in the new state.

It could be a loan officer, a title company and any other real estate professional.

Include these real estate professionals in your monthly, strategic e-Zine.

You can even send a quarterly e-Zine to them.  Mention your referral fee, offer valuable information to real estate professionals and include testimonials.

Ask them to stay in touch and when you have a referral you'll send that referral their way.

I kept a databank for each state with notes on each real estate professional.

This helped me remember the professional experience I had with them so I could send my referrals to quality pros.

Develop relationships with these out of state Realtors® and when it comes time to refer someone to your market, they'll think of YOU.


5. Join A Real Estate Referral Network

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5. Join A Real Estate Referral Network – Real estate referral networks allow you to receive and refer real estate leads.

Many companies scrub the leads (ensuring quality leads) and some do not.  Just do your due diligence on the companies and find ones that work for you.

The percentage of the referring closing fees vary – but many do not charge a fee for receiving leads until you close.

One agent told me she makes 50% of her annual commissions from referring leads to other agents.

Real Estate Referral Companies:

• REFERRAL EXCHANGE – They pride themselves in providing vetted referral leads.  Their platform allows you to create an agent profile so buyers and sellers can read about you and your expertise in real time. Refer buyer and seller leads and receive leads too. Learn more HERE.

• AGENT PRONTO – Submit your referrals and let this company do the work for you.  They'll match another agent with your buyer and seller leads.  You'll get your commission when the transaction closes. Learn more HERE.

There are many ways to generate real estate leads that you pay for at closing.  You can also refer seller and buyer leads and earn a commission when they close.

As a real estate entrepreneur get creative with your business – it's yours to build and grow!

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5 Ways To Get Real Estate Leads That You Pay At Closing