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There are many ways to buy real estate leads.  However, you tend to see the same real estate lead generation companies repeatedly.

This creates a challenge. These same companies spend millions of marketing dollars to get in front of you (and other agents over and over again) and agents are vying for the same leads. 

Competition is stiff for these leads and often agents feel they're spinning their wheels. 

But, there are excellent companies out there to buy real estate leads that you may not have heard of and are not on everyone's radar.

Below you’ll find 5 top real estate companies from which you can buy quality real estate leads.

You'll also find a checklist below on how to buy real estate leads and questions to ask the real estate lead provider.

Fill your lead pipeline and take your real estate business to another level with these seller and buyer leads from these companies.  

hand on dial says leads and meter that sales sales Major says best places to buy real estate leads in 2022

Why Buy Seller and Buyer Real Estate Leads?

Your return on your investment is incredibly high when you close these leads. 

You're placed in front of buyers and sellers, given their information for follow up and even if you only have three to four closings within 6 months or a year, just think about your commission on these.

As time goes on, you'll have even more closings from these leads and contacts.

Now, think about the referrals you’ll receive from these and the future business you’ll have with these leads and clients.

However, a key to effectively contacting these leads and vetting those who are serious buyers and sellers is having a follow up system in place.

You Must Have A Real Estate Lead Follow Up System

Be sure to watch the video below, under the real estate lead company, Agent Locator, where Mark shares his follow up strategy with online leads.

The video with Mark is just one example, but you must ensure you have a solid system in place in which you stay in front and top of mind with all your real estate leads. 

PS…if you’re not sending a MONTHLY, CUSTOM REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER to your SOI you should be.  This is one of THE BEST AND EASIEST WAYS TO SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM YOUR COMPETITION and consistently stay in front of your sphere and real estate leads. 

5 Best Places To Buy Real Estate Leads In 2022 – Agents Are Loving

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1. Rezi buyer and seller Leads

Says Selling Sunset and testimonial on Rezi real estate leads how good they are

1. REZI LEADS – If you haven't heard of Rezi Leads you have now and they're one of the best and hottest real estate lead generation companies happening this year. 

Agents are seeing a 398% return on their investment with these exclusive seller and buyer leads.

I had a demo and a great conversation with the founder of Rezi Leads. There's a passion and commitment he and his team have in helping you with the success of your real estate business.

And, he knows a major part of that is providing you with exclusive, high quality buyer and seller leads.

He and his team are dedicated to your success and helping you take your real estate business to higher levels.

The back-end agent user interface is easy to use. This is a must and helps you manage and follow up with your buyer and seller leads efficiently.

You receive these exclusive buyer and seller leads on an automated basis which makes these easy to manage. 


More Testimonials On Rezi Buyer and Seller Leads:

Says Remax and testimonial that says rezi leads help grow their pipeline significantly

“If you are an agent looking for high-quality leads, I would highly recommend Rezi Leads. Not only are the leads great, but their software is so easy to use. For any agent looking to scale their business, please consider Rezi Leads.” – Matt, COMPASS

“The leads are amazing! I’ve done three deals over the past three months. Out of all of the lead generation services that I have used, Rezi Leads is by far the best. The price is worth it!” – Megan, CENTURY 21


2. Prime Seller Real Estate Leads

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2. PRIME SELLER LEADS –  These buyer and seller leads are exclusive and this real estate company doesn't require a contract.  They have several buying options from which to choose when setting up your lead generating campaigns.

• Seller Real Estate Leads: Prime offers up to 30% off when you pre-pay for their 3, 6 and 12 month packages.  If you don't want a pre-pay package they offer month-to-month and there are no contracts or set up fees for this.

• Prime Buyer Real Estate Leads: Use their CRM or use your own to manage these exclusive buyer leads.  There are no set up fees and no contracts required.

3. Cinc

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3. CINC – This company focuses on hyper-local community targeting.  They offer buyer and seller leads to you or your real estate team.

CINC  also offers lead retargeting online campaigns.

4. Offrs Real Estate Seller Leads

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4. OFFRS – This company focuses on identifying potential sellers using their proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

This is not for an agent or broker who is looking for buyer leads.  Offrs specifically targets homeowners and uses their predictive analysis technology to identify potential sellers with a 72% accuracy.

Watch the video below and see how one real estate team uses these leads and the listing success they've had with OFFRS.

5. Agent Locator 

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5. AGENT LOCATER – This company generates buyer and seller leads for you via online search engine advertising.  They're also a Google Premium Partner which means they meet google criteria to manage google ads.  They also receive specialized training so they can provide you optimal performance with your google ads.

Bing, Yahoo and Google are the 3 managed lead generation search engines they use to generate buyer and seller leads for you.

Sit back and let Agent Locator do the heavy lifting in generating seller and buyer leads for you.  They've generated real estate leads for agents and brokers since 2010. Their long term history and experience is impressive.

See how one agent, Mark, STRATEGICALLY USES AND CONVERTS ONLINE REAL ESTATE LEADS with Agent Locator in the video below.

He explains his process for identifying and targeting the motivated buyer and seller leads he receives.

How To Buy Real Estate Leads

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What To Consider And Questions To Ask When Buying Real Estate Leads:

1. Make sure the real estate company offers a demo and request it.

2. Do they require a long term contract?  If so you need to check out the requirements and find out the penalties if you want to cancel before the contract ends.

3.  Is there a set up fee?  Can this set up fee be waived or negotiated? Ask the company.

4.  How easy is the company's user interface?  How easy is it to navigate the agent end of their website?

5.  How do you receive the seller or buyer leads?

6.  Do they offer any type of follow up system so you can easily follow up on the leads?  If they don't you need to have your own lead follow up system in place.

7. Are these exclusive leads available only to you?  If not how many other agents receive these leads?

Be sure to do your due diligence when buying real estate leads and ask the above questions.

Purchasing Real Estate Leads and Your Lead Pipeline

Purchasing real estate leads can be a great way to fill your lead pipeline and an INCREDIBLE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. But, they have to be managed properly and you need a follow up system in place.

Even if they don't buy or sell now, it's still another touch point and you need to stay in regular contact with them.  You can easily do this with your own custom, strategic newsletter.

Bold Leads, Zillow Leads and leads are companies we see advertised often and there's a saturation with them.

These 5 listed here can just give you the edge you need to take your real estate business to the next level.  Find one that suits you and jump on board with them before other agents do.

5 Best Places To Buy Real Estate Leads In 2022