Generating consistent real estate buyer leads year after year can be tough at times for real estate agents.

These 10 best ways to get real estate buyer leads in 2024 will help you generate property buyer leads, grow your real estate business and have more closings.

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You can implement various strategies to get real estate buyer leads, but which ones work, and how much do they cost?


•  Won’t cost you thousands of dollars monthly

•  Will keep you at the forefront of prospective buyers

•  Allow you to leverage yourself

•  Saves you time by using digital marketing methods that expose you to many people and potential buyers at one time

•  Will help you become the market leader in your area

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Real estate agents often ask how they can get home buyer leads without spending thousands of dollars monthly.

The stress of inconsistent leads is enough for some agents to throw in the towel.  They need income, and without enough real estate leads, there aren’t enough clients, and without enough clients, there aren’t enough closings.

For other agents and brokers, they want to grow their real estate business and need more leads.

Whatever camp you’re in, you’ll find proven methods here to generate more real estate buyer leads and will help keep your lead pipeline and database full.

However, in order for these to work, you must commit to consistent buyer lead generation activities and campaigns.

A real estate agent who commits to consistent real estate lead generation needs systems to generate home buyer leads regularly.

Every successful real estate agent has methods in place to generate real estate leads regularly. For these agents, generating real estate leads isn’t done haphazardly.

Successful real estate agents have committed to methods that systematically, regularly generate leads and referrals.

They know having systems in place to consistently generate leads is one of the foundations of a successful real estate business.

However, some real estate agents and brokers who want more buyer leads feel overwhelmed.

These same agents and brokers have the best of intentions, are excellent real estate professionals but are struggling in various ways.

And, they often feel there’s not enough time or finances to commit to methods that regularly generate real estate leads.

What, oh what can be done is a question many real estate agents and brokers ask.

Easy Strategies For Home Buyer Lead Generation

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How To Get Real Estate Buyer Leads In 2024

1. Use L2L

Use L2L

Use L2L’s done for you lead generating real estate tools such as social media ads ready to launch in 1 click, landing pages ready to use to generate buyer leads and useful PDF guides for buyers.

These easy to use tools have helped over 50,000 agents generate buyer leads.

And, the above are just a few of the incredible suite of lead generating tools Listings To Leads has that generate real estate buyer leads for real estate agents and brokers.

Watch the video below on how you can use Buyer and Seller PDF Guides from L2L to generate buyer leads.

YouTube video

L2L is trusted by hundreds of companies.

These real estate companies include:


• Long & Foster

• Sotheby’s Realty

• Century 21 Real Estate

• Coldwell Banker Real Estate

• Engel and Volkers

• And hundreds more

L2L Lead Generating Real Estate Tools Include:

• 100+ Tools to Market Listings for Buyer & Seller Leads

•  90+ Social Media Ads Ready to Launch in 1 Click

•  84+ Landing Pages Ready to Use (Unlimited Can Be Created)

• 75+ PDF Guides for Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners

•  42+ Social Media Content Targeted To Buyers for Auto Posting

• And so much more

2. Set Up A Free Google Local Services Ad

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Set Up A Free Google Local Services Ad

Be sure to have your local services Google ad set up.

It’s important to have your own business presence on Google and this is free to set up.

Your ads will show up for people in your area, and you only pay if someone calls or messages you directly through the ad.

Those who click on your ad will help you identify a motivated buyer.

Learn how Google local services ads work here. 

3. Run Google Ads

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Run Google Ads

Running Google ads can be a highly effective buyer lead generation technique.

Look at the real estate agents and broker offices running google ads in your area.

Type “homes for sale (list your city and state)” in Google Search and see what ads appear at the top.

Click on these ads and see what landing pages they’re using.

Also, notice the headline or title of the ad they’re using. This gives you some good ideas for titles you may want to use for your ads.

Google also has a drop-down box of recommended searches that pops up when you’re typing in a search.  See what shows up when you’re typing in search criteria.

There may be keywords you may want to use.  Scroll to the bottom of the page too.

You’ll see an area titled “Related Searches.” These are Google suggestions based on what Google sees in its algorithm.

This suggestion area may offer you ideas to use for your own keywords.

Watch The Google Ads For Realtors® Video Below

YouTube video

4. Get Free and Exclusive Leads with

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Get Free and Exclusive Leads with

Not many real estate agents and brokers are familiar with this free lead generating tool offered by works with many MLS networks nationwide to provide free maximum visibility for listings.

Head over and see if free and exclusive leads can help you in your buyer lead generation strategy.

5. Effectively Market on Instagram

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Effectively Market on Instagram

Instagram can be an excellent way to generate real estate leads and build brand recognition, however it has be done correctly.

What you should not do is simply post random homes and do not post haphazardly.

There are specific techniques to employ on Instagram to generate real estate leads and build your brand.

The video below, by Jason Pantana, is one of the best instructional pieces I’ve seen on how to effectively generate real estate leads on Instagram.

How To Generate Real Estate Leads On Instagram

YouTube video

6. Market HUD Homes 

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Market HUD Homes 

MARKETING HUD HOMES can be an excellent way to generate real estate buyer leads.  It’s inexpensive and simple.

I did this when I first started as a Realtor® and not only did I generate multiple closings from these buyer leads, but generated many listings too.

The listings came from buyers who had a home to sell.  

I’ve had so many agents over the years share how marketing these HUD homes generated a real estate lead pipeline for them.

This method can be used by both new and seasoned agents to generate more buyer leads.

Listings can be a great way to generate buyer leads but if you don’t have many listings, marketing HUD homes can be a great way to generate buyer leads.

7. Collaborate With Your Lenders

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Collaborate With Your Lenders

There are a number of ways to collaborate with your preferred lenders to get more buyer leads.

Meet with your lenders and create some real estate lead generation strategies that help both of you.

Ways you can collaborate with your lenders:

•  Buying Real Estate Leads – You can split the price to buy leads.

•  Hosting First-Time Home Buyer Seminars – Host this together and consider including other professionals such as home inspectors and appraisers that can contribute helpful information to potential buyers.

Host this online or at a brick and mortar venue.

If you offer seminars for home buyers, don’t overwhelm yourself. Create something quarterly or biannually.

Save the marketing techniques and the seminar outline so it’s easier on you when offering future seminars.

•  Include Your Preferred Lender In Your e-Zine – Include mortgage rate trends and helpful financial information in your e-Zine (custom digital newsletter). Split the price of your custom e-Zine with your lender.

•  Share The Cost Of Google Ads – Splitting the cost of google ads can be a win-win for both of you.

There are many ways to collaborate with your lenders. 

Take some time and brainstorm ideas with them.

Use the power of synergy. It can take you to even higher levels!

8. Free Real Estate Lead Generation On YouTube

YouTube video

Free Real Estate Lead Generation On YouTube

This is GOOD.  I encourage you to watch this to the above video to the end.  Soomin Kim sold 87 deals, $67,000,000 in production, in his FIRST YEAR as a NEW REALTOR… entirely for FREE from his YouTube videos…without prospecting or running ads. In this video, he explains how.

Keep in mind Google owns YouTube.  Have you noticed more videos are showing up in Google search?  That’s one of the reasons. 

Your YouTube videos could show up in Google searches, and that helps everything!

Remember to include your YouTube videos on your real estate site too.  Not only does it help people who visit your website, but it gives your site “link juice” which helps your website with SEO, and that’s a very good thing!

9. Consistently Post On Facebook

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Consistently Post On Facebook

I encourage you to spend time on Facebook posts in 2024. Facebook seems to have changed its algorithm recently and is showing more posts on Facebook. 

I, and others, are noticing even one post gets more engagement than in the past.  And, we’ve noticed the more you post in one day, it becomes synergistic; Facebook shows even MORE of the current day’s posts and older posts in Facebook threads. 

Be sure to include 4 hashtags on each post too – 1) Whatever the post is related to 2) Your community/area 3) Seller or buyer if it is relative or your slogan/tagline  4) Your name/Realtor or your business name.  

10. Send A Monthly Strategic Newsletter

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Send A Monthly Strategic Newsletter

Sending a monthly custom strategic digital newsletter helps keep you top of mind so when your sphere is ready to buy or sell, they think of you first.  It also establishes you as a knowledgeable real estate agent who stays informed on the market trends and knows the local area.

A digital, strategic newsletter can generate leads and referrals for you and sets you apart from other agents.

The ROI on your strategic eZINE is one of the best out there. 

Email marketing is one of the least expensive and best ways to LEVERAGE YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS. 

Learn best practices for a strategic e-Zine that GENERATES REAL ESTATE LEADS, REFERRALS, AND KEEPS YOU TOP OF MIND.

Additional Ways To Generate Buyer Leads


Be sure to market the “Search Properties” feature on your website.

Get people used to going to your site to search properties rather than to Zillow.  Have a way to capture potential buyers on your website.


Many real estate agents regularly run Facebook ads as part of their real estate marketing campaigns.

Learn the strategies and best practices to run effective Facebook ad campaigns.


An all-in-one platform like Pro-Agent creates an IDX website, captures real estate leads from your website, and sends drip email campaigns to your leads.

It also sends updates on listings in your area and the area in which the lead has shown interest.


Open houses effectively generate real estate leads, allowing potential buyers to preview a home without a scheduled showing. The buyer may not be interested in this home, but there most likely are others in which you can show them.

If you don’t have listings, offer to host open houses for other agents and real estate professionals.

Use these ideas to generate leads from open houses.


There are several top places to buy real estate leads.  These companies directly send interested home buyer leads to you.  Some companies offer exclusive buyer leads, and some do not.

Be sure to check and see what type of leads they offer, and always read the contract before starting a service with a lead-generating company.

Interested in buying exclusive home buyer leads for your area?

There are many ways to get real estate leads in which you don’t burn yourself or your budget out.

Find ways to leverage yourself, create synergy with others and build a thriving real estate business you love!

10 Best Ways To Get Real Estate Buyer Leads In 2024