Hmmm.  You see 6 Figure Agents consistently achieve higher levels annually.

Do you scratch your head? Do you perhaps  go round and round in circles trying one thing and then another to consistently have leads and closings?

What is the one common Denominator of all six figure Realtors®?


You’re working so hard, you offer great service, and yet, hardly any sales or minimal sales come through.  I understand, I’ve been there.

I started my first business 25 years ago. My business would make some head way, build some momentum and then slowwwwww down.  I’d be in a holding pattern and sometimes go backwards.  I’d sit there, scratching my head.

What’s happening? I’d think maybe I’m not cut out for this, maybe some people just get lucky, this is Stressful and Why Am I Doing This?

I physically visited with business owners across the country who created a six figure sustainable business. I studied them, I learned from them and then I applied what I learned.

Guess What? My business started to take off, I mean really take off!

I became obsessed with it. How can I improve the business? I read everything I could get my hands on.  I studied, learned and applied what I learned.  I made mistakes, learned from them and would tweak something here and there…And then I hit the 6 figure mark  Again and Again.

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My business eventually HIT THE TOP 100 in the United States.  THOSE ARE A LOT OF SALES.  How did this happen?  How did I do this and how are others doing this? What do people do who earn 6 figures in their small business.

What did I do and What Are Other 6 figure businesses doing?  

 Keep reading. there’s a strategy Here.

6 Figure Businesses HAVE SYSTEMS to get and stay in front of their target customers consistently.

I will repeat this again AS THIS IS CRITICAL…THEY HAVE SYSTEMS to get and stay in front of their sphere and clients CONSISTENTLY.



how Do They Do this?


1. Six Figure Agents Stay In Front of their clients and sphere consistently

On average a consumer needs to see your message/product 9 times before they act on your service.

A while ago it was 5 times but now with so much coming at consumers in multiple ways…social media, texting, tv, email, family…their attention is now scattered and they have so much more fighting for their attention.

Email is one of the best ways to automate, engage and STAY IN FRONT OF YOUR SPHERE. According to Forbes, email marketing is still the top way to generate leads.

For years I’ve used Constant Contact  for my LEAD GENERATING REAL ESTATE E-ZINE (Newsletter). 

I’ve generated so many leads, referrals and sales consistently which has made me hundreds of thousands over the years.

As a gift to the Real Estate Spice Community I’ve designed a FREE REALTOR TEMPLATE  that is mobile optimized and proven extremely successful.

For your FREE TEMPLATE you must use this LINK TO GET YOUR FREE CONSTANT CONTACT TRIAL and email me with your user name and password (  It’ll be placed in your account.  It took me years to figure out what works well for our industry and this is yours FREE. It’s a $100+ value (not to mention the referrals, leads you’ll receive).

Email newsletters and marketing is a great way to stay in front of clients and prospects CONSISTENTLY.

It’s literally brought me  hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat sales and referral commissions…and I love all the calls and emails I receive after I send a newsletter…people just saying ‘hi’…it’s such a great way to connect with your sphere!

Learn how to maximize your own E-Zine (Real Estate Newsletter).  Agents are having GREAT SUCCESS after TAKING THIS CLASS.



20 years ago, before we had automation and social media, I used the postal mail service to stay in front of my customers and prospects. At one point my postage bill was $4,000/month. That was just my Postage Bill.

I also employed someone for my mail room, had a front office assistant who took and distributed the sales calls and filed the leads.

I had sales people who would ‘pre-qualify’ the prospects.  When you add all of that it comes to over 200k a year.  I kid you not.  Crazy huh?  Compared to what’s available now and the monetary costs to utilize online marketing techniques…that seems outlandish for a small business.

I’m not saying do away with all of this and especially not direct mail…but now we can automate with technology and it costs far less!

The key is creating systems and automate as much as possible. It’s more important than ever to stay at the forefront of your market base and there are so many tools available to automate processes.

If you have a brokerage or are an agent you really can’t afford to not have some systems to stay in front of customers and potential customers.  Take a look at 5 tools to automate your real estate business.


3. Six Figure Realtors are valuable to their cLIENTS and potential cLIENTS

They provide value for customers and potential customers – free with no strings attached…whether it’s guidance, answering questions, going out of their way…they believe in what they’re doing and want to help their customers.

Take a look at this popular item with Real Estate Spice readers…it’s a TEMPLATE FOR A PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE BINDER you can give to your clients and leads.  

4. Provide solutions for their real estate leads and clients

What do their potential clients and current clients want and how can they provide that? They Listen To Them.

They know buyer and seller pain points and help to solve a problem, they stay in communication with them.  They offer a solutions.   They move things along, advise and guide.


People connect and develop trust with Real People.  They know taking the time to authentically connect with their customers and their customers’ needs is critical…And They Want To Do This!



They get a phone number, always an email address…whatever it is so they may continue to stay in front of prospects.  Customers and potential customers will forget about you if you don’t stay in contact with them.

You must have all contact information and place information in your systems.


7. Connect with their REAL ESTATE cLIENTS and potential cLIENTS

Yes, this is part of a Marketing Process.   6 figure businesses listen to their customers, get feedback and stay in the loop. Customers and potential customers want to know you genuinely care, that you (or someone in your business) is available for them and they want to be heard.

This is more important than ever especially right now as word spreads quickly online – either positive or negative.

Have systems in place to consistently let your SOI know you care about them and consistently stay in front of them.



Your current and past clients can share and tell others about you.

Ensure you have a system in place to make it easy for them to tell others about you. 

Your clients are often your best marketers!


Remember  SYSTEMS. market. implement.


If you don’t someone else will.

The One Common Denominator Of All Six Figure Real Estate Agents