What are your real estate agent goals for the next year, the next 5 years and beyond? 

How do you actually achieve and even surpass your real estate goals?

What do the highly successful Realtors® and Brokers do?

They don't just plan and take action on their goals. There's so much more that comes into play.

Read on for the 8 power goals agents take to achieve real estate business success.


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Real Estate Agent Goals – 8 Power Goals For Success


1. Define Your Whys – What are your whys?  Why do you want to achieve these goals. Write down your motives.

2. Specific –  Be specific with the exact metrics (what you want to achieve) and the deadlines for them. Set realistic goals.

3. Commitment – Commit in writing to yourself and better yet to someone else your goals you plan to achieve.

4. Measure Both: Track lead measures and lag measures daily or weekly. “While a lag measure tells you if you’ve achieved the goal, a lead measure tells you if you are likely to achieve the goal.” Franklin Covey Organization

5. Action: Take regular (if possible) daily action steps toward your real estate goals.

6. Resilience: Develop strong resilience to meet the challenges that arise. If you fall, get back up and keep going. Resilience is what helped this real estate mogul achieve her real estate brokerage dreams.

7.  Regular Evaluation: Evaluate your lead behaviors and make sure your action steps directly impact you achieving your real estate goals.

8. Accountability: Have some form of accountability.  Create a system in which you're accountable to yourself or with someone else regarding achieving your goals.

A Study Done On The Factors Of Goal Achievement Success

Probability of goal achievement statistics

When creating your real estate goals and creating your plan of execution keep the Acronym SMART Goal in mind. It's a helpful goal  tool.

SMART in Smart Goals stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Use this outline and the SMART acronym when creating your real estate goals and writing your smart goal statement.

Tracking Your Real Estate Goals

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Every Real Estate Agent should track and measure the numbers and action steps taken to achieve their goals.

I've measured and kept regular track of my goals for 30+ years now.

Now I maintain a scorecard in google docs.  I offer a scorecard template and go over how to use it in this.

How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

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10 Real Estate Goal Examples

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1. Increase Closed Transactions By (Whatever Number)  Annually 75 to 100, 100 to 130 or whatever you decide.  If you're a new agent set realistic goals for yourself.

2. Get 1 New Active Listing/Month – Remember to take into account whether you're a new or seasoned agent and set this goal accordingly.

3. Obtain 5 Referrals/Month –  Establish a system in which you obtain regular referrals.

4. Have a Monthly Digital Real Estate Newsletter – Generate leads and WOW your clients and SOI with a custom digital, real estate newsletter. 

5. Start Facebook Ads – Facebook real estate ads can be a great way generate leads. Use your listings to generate real estate leads.

6. Hire Buyer Agents – Do you want to expand but don't have the time to work all of your leads?  Hire a couple of buyer agents.

7. Get a Transaction Coordinator – Free up your time so you can help more sellers and buyers.  Hire a transaction coordinator to handle all of the backend paper work.

8. Let Some Of Your Team Go – People remember not only you but how your team helped your clients.  If someone on your team is not providing the high level of service clients expect, let them go.  This is another strategy to stay top of mind.

9. Call 5 people in your SOI at least 3 times per week – Calling works!  Leave voicemails.  Your SOI will appreciate and remember you for it.

10. Host an annual client appreciation event – These can be fun and get creative with them. Get leads and referrals from these events.  Check out 9 unique client appreciation event ideas here.

Read and Learn

Study and learn from other business people.

Get the “Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Ideas and PDF Guide” to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Find books and courses that will help you sharpen your saw and achieve your goals.

Check out this list of top real estate agent books.

Take notes from this article and TAKE ACTION.

Implement your goal achievement plan and stay consistent with these goal achievement tips.

Your future self will appreciate you for it!


Real Estate Agent Goals - 8 Power Goals For SUCCESS