As a real estate agent, finding the right lead sources can make all the difference in your success. With a constant flow of new clients and properties, you can grow your business and achieve your goals.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which real estate lead sources are the best for your needs.

Here we list the best real estate lead sources for 2024, considering their effectiveness, cost, and overall value.

Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your business, this list will help you find the perfect lead sources for your needs.

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One of the primary questions asked is how to generate seller leads in real estate.  Generating seller leads takes focus, having specific systems in place to keep your pipeline full with seller leads and follow-up.  Generating home buyer leads in real estate takes the same focus and follow up.

Below you’ll find the best lead sources for Realtors® to generate seller leads and buyer leads in today’s market.

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Top 10 Real Estate Agent Lead Sources In 2024

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

1. Facebook Ads

Real Estate Facebook Ads Marketing

1. FACEBOOK ADS – Running facebook ads is a proven lead generation source for Realtors® that generates both buyer leads and seller leads.

So many Realtors® have had great success running real estate facebook ads.  Even, the leads generated years ago, continue to pay great dividends for them.

If the potential lead does not buy or list right now the agent simply places the lead in their CRM and e-Zine (Monthly Strategic Newsletter) and stays top of mind.  When the potential client is ready – they know who to contact!

This real estate marketing company helps you GENERATE FACEBOOK LEADS with phone numbers in 30 seconds!

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Done For You Facebook Ads

Don’t have the time or inclination to do this yourself?

HIRE A COMPANY to generate Facebook real estate leads for you.  Your ROI will be exceptional.

Network Boost will send you 30 leads for $300/mo.  It’s an inexpensive way for real estate agents to expand their reach quickly and receive seller and buyer leads.

Within 3 weeks this agent had 6 active clients…

In just three weeks of using Network Boost, I’m already working with six people off my $400 monthly budget.

Alex Adams

LPT Realty

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

2. Strategic Newsletter

Generate Real Estate Leads Newsletter

2. STRATEGIC NEWSLETTER – A Real Estate digital newsletter is one of the best lead sources for Realtors® – both for referrals and for people in your immediate sphere.

You’ll see activity in your digital newsletter. You can see who is clicking on what links. You’ll see who is clicking on tips for selling a home, buying property, featured listings and more. This is an indicator they could be a hot lead ready to take action in the next few months.

This is an excellent way to generate Realtor listing leads and home buyer leads.

Learn how to create your own strategic real estate newsletter.   Be top of mind…when someone is ready to buy or sell – they’ll remember you and CONTACT YOU.

Or, if you prefer, have your own custom monthly real estate newsletter done for you.

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Best Lead Generation For Realtors

3. Listings To Leads

Listing To Leads Generation Sign

3. LISTINGS TO LEADS – A real estate agent recently shared with me she generated 142 buyer leads from one of her listings using the LISTINGS TO LEADS platform.

This comprehensive lead generation platform can be just what’s needed to streamline your lead generation systems AND GENERATE MORE LEADS.

Get your 21 day free trial offer made available for the Real Estate Spice community.  See why this real estate lead generation company is trusted by 18,000+ Agents, Brokers and Offices.

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

4. Tactical Marketing

house w a bullseye dartboard tactical real estate marketing

4. TACTICAL MARKETING IN 2024 – Having your real estate marketing strategies and systems in place is key to lead generation.

Use this free e-guide  “Real Estate Marketing Strategies In 2024” to generate real estate leads. There’s something that works for everyone in this.

Realty Times – “This is one of the best Realtor® marketing strategy guides for both seasoned and new agents.”

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media icons on a screen

5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Post helpful and valuable real estate and home information on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms you use.

Use real estate hashtags strategically when you do post and advertise on social media for the best exposure.

Always remember to place a CTA (Call To Action) on your social media posts.

Stay top of mind and make it easy for them to contact you by using CTA’s in your social media marketing and advertising.

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Best Lead Generation For Realtors

6. HUD Home Marketing

man holding sketch of house out

6. HUD HOME MARKETING – I spoke with an agent just last week and she told me this is one of the primary ways she generated buyer leads when she started as an agent.

She said she heard it from me (it’s one way I generated many leads and closed real estate deals) and so she started marketing HUD homes for lead generation. She closed 4 transactions from HUD marketing in her first year of business.  And, that was just the start.

Those closed transactions bring referrals and more transactions down the road.

What doesn’t close immediately continues to be an ongoing source of leads in which to follow up, place in your e-Zine (strategic newsletter) and CRM.

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

7. Client Reviews

client testimonials on desk dollar signs underneath words

7. Client Reviews – Real estate reviews are a great lead source for Realtors®.   Third-party endorsements are among the top ways to build trust and confidence in you and your business.

Testimonials can be the pivoting point needed to convert someone in your sphere or searching online into a lead and client. Positive reviews from satisfied clients build credibility and trust with potential clients, leading to more leads, referrals, and repeat business.

When potential clients see the positive feedback from past clients, they’re more likely to choose a real estate professional they perceive as reliable and trustworthy.

And, online reviews help real estate agents increase their visibility and online presence, as many people now rely on online reviews when making a decision on which real estate agent to hire.

By actively encouraging clients to leave reviews and responding to feedback, real estate agents can improve their reputation and generate a steady stream of leads. Ultimately, client reviews are a powerful lead-generating source for Realtors® to showcase their expertise and attract new clients in a highly competitive real estate market.

These strategies help you obtain reviews and convert potential sellers and buyers to quality leads.

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

8. Home Search Platforms

person holding a tablet w a house on the screen

8. HOME SEARCH PLATFORMS – Online platforms designed to generate buyer leads can be a great source of leads.  Potential buyers use the home search feature on these platforms and often request more information.

On the Zillow platform, you can showcase yourself and your business.

On Zillow, you can:

• Create a profile

• Add client reviews and past sales on your Zillow profile

• Become a Zillow Premier Agent.  The Zillow Premier Agent program allows you to purchase buyer leads.

Another popular buyer lead source for Realtors is Their Connections Plus program puts you in touch with home buyers searching on the platform.

Market Leader has an  EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE LEAD  program utilizing proprietary home search SEO strategies.

Also, be sure to have a lead capture on your real estate website.  You can have this under your website’s IDX search features and you can also capture seller leads by a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) offer form on your site.

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

9. Farm Busy Streets

Busy Road With Houses and Cars On It

9. FARM BUSY STREETS – I stumbled on this by accident but over the years I learned it was a great source of leads!  After sharing this with other agents they’ve generated leads and closings from this technique.

Part of your marketing efforts should be farming busy streets.  When you get a listing, it’s a free billboard for you.  As a sidenote, have your photo on your listing signs.  Research shows that people are more prone to contact an agent/call on a sign that has the agent’s photo on it.

This exposure is priceless.   You’ll definitely generate plenty of calls and sales leads from those calling on your listing signs on the busy streets!

This is just one unique lead generating idea. Read these other unique real estate lead generation ideas here that most aren’t doing.

Farming busy streets is a great way to generate real estate leads.  Once you have a listing on this street, it’s a free billboard for you.

And, you also will get many calls from your Realtor listing sign on a well traveled road inquiring on the property.  It’s a great way to generate buyer leads.

Get more more real estate farming tips here.

Best Lead Generation For Realtors

10. Real Estate Custom Website

tablet desktop phone laptop with house and search bar

10. YOUR OWN REAL ESTATE CUSTOM WEBSITE – Have your own professional real estate website with IDX and lead capturing capabilities.  Drive potential leads and past clients to your own website as opposed to them searching on other website platforms.

Ensure your website has IDX features, captures leads and has a built in CRM and follow up system.

Pro-Agent websites offers all of the above.  Showcase you, your brand, offer valuable home articles and capture leads with this powerful website service.


I’d be remiss to leave out referrals.

We often take this for granted, but your past and current clients can be one of your best lead-generation sources.  

Stay in front of your SOI consistently. Use these tips to stay top of mind. 

After you close on a transaction, have a follow-up questionnaire and ask for feedback on your service. Ask for referrals in your follow-up.

And most importantly, always give exemplary service and be known as the go-to real estate expert for local real estate information and guidance. 

The referrals will consistently come in!

Buy Real Estate  Leads

Buying real estate leads can be a great way to fill your pipeline and an INCREDIBLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Be sure to check out this top-rated company’s EXCLUSIVE LEADS and request their demo.

Finding the best real estate lead-generation sources requires creativity, research, and experimentation.

The above sources for generating leads will keep your pipeline full. However, you must implement your business strategy properly.

Stay consistent, and develop follow-up systems to BE THE TOP OF MIND REAL ESTATE AGENT. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, leveraging a mix of online and offline strategies will help you attract buyers, sellers, and referrals. By creating business systems, utilizing an excellent CRM, staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, and consistently providing value to your sphere and leads, you establish yourself as the trusted real estate expert and will generate a steady stream of high-quality leads.

You’ll see your real estate business escalate to higher and higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best lead generation ideas for Realtors?

Realtors can generate leads by hosting open houses and using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase properties and engage with the community. Developing a strong referral network with past clients and implementing SEO strategies on their websites can increase lead generation. Implementing a regular realtor newsletter can keep past clients engaged and informed, potentially leading to more referrals and repeat business. Purchasing leads from real estate lead generation companies can be a great way to get leads quickly.

What are real estate lead generation companies?

Real estate lead generation companies gather and supply sales leads to realtors using online advertising and website lead capture. They leverage advanced technology and databases to identify potential buyers and sellers, selling this information to realtors. These services enable realtors to reach out to a broader range of potential clients efficiently.

Are real estate lead generation companies worth it?

Real estate lead generation companies offer time-saving benefits and a steady stream of leads, which can benefit busy realtors, new real estate agents, and real estate brokerages. However, the quality and exclusivity of these leads can vary, impacting conversion rates. Realtors should assess their return on investment and explore other lead generation methods for comparison.

How do Realtors generate leads without purchasing them?

Realtors can generate leads by building a strong online presence, networking in the community, and asking for referrals from past clients and their SOI. Engaging in content marketing through blogs and social media also attracts potential leads. Content marketing and a regular newsletter can attract and maintain potential leads, offering valuable information and updates. A regular newsletter can also be a powerful tool and source for real estate leads, keeping potential buyers and sellers informed and engaged with market insights and listings.

What are free real estate lead sources?

Free lead sources for realtors include utilizing social media platforms, participating in networking events, and offering free home valuation services. Creating informative content on blogs and YouTube channels also attracts potential clients. A regular newsletter can also be a powerful tool, keeping potential clients informed and engaged with market insights and listings.

What are ways for new agents to get real estate leads?

New real estate agents can generate leads by building a personal brand on social media and joining brokerages that provide leads and training. Networking extensively with friends, family, and local businesses opens new opportunities. Incorporating a newsletter can also be a significant strategy, offering regular updates and insights to a growing client base and establishing the agent as a knowledgeable resource in the real estate market.

The 10 BEST Real Estate Agent Lead Sources In 2024