Success leaves clues.  These real estate success tips reveal how top Realtors® experience success consistently.

There are specific habits and systems that real estate agents implement consistently that place them in the top income tiers.

Read on for these success tips you can implement in your own business.

Real Estate Success

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Real Estate Success #1

1. Improve Your Google Local Ranking

Chart Benefits To Improving Google Ranking

Increase your online exposure for optimal professional success. Ensure your business is set up with a Google business listing and use these tips to improve your google ranking.

Make it easy for clients to find you.  These tips can also help your website ranking in Google’s search engine.

Haven’t set up a business listing on Google yet?  Head over here and set it up free.

Real Estate Success #2

2. Have a Social Media Presence

Social Media Benefits and Icons

More and more people are engaging with Social Media.  Use the various social media platforms to stay top of mind, generate new leads and make it easy for your SOI to engage with you.

If you don’t have a social media presence yet, start with Facebook.  It has the highest level of engagement over the other social media platforms.

Social Media Graph Engagement For Realtors

Head over here and learn how to effectively set up and use a facebook business page to drive your real estate business.

If you already have a Facebook business page presence, begin adding more social media business accounts.

LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are popular social media platforms that real estate agents use to stay top of mind and establish a strong professional presence.

If you’re not on social media you’re missing outHead over here and read “How Social Media is Shaping the Real Estate Industry” to learn about the impact that social media can have on your business.

Real Estate Success #3

3.  Send a Branded Real Estate Newsletter: E-Zine

Real Estate Newsletter Marketing

This is one of the best ways to consistently stay in front of your SOI, be a helpful and valuable resource to them, leverage yourself and generate leads.

Since these land right in their email box you don’t have to fight with all of the *noise* in social media.  You have their full attention.

When done strategically you can also see who are potential sellers and buyers in your SOI.

A branded, strategic real estate E-Zine (Realtor® newsletter) is a must for top earners.

Real Estate Success #4

4.  Call Past Clients and SOI

Old fashion glamorous woman on the phone laughing

This is something that’s so simple and basic and it’s often forgotten and put on the back burner to day to day events happening.

But, it’s something your past clients will appreciate…and my hunch is you’ll enjoy connecting again with them too.

We become close with our clients and often they look at us as a trusted advisor and even a *member* of the family.

If they don’t answer leave a voicemail.  They’ll remember you for it.

Pay attention to their birthdays, their momentus occasions and make a simple phone call wishing them a happy birthday or congratulating them on something.

If you don’t have birthday information, celebratory occasions and other events you can often find this information on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Agents can be so busy generating new leads that they can forget the acres of diamonds in their own backyard – past clients and existing SOI.

Pick up the phone, say hello and connect!

Real Estate Success #5

5. Set Goals, Plan and Execute For Success

Goals Plan Execute Diagram

Figure out what’s most important in you achieving your goals, create a plan and EXECUTE.

We can get so caught up in the myriad of insignificant tasks and distractions that the most important goals are not accomplished – or not at the level we’d like.

Highly successful people focus on what’s most important.

They Plan. They Execute. CONSISTENTLY.

Real Estate Success #6

6. Learn From Others

3 heads exchanging information

They’re consistently learning and evolving.  The most successful top real estate agents read books, have mentors, have advisors, take classes, listen to podcasts and learn in a myriad of ways available.

They know they’re not an island and they don’t have all the answers to take them to the next level.

What can you learn and apply in the next 12 months to take you to the next level?

Head over here and see the classes and help available.

Real Estate Success #7

7. Have Systems

Successful man holding a network of systems

The top businesses and companies ALWAYS have systems in place.  You are your own business and in order to reach higher and higher levels you must have systems in place.

Create a system for every area of your business.  When you bring on team members and more agents you can plug them into your systems.

Systems create consistency, can increase your income and ultimately save you time.

Real Estate Success #8

8. Have Efficient Work Areas

Compass pointing to efficiency successful agent

Ensure you have organized and efficient work areas and  you’re always prepared to work on the road.  This will make your work (and life) more enjoyable and productive.

Whether you go into an office or make home your primary work base, make sure all your work areas are organized.

Have the essential work accessories close by (technology, office tools, remote tools) that allow you to perform at your highest levels.

Keep your work space comfortable.  I keep a crystal pitcher filled with fresh water on my desk and I keep a crystal tumbler next to it.  It keeps me hydrated, keeps the water cool and I like the elegance of this set.

Take some time and personalize your space for efficiency and enjoyment.

Real Estate Success #9

9. Generate Leads Consistently

Leads into business funnel comes out dollars

A consistent pipeline of leads is the lifeblood of your business.  Your success in real estate depends on this.

Have systems and lead generating processes in place to keep leads coming in consistently.

Use this real estate planner to keep you on track and focused on lead generating activities.

Include a monthly E-Zine as one of your lead generating systems.  Not everyone you know is selling or buying right now but someone usually knows someone who will be.

Your own branded E-Zine is a great reminder to your SOI to send referrals your way!


Real Estate Success #10

10. Successful Realtors® Set Themselves Apart

dartboards 1 with arrows in bullseye stands apart

Be sure you’re the number one go to real estate professional. 

Set yourself apart from other agents with your marketing efforts and branding.

Brainstorm ideas that will set you apart from other agents. Create a unique tagline and include this in all of your marketing material.

Check out these 10 musts to be the top of mind agent.

Real Estate Success #11

11. They Get Back Up

Falling Part of Life Get Up Is Living Success

Successful, top earners get back up when they have setbacks.  They know there are bumps in the road, problems that inevitably arise and do what it takes to get back up and press on.

Sometimes pivoting is a must.  Real estate is a moving targeting and you must be prepared to pivot where necessary.  Barbara Corcoran is the queen of pivoting. 

These 25 Motivational Quotes come from top real estate professionals, world renowned business leaders and founders of successful companies.   The one common denominator of each of these people – They experienced some type of *failure* and got back up.

Real Estate Success #12

12. Have An Excellent Team

Cogs working together equals successful business

Your team is not only agents who work with you but also includes your preferred Title Companies, your preferred lenders, transaction coordinators, your photographers, your home inspectors and your preferred contractors.

Have you heard the term *synergy*?  This is 1 + 1 = 3.  With another strong team member you become exponentially greater and stronger than you are alone.

However, the reverse is true.  One *poor peforming* team member can pull you down and weaken you.  You’ll be less successful than you are alone.

Select your team members wisely.

If someone on your team is not providing the level of service to your clients (and you) let them gofind someone else who will.

I usually have at least a conversation with someone before I stop working with them. It’s a case by case basis.  

Your excellent team can take your business to heights you cannot accomplish alone.  

Man standing in triumphant success

The best practices above take agents to high levels of success.

With focus, intention, hard work and execution YOU CAN ACHIEVE whatever success you set for yourself.

The sky is the limit.

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