What do successful real estate agents have in common?

Many agents are looking for ways to up level their real estate business.

Below you’ll find what each and every one of them share: THE 10 TRAITS OF ALL 6 and 7 FIGURE REAL ESTATE AGENTS.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned agent there are always spigots in business (and sometimes ourselves) that can be improved.

As a business owner you’re continuing to grow and evolve your business and as your business evolves so do you.

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Isn’t this great?!  How boring would it be to remain stagnate?  Life and business is a continuing evolution.


10 Traits Of All 6+ Figure Real Estate Agents

1. They are continually learning

They know the business of real estate and if they don’t know something they figure it out.  They’re Always Learning. They continue to improve their knowledge in real estate, their professional skills and their knowledge in the local real estate market. With this knowledge they continue innovating.

I’m in the car a lot and use that time to increase my knowledge. I also use time working on mundane chores to learn something.

Audible (now owned by Amazon) is one of my favorite things to listen to whether in the car or tidying up our home. 

2. They Have a Great Real Estate Team

They know the real estate transaction process only goes as well as the strength and service of their team. This includes their preferred title companies, their preferred lenders, home inspectors, photographers and contractors.

The successful real estate agent reaches exponential levels when the ‘team’ is working together and providing the same SUPERIOR LEVEL OF SERVICE.  An excellent book (and short read) is Ken Blanchard “Raving Fans.”

3. successful real estate agents continue to hone their Negotiating Skills


They’ve honed their negotiating skills. Successful real estate agents have learned the art and skill of negotiation.  They also keep sharpening this skill.  This book “Getting To Yes” is one of the premier negotiating books out there that helps you hone your negotiation skills.

Check out Harvard’s Free Reports from their “Program On Negotiation.”  I subscribe to their newsletter and am constantly receiving new, cutting edge negotiation articles from them.

4. 6+ Figure Real Estate Agents Are Disciplined and Continue To Set New Goals AND TAKE ACTION

They’re disciplined.  They set goals and take action…they execute.

Everyone has temptations…oh they’ll just take the morning off…which then turns into the afternoon…then later decide not to make the calls or they skip the marketing plan for the week and find ‘other’ things to do…Rather than work on their real estate business.

Successful Real Estate Agents…PLAN AND THEN WORK THEIR PLANThey say no to interruptions, to whatever may take them off track. 

They get up, show up and execute…Consistently.   

Get help and support with this “WIG 6 Week Accountability and Goal Achievement” program.

5. 6+ Figure Real Estate Agents Systematize Their Marketing

They have marketing systems in place…they know once the marketing stops the leads/referrals dry up.  They’ve leveraged themselves by implementing marketing systems.


Realty Times said this is one of the best articles for seasoned and new agents.  Get your  E-guide –   “101+ Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents That Actually Work”

6. They’ve Implemented Business Systems In Their Real Estate Practice

They have systems and processes in place so they don’t expend so much energy reinventing the wheel each time.  They automate where they can so they leverage their time.

“The E-Myth Revisited” is one of the best books around regarding setting your small business up with ‘systems’ so you don’t wear yourself thin and so you can leverage yourself.

7.They’re Mobile and Know How To Make the Best Use of Technology

Rolling Briefcase & Laptop Case On Wheels

The rolling briefcase case is large enough to keep your binder, laptop, chargers, printed marketing materials, files, pens…everything you need right at your fingertips. It’s professional and keeps everything right there for you while on the go!

Since we’re on the go so much it’s so convenient having everything right there wherever we need something and the smooth wheels for rolling your case saves your back too!

I absolutely LOVE MINE.  My clients and I joke it’s my rolling office…It is! 

This laptop holder is one of the best investments    I’ve made. 

You can work anywhere because it stabilizes your laptop and the mouse pad rolls out from the inside.  It’s super thin and so easy to transport. It slips right into my briefcase. 

Actually, it’s always with my laptop.  It’s an extension of my laptop now.

Have a decent portable device, laptop, in which you can work while on the go and meeting with clients.  This varies from person to person but I like mine lightweight, fast and that fits in my rolling briefcase easily.

Utilize Online Software: Most people are on the go so they use online electronic signature software, such as Docusign, so client signatures can be made no matter where they are and on any mobile device.

We typically do not meet face to face anymore during transactions and getting signatures on addenda before deadlines is imperative.

8. They Understand Attitude Is Critical

They know Attitude is everything. They’re problem solvers and solution finders.  With this they maintain an attitude of optimism and simply don’t give up. 

Check out Barbara Corcoran on how she turned her failures into successes with the right attitude. She sold her real estate business for 66 million.

9. They’ve Honed Their Sales Skills and Continue To Improve This

They know how to turn a lead into a client/a closed deal.

They ask questions, they listen, they have confidence, they provide value to their leads. They don’t give up and continue to stay in front of their leads…providing value until the leads turn into customers.

They continue listening to the wants/needs of their customers, continuing to provide value and applying the skills they’ve honed to close transactions effectively and meeting the needs/desires of their clients.

10. They Listen, BUILD TRUST and Develop Relationships

They build trust through authenticity and genuinely connecting with others. They have the best interest of their clients at heart and act accordingly.

They listen and ask questions to better understand the wants and needs of their clients.   They communicate clearly and often.  They’re reliable.

They’re committed and continue to increase their knowledge and hone their skills to best serve their clients. Through these actions they build trust.

Which ones are you currently implementing…a few or all?

Do you see areas that need improvement?

Oh yes…and they’re always improving!

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