Whether you’re a new agent starting out, or a seasoned agent, these 12 strategies will take your real estate business to higher levels.

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Take time to reflect on ways to improve your real estate business and HAVE YOUR BEST 12-MONTH MOVER TO DATE.

How To Grow Your Real Estate Business: 12 Smart Ways

1. Implement Solid Business Systems

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Grow your real estate business by having solid systems. This is how your leverage yourself and your business.

Establishing and maintaining systems allows you to be consistent and efficient in your real estate business.

If you haven’t read it yet you may want to head over and read “The E-Myth Revisited.”  The principals in this book are timeless.

2. Forge Strategic Partnerships

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Strong, strategic partnerships is one of the best ways to grow your real estate business.

Develop strategic relationships with some of your top past clients.

Forge strong relationships with the best real estate photographers, title companies, plumbers, electricians, funding and loan officers.

These strategic relationships can help you grow your business exponentially.   These people are the best of the best and will support and help you in growing your real estate business – they know, trust and believe in you!

Be sure to read “Ninja Selling: Suble Skills. Big Results” for tips on building and deepening partnerships.

3. Email A Monthly Real Estate Newsletter

BE MEMORABLE. You want to separate yourself from other real estate agents and be known as the GO TO REALTOR®…the one people trust to recommend you to others and the one people hire to guide them with their real estate needs.

How can you consistently:

1) Stay in front of your SOI

2) Leverage yourself

3) Provide value

4) Be known as the local authority in your area

5) Be known as the knowledgeable real estate professional you are

6) Receive leads and referrals

7) See who are potential buyers and sellers in your sphere

Through a custom, digital STRATEGIC Realtor® Newsletter…DONE CORRECTLY.

This is one of the best ways to stand apart, leverage yourself, provide helpful community information and provide valuable real estate information to your sphere.

A Digital Realtor® Newsletter is a MUST IN YOUR BUSINESS.

The above links are to a course you can take to learn the strategies and do them yourself.

4. Optimize Your Real Estate Website

Your professional real estate website is your “real estate” on the web. 

It’s where anyone can stop by your “store” and get to know you, your professionalism and what you have to offer as a Realtor®.

Get people use to using your real estate website rather than Zillow or any other website out there.

Make sure you have search features for available properties, the ability to get a CMA from your site, a contact management system built into it and the ability to have articles on it.


You also want to drive people to your site every chance you get and have them get used to using your site over other sites.

You want your site to be so good that they recommend your site to other people to use too…that’s what happened to me with my Realtor® website.

For a relatively inexpensive and professional real estate website HEAD OVER HERE.  I used them for years and many Real Estate Spice community members have a ProAgent Website.

Optimize your real estate website with these 10 local SEO tips.

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5. Prospect Consistently

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Consistent prospecting and marketing builds momentum that becomes exponential in your business lead generation and brand awareness.  

Consistent marketing helps keep you TOP OF MIND.

And, consistent prospecting keeps your lead pipeline full.

Non-consistent prospecting and marketing will consume your energy and drain you.

How To Be Consistent With Your Real Estate Prospecting and Marketing:

• Send a monthly custom strategic e-Zine (newsletter)

• Send people to your branded real estate website with it’s own search features and articles

• Utilize these real estate marketing strategies

• When advertising – measure, track and give your advertising some time to see what’s working and what’s not.

Use these top 10 lead sources for real estate agents to keep your pipeline full consistently

• Generate buyer and seller leads consistently with automation

6. Hire Help

Get Help with Partnering Ideas Collaboration Synergy

Evaluate your real estate business and see where you could hire help or even get help by learning some new marketing and sales strategies.

Consider hiring:

1.  A transaction coordinator

2.  A social media marketing and advertising company

4.  Lead generation help

5.  Outsource other areas of your business where you can

7. Recruit Buyer Agents

Hire Buyers Agents someone holding a house and keys

Once you have consistent leads and business coming in consider hiring a buyer’s agent or multiple buyer agents.

This allows you to leverage yourself and grow your real estate business to phenomenal levels.

Use these tips on how to hire the best buyer’s agent for your real estate team.

8. Ask For Referrals

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Real estate agents get so busy with the multitude of tasks, clients and other projects that it’s easy to forget to ask for referrals.

Have systems in place so you regularly receive referrals:

• Remind your sphere to send you referrals in your digital real estate newsletter

• Ask for referrals when you close

• Send feedback questionaires when you close and ask for referrals

• When making phone calls to your sphere ask for referrals

• Build relationships with professionals in the industry and ask them to send you referrals

• Create a reward program for those who send you referrals.  Check with your state or country so you know the legal limits and ethical requirements when implementing your reward program.

• Head over here for more ideas to generate real estate referrals

9. Have A Real Estate Business Plan

Dartboard with arrow in bullseye says SET YOUR GOALS

Have a real estate business plan.  Write down your real estate goals and how you plan to achieve them.

A Harvard study showed that 3% of their graduating students earned 20 times more than the rest of their class by writing down goals and having a plan.

I can’t emphasize how important this one is.  Regularly review your goals, where you are in achieving them (make sure you have deadlines for them) – reflect where you are in achieving them and make adjustments where need be.

You can take your real estate business to new heights with established goals, plans, focus and CONSISTENT EXECUTION.

This Realtor® Planner helps you plan, stay on track and offers scorecard templates.


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10.  Use A Real Estate Business Scorecard

Scorecard that says NUMBERS

Maintain a regular log or scorecard and track where you are on achieving your goals.  I keep a daily scorecard.

Keeping a regular scorecard allows you to see when you’re on track to achieving your goal/s and when you start to veer off.

If you start to veer off you off from achieving your goal/s you can readily catch it and adjust your plan (actions) immediately since you’re watching the trajectory regularly.

I introduce how to use a scorecard in this Realtor® Planner.

11.  Get Reviews

note pad with testimonials written on it

Consistently ask for reviews and place them everywhere.

These third-party endorsements give credence to you as a professional and many people will relate to the various stories your clients write in their reviews.

These reviews make you relatable and also show that others found you and your services to be beyond their expectations and were exceptionally satisfied with you (and your team).

Place them on:

1) Your real estate website

2)  In your digital newsletter.  Start with one review in your newsletter and link to the others on your website so your sphere can continue reading *what others say.*

3) On your social media accounts

4) Invite people to Yelp you

5) Invite people to leave a google review

You work hard in your real estate business. You ensure you provide the best care and service for your clients.

Your clients will be thrilled to provide you with reviews. 

You have to ask them!

12.  Utilize Accountability 

Real Estate Agent Group Coaching

Take your business to the next level by having an accountability partner and/or business coach.

Setting goals are a must and AND, if you have specific accountability with a person with whom you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

Grow Your Business With Current Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Use the below strategies to grow your real estate business now.

You Decide How To Grow Your Real Estate Business

With focus, planning and execution you can take your real estate business to ever higher levels.

You decide.  It’s your business.

Planning, hard work, focus, adjusting where need be and you’ll have the best chances to take your real estate business to whatever heights you desire.

12 Smart Tips To Steadily Grow A Real Estate Business