A real estate commission advance can help real estate agents during those times when cash flow is tight and a cash advance would help bridge the gap between transaction settlements.

More and more real estate agents and brokers are turning to real estate commission advance companies to tap into their future commissions now.

You may be asking what exactly is a real estate commission advance and how does it work?

Thinking about your credit? Are you wondering if a credit report is required and if a commission advance affects your credit score?

Commission Advance and commission advance companies for real estate agents

How can you get a commission advance on listings?

Where can you find real estate commission advance companies?

Listed below are 5 real estate commission advance companies and all have OVERALL EXCELLENT reviews on Trustpilot.com

This article answers the above questions and other things to consider when looking into a real estate commission advance.

What is a real estate commission advance?

A real estate commission advance is a type of financial service in which a real estate agent and their broker agree to sell a portion of their pending commissions for a fee, in exchange for immediate cash.

Is a Credit Report Required For a Commission Advance?

No. A commission advance company considers other factors when deciding if they will approve your request and a credit check is not one of them.

Your credit is not affected either. The commission advance companies do not order a credit report.

Most look at your past and present real estate performance and the terms of the pending real estate contract.

Is Commission Advance a Loan?

No, it’s not a loan.  It’s a financial transaction that allows a Realtor® to access funds quickly without waiting until settlement.

How Quickly Will I Receive The Cash?

hands counting a stack of hundred dollar bills

Once approved some companies fund the same day and deposit it straight into your bank account.

Usually you’ll receive the funds within 2 days upon approval. Do your due diligence when looking into commission advance companies and find out their funding protocol.

A Short Overview Of How It Works

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Is the Commission Advance Kept Confidential?

Most companies have a strict confidentiality policy and your transaction is usually kept private – between you, your broker and the commission advance company.

Your clients are typically not notified.

If confidentiality is a concern for you, be sure to ask the company about their privacy policy.

Barbara Corcoran Is a Strong Advocate For Commission Advances

Barbara Corcoran black top with hands on her hips

Real Estate Mogul, Barbara Corcoran, is a firm believer in the importance of having access to financial capital as an essential part of growing a successful real estate business.

Barbara recalls taking a managerial job when she ran her real estate brokerage because of cash flow issues.

Being a real estate agent can be a financial roller coaster at times and she knows this all too well.

She’s says a commission advance service would have prevented a lot of cash flow headaches and problems when she was running the Corcoran Group.

But, back then, these type of companies didn’t exist.

This type of financial service is relatively for real estate agents and brokers.

Barbara believes so strongly in the benefits of a commission advance that she’s now a spokesperson for eCommission which provides this type of financial service.

Are They Offered On Listings?

Sign on top of a neighborhood map that says new listing

You may qualify for a commission advance on your active listings.

Most commission advance companies fund on active listings.

The cash amount for which you’re approved varies.   These companies look at your sales history and past closed transactions to determine how much of a cash advance they’ll extend to you.

Once your real estate listing goes under contract many companies will allow you to access more money.

What Happens If the Closing Gets Extended?

Real estate commission advance companies realize this happens often.

Many allow for a grace period and do not charge additional fees if settlement happens within a certain period of time.

This is an important question and one you need to know and understand when choosing a company.

What if the contract cancels? What if it never settles?  Each company varies on this so be sure to ask them. 

How Do I Apply For A Commission Advance?

Most of these companies have you apply online.  Depending on the company, the commission advance agreement can be anywhere between 3 – 9 pages.

Be sure to read the agreement in it’s entirety so you know what you’re signing and agreeing to.

You need to know all the fees associated with this type of financial transaction.  You don’t want to be surprised with hidden fees!

These companies usually make it easy for you to upload supporting documents such as a real estate purchase contract, your active listing, your brokerage contact information, a summary of closed transactions and your driver’s license.

What Are Advanced Commissions Used For?

Real estate agents use commission advances for a myriad of reasons. 

The immediate cash can pay for many things such as a business bill that’s due, used to keep your real estate marketing and operations going or cover your upcoming payroll.

Cash flow during slower months can severely impact marketing, staffing and your business operation. 

An advance can help your business maintain a consistent cash flow that helps level out extended closings and slower business cycles.


• Office Overhead

Real Estate Marketing and Advertising

• Payroll

• MLS Fees

• Dues and Association Fees

• General Business Operating Expenses

What Are The Fees?

top view of business man holding a pen over a contract and stack of 100 dollar bills next to him

Fees can range anywhere between 5% to 20% of your net commissions (in some cases more).

Make sure you understand the fees associated with your commission advance transaction before signing anything.

Part of your due diligence when selecting a company is understanding all the fees associated with the cash advance.

And, be sure to read the agreement in it’s entirety before signing it.

Real Estate Commission Advance Companies

a check says commission and top says commission advance companies

When selecting a commission advance company do your due diligence.

The information in this article offers questions you should ask when searching for a real estate commission advance company that best suits your needs.

Below are 5 real estate commission advance companies who have 4.5+ overall reviews (noted as EXCELLENT) on Trustpilot.com.

5 Real Estate Advance Commission Companies With Excellent Ratings:

1.  COMMISSION EXPRESS NATIONAL – Commission Express has advanced over $800 million in commission advances since 1992.

They offer a free 30 day Grace Period should there be a delay in your projected settlement.

They pride themselves in high performance.  From their website Being the first commission advance company in the country has its benefits! Decades of industry experience are at your side when you choose Commission Express.”

Commission Express Reviews – They also have an overall 4.9 (out of a 5 rating score) on Trustpilot.com with 1,480 Ratings. 

Get more information about Commission Express HERE.

2.  CONCORD COMMISSION ADVANCE – They offer a merit based pricing structure.

Their website states  “…eligible agents receive our low fee guarantee* that we will beat any competitor’s advance quote.”

Concord Commission Advance Reviews – Real estate agents and brokers appear to be pleased with them.  They have an overall 4.8 (out of a 5 rating score) on Trustpilot.com.

You can check out Concord Commission Advance information and rates HERE.

3.  INSTANT COMMISSION – Instant Commission is a privately held financial institution.  They’re one of the smaller companies and take pride in building relationships with their clients.

They offer advances on active listing with more than 90 days until it expires.

Instant Commission Reviews – From a reviewer “I have used Instant Commission a number of times and their rates and customer service are far better than their competitors. I won’t use any other company for my commission advances.”  They have an overall 4.6 (out of a 5 rating score) on Trustpilot.com.

Check out Instant Commission’s program HERE. 

4.  eCOMMISSION – eCommission seems to be everywhere and they appear to have a large advertising budget.  You most likely have seen them before.

Their website claims they offer commission advances using active residential listing with at least 60 days remaining until it expires.

eCommission Reviews –   They have an overall 4.9 (out of a 5 rating score) on Trustpilot.com. 

eCommission offers two commission advance products. Check out their information HERE.

5.  EXPRESS CASH FLOW –  Express Cash Flow believes every transaction is different so they say “why have a *one size fits all* pricing model?”

They state they use a risk-based pricing plan to review each commission advance request.

EXPRESS CASH FLOW REVIEWS –   They have an overall 4.7 (out of a 5 rating score) on Trustpilot.com.

Check out how Express Cash Flow advance commissions work HERE.

Final Thoughts

Decide your reasons for needing a commission advance for your real estate business.

Once you know your reasons find a company that suits your needs.

I’ve said this a few times in this article, be sure to conduct your due diligence and read the commission advance agreement before signing so you won’t have any surprises.

Commission advances aren’t for everyone at all times but they may help during certain cycles in your real estate business.

Commission Advance and Companies That Help Real Estate Agents