It's done!  You've spent a great deal of time with your clients and now it's time to celebrate and thank your buyers or sellers for their business.  The best way and most personal way is with a special real estate closing gift.

Here are 11 of the best and most personal closing gifts for buyers and sellers in 2019.

Thank them, put a smile on their face and stay top of mind with these! 

Real Estate Closing Gifts

1. Send A Personal Gift the easy way

Create a personalized theme in a unique container that'll surprise and delight your client.  Sometimes you don't have time to run to stores, gather items and present a customized gift to your clients.

Check out Custom Gift Tree and find the perfect gift for you client.  . 

It doesn't have to be just for a closing.  Send something special to a client, colleague or in your sphere.  Let them know you're thinking about them. Surprise them!

They have something for every event and holiday.  They make it as simple and easy as possible for you! 

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Real Estate Closing Gifts

2. a coffee Subscription or one time coffee gift

Coffee lovers are fanatics regarding their coffee.  Surprise your coffee lover client with a coffee subscription throughout the year from BeanBox.  

They'll think of you every time they receive their new package.  You can also send a one time gift to your coffee loving client.  The Bean Box has multiple selections that's sure to please any coffee lover!

Real Estate Closing Gifts

Add the Barnett's Biscotti Cookies Package from Amazon to your gift.  Who doesn't love biscotti with their coffee and this delicious and elegant gift is sure to make any coffee lover pleased.

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3. Set Of Seasonal Welcome Door Mats

These beautiful welcome mats are sure to surprise your clients.  Get one for every season.  They'll think of you every time they change out their beautiful mats.

There are multiple ones to choose from so you're sure to find some that fit your client.

Make sure you get the rubber mat tray they sit in.  You only need one and your client can just change out the seasonal welcome mat.

I have these and I can attest to the quality! I love them and continue to purchase different ones that welcome people to my home.

Click on the various ones below and check out the multiple selection of Briarwood Lane mats here on Amazon

 4. Personalized Slate Coasters or cheeseboard

These unique coasters make an elegant statement and are sure to be enjoyed by your client. **Just make sure you don't put your branding on it.  This is a gift about them.

You can personalize them with initials, a quote or anything you'd like.

Get the slate cheeseboard and give to your clients as a set.  These are unique and beautiful.

They'll be touched by the personalization!

Real Estate Closing Gifts

5. Give An Edible Arrangement

My clients love these! It's so unique and a talking point amongst everyone who sees it and enjoys it!

I've sent to their work, during moving day or a special holiday.  I've sent these simply to say I'm thinking of you.

There are a variety of arrangements to choose from and usually can be delivered the same day you place your order.  Depending on the time you order sometimes it'll be delivered the next day.

Real Estate Closing Gifts
Real Estate Closing Gifts

6. 100 Things Every Home Owner Must Know: Book

This is a popular one especially with first time home buyers.  “Handyman: 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know.  How to Save Money, Solve Problems and Improve Your Home.”

Here is one of the many popular reviewsMy husband and I just got this book and looked it over cover to cover. Excellent tips and information about repairing, maintaining, increasing safety and using your home smartly.

We especially appreciated the section on the most common fire hazards in the home. (We'll be cleaning up our basement as a result!) There's also a great section on covert places to stash important documents and valuables that wouldn't be obvious to a thief.

We're very happy with this book. Every homeowner really should take a look at this book. It'd also be a great housewarming gift for new homeowners.” 

This one on Amazon is a very popular homeowner log/track book.

One of the many raving reviews:

“I am a realtor and this is what I give my first-time homebuyer clients. They love it. It is great for them to keep track of maintenance and repairs that they've done as a homeowner log/track book”

7. A Bamboo Cheese Board And Cutlery Set

This popular set is something that can be part of a closing gift or a pop by gift. Find it on Amazon.   

It's such a popular talking point at get togethers and special gatherings.  

Your clients will surely think of you every time they use it too!  

8. Personalized Return Address Self-Inking Stamp

These are unique and something people typically don't buy for themselves.

They're sure to remember you though. It's a useful gift and something that'll surprise your client with the personalization.

You can choose an elegant theme.  They have a monogrammed style or select from their multitude of options.


Real Estate Closing Gifts
Real Estate Closing Gifts

9. A Custom Gift Box

Keep these elegant boxes on hand and create custom closing gifts, pop bys or simply a thinking of you gift.

Listen closely to your clients.  Pay attention to their likes, hobbies and styles.  

Surprise them with a custom gift box (It can be a closing gift or pop by).  Include the gifts mentioned here or any unique gifts you know they'll appreciate.  You'll find these Elegant Boxes On Amazon.


Real Estate Closing Gifts

10. Give A Tool Kit set

Single women are the second largest group of home buyers.  They trail right behind married couples.

A tool kit set can be an ideal, helpful gift for a female home buyer.

They are ideal for first time home buyers too.

This sturdy tool kit on Amazon is reasonably priced and has all the tools needed for small projects around the home. 

Real Estate Closing Gifts For Women

11. Local Restaurant Gift Cards

So much happens during the real estate transaction and sellers and buyers are excited but usually tired too.

They have a lot to deal with after closing.  They're moving, unpacking and often live out of boxes for a bit.

Gift cards for local restaurants are so much appreciated as a closing gift!

Cooking, cleaning the kitchen (not to mention finding dishes and cookware) can get overwhelming when people move.

Make it easy on yourself too and order these gift cards online on Amazon.  This way you're not running around buying gift certificates. There's a large selection here. Order online and have it ready to go!

Use this gift box as packaging for your gift cards.

Real Estate Closing Gifts
Real Estate Closing Gifts

Include these personalized chopsticks in the beautiful gift boxes shown below and a certificate for a to go order at an asian restaurant.

Real Estate Closing Gifts

There are things you do and you don't do when gift giving.  This Forbe's article mentions several key things to keep in mind.

1)  Be Creative

2)  Don't Make It Promotional

3)  Do Make It Personal

4)  Do Have Fun

What gifts do you like to give?  What are some closing gifts you offer?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! 

This is you! Great way to start your day filled with your hot favorite beverage!

Stay hydrated with this vacuum insulated thermos and water bottle!

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