It's done!  Closed.  What will be your perfect closing gift that leaves a lasting impression on your seller or buyer?  What will be appreciated, unique and memorable for your client?

During real estate transactions you develop close relationship with your sellers and buyers. 

Possibly (most likely) you and your client went through some ups and downs to get to this point.

And, now you're looking for a unique closing gift to thank and congratulate your seller or buyer.  Maybe your real estate client was both a seller and buyer.

Real Estate Closing Gifts

Below you'll find popular and unique real estate closing gifts. You want to celebrate and thank your sellers and buyers for their business AND LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION with your real estate closing gifts.

Make your client gift special and something they'll say *wow* and leaves an imprint or something that can be a continual reminder of you.   

Thank them, put a smile on their face and stay top of mind with one or some of these unique real estate closing gifts.

27 Unique Real Estate Closing Gifts THAT WOW Your Clients


Closing Gift #1

Personalized Housewarming Real Estate Closing Gifts


Closing Gift Box Elegant Lasting Impression

A real estate closing gift is about your client.  They'll love your thoughtfulness of a custom, housewarming gift personalized just for them.

Closing Gift #2

Unique Wines That Wow Your Wine Loving Real Estate Clients

Unique Wine Closing Gift Celebration

This is the perfect gift for your wine loving client.

What better way to help your sellers or buyers celebrate than with these very unique wines.  Choose a one time, a quarterly or monthly gift of wine for your client.

Include a stunning wine glass set with this unique gift.

Closing Gift #3

Bamboo Cheese Board Set with Cheese Knife Drawer, Ceramic Bowls, Serving Forks and Removable Slate Board

This premier cheese and cheese and charcuterie board set is a popular real estate gift with Real Estate Spice visitors.

Take an extra step and include a gift certificate to a local popular deli that offers premier cheese and meat selections.

Closing Gift #4

A Home And Living Subscription Box Is A Unique Gift For The Home Loving Client

Gift Box Being Given Child Smiling

A home and living subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving.  Choose from an array of home gift boxes that's sure to delight your real estate client.

It's one of those closing gifts that keeps on giving!

They'll surely remember you as their real estate agent who truly cared and took care of them! 

Closing Gift #5

Personalized Closing Gift Pack

This (personalization box) is another one of the real estate closing gifts that has been very popular with Real Estate Spice visitors.

This is a personalized closing gift that's sure to impress!

Closing Gift #6

Breakfast and Biscuits Gift Surprise – Who Doesn't Love A Home Made Breakfast?

Breakfast and Biscuit Gift

Surprise your sellers and buyers with a gourmet breakfast and biscuit closing gift. 

They're sure to be exhausted after dealing with moving and all that comes with transitioning a household.

Surprise and delight them with a gift of a decadent biscuit breakfast and all the fixings.

Or, send a gourmet biscuit assortment to their workplace.  Their co-workers are sure to enjoy it too and they'll ask who sent it to them.

They'll respond “Our Incredible Realtor® who I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

Closing Gift #7

Slate Coasters and Beverage Glasses

Real Estate Closing Gifts

These unique coasters make an elegant statement and are sure to be enjoyed by your real estate client. **Just make sure you don't put your branding on it.  This is should be a personal gift about them.

You can personalize these with initials, a quote or anything you'd like.

Get these stunning beverage glasses  to complement the sleek coasters.

This combination is a memorable closing gift for your clients who enjoy their adult beverages.

Include a fine bottle of whiskey, vodka, bourbon or whatever else they like.

Closing Gift #8

Lobster Dinner Delivered Right To Their Door For The Seafood Lover

Lobster Dinners with free shipping label

Lobster Dinners

The Ultimate Comfort Food: Gifts for Lobster Lovers

This year Lobster Anywhere has assembled some of the most delicious lobster gift collections.
No matter where your clients are, the lucky recipients can enjoy a tasty lobster dinner that will make them feel like they’ve been transported to a coastal Maine seafood spot.

A Gift Basket Unlike Any Other

It is funny about lobsters, isn’t it? They always create a celebration. The meal itself is such a physical activity, maybe that is why.
Live lobsters and fresh seafood are the most memorable gifts you’ll ever give.
Because you’re not just giving a gift, you’re giving an experience. And it’s an experience no box of frozen steaks or basket of fruit will ever duplicate.

Closing Gift #9

“100 Things Every Home Owner Must Know” Book

This is a popular one especially with first time home buyers.  “Handyman: 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know.  How to Save Money, Solve Problems and Improve Your Home.”

Here is one of the many popular reviews “My husband and I just got this book and looked it over cover to cover. Excellent tips and information about repairing, maintaining, increasing safety and using your home smartly.

We especially appreciated the section on the most common fire hazards in the home. (We'll be cleaning up our basement as a result!) There's also a great section on covert places to stash important documents and valuables that wouldn't be obvious to a thief.

We're very happy with this book. Every homeowner really should take a look at this book. It'd also be a great housewarming gift for new homeowners.” 

Closing Gift #10

An Elegant Cutlery Set

This popular set is something that can be part of a closing gift or a real estate pop by gift.

It's such a popular talking point at get togethers and special gatherings.

Your clients will surely think of you every time they use it too.

Watch Below: See What This  Realtor® Does For His Closing Gift

Closing Gift #11

Handcrafted Gourmet Ice Cream Thank You Gift With Your Branding

Handcrafted Ice Cream Thank You Gift
Who isn't surprised and delighted by scooping out a bowls of handcrafted gourmet ice cream.

Pick and choose your own flavors or select from the Thank You Gift Selection.

This is a refreshing closing gift shipped and delivered fresh and frozen!

Closing Gift #12

Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box with Biscotti

Bean Box hand picks coffee from world renowned roasters.  Choose the perfect coffee gift for your sellers and buyers.

Delight your real estate clients and set them off on the right foot to start their day.  They'll be thinking of you and thanking you!

Closing Gift #13

Wine Gift Set


  • 【PERFECT BUNDLE for  the WINE LOVER】Opener, Aerator, Pourer, Vacuum stopper, Foil cutter, Storage bag

  • 【KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH LONGER】Minimize wine oxidation by pumping air out using the vacuum stopper

  • 【1-BUTTON AERATION and POUR WINE】Electric smart wine aerator, enhance the purity and aroma

  • 【EASILY REMOVE THE WINE CORK in SECONDS】Electric wine opener and foil cutter better protects your hands

Include their favorite wine and a set of wine glasses…they'll forever remember you!

Closing Gift #14

Stand Out With A Custom Pop Up Card

Custom Pop Up Cards

SELECT from a broad range of pop up cards and CUSTOMIZE if you'd like.

Impress your real estate client with a unique thank you card they'll surely remember.

Closing Gift #15

Custom Personalized Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Closing Gift #16

Unique Housewarming Thank You Cards

Closing Gift #17

Home Sweet Home, New Adventures Wine Bag

Closing Gift #18

Personalized Beer Glass Gift Set

Is your buyer or seller a beer connoisseur? Include their favorite premium beer, a gift certificate to a popular pub in your area and these personalized beer glasses and coasters.

Closing Gift #19

Gourmet Closing Gift Basket

Closing Gift #20

Outdoor Solar Wind Chime 

Closing Gift #21

Gourmet Abundance Fruit Basket

Closing Gift #22

Personalized Engraved Marble Charcuterie, Cheese, Pastry Stone

Closing Gift #23

Cutting Board and Serving Set (4 Bowls Included)

Closing Gift #24

Biscotti Gift Basket – Pair With A Coffee Subscription Above

Closing Gift #25

Crystal Glasses With Chilling Cubes Set

Closing Gift #26

Twisting Decanter Gift Set

As you're considering the perfect real estate closing gift think of ways you can offer personalization to it and offer a personal touch.

Your real estate client will appreciate a personalized gift.  This appreciation and making it memorable can lead to repeat business and referrals.

I've said this before…your real estate business is *personal* to an extent. When you remove the personal out you remove humanity.  Your sellers and buyers will remember and appreciate the personalized touch.

Closing Gift #27

Design It Yourself New Homeowner Gift Basket

These Design It Yourself Housewarming Gift Baskets are a thoughtful gift in that these offer much customization for your seller or buyer.

The Thank You Custom Gift Baskets are another option.  You'll find a multitude of options here that allow you to customize the perfect client gift basket.

Closing Gift #28

Luxury Closing Gift: Hanging Electric Fireplace

Pair some of the above closing gift ideas with other items.  For instance you can find a top shelf whiskey or other liquor and pair it with the decanter set above.

Some of the closing gifts mentioned above are subscription services.  You can offer a physical item and a gift certificate with one of the subscription items above.

You get to know your clients very well as their real estate advisor.  Remember the small details and their preferences when considering a great closing gift.

There do's and don'ts when client gift giving.  This Forbe's article mentions several key things to keep in mind.

1)  Be Creative

2)  Don't Make It Promotional

3)  Do Make It Personal


5)  Do Have Fun

What client closing gifts do you like to give? What are some closing gifts you've given in the past?



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28 UNIQUE Real Estate Closing Gifts That WOW - Be Memorable