If implemented, these 8 best real estate lead generation ideas for agents can take your business to higher and higher levels.

Leads are the lifeblood of your real estate business.  Hopefully, you’ve implemented a couple of the below already.

Add a couple more lead-generation ideas below.  Be patient, and as always…work your leads!

They work if you work them!

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Use these lead generating ideas and build a thriving real estate business with a pipeline you keep continually full with real estate leads.

Some real estate leads convert to a closing within a couple of months and others take a couple of years or more.

However, all highly successful real estate agents know they must have lead generating strategies in place, they must work their leads consistently and have a system in place to continually stay in front of their leads.

And, remember, you must continually improve your skillset both in sales and business management to have a thriving real estate business.

Your sales and real estate business skills are a must in order for any type of real estate sales lead to be of value to you.

Let’s begin!

8 Real Estate Lead generation Ideas That GET Results

1. Use A Real Estate Lead Generation Company

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Using a real estate lead generation company can be a simple process of generating leads.

You must be willing to follow up quickly, have a system in place to continually contact them and place them in your STRATEGIC MONTHLY E-ZINE TO STAY TOP OF MIND. 

Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

The below real estate lead generation companies are well liked and have high ratings from real estate agents and brokers. 

Each offers a slightly different angle but agents have been pleased with the lead generating programs and real estate resources they offer.

• REALTOR.COM – This is a popular and well respected lead generating company for many agents.

Spring Bengtzen and her real estate team are on pace to close 1,000 homes in 2022.  Spring purchases Realtor.com leads and says these online real estate leads are among her favorite ways to generate leads.

There are 2 programs available at Realtor.com

•  Connections Plus Buyer Leads  for agents.

•  ReadyConnect Concierge (used to be Opcity) this program puts you in contact with pre-screened buyers and sellers via phone contact.

• CHIME – Chime generates buyer and seller leads from a number of online channel sources.  Chime offers different tools and programs to suit your business needs.

Chime has excellent reviews with an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5SEE CHIME REVIEWS HERE.

See what’s a good fit for you with Chime’s real estate lead generating options – HERE.

• ESPRESSO AGENT – Espresso Agent’s mission is to “Help You Take More Listings.”    Their focus is to connect you with motivated sellers in your market.

With a 5 out of 5 overall rating many agents love this company.  SEE ESPRESSO AGENT REVIEWS HERE.

Head over and see if this real estate lead generation software company may be a good fit for you – ESPRESSO AGENT HERE.

Espresso Agent Testimonial Below

YouTube video

Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads

• CREXI – Generate real estate investor leads with this commercial real estate platform.  Crexi has various levels from which you can choose and they say you can “get up to 6X more leads and close faster” with their PRO level.

Andrew B., CEO of NAI Martens “We had nothing but positive results with Crexi!  The ability to get leads for our deals has been great. We’re able to see what other properties potential leads looked at.”

Crexi has an impressive overall 5 star rating with 49 reviews.  SEE CREXI REVIEWS HERE.

Check out the various agent and broker plans at CREXI HERE.

2. Generate Real Estate Leads With Social Media

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Social Media can be an excellent way to generate real estate leads when done well.  Many agents have ad campaigns on Facebook and these can generate hundreds of leads for them.

Ryan Serhant is the social media king and has over 4 billion in real estate sales.

Ads on social media is his go to lead generation strategy.

Be sure to watch Serhant’s video on using social media to generate real estate leads:

• Learn the 3 Biggest Mistakes that real estate agents make when selling social media

• Learn the two best social media platforms to generate real estate leads

• 3 things you want on your social media ads for them to be effective in generating real estate leads

• Learn how many pictures you should include on social media ads and how you should use the photos to capture interest

Over 4 Billion In Real Estate Sales

Ryan Serhant, with over 4 billion in real estate sales, uses social media as a primary real estate generation tool

YouTube video

Use Listings To Leads Company

Listings To Leads will help you get buyers and sellers with or without listings on social media.

This real estate company is incredibly affordable and agents love them.  Over 50,000 real estate agents and brokers use LISTINGS TO LEADS TO GENERATE LEADS FOR THEM.


• Automated Real Estate Marketing, Lead Generation & Conversion Help

Social Media Ads with Lead Capture (Facebook and Instagram Ads)

• 50+ Branded PDF Guides for Seller & Buyers

• Direct Mail & Listing Lead Gen for Your Farm

• Seller Sphere Lead Campaigns

• Social Posts for Engagement

• Database & Follow Up for Conversion

•  Affordable Plans

•  Free Trial


“Scott Pierce, I so admire your patience and tolerance for a product that is worth at least 150% of the price your are charging…the reason I am in this business…and the reason I am on track to do 200k in my second year in real estate. Cheers L2L!” Mark B, Keller Williams Realty

3. Nurture Your Existing Database

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Many top real estate agents claim one of the biggest mistakes they made during their first few years of starting their real estate business was not nurturing their existing sphere and database of leads.

Spring Bengtzen, Broker, closes on average 1,000 homes yearly, says that not nurturing and staying in front of her database early in her real estate career was one mistake she made in this interview.

The most successful agents consistently stay in front of their database with a CUSTOM REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER.

A digital real estate newsletter is the number one way to leverage yourself, consistently stay in front of your sphere of influence and database, offer valuable home buying and selling information and offer other pertinent advice to your local real estate area and demographic.

It’s one of the least expensive ways for real estate lead generation that pays you DIVIDENDS OVER THE YEARS.

4. Specialize In Divorce Lead Generation

long road says divorce on it and real estate divorce niche

Divorce is an unfortunate reality in society.  Almost 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. 

With the marriage dissolving the home often needs to be sold or at least one spouse will need to find another home.

Both spouses may need to purchase a new home.  The divorcing couple may need to sell their shared house and other properties they own together.

The divorce niche, if worked properly, can generate a substantial amount of real estate leads and referrals for you.

Learn the intricacies and skillfully navigate the real estate divorce niche.

The Illumni Institute offers classes, support and a membership program for new and seasoned real estate agents.

5. Systematize Real Estate Farming

suburban neighborhood that says systematize real estate farming

Real estate farming is an excellent source for lead generation.   However, you need structure and a plan for it to be effective. 

Googling  “What is real estate farming?”  is one of the top search terms for new real estate agents.  They do this because they’ve heard real estate farming can be a great source for real estate lead generation.

Many agents are not sure how to properly implement a strong real estate farming strategy that generates leads.

With real estate farming, you market to a particular geographic area or neighborhood and you plant marketing seeds in these areas, essentially “farming” leads in this neighborhood.

You become known as the “Go To Real Estate Agent” in a neighborhood using certain marketing techniques.

To make the best use of your time and dollars with real estate farming you need a strong marketing system in place.

Master real estate farming and you’ll have leads and closings for years to come.

6. Implement Circle Prospecting

circle with people inside and circles radiating out says implement circle prospecting

Circle prospecting is a popular real estate lead generating because it works so well for many agents.

A real estate agent or broker announces an open house, a recently sold home or creates another type of marketing campaign via a phone call, postcard or another type of marketing medium with the intention to generate leads.

Step-by-Step Circle Prospecting Real Estate Method

Real estate agent, Christina Griffin, takes you step-by-step on how she earned $251,000 in one year with circle prospecting.

YouTube video

7. Offer Custom Home Buyer and Seller Guides

Book and says custom home buying and selling guides to generate leads

Have customized home buyer and home seller guides made with your contact information, your real estate testimonials and whatever else you’d like to add.

Make sure you have a landing page on your real estate website and other online marketing areas in which the potential buyer or seller can obtain your home buyer or home seller guides by entering their email address.

Your own custom real estate guides are a great way to separate yourself from other agents and they highlight YOU as a true professional.

Be sure to include their email in your monthly real estate e-Zine!

8. Make Phone Calls

female real estate agent talking on the phone at her desk

Pick up the phone and make calls.  Calling is still one of the number one ways to generate leads.

It’s one of the most effective and personal ways to establish rapport and build trust with potential clients and your SOI.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, many people are bombarded with emails and social media advertisements, leading to a sense of detachment and impersonality. By picking up the phone and engaging in a one-on-one conversation, agents demonstrate their commitment, expertise, and genuine interest in helping clients achieve their real estate goals.  

Even if they don’t answer, leave a voicemail message.  People appreciate the thought, and it’s not professional to hang up without leaving a voicemail message.

Phone calls also provide an opportunity to quickly address concerns, answer questions, and tailor the approach to each individual client.

This proactive approach allows agents to cultivate strong relationships, improve lead conversion rates, and foster long-term client loyalty in a competitive real estate market.

Here you have the top real estate lead generation ideas that work if you work them.

Remember, generating real estate leads, converting them to clients and, finally, to a closed real estate transaction is a marathon, not a sprint.

Your lead pipeline is the lifeblood of your business. Keep your pipeline full, have a lead follow up system in place and stay top of mind with your leads.

Take some time to build a high converting real estate marketing funnel.

Make sure you leverage yourself and stay top of mind with a monthly CUSTOM REAL ESTATE E-ZINE so when the time comes for them to sell, buy or they know someone who is ready to buy or sell, they contact YOU!