Do you ever ask yourself how can you keep leads and commissions coming in regularly? 

I did and this is what I discovered – A Realtor® Daily Printable.

What was discovered that was ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL?

Consistency…But wait…there’s more…

Consistency in doing the important things that will bring You Steady Leads And Commissions.

Once I created and implemented this very simple sheet, the Realtor® Daily Printable, guess what happened?  I started getting regular leads, more referrals and COMMISSIONS started coming in regularly.

It resulted in more and more closed deals!

Realtor Daily Planner

 Then, guess what happened?

I started getting pulled in multiple directions.  Leads and referrals were coming in when I started as an agent…I had listings and buyers so I stopped doing this one thing. Then…

My leads started to dry up.  I didn’t have as many transactions going on…nothing in the pipeline. What happened?

What was the one thing I did that was working so well…then stopped?

Using this one page, this Realtor® Daily Printable, EVERY DAY.  That’s it.

This page includes writing down 2 Daily Marketing Goals that are important And reaching out to at least 5 people per day.  I created this simple sheet, the Realtor® Daily Printable,  to do this.

The top area of this page has space for your vision for the day.  I absolutely love this…puts me in a great mood and it’s amazing how your day seems to flow better when you have a vision and intention for that day.

There are a couple more items I have on this one page...and Bam, it’s magic. It’s so simple and yet so incredibly effective in bringing in regular commissions. 

You can get the sheet I use below free to you. Download, print and complete one every day. It takes only 5 minutes. I designed the page to use minimal ink and no colors so I can simply print and write on it immediately.

Or simply use mine as a guide and create one of your own. However you do it…this works!

I promise you…when you start doing this every day…no fail…you’ll see a crazy, good momentum in your business. 

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