Making the most of your staircase landing depends on its unique shape and size. Many creative decorating options exist, from creative art pieces to attractive benches, to mirrors, and tables.

Be inspired by these striking stair-landing ideas which are carefully curated to help you breathe new life into your stair areas.

stairlanding ideas with bench mirrors throw pillows wall art faux plants

With the right decor and design ideas, you can transform your staircase landing into a stylish area that reflects your personality and set up that’s perfect for you.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, and enjoy!  This is your creative time for your home! 

1. Style For Chic Comfort

staircase landing with two chairs poufs wall art throw pillow tables

 Source Image: Pinterest

Style for chic comfort on your stair landing by adding high-back chairs paired with plush poufs, offering a cozy reading nook or conversation space.

Using contrasting throw pillows adds a pop of pattern, while the gold accent tables and wall art bring in a touch of luxury and sophistication. This design is effective because it transforms an often-overlooked space into a functional and stylish area that invites you to pause and enjoy.

2. Go Earthy 

top of staircase landing with tree earthy pot earthy style wall art black and white floor covering

 Source Image: Nate Berkus / Instagram

Go earthy on your stair landing by incorporating natural elements like a potted indoor tree to bring life and a sense of tranquility to the space. The black and white checkered floor adds classic elegance, while the simple yet substantial artwork and a statement light fixture provide visual interest without overcrowding.

This design is good as it creates an open, refreshing, and inviting space at the top of the stairs, setting a serene tone for the adjoining rooms.

3. Keep It Simple With A Wood Stool

wood stool used at a table for for flowers and candle on staircase landing

Keep It Simple With A Wood Stool

Incorporating a small wood stool on a staircase landing creates a quaint and welcoming aesthetic, providing a platform for small decorative items. Adding a fresh or faux floral arrangement and a gently flickering candle not only brightens the space but also introduces a serene ambiance.

4. Add A Storage Sitting Bench

storage sitting bench with two baskets underneath holding items throw pillows and faux flowers on top of bench

Add A Storage Sitting Bench

A storage sitting bench placed on a staircase landing combines function with style, providing a cozy spot to sit, while also offering a clever solution for keeping everyday items, such as throw pillows and miscellaneous belongings, neatly stowed away in attractive baskets beneath. 

5. Create A Reading Nook With Shelving

reading nook with built in shelves in staircase landing

Create A Reading Nook With Shelving

Creating a reading nook with shelves or adding an arched bookcase, on a staircase landing transforms an often underutilized space into a cozy oasis. This offers a quiet retreat for reading enthusiasts while providing easily accessible, organized storage for a treasured book collection.

6. Remember The Upstairs Landing Decor

Top of stairs decor wall art mirror table moulding floating shelf

 Source Image: cottagerenovationcwmrhys / Instagram

Don’t forget about decorating your upstairs landing decor when styling your stair area, as it is a transitional space that reflects the overall design aesthetic. The upstairs landing decorating ideas in the image above showcases a floating shelf with a vase of flowers and a mirror to create a focal point, adding charm and the illusion of space.

Wall art is arranged in a gallery style, personalizes the area, and coordinating colors and textures in decor items tie the space together with the rest. A stair landing table at the end of the stair area stores items and the wallpaper behind it adds character and visual interest.

7. Add Accent Lighting On The Landing Stairs

accent lighting at the bottom of the landing stairs

Source Image: glebehouse_renovation / Instagram 

Add accent lighting on the landing stairs with decorative lanterns to create a warm and welcoming ambiance as you transition between floors. A side table with a lamp and a flower vase introduces functionality and a decorative touch, enhancing the area’s charm.

A neutral color palette and wainscoting along the staircase walls contribute to a cohesive and elegant look, echoing the aesthetic style.

8. Brighten With A Wall Mirror

wall mirror on staircase landing

Brighten With A Wall Mirror

Adding a wall mirror to a staircase landing brightens the area by reflecting natural and artificial light while visually expanding the space, creating an inviting and spacious ambiance for everyone ascending or descending the staircase.

9. Create A Seating Area With Throws and Cushions

seating area with large throws and sitting benches

Source: dialdominic

Create A Seating Area With Throws and Cushions

Creating a seating area on a staircase landing, with large throws, cushions, and sitting benches, transforms an otherwise transitional space into a welcoming and cozy spot for casual relaxation, conversations, or a peaceful moment in life’s daily hustle.

10. Create A Seating Platform Nook

Seating Bench with throws a wall sconse and wood floor on staircase landing

Source: kathykuohome

Create A Seating Platform Nook

A cozy seating bench with throw pillows is placed on a rich wood floor platform on the staircase landing, becoming an inviting oasis of comfort and aesthetic appeal. The complementary wall sconce gently illuminates the space, blending functionality and warmth to enhance the area.

11. Add A Mirror With Framed Prints

Staircase landing with Mirror with framed prints and stunning light fixture above

Source: pinterest

Add A Mirror With Framed Prints

A staircase landing featuring a mirror, complemented by framed prints and crowned with a stunning light fixture, not only visually expands and brightens the space but also transforms it into an elegant gallery that elevates the visual appeal.

12. Make A Staircase Landing Gallery Wall

Staircase landing gallery wall with black and white framed photos and rustic dark wood shelf on adjacent wall holding home decor accents

Source: pinterest

Make A Staircase Landing Gallery Wall

Make a gallery wall of black and white framed photos on your staircase landing. This exudes a timeless and personal charm. 

Add a rustic dark wood shelf along an adjacent wall, that showcases matching home decor accents. This seamlessly blends nostalgia and style, that turns a simple passageway into a meaningful visual narrative of memories and aesthetic coherence.

13. Create A Staircase Gallery Wall Starting On Landing

Create A Staircase Gallery Wall Starting On Landing

Create A Staircase Gallery Wall Starting On Landing

Creating a gallery wall on a staircase landing that continues along the staircase offers an innovative way to showcase cherished memories and art, transforming an often-overlooked space into a captivating visual journey. This design adds character to the transition between floors, depth, and texture to your home’s vertical spaces.

Learn how to create your own staircase gallery wall just like this one here. 

14. Add Faux Greenery

two faux greenery plants on small table on staircase landing

Add Faux Greenery

Incorporating faux plants on a staircase landing introduces a touch of nature’s vibrancy without the maintenance real plants require. Whether elegantly displayed on a table or strategically placed on the floor, these artificial greens add a refreshing, aesthetic appeal to landing.

15.  Add A Comfortable Chair

large chair with artwork above on staircase landing

Add A Comfortable Chair

This stair landing creates a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics, using the space with a strategically placed chair for resting or removing shoes.

The artwork above the chair not only adds a touch of elegance but also breaks the monotony of the wall, drawing attention and providing a focal point. The wicker basket, besides being a practical storage solution, complements the neutral color palette, tying the whole area together and giving it a cozy, homely feel.

16. Add Poufs For Landing Decor

poufs on staircase landing with table

Source: dreeshomes

Add Poufs For Landing Decor

To create a staircase landing similar to this, choose landing decor such as a circular table with a sleek, modern design as the centerpiece. Place plush, round velvet poufs around the table to provide luxurious yet casual seating.

Ensure the poufs match the elegance of the space, selecting a rich, complementary color like this emerald green. Finish the decor setting with a floral arrangement on the table and consider wall decor that enhances the space’s welcoming ambiance.

17. Install Wallpaper On Your Staircase Landing

staircase landing with wallpaper installed

Install Wallpaper On Your Staircase Landing

To design a staircase landing like this, install a bold patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall. Add a console table, round mirror, and decor to tie the space together. Finish with a touch of greenery and textured accessories for warmth and character.

18. Soothe With Drop Cloth Paint By Farrow and Ball

Stair landing Wall painted in Farrow and Ball Dropcloth Paint

Soothe With Drop Cloth Paint By Farrow and Ball

For a staircase landing like this, begin by painting the walls with Drop Cloth paint by Farrow and Ball, which adds a soothing and neutral backdrop. Incorporate a rustic wooden console for texture and complement it with carefully selected decor pieces. Complete the serene ambiance with soft lighting and framed artwork to create an inviting and harmonious space.

19. Opt For Modern Elegance

Staircase landing with small round marble table black and white wall art white velvet pouf

Source: Rebel House

Opt For Modern Elegance

To achieve a staircase landing with modern elegance like this by Rebel House, opt for clean lines and a monochromatic color palette at the bottom of the deck stairs. Incorporate striking elements like a statement light fixture and a minimalist black chair for visual interest. Complete the look with a small round marble table and a plush white pouf, balancing functionality with sophisticated style.

20. Create A Staircase Landing Accent Wall With Tile

staircase landing with tile accent wall mirror table lamp

Source: tileclub

Create A Staircase Landing Accent Wall With Tile

Create a staircase landing accent wall by choosing a patterned tile that complements your decor and installing it for a textured, eye-catching feature.

Place a sleek console table against the tile backdrop to serve as a practical yet stylish element. Enhance the space with a statement mirror and a chic lamp to add both light and the illusion of depth.

21. Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

staircase landing gallery wall family photos with bench and pillows

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Transform your staircase landing into a personalized gallery wall and take a walk down memory lane with cherished photographs. Arrange framed pictures in a symmetrical grid to give the space a clean and organized feel.

Add a bench below the gallery, providing a cozy spot to sit or place decor items on it. Soften the area with comfortable pillows, making it a warm and inviting nook on your daily journey up and down the stairs.

staircase landing ideas with benches plants lighting artwork

Home Pro Tips For Staircase Landings

10 Staircase Decor Ideas and Tips Checklist

1. Define the Space With A Rug

Use an area rug to define the landing space, adding warmth and texture while visually anchoring the area.

2. Seating Decor

Incorporate seating such as a bench, armchairs, or poufs to create a cozy nook that invites people to sit and relax.

3. Lighting

Install statement lighting fixtures like a chandelier or pendant lights to brighten the space and add a touch of elegance.

4. Statement Art

Transform the landing into an art gallery with curated paintings, prints, or photographs that reflect your style.

5. Mirrors

Add a large statement mirror to add depth to the space and reflect light, making the area appear larger and brighter.

6. Natural Decor

Bring in potted plants or flowers to add a touch of nature and a splash of color.

7. Books

Set up a small bookshelf with a comfortable chair and a reading lamp to turn the landing into a quiet reading retreat.

8. Wall Decor

Create an accent wall with bold wallpaper, wood paneling, or a contrasting paint color to draw the eye and add interest. Add stunning artwork and wall decor to the wall and highlight these with wall sconces.

9. Functional Decor

Use the stair landing space to incorporate practical elements like a console table for keys and mail or built-in shelving for storage.

10. Staircase Runner

A stylish stair runner can add color and pattern to the staircase, providing a visual link to the landing area.

Helpful Storage Ideas and Decor Items

Keep A Staircase Basket On Your Landing

Tidy Niches Staircase Basket On Staircase landing


A staircase basket on the landing conveniently corrals everyday items, streamlining clutter and simplifying transitions between floors.

Add A Statement Chandelier

Introducing a statement chandelier to a stairway landing area instantly elevates the space, infusing it with elegance and creating a captivating focal point that illuminates and enhances the passage between floors.

YIOSI Staircase Chandelier in landing area


Wall Art And Mixing Design Elements

Mixing decor and design elements can give your landing a polished look. You might want to integrate mirrors, art pieces, wall art, or a gallery wall into the space. 

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger area, while artwork and a gallery wall can infuse some of your personal taste into your home. 

ArtbyHannah Framed Black and White Wall Art Set


Storage and Visual Interest

Transforming your staircase landing can be a great way to utilize space and add visual interest to your home.

One popular way to make the most of your staircase landing is by introducing storage solutions. Add built-in shelves, cabinets, or a stylish storage bench that can double as seating.

Christopher Knight Storage Bench On Stairway Landing


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put on a stair landing?

On a stair landing, you can place decorative items such as rugs, wall art, mirrors, functional elements like benches, storage baskets, or bookshelves, and enhance with lighting fixtures and greenery, depending on the available space.

How do you style a landing at the top of the stairs?

To style a landing at the top of the stairs, incorporate decorative elements like wall art, mirrors, and rugs, add functional pieces such as seating or storage, and enhance the ambiance with appropriate lighting and greenery, all while considering the available space and overall home decor theme.

How do you decorate landing stairs?

To decorate landing stairs, consider adding wall art or a gallery wall, placing mirrors to enhance light and space, introducing rugs or runners for warmth, and incorporating small furniture or greenery, depending on the available area.

What to do with dead landing space?

To utilize dead landing space, consider introducing a seating nook, adding decorative shelving or a bookcase, placing potted plants or greenery for a touch of nature, and using statement lighting or wall art to create a focal point.

How can you maximize a small staircase landing?

To maximize a small staircase landing, utilize vertical space with tall, slender shelving units or wall-mounted racks, incorporate mirrors to visually expand the area, and choose furniture or decor that doubles as storage, such as a bench with hidden compartments.

What lighting options are suitable for a staircase landing?

For staircase landings, long chandeliers can offer a dramatic centerpiece, pendant lights create elegant illumination, wall sconces provide ambient light, and table or floor lamps add warmth; always choose lighting that enhances the decor and ensures safe passage.

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