Decorating over your bed completely transforms your space.  Think about your personality and style when creating that beautiful space above your bed.

These unique and inspiring ideas are listed below to help you with decorating the area above your bed.

Nature print above the bed white bedroom with grey accents

Imagine giving your bedroom an enchanting transformation simply by adorning the space above your bed with stunning wall decor.

It’s a splash of your personality, a collection of colors you love, patterns, and textures that not only refines your room’s theme but also cocoons you in an oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Whether you’re decorating above your headboard, starting with a blank wall behind your bed or planning a new home bedroom, something here will inspire you for your design above the bed.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, and enjoy!  This is your creative time for your home! 

13 Gorgeous Ideas For Decorating Above Your Bed

1. Go White On White

white canvas artwork above bed in white bedroom

Go White On White

For a serene and stunning bedroom design, go white on white by choosing white artwork to hang above the bed. Opt for a textured canvas piece that adds depth and interest without disrupting the monochromatic theme.

This minimalist approach draws the eye subtly and pairs perfectly with plush bedding and soft lighting. The result is a tranquil, chic space that feels both open and refined.

2. Add Round Mirror Wall Art Above Bed

Wall Decor Round Mirror Pair hanging above a cream and black bed in modern bedroombed in

Add Round Mirror Wall Art Above Bed

A pair of round mirrors, serving as chic wall decor, adorns a bold black wall in a modern bedroom.

These mirrors are strategically positioned above a tastefully designed bed with cream and black bedding, contributing to the room’s contemporary appeal.

3. Hang Wall Sconces Above Bed

two black decorative wall lights hang above bed shining down

Hang Wall Sconces Above Bed

Hang wall sconces above your bed and create a comfortable, well-lit area to read, rest, and relax.  This is a great option to have along with side table lamps to give you task lighting and add architectural interest to the wall.

The backdrop for this area is a sage green board and batten wall, that creates a beautiful and tranquil space.

4. Three Piece Canvas Wall Art Above Bed

3 piece canvas wall art modern floral design over the bed in a grey modern bedroom


Three Piece Canvas Wall Art Above Bed

In a contemporary bedroom swathed in soothing shades of grey, a three-piece modern canvas art featuring floral designs lends a stunning focal point.

Elegantly arranged over the bed, the art pieces infuse the space with a serene yet stylish ambiance, embodying the perfect blend of comfort and modern design flair.

5. Stages Of Moon Art Print Over The Bed

5 piece phases of moon above the bed art print


Stages Of Moon Art Print Over The Bed

The 5-piece moon phase art print, suspended above the bed, becomes an eye-catching centerpiece in this modern bedroom.

The print, showcasing the moon’s varying stages, adds an element of celestial tranquility, perfectly complementing the room’s contemporary style.

6. Vintage Window Frame Above The Bed

vintage window frame above the bed in a farmhouse style white bedroom

Source: cindylu757

Vintage Window Frame Above The Bed

A vintage window frame hung meticulously above the bed adds a touch of rustic charm to this light, airy bedroom outfitted in plush cream and white bedding.

The decor selection underscores the room’s farmhouse-style aesthetic while contributing to its overall welcoming ambiance.

7. Frame Themed Wall Art Prints Over The Bed

matching black white and pink accent wall art prints in modern bedroom with black accents and white and pink bedding

Frame Themed Wall Art Prints Over The Bed

Six themed wall art prints encased in black frames lend an artistic flair to a modern bedroom, subtly echoing its striking black accents.

The prints’ blend of black, white, and pink hues perfectly complements the room’s chic white and pink bedding, creating a visually harmonious space.

8. Painted Stenciled Design Above The Bed

DIY Painted black and white Design Decor With Framed art piece in the middle above bed in modern small bedroom has black and white accents

Painted Stenciled Design Above The Bed

Experience the art of understated elegance in a cozy, modern bedroom with this painted stencil design above the bed.

Commanding center stage is a strikingly framed art piece in the middle, poised above the bed, perfectly accentuating the room’s monochromatic appeal. A delightful balance of black and white accents subtly elevates this compact space into a stylish sanctuary of serene sophistication.

9. Hang Metallic Wall Art Above The Bed

3 metallic wall art pieces in modern bedroom with purple gray and gold accent colors

Hang Metallic Wall Art Above The Bed

Be captivated by the allure of three metallic wall art pieces, masterfully displayed in a modern bedroom teeming with a tasteful fusion of purple, gray, and gold accents. Metal wall art adds an artistic statement to a bedroom.

The interplay of these rich hues with the art’s metallic sheen instills a sense of refined elegance, transforming the room into an upscale haven of serene comfort and contemporary style.

10. World Map Canvas Painting Over Your Bed

3D World Map Canvas Painting in gold frame hanging on a wall with a gray wall map above a grey bed with gray and cream bedding

World Map Canvas Painting Over Your Bed

Add a touch of global sophistication with a stunning 3D World Map Canvas Painting, set in a stunning gold frame and thoughtfully displayed above a stylish grey bed.

The ensemble is elegantly balanced by gray and cream bedding, while a gray wallpaper map covering the wall behind it adds a bit of intellectual charm, weaving a tale of cosmopolitan luxury and curated comfort.

11. Water Color Painting Above Bed In Rustic Bedroom

water color painting above the bed in a modern rustic bedroom

Source: ltk.home

Water Color Painting Above Bed

In this rustic bedroom, a stunning watercolor depiction of nature hangs over the bed.

Behind the bed is a half wall with green board and batten, complemented by bedding in hues of green, white, and maroon; tables hold books, and there’s a bench at the bed’s end, topped with pillows and accompanied by baskets underneath

12. Horizontal Framed Saying Above The Bed

horizontal framed print says welcome to roundtown hangs above bed in bedroom

Horizontal Framed Saying Above The Bed

A framed horizontal black and white print bearing the saying, welcome to Roundtown, takes a central spot above the bed.

The ambiance is set with grey walls, windows dressed in white sheers, a chic white headboard, vintage-inspired nightstands, and bedding detailed in white and grey tones. The white trim perfectly accents this master bedroom.

13. Statement Art Print Series Over The Bed

two art prints in black frame above bed in bedroom with black and white decor

Source: mmlighting

Statement Art Print Series Over The Bed

In the heart of this bedroom designed with chic black and white decor, a pair of simple but beautiful art prints, framed in sleek black frames hang above the bed. 

The stunning four-post bed further enhances the focal point of the wall decor above this bed.

How To Decorate Above The Bed Video

YouTube video

Begin this part of your bedroom design journey – the mesmerizing act of decorating above your bed.

It’s a creative endeavor filled with endless options just waiting to be explored. From the charming rusticity of farmhouse decor to the innovative variety of a curated gallery wall, your choices are bountiful and dazzling.

Imagine the awe-inspiring transformation of the space above your bed, blossoming into a captivating focal point of your personal sanctuary.

Picture a collection of your favorite photos, memories immortalized in frames, artfully arranged above your bed, making each slumber a trip down memory lane. Or perhaps envision a singular, stunning wall hanging that immediately captures the attention, a testament to your distinctive taste.

Home decor doesn’t just enhance your living space; it’s a vibrant testament to your personality. It’s about more than mere aesthetics. It’s about turning a good idea into a phenomenal one, crafting a space that isn’t merely somewhere you sleep but a treasured haven that energizes and soothes you all at once.

As you delve into the world of bed decor, let yourself be enticed by the limitless possibilities.

Embrace the opportunity to inject your essence into every corner of your room. From farmhouse charms to contemporary chic, the world is your oyster.

So, unleash your creativity, decorate above your bed, and make your bedroom a masterpiece that reflects the unique, fabulous you!

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