Regardless of whether you refer to it as a living room, family room, great room, or den, these living room decorating ideas offer ways to combine furniture, incorporate the latest living room trends, provide ideas for wall decorations and color schemes, offer styling tips for interior rugs, incorporating textiles and more.
living room decorating ideas with mirrors throw pillows wall decor sofas rugs coffee table ceiling fixtures table lamps fireplace chairs
I’ve compiled a stunning collection of living room decorating ideas for you. You’ll find innovative and stylish living room decor ideas and images for small, large, and interior design styling tips.

I walk you through various design elements and styles and feature transformative living room decorating ideas designed to breathe new life into your home’s gathering space.

From cozy textures and innovative color schemes to stylish furniture arrangements and unique decor touches, this collection and living room styling tips offer endless inspiration to refresh and personalize your living area.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, check out the room products, and enjoy! 

This is your creative time for your home!

1. Enhance Elegance With Wallpaper

Elegant Living Room with subtle elegant wallpaper installed

Install Elegant Wallpaper

Enhance elegance with wallpaper in your living room by selecting a sophisticated pattern like the wallpaper above from the Elitis wall collection, which exemplifies the harmonious blend of texture and colors.

Use wallpaper as a stunning decor element, ensuring it complements the room’s overall color scheme and furniture. Consider the pattern’s scale for the size of the living room. Balance the wallpapered walls with neutral furnishings, decor, and an elegant statement ceiling light to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

2. Hang Window Curtains High

Window Curtains Hung High In Living Room

Source: the drape

Add A Polished Vertical With High Curtains

To achieve a refined ambiance with a sense of increased space like the image above, hang window curtains high for a polished vertical look that elongates the walls and draws the eye upward. This design choice not only enhances the perceived height of the room but also adds a touch of sophistication.

To continue with the look above, complement the vertical emphasis with a neutral-toned, plush sofa and natural textures like wooden side tables and a woven coffee table to balance the height with grounded elements. Utilize green accents in cushions and plants to harmonize with the natural view, ensuring the room feels expansive and connected to the outdoor environment.

3. Embrace The Earthy Look

Earthy living room with earthy tones and wood coffee table

Include Earthy Tones and Wood In Your Living Room

To recreate the earthy look of the living room similar to the image above, begin by painting your walls in a soft, neutral color and select a large, plush sectional in a light, earthy, beige tone.

Opt for a sturdy wooden coffee table with a weathered finish to serve as the room’s focal point, complementing the stone accent wall that provides a touch of natural texture. Complete the look with accessories like woven baskets, a jute area rug, and decorative items in natural materials to enhance the earthy ambiance.

4. Paint The Walls Sage Green

living room with sage green wall and retro chic style

Use Sage Green For A Tranquil Space

To create a living room like the image above, start by painting the walls sage green for a tranquil and inviting space. Incorporate built-in white bookshelves for a clean and classic backdrop that will contrast beautifully with the green walls.

Choose a mix of comfortable seating options, including a plush sofa and accent chairs in coordinating soft pastel and neutral tones, adding pops of color with patterned cushions. Complete the room with a few well-chosen vintage or retro-chic accessories, such as a unique coffee table and statement lighting, to give the space character and charm.

5. Layer For Visual Interest

living room with layered rugs with layered throw pillows on couch layered books on coffee table

Style With Layers

To decorate a living room like the one shown in the image, layer for visual interest by combining different textures and patterns; start with a large area rug and place a smaller, patterned rug on top. Choose a neutral-toned, comfortable sofa and add an assortment of throw pillows in various sizes and fabrics for a cozy feel.

Introduce natural wood elements through a robust coffee table and side benches to bring warmth and an organic touch to the room. Finally, accessorize with a minimalist bookshelf, decorative pots with greenery, and select art pieces that complement the room’s modern yet rustic aesthetic.

6. Say Hello To Colorful Wall Art

colorful wall art hanging on wall in cozy living room

Source: rapsodia_w

Add A Splash Of Color With Wall Art

To decorate a living room like the one in the above image, add a splash of color with a large piece of wall art that features bold hues and abstract figures or your preferred art design style. Opt for a plush sectional sofa in a neutral tone to provide a comfortable seating area that invites relaxation.

Incorporate a modern coffee table with a simple geometric design to add a contemporary touch to the space. Enhance the cozy atmosphere with soft lighting from floor lamps and layer various textured throw pillows and blankets on the sofa for added warmth and comfort

7. Opt For Unique Wall Paneling

honeycomb panels installed in living room wall behind sofa

Install Wall Paneling

To decorate a living room like the one in this image, install wall paneling behind the sofa to create a striking focal point with a sense of depth and texture. Lisman Studio chose a beautiful honeycomb paneling in this living room.

Select a sectional sofa in a soft, neutral fabric and add a mix of throw pillows in complementary earthy tones to enhance the comfortable, inviting vibe. Place a unique round area rug with a radial pattern on the floor to anchor the seating area and complement the organic shapes of the wall paneling. Finish the look with a sleek, modern coffee table with metallic accents and display vibrant artwork on the walls to add pops of color to the space.

8. Add Visual Interest With A TV Wall

Stunning TV Wall In Living Room

Create Function and Style With A Stunning TV Wall

To design a living room like the one above, create function and style with a stunning TV accent wall with built-in shelving and a sleek fireplace. Opt for a modern, minimalist color palette with dark hues and neutral tones, using the shelves to display curated decorative objects and books.

Incorporate comfortable seating with clean lines, such as a contemporary off-white sofa and leather armchairs. Enhance the luxury and comfort with plush textiles such as patterned throw pillows and soft blankets, which complement the room’s sophisticated aesthetic.

9. Implement Curves

curved sofa coffee table round area rug curvy statement ceiling light in living room

Include Curvy Design Elements For Visual Interest

To decorate a living room like this, implement curvy design elements for visual interest, such as rounded, plush armchairs, sofas, and a circular area rug that softens the space. Choose a modern, curvilinear coffee table that complements the chairs, and use a neutral color palette to create a serene and cohesive look.

Highlight the room with a dramatic, multi-tiered statement lighting piece that echoes the curvaceous theme. Finally, add subtle texture and depth with wall art, soft furnishings, and sculptural objects that maintain the room’s elegant and contemporary aesthetic.

10. Install Board and Batten Halfwall With Wallpaper

board and batten half wall with wallpaper in living room

Add Depth and Interest With Batten and Wallpaper 

To decorate a living room like the one shown, install board and batten on the lower half of the walls for a classic look, and complement it with textured wallpaper above to add depth and interest. Choose a neutral color palette with creamy tones for a light and airy feel, and select plush, comfortable sofas and armchairs to encourage relaxation and conversation.

Incorporate a glass coffee table to maintain the openness of the space, and add a couple of upholstered ottomans in a contrasting color for additional seating and a pop of color. Hang a series of matching textured artworks above the wallpaper to create a focal point and tie the room’s design elements together.

11. Go Chic With A Black Accent Wall

black accent wall in living room with white sofa and black and white throw pillows

Source: HW Interiors

Opt For A Cozy Chic Vibe With Black

To achieve a cozy chic vibe in a living room, incorporate a black accent wall to create a bold, elegant backdrop that commands attention. Flank the accent wall with complementary abstract black-and-white art pieces to balance the room’s aesthetic.

Opt for plush, white sofas and add texture with black and white patterned cushions and a few luxe throws for warmth. Finish the space with rich wooden tones and brass elements in the furniture and decor to introduce warmth and a hint of glam.

12. Celebrate Neutrals

living room with neutral colors sofa and accent pieces table lamps plants coffee table

Source: homeonthehey

Create Calm and Fresh With Neutrals

To create a calm and fresh atmosphere in a small living room like the above image, start with a palette of neutrals, using shades of cream and beige for the walls, furniture, and textiles. Add warmth with soft lighting from table lamps with a ceramic or textured base to create an organic feel.

To inject life and subtle color, incorporate natural elements like potted greenery and fresh flowers on mantels and coffee tables. Complete the tranquil setting with various textures, such as a knitted throw, plush cushions, and a woven area rug, to add depth and interest while maintaining the soothing neutral theme.

13. Add A Faux Brick Media Accent Wall

faux brick accent wall with TV floor to ceiling shelving cabinets in living room

Combine Aesthetics And Function With A Media Accent Wall

To decorate a living room like the one in the image, combine aesthetics and function with a media accent wall, incorporating a dark faux-brick finish and built-in shelving for a modern, moody vibe. Paint the surrounding walls and the ceiling trim in a striking teal color, which adds a vibrant contrast to the darker tones of the accent wall.

Opt for a low-profile, neutral-colored sofa and add textured throw pillows to provide comfortable seating that complements the room’s contemporary style. Introduce various decorative items on the shelves, such as books, plants, and unique sculptures, to personalize the space and enhance its visual appeal.

14. Go For An Eclectic Space With Twilight Paint

eclectic living room painted in Benjamin Moore's Twilight Paint Color with velvet sofa chantilly light fixture

Paint Walls Benjamin Moore Twilight

To create an eclectic space with depth and character like the image above, start by painting the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Twilight, a rich, deep blue that sets a dramatic tone. Furnish the room with a plush velvet sofa in a bold pattern to add a touch of luxury and comfort, perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes in a retro-style living room.

Accent the space with unique modern furniture pieces, like a sculptural white coffee table that serves as both a visual and functional centerpiece. Illuminate the room with a grand Chantilly ceiling light, whose sparkling crystals add a touch of elegance and a warm glow to the eclectic decor.

15. Illuminate With A Stunning Mushroom Table Lamp

marble mushroom table lamp in living room

Decorate In Style With A Marble Mushroom Table Lamp

To infuse your living room with a unique and natural charm, illuminate it with a stunning mushroom table lamp with a marble-like finish for an earthy yet sophisticated touch. Complement the lamp with rustic elements like an unpolished wooden table and a backdrop of wall paneling to enhance the organic feel of the space.

Accessorize the space with simple items such as books, ceramic vases, and trinkets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of the image above.

16. Install Wainscoting For Elegance

white wainscoting on walls in elegant living

Adorn Your Living Room Walls With Wainscoting

To elevate the sophistication of your living space, install wainscoting on your living room walls for elegance and a timeless aesthetic. Choose a soft, neutral palette for the walls and furnishings to create a serene and cohesive look. Enhance the decor with framed botanical prints that add a touch of nature and subtle visual interest.

Incorporate various white ceramic vases of different heights to add dimension to the space and complement the clean lines of the wainscoting. Furnish the room with plush, light-colored sofas and armchairs that invite relaxation while complementing the sophisticated wall treatment.

17. Consider Ornate Coving

beautiful ornate coving in living room

Add A Touch Of Grandeur With Coving

To add a touch of classic grandeur to your living room, install beautiful ornate coving along the ceiling edges to enhance the architectural detail of the space. Paint the walls in a warm, dusky pink to create a soft, inviting atmosphere, and use a deeper hue for the fireplace to anchor the room with a statement piece.

Fit open shelving on one wall and fill it with a mix of books and cherished photographs for a personal touch. Complement the historic charm with a large, round mirror above the fireplace, which serves as a decorative element and reflects light to make the room appear more spacious.

18. Hang A Statement Light Fixture

stunning statement light fixture in living room

Add Visual Interest With A Statement Light Fixture

To elevate your living room’s design and create a look like the above, add visual interest with a statement light fixture that features a unique, modern chandelier with spherical elements and brass accents. Place a large, round mirror above the fireplace to reflect the light and create a focal point that balances the room’s height with the fixture’s grandeur.

Select a mix of textured and patterned upholstery for armchairs and sofas to introduce comfort and depth to the seating area. Ground the space with a geometric-patterned area rug that complements the room’s color scheme and adds a contemporary touch to the traditional elements.

19. Transform The Space With Texture

textured throw pillows textured throws textured rug textured furniture in cozy living room

Get Cozy With Various Textures

Transform the space with texture by incorporating plush throw pillows, chunky knits, and a shaggy area rug to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Choose furniture with rich fabrics like velvet and bouclé for the sofas and accent chairs to add depth and a tactile experience to the living room.

Introduce a pair of round, wooden nesting coffee tables for a natural, earthy element that complements the textured decor. Enhance the ambiance with a large, woven pendant light, which provides soft lighting and a striking visual centerpiece above the seating area.

20. Introduce A Modern Organic Style

organic modern style living room with textile blanket wood furniture clay vases and table lamp wall art

Lean Into An Organic Modern Look

To introduce a modern organic style to your living room, start with a neutral-toned sectional sofa and complement it with natural wood side tables and textured throw pillows. Choose earthy-toned decor items, like ceramic vases and a woven textile blanket, to enhance the organic feel of the space.

For the living room wall decor, hang a triptych of abstract artwork incorporating natural shapes and muted colors to continue the theme. Ensure the space feels grounded and serene with a beige, brown, and cream palette, creating a harmonious blend of modern design and natural elements.

21. Tie The Space With A Rug

living with rug connecting the living room furniture

Connect The Living Room Elements With A Rug

Tie the space with a plush white rug that anchors the living room furniture and adds a layer of comfort and texture. To recreate a living space similar to the above, opt for a neutral color scheme with soft beige walls and complement it with a gallery wall of assorted prints and textures for a personalized touch.

Select furniture with clean lines, like a contemporary sofa and a modern armchair, to maintain a sleek and cozy aesthetic. Incorporate a wooden coffee table with vertical fluting for a touch of natural warmth, completing a harmonious and inviting living space.

Living Room Decorating Home Pro Tips 

warm cozy living room with sofa table throw pillows curtains ceiling lights pouf

10 Ways To Make A Living Room More Cozy

1. Soft Lighting

Install dimmer switches to control the intensity of your lights, creating a warm glow perfect for relaxed evenings.

2. Plush Rugs

Lay down a thick, soft rug to add warmth underfoot and visually soften the space.

3. Throw Blankets

Drape a few throw blankets over your sofa and chairs for easy access to extra warmth and comfort.

4. Cushions and Pillows

Pile on various cushions and pillows in various textures to make seating areas more inviting.

5. Warm Colors

Paint your walls in warm hues or use wallpaper with a cozy pattern to make the room feel more intimate.

6. Candles and Fragrance

Scatter scented candles around the room or use diffusers with essential oils to fill the space with a relaxing scent.

7. Bookshelves

Add bookshelves and fill them with your favorite reads to create a cozy reading nook in your living room.

8. Window Dressings

Hang heavy curtains that can be drawn to add privacy and an extra insulation layer.

9. Personal Touches

Display personal items like family photos or heirlooms to make the space feel lived-in and loved.

10. Layered Lighting

Use various light sources, such as floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces, to create depth and warmth in the room.

Small Living Room Layouts – 15 Clever Ways to Arrange Furniture and Maximize Space

1. Use Vertical Storage

Utilize vertical space by installing tall shelving units that draw the eye upward, making the room feel larger while providing ample storage without consuming floor space.

2. Incorporate Multi-functional Furniture

Invest in furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as a storage ottoman or a sleeper sofa, to maximize functionality without cluttering the room.

3. Install Floating Shelves

Use floating shelves to keep the floor clear, providing a place for books and decor without the bulk of a bookcase.

4. Embrace Mirrors

Place mirrors strategically to reflect light and views, making a small living room more open and airy.

5. Utilize Under-Sofa Storage

Select a sofa with raised legs and use the space underneath for storage baskets or boxes, keeping less frequently used items tucked away.

6. Mount the TV

Wall-mount the television to free up valuable floor space that a TV stand would otherwise occupy.

7. Choose A Light Color Palette

Decorate with lighter colors that make the room feel bigger and brighter, reflecting more light than dark shades.

8. Create A Corner Workstation

Turn an unused corner into a mini office with a small desk or a wall-mounted work surface to avoid using up the main living space.

9. Buy Nesting Tables

Use nesting tables as they can be tucked away when not used but expanded for entertaining or as additional surface space.

10. Install Sliding Doors

Replace swinging doors with sliding doors or curtains to eliminate the need for clearance space and to allow more flexible furniture arrangements.

11. Scale Down Furniture

Opt for apartment-sized sofas and armchairs proportional to your space, avoiding oversized pieces that overwhelm a small room.

12. Choose Low-Profile Furniture

Utilize furniture with a low profile with less visual weight and doesn’t obstruct sight lines, making the space feel less crowded.

13. Use Clear Surfaces

Use glass or lucite tables to give a sense of openness; their transparency allows the eye to travel through them, making the space appear larger.

14. Diagonal Dynamics

Arrange your rug or furniture diagonally to guide the eye along the longest lines of the room, creating the illusion of more space.

15. Zone the Space

Define different areas with rugs or different lighting to make a small living room serve multiple functions without feeling chaotic.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What living room decor ideas are trending this year?

This year, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are in vogue, paired with vintage or artisanal pieces for a unique touch. Biophilic designs, incorporating natural elements and plants, create a serene, health-boosting environment. Soft, curved furniture and earthy tones are also trending, promoting comfort and a connection to nature.

Where do I start decorating my living room?

Begin by assessing your space and deciding on a functional layout that suits your lifestyle and daily activities. Choose a focal point, such as a fireplace, artwork, or a large window, and arrange furniture around it. Start with the largest pieces, like sofas and rugs, to establish the foundation of your space, then layer in smaller details.

What decoration would you choose for your living room?

For living room decor, consider adding trendy wallpaper for texture, a comfortable sofa as a focal point, and modern curtains for an aesthetic lift. Create a personal touch with a gallery wall and add depth with architectural elements like wood wall slats or an upgraded light fixture. A fireplace mantel makeover or a large, statement mirror can serve as charming centerpieces, enhancing the space’s openness and warmth.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my living room?

Consider the mood you want to evoke; soft, neutral colors create a relaxing atmosphere, while bold hues can energize the space. Look at the colors of existing items you plan to keep, like art or furniture, to ensure cohesion. Use digital tools to visualize your space with different color schemes before committing, allowing for risk-free experimentation.

What’s the best way to arrange furniture in a small living room?

Focus on maximizing space and flow by choosing furniture that fits the room’s scale. Arrange seating in a conversational layout, ensuring enough walking space around pieces. Consider multifunctional furniture, like ottomans with storage, to reduce clutter.

How can I make my living room look modern on a budget?

Update small details like throw pillows, curtains, and wall art to refresh the space without a major investment. Paint is an affordable way to transform the room, whether it’s an accent wall or updating old furniture. Shop second-hand or discount stores for stylish pieces that won’t break the bank.

What lighting is best for a living room?

Layer different types of lighting—ambient for overall brightness, task lighting for reading or work, and accent to highlight artwork or architectural features. Consider the room’s natural light and choose bulbs with warm tones for a cozy feel. Dimmer switches can adjust lighting for different times of the day and activities, adding versatility to your living space.

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