These home office ideas for her offer decorating design tips and images for an elegant home office makeover.

Whether you’re looking for a simple home office update or some decor suggestions, you’ll find 27 different styles and tips to create a calm respite, to a luxe glam style design, to a home work retreat.

home office for her with grey wall white and gold desk bookcases gold mirror

Image Credit: yaminidesigns


As the trend of remote work, side gigs, and owning a small business continues to rise, a well-designed home office is important, especially when it intersects with personal style and business needs.

I guide you through selecting chic decor and interior design tips to choosing home office furniture to create a feminine workspace that not only supports your work-from-home needs but also reflects your unique style.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, check out the room products, be sure to read the home pro tips at the bottom and enjoy! 

This is your creative time for your home!

1. Go For Colorful and Moody

home office with a geometric black board and batten wall mauve chairs dark orange ceiling light abstract wall art

Design For Colorful and Moody

To create a feminine home office that’s both colorful and moody yet cozy, opt for a geometric modern board and batten wall in a deep hue paired with plush mauve chairs and a vibrant area rug.

Illuminate the space with a warm-toned ceiling light to complement the bold abstract art, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth.

2. Create A Home Office Ladies Lounge Combo

Home office ladies lounge combination with desk and desk chair and 4 swivel chairs around round table neutral colors

Source: kobelandco

Get Comfy With A Home Office Ladies Lounge Combo

To create a home office ladies’ lounge combo, choose a tranquil area and furnish it with comfortable seating, such as a cozy sofa or plush armchairs, for relaxation and casual gatherings.

Add ambient lighting with soft lamps and candles to create a warm and welcoming space, and personalize it with artwork, cushions, and throws that reflect your style. Add a streamlined work desk and make sure there’s enough desk storage space for your work needs.

3. Add A Standing Desk To Your Home Office

Woman at standing desk in home office

Source: effydesk

Help Your Body With A  Standing Desk

To create a home office with a feminine style that promotes health and productivity, like the image above, add a standing desk to your home office setup.

This type of desk can be adjusted for height, allowing for periods of standing, which helps with posture and energy levels.

4. Add A Curved Desk

home office for her with a curved desk white chair white gold and dark accent decor feminine style home office

Soften Your Office With Curves

A feminine home office like this can be achieved with a few additions and design choices. Start with a statement piece curved desk, like the Four Hands Luna Executive Desk above.

The elegant curves soften the office’s aesthetics and add a touch of sophistication. Include a plush white chair that combines comfort with chic appeal. Add a mix of white, gold, and dark accents to create a cohesive color scheme that balances light and luxury with grounding tones. 

5. Invest In A West Elm Swivel Desk

West Elm Home Office Swivel Desk Chair Light


Have Extra Work Space When Needed With A West Elm Swivel Desk

To create a feminine home office that is both stylish and functional, start by investing in a West Elm swivel desk. This offers desk space that allows you to make the desk compact or swivel it into an L-shape when you need more room.

Add a comfortable desk chair that matches your room’s aesthetic. Add a plush area rug to introduce texture and warmth, enhancing the overall coziness of the space. Include a comfortable plush chair to relax in and read.

6. Paint Walls A Warm Green

feminine home office with walls painted in warm green

Design For Calm With Warm Green

To create a feminine and serene home office like this one in Wake Forest, NC, paint the walls a Sherwin Williams warm green for a calming effect, and choose furniture with clean lines and soft textures to complement the peaceful ambiance.

Enhance the space with elegant gold accents and natural light to add a touch of sophistication and airiness.

7. Add A Floating Shelf Above Your Desk

floating shelf above desk in home office

 Install A Floating Shelf Above Your Desk

To design a feminine home office like this one, start by painting a wall in a bold color for contrast and install a wooden floating shelf above the desk for decorative items, plants and other office items.

Opt for a stylish yet comfortable chair, and add a pop of color with accessories like a vibrant orange ottoman. Incorporate botanical prints on the wall to bring a touch of nature and serenity to your workspace.

8. Combine An Artistic Wall With Warm Wood Accents

modern feminine home office with artistic wall tile warm wood built in bookshelf warm wood desk white and gold statement light fixture cream chair

Go For Artistic and Warmth

To recreate this modern home office, start by installing an artistic wall feature, such as sculptural tiles, as a focal point that infuses creativity into the space.

Complement this aesthetic artistry with warm wood accents, selecting a desk and built-in bookshelf in coordinating wood tones to bring a cohesive and inviting warmth to the room.

Opt for a cream-colored chair that offers comfort without detracting from the room’s refined aesthetic. Above the desk, hang a statement light fixture with white and gold elements to add a touch of elegance and ensure ample lighting. Add a textured rug to tie all the pieces together, creating a functional and inspiring workspace.

9. Design With Colorful Office Decor

feminine home office with pink orange and white decor items binders and office supply colors match white desk with brown legs white office chair cozy chair of floral print white rug under desk

Use Color To Brighten Your Space

To design a home office like this one, infuse it with life by incorporating colorful office decor, choosing items like binders and accessories in a harmonious pink, orange, and white palette. Select a white desk with contrasting brown legs as your workspace.

Coordinate your office supply colors with the decorative elements to create a visually pleasing and organized atmosphere. Add a cozy chair with a floral print to introduce a personal touch and a comfortable reading nook.

Place a plush white rug under the desk area to add texture and comfort, making long work sessions more enjoyable.

10. Add Gold Trim To Ikea Billy Bookcases

White Ikea Billy Bookcases with gold trim in feminine home office

Source: pinterest

Get Creative With Gold Trim

To achieve a feminine home office like this, start by customizing IKEA Billy bookcases with gold trim for a touch of elegance and a personalized look.

Select a desk with gold accents to coordinate with the bookcases, and opt for a comfortable chair in a soft hue to complete the chic workspace.

11. Create A Modern Work Space With Black and White

Modern Home Work Space Office Black Walls white trim white ceiling white desk gold trim around mirrors

Say Hello To Modern With Black and White

To create a modern work space like this one by interior designer Susan Brunstrum, begin by painting the walls a bold black and keeping the ceiling and trim crisp white for a striking black and white contrast.

Choose a sleek white desk with clean lines to serve as the room’s centerpiece, ensuring it complements the modern aesthetic. Accent the space with gold trim on mirrors and picture frames, adding luxury and warmth to the monochromatic scheme.

Install a stunning statement lighting fixture as both a light source and a decorative piece. Accessorize with a mix of black and white furnishings, and each office decor piece contributes to the cohesive, modern look of the office design.

12. Create A Gallery Accent Wall

gallery accent wall in woman's home office 4 nature wall art framed with light above them

Source: kikiandbow

Add Visual Interest With A Gallery Accent Wall

To create a feminine home office like this, create a gallery accent wall with framed botanical prints that add a touch of nature and artistic flair.

Install a light above the prints to spotlight them. Add a rustic wooden desk and plush seating to blend comfort with the room’s elegant and refined aesthetic.

13. Go For A Coastal Vibe

feminine home office with white linen curtains white book shelf with drawers rattan desk white chair white rug soft green walls

Create A Coastal Vibe With Linen Curtains And Rattan Desk

To recreate the coastal vibe of this serene home office, start by selecting a rattan desk with an organic texture that adds a layer of softness and character to the space. Pair it with a comfortable white chair that blends seamlessly with the room’s tranquil color design.

Dress the windows with white linen curtains, their light-diffusing properties enhancing the room’s soft ambiance while offering a gentle filter for sunlight.

Include a white bookshelf with drawers, providing stylish storage that keeps the look cohesive and organized. Opt for a white rug with subtle patterns to ground the space, and paint the walls a soft green to evoke a sense of calm and concentration.

14. Design A White Glam Home Office

Glam home office in white chrome and grey with white desk

Source: zgallerie

Go For White Glam

To design a glam home office like this, choose a statement desk with a glossy white finish and bold X-leg design that exudes chic sophistication. Incorporate luxurious textures like a soft, patterned area rug and plush upholstery on armchairs to add comfort and elegance to the room.

Select accents in chrome and silver, such as a striking light fixture and desk accessories, to infuse the space with modern glamour. Keep the color palette neutral with shades of white and grey to maintain a serene yet stylish atmosphere.

Complete the space with decorative elements like a large mirror or metallic-framed artwork to reflect light and add a sense of spaciousness to the home office.

15. Invest In An Ergonomic Desk Chair

feminine home office with ergonomic white desk chair and white desk facing view outside white floating shelves in office

Get Comfortable With An Ergonomic Desk Chair

To create a feminine home office inspired by this image from interior designer Amy Vermillion, start with a sleek white desk positioned to capitalize on the inspiring view outside, fostering a serene workspace. 

Invest in an ergonomic desk chair, preferably white, to maintain the color scheme. Install delicate, patterned wallpaper that infuses your personality and adds warmth to the office, complementing the feminine vibe. 

Okeysen Ergonomic Leather Chair Modern Style

16. Embrace Modern Luxury

Luxxu home office for her Luxxu desk chair bookcase feminine style gold white grey and cream accent color

Source: luxxu

Go For Modern Luxe

To create a home office for her that exudes modern luxury, like this Atlanta home office, invest in luxury furniture pieces like a Luxxu desk and chair, and complement them with bookcases that blend gold accents with a neutral palette of white, grey, and cream. Enhance the room’s elegance with sophisticated decor, such as a statement chandelier and fresh orchids, to create a space that’s both stylish and inspiring.

17. Add Mauve To Your Home Office

women's home office with mauve desk chairs white and mauve throw pillows white and gold desk table matching rug with mauve accents

Include A Touch Of Mauve 

To create a home office with a feminine flair, start by selecting a white desk with gold accents for a dash of elegance and luxury.

Pair it with mauve desk chairs to introduce a soft, feminine color that provides a comfortable and stylish seating option. In coordinating white and mauve tones, include accent pillows in the seating area on a built-in bench to create a cozy nook for reading or taking breaks.

18. Choose Light Colors For A Small Space

small space for a feminine home office cozy light colors white comfortable chair

Use Light Colors For A Small Space

To create a feminine home office in a small space like this, select light colors for walls and furnishings to expand the area and visually bring a sense of calm. Install a compact, light-hued desk and pair it with an ergonomically supportive chair in a similar palette to maintain the airy ambiance.

Accentuate the room with floral-patterned window treatments and light-colored storage options to add a soft, feminine touch while keeping the space organized and open.

19. Hang Watercolor Wallpaper For A Soft Touch

blue watercolor wallpaper in a home office desk against wall with a window desk space overlooks view table lamp on desk

Add A Soft Touch With Watercolor Wallpaper

To design a feminine home office similar to this, hang watercolor wallpaper with soft, muted hues to set a tranquil and elegant tone for the space. Position the desk against a large window to take advantage of natural light and inspire productivity with a view.

Choose a desk with a refined, neutral color that complements the wallpaper and has ample drawers with stylish hardware for functional storage. Add a comfortable wicker chair that adds a touch of organic texture and warmth, and drape a cozy throw blanket over it for those cooler days.

Place a chic table lamp on the desk to provide task lighting with a decorative flourish, which completes this serene and feminine workspace.

20. Install A Green Board and Batten Wall

home office for her with a board and batten wall

Add Architectural Interest With A Board and Batten Wall

To create a feminine home office like this one, start by installing a board and batten wall painted in a soothing hue, adding architectural interest and a touch of sophistication to your area.

Choose a desk that complements the wall color and provides a spacious work surface, keeping the look cohesive and elegant. Opt for a comfortable, stylish chair in a soft color, like a delicate pink or mauve that enhances the feminine aesthetic. Accessorize the desk with functional yet beautiful items, such as a vase with fresh flowers and a chic table lamp, to add style and essential lighting.

Finish the space with decorative elements that inspire creativity, like framed artwork or inspirational quotes, making it a personalized and motivating environment.

21. Design A Feature Wall To Elevate A Small Space

Feminine Small Home Office Feature Wall with floating shelf above desk

Elevate A Small Space With A Feature Wall

Design a feature wall in a small home office to elevate the space. Paint the wall boldly and add floating shelves to display plants and art, creating a focal point that draws the eye upward and adds depth.

Complement this wall with sleek furniture and pops of greenery around the workspace to maintain a feminine touch and bring life to the area.

22. Convert A Den To A Home Office For Her

home office for her built in desk built in shelves fireplace two chairs table lamp tan and greige wallpaper on walls with

Easily Convert A Den To A Home Office For Her

To convert a den into a home office for her like this one, begin by incorporating ample built-in shelving and cabinets for generous storage space to keep books, documents, and decor neatly organized. 

Choose a desk that blends with the built-ins, or build in the desk too, to create a seamless look and a dedicated work area. Add comfortable seating, such as a pair of chairs with soft upholstery, to provide a space for reading or casual meetings.

Add a large, soft rug to anchor the room and that ties the area together. Install warm lighting, including a stylish table lamp, to create an inviting ambiance and reduce eye strain. Finally, install wallpaper that ties in with the office decor to give the room a personal touch and a sense of sophistication.

23. Add Chic Glam With Pink and Gold

feminine home office with white desk white and gold bookshelves with pink and gold accent colors

Source: pinterest

Introduce Glam With Pink and Gold

To create a feminine home office like this one, add glam with a chic white desk accented with gold hardware and complement it with soft pink chairs, curtains, and decorative pieces.

Incorporate gold shelving units and pink stationery to tie the room together.

24. Mount Wall Sconces Above Your Desk

Wall Sconces mounted above desk in feminine home office

Brighten With Wall Sconces

For a feminine home office like this one, install elegant wall sconces above the desk to provide soft, ambient lighting that enhances focus and adds a touch of sophistication.

Complement the lighting with a neutral color palette and built-in shelving for a seamless, organized workspace.

25. Add Gold Desk Decor To A Feminine Home Office

feminine home office with gold desk decor white desk white chairs with gold legs floating wall shelf with home decor

Add A Touch Of Luxury With With Gold Desk Decor 

To infuse femininity into a home office, incorporate gold desk decor items that complement a sleek white desk and chair, creating a luxurious yet subtle workspace.

Enhance the elegance with framed monochromatic artwork and soft textures like a plush rug and cozy bench, balancing the room’s aesthetics with comfort.

26. Add Visual Interest With A Glam Ceiling Light

feminine home office with white desk chair white and gold desk white and gold ceiling light fixture beautiful office for her

Install A Statement Ceiling Light For A Touch Of Glamour

To create a feminine home office like this, choose a soft color palette with gentle pinks and neutral tones for furniture and accessories. Incorporate a white and gold desk paired with a plush chair to add a touch of elegance and comfort.

Finally, add visual interest and a touch of glamour with a statement ceiling light fixture that illuminates the space and serves as a decorative centerpiece.

27. Include A Cozy Couch

Cozy Couch in a Feminine Home Office

Take Your Break On A Cozy Couch

To create a space like this, include a cozy couch with plush cushions to provide comfortable seating and add a touch of softness to your home office. Opt for light, neutral tones on the walls and furniture to maintain a bright and airy feel.

Incorporate open shelving with decor and books arranged by color to blend functionality with personalized style. Finish the space with elegant touches like a statement chandelier and delicate window treatments to enhance the feminine aesthetic.

28. Style Your Bookshelves

bookshelves behind desk in a feminine home office

Curate A Collection Of Your Favorite Pieces

To create a feminine home office like this image, style your bookshelves to curate a collection of your favorite pieces, showcasing a mix of decorative items, plants, and books for a personalized touch. Choose a neutral color scheme with soft taupe walls that provide a warm and calming backdrop, complemented by natural wood tones for the desk and shelving.

Add a comfortable and elegant desk chair upholstered in a light fabric, draping a textured throw over the back for a layer of comfort and style. Incorporate a statement light fixture with a unique design, like the capiz shell chandelier in the image, to give the space a luxurious feel while providing ample light.

Interior Designer Pro Tips For Creating A Feminine Home Office

Feminine Office Chairs

Adan Velvet Task Chair At Wayfair

Adan Velvet Task Chair At Wayfair

Source: wayfair

This task chair available from Wayfair, combines channel tufting with a gold-tone base, adding a splash of glam to your home office, while the solid wood frame and iron base ensure smooth mobility. Upholstered in velvet in various colors, it features a swivel design with recessed arms, a waterfall seat for comfort, and an adjustable height lever for ergonomic seating.

EMMA + OLIVER High Back LeatherSoft Office Chair

EMMA + OLIVER White High Back LeatherSoft Office Chair Rose Gold Frame

Source: amazon

This executive style comfortable chair has a pneumatic adjustable height and swivel seat, with a tilt lock mechanism for secure reclining, ideal for contemporary workspaces. Its striking visual contrast comes from combining a rose gold metal frame with a LeatherSoft upholstered back and seat, adding a stunning statement chair to the modern home office.

How To Create A More Joyful and Stress-Free Home Office

Creating a more joyful and stress-free home office can do wonders for your mental health, fostering an environment where you can personally and professionally flourish.

Here’s a list of 10 items to help you achieve this

1. White Noise Machine

A white noise machine can help mask indoor disruptions, providing a consistent auditory backdrop when you work.

2. Inspiration Board

Create an inspiration board with images and quotes that motivate you, offering a visual boost whenever your eyes wander.

3. Low-Maintenance Plants

Introduce easy-to-care-for plants like succulents or snake plants to purify the air and add a refreshing touch of green to your work area.

4. Soy Candles

Choose natural soy candles with calming scents to create a relaxing ambiance and engage your senses.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

Use an essential oil diffuser with oils like lavender or peppermint to help improve focus and energy levels.

6. Soundproofing Solutions

Install soundproofing materials on your windows to minimize the distraction of external noises.

7. Photos Of Family and Friends

Place framed pictures of loved ones on your desk or shelves to remind you of life’s bigger picture and what truly matters.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Invest in noise-canceling headphones to cut out background noise, making concentrating on the tasks easier.

9. Ergonomic Workspace

Ensure you have an ergonomic chair and desk setup to maintain good posture and physical health.

10. Adjustable Desk Lamp

An adjustable desk lamp can not only provide necessary task lighting but also allow you to alter the mood of your workspace throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I make my home office more interesting?

To make your home office more interesting, include personalized decor like family photos or unique trinkets, use vibrant colors or wallpaper for visual interest, add attractive lighting fixtures or artwork to create a focal point, and consider adding a small reading nook or lounge area for breaks.

How do I beautify my home office?

You can beautify your home office by adding indoor plants for a touch of nature, using stylish organizational and desk tools to keep clutter at bay, choosing an aesthetic color scheme that reflects your style, complemented by comfortable yet chic furniture, and introducing soft textures with rugs or curtains for warmth.

How can I make my home office desk look nice?

To make your home office desk look nice, organize it with elegant accessories like a designer mouse pad or stationery, use a stylish desk organizer to keep office items handy, include a decorative desk lamp or a small vase with fresh flowers for a refreshing touch, and select a high-quality, visually appealing desk chair that complements the desk.

What are some small home office ideas for her?

For small home office ideas, consider a convertible desk that can be folded away, utilize vertical space with shelves or wall-mounted desks, choose furniture that doubles as storage to maximize space without cluttering the area, and use mirrors to create an illusion of more space.

What are some home office ideas for her on a budget?

For budget-friendly home office ideas, repurpose existing furniture with a fresh coat of paint, use DIY decorations to add a personal touch, shop at thrift stores for unique, affordable pieces that add character to your space, and look for sales or discount offers on office supplies and decor.

How should I angle my home office desk?

Angle your home office desk to face a window for natural light and inspiration, position it against a wall for focus and minimal distractions, place it centrally to divide the room and create a dedicated workspace, ensuring there’s enough room to move comfortably around it and consider the direction of natural light to avoid glare on your screen.

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