Your entryway is the initial glimpse into your personal style and welcomes visitors, setting the stage for what lies ahead, whether your home is a snug apartment or a sprawling mansion.

It’s the first chance to welcome visitors and it can be the perfect greeting for you when you return home.

5 images of entryway ideas tables wall light fixtures runner rugs ottoman table lamps mirrors

Be inspired by my curated selection of entryway decor ideas, from striking wall lighting to captivating table decor, all designed to make a memorable impact. I provide various design inspirations and DIY tips to ensure your entryway makes a lasting impression on everyone who enters your door.

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Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, mix and mingle the ideas, check out the shopping suggestions to help you create the perfect entryway for you!

1. Say Hello To Texture In Your Entryway

entryway with console table textured vases basket throw blanket tall candle sticks faux plant round mirror runner

Welcome texture into your entryway by selecting a wooden console table and complementing it with woven baskets and a knotted throw blanket to add layers of warmth. Use vases with distinctive textures and finishes to serve as focal points and a round mirror to reflect light and enhance the space.

Finish off the look with a softly textured runner on the floor, ensuring both comfort and a cohesive design that draws the eye through the area.

2. Include A Rattan Console Table

Rattan Console Table with home decor items on it

Include a rattan console table, which adds a natural texture and provides a sturdy surface for decorative and functional items. Style the table with personal touches like framed photos, books, and a statement vase to create an inviting and personalized feel. Use the console table drawers to store items you want as you leave or enter your home.

Adding a rattan piece to your entryway infuses the space with warmth and character and offers a durable spot to drop keys and mail as you enter your home.

3. Convert An Entryway Closet To A Seating Area

entryway closet converted to seating area with bench storage baskets coat hooks shelf throw pillows
entryway closet before conversion to a seating area

To create a look like this for an entryway, convert an entryway closet into a seating area by installing a bench with comfortable cushions and under-bench storage for shoes or baskets. Above the bench, add hooks for coats and a shelf for additional storage or to display decorative items like plants or baskets.

This conversion not only maximizes the functionality of the space by providing seating and organization but also makes the entryway feel more open and welcoming.

4. Use Shoe Cabinet For Storage

shoe cabinet in entryway stores shoes decor items on top shoes various shoes and boots inside cabinet

To create a look like this for an entryway, use a shoe cabinet for storage to keep footwear organized and out of sight, which helps maintain a tidy and clutter-free space. Choose a cabinet with adjustable shelves to accommodate shoes of different sizes, ensuring practicality and versatility.

The top of the cabinet can serve as a display area for decorative items like vases and framed pictures, enhancing the entryway’s aesthetic while the shoes stay neatly arranged below.

shoe cabinet in entryway stores shoes decor items on top shoes various shoes inside cabinet

5. Use Wall Paneling For An Entryway Wall

slat wall paneling with coat hooks on entryway wall

To create a look like this for an entryway, use vertical wall paneling to add texture and visual interest, providing a warm and modern backdrop. Install coat hooks on the paneling to hang outerwear and accessories, which keeps the area organized and easily accessible.

Incorporate storage baskets on higher shelves for additional, out-of-sight storage, further enhancing the functionality of the space.

wood slat paneling sample package

6. Add Style To A Narrow Space With A Decorative Console Table

decorative console table in narrow entryway in home

To create a look like this in an entryway, select a slim, decorative console table that complements the narrow space without overwhelming it. Dress the table with a balanced arrangement of lamps, a reed diffuser, and a mix of height-varied accessories like a stack of books, a sculptural piece, and a bowl to draw the eye.

A large, round mirror above the table amplifies the space and reflects light, making the entryway appear larger and more welcoming.

slim decorative console table in entryway

7. Use Seasonal Decor In Your Entryway

seasonal decor in home entryway

To embrace the change of seasons in your entryway, hang a versatile sign to display festive messages or symbols that align with the current holiday or seasonal theme. Add other seasonal decor items that you love. Complement it with functional storage bins below, which can hold seasonal items like scarves in winter or sun hats in summer, making your entryway both practical and festive.

Incorporating seasonal decor welcomes visitors with a sense of warmth and celebration, reflecting the spirit of the time of year right at your doorstep.

8. Opt For An Entryway Hall Tree

Hall Tree in entryway with space for boots shoes bench purse coat rack shelves

For an organized and stylish entryway, opt for a 5-in-1 hall tree that combines a coat rack, shoe storage, boot storage, shelving, and a seating area all in one. This piece of furniture is a space-saver, offering guests a place to sit while removing shoes, and keeps jackets, hats, and footwear neatly arranged.

Its vertical design uses the height in the entryway, maximizing the functionality of the space without overcrowding it.

9. Install Beadboard and Coat Hooks

beadboard paneling and coat hooks on wall in entryway

To design a home entryway like this, install beadboard wall paneling to add texture and a classic aesthetic to your space. Above the beadboard, add a row of coat hooks to offer convenient hanging storage.

Include a bench or chair for seating. The neutral colors, natural textures from the woven basket, and cozy throw create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at your front door.

10. Add A Faux Tree

faux tree next to console table in entryway

Incorporating a faux tree can bring a touch of nature and freshness into your home’s entryway without the upkeep of a real plant. Place it beside a console table to create an inviting atmosphere; the tree adds height and color, enhancing the space’s overall aesthetic.

Complement this greenery with a warm-toned mirror, textural baskets, and a neutral rug to establish a serene and welcoming first impression.

11. Go With A Set For Ease

shoe rack bench coat rack key hanger shelf set in entryway

For a streamlined and harmonious entryway, choose a matching coat rack and shoe bench set, like this one, that offers both style and function. This coordinated set can be installed easily, ensuring your space is inviting and organized.

Adjust the heights as needed to accommodate items of various sizes, allowing for a personalized touch that caters to your storage needs.

12. Protect The Floor With A Runner

non-slip runner in entryway kid and pet friendly washable low profile

To maintain a clean and stylish entryway while ensuring the safety of kids, pets, and guests, lay a low-profile, non-slip runner like this one. Its sleek design complements the aesthetics of the space without becoming a tripping hazard, and the runner’s durability and stain resistance make it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Easy to clean and maintain, it’s a practical addition for any busy household looking to protect their flooring.

13. Hang A Mail and Key Organizer

Mail Organizer Key Holder with Shelf Includes Letter Holder and Hooks for Coats, Dog Leashes hats purse in entryway

Create an organized and welcoming entryway by hanging a mail and key organizer with an integrated small shelf and hooks. This practical piece keeps your mail sorted and keys within reach, preventing everyday clutter.

With its small shelf, you can also display decorative items or store essential grab-and-go accessories, making it a stylish and functional addition to your entryway.

14. Use Ottomans For Seating

ottomans placed under console table in entryway table lamp on console table

To create a warm and inviting entryway, tuck a pair of ottomans beneath a console table; they provide a convenient seating option without taking up excess space.

Ottomans are versatile pieces that can serve as additional seating for guests or a comfortable sitting spot while taking off or putting on shoes. Their compact size and mobility make them an ideal choice for smaller entryways.

15. Install A Modular Closet System

modular closet system in closet in entryway

To create an organized and stylish entryway, install a modular closet system like the ELVARLI from Ikea, which offers versatile storage options to accommodate coats, shoes, and accessories. The modular design allows customization to fit your space’s specific dimensions and storage needs, making it a practical choice for keeping the entryway clutter-free.

These modular systems can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the entryway, providing a clean and modern look.

16. Create A Cozy Nook

cozy entryway corner with accent paint color Farrow and Ball Pigeon light wall sconce above seating bench

 Source Image: vlentine / Instagram

For a warm and inviting entryway, create a cozy nook by painting an accent pieces or door in a soothing hue like the color above,  Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon, a rich, muted green-gray. Enhance the space with a wall sconce to cast a welcoming light above a bench, providing both style and functionality.

This setting offers a comfortable spot for guests to sit and remove their shoes and adds a touch of elegance to your home’s entrance.

17. Add A Board and Batten Wall

board and batten wall in entryway with hooks bench mirrors throw pillows

To achieve a classic yet functional entryway, install a board and batten wall to create visual interest and texture. Paint it in a deep, contrasting color to serve as a dramatic backdrop for mounted hooks, perfect for hanging coats and scarves.

Complement the setup with a bench for seating, stylish throw pillows for comfort, and round mirrors to reflect light and add depth to the space.

18. Go With An Earthy Chic Style

earthy chic decor in entryway with wood console table chic ottomons earthy table lamp faux plants

Embrace an earthy chic style in your entryway by selecting a sturdy wood console table that anchors the space with its natural texture and warmth. Add a pair of chic ottomans tucked neatly underneath for a blend of functionality and design, offering a convenient spot to sit or to put on shoes.

Complete the aesthetic with an arrangement of textured pots, dried floral elements, and a statement lamp to create a serene and inviting atmosphere right at the entrance of your home.

19. Hang A Large Mirror

large round mirror above console table in entryway runner baskets under console table

 Source Image: lori.dail / Instagram

To create a spacious and inviting entryway, hang a large round mirror above a sleek console table, reflecting natural light and visually expanding the space. Complement the mirror with baskets tucked beneath the table for stylish storage, and choose a neutral-hued runner to lead guests inward, tying together the welcoming aesthetic.

The mirror serves a practical purpose and adds a decorative element that enhances the room’s brightness and openness.

20. Use Decorative Wall Sconces In Entryway

decorative wall sconces flanking a round mirror above console table in entryway with large rug

To elevate your entryway, install decorative wall sconces on either side of a bold round mirror, creating a symmetrical and inviting focal point. The sconces provide warm, ambient lighting that enhances the welcoming atmosphere, while the mirror reflects the elegant light fixtures, adding depth and brightness to the space.

Pair this arrangement with a simple, chic console table and a textured rug to balance the functionality with sophisticated style.

21. Design A Family Gallery Wall

family gallery wall above console table in entryway

Design a family gallery wall in your entryway, and choose a selection of your favorite black and white family photos for a classic and cohesive look. Frame them in rows above a console table to establish an intimate, personalized focal point.

Complement the gallery with a warm wood console, lamp, and decorative items, balancing personal sentiment and stylish decor.

22. Create A Farmhouse Entryway

farmhouse entryway with white seating board and batten half wall farmhouse decor

Create a farmhouse entryway by painting the walls warmly and neutrally and adding board and batten detailing for a touch of rustic charm. Incorporate a vintage or distressed white bench to serve as a decorative and functional piece, and accessorize with cozy textiles and country-inspired decor such as wicker baskets, floral arrangements, and a welcoming wreath on the door.

Enhance the homely feel with a row of your favorite illustrations or quotes above the bench, framed in simple wooden frames to continue the farmhouse aesthetic.

23. Break Up The Staircase With An Entryway Table

decorated table and ottomans next to staircase in entryway


Create an inviting entryway that breaks up the space beneath a staircase, and choose a sleek, round table as a central focal point to draw the eye and provide a surface for decorative items. To add height and interest, select statement decor pieces for the table, like a sculptural vase with fresh flowers and elegant candlesticks.

Complete the look by placing a pair of stylish ottomans beneath the table for additional seating. A well-designed staircase landing in front of the entryway door offers an immediate sense of welcome and sophistication.

24. Use An Ottoman For An Entryway Bench

ottoman used as a seating bench in entryway 3 vertical long mirrors above seating area

Use an ottoman as an entryway bench to add a stylish, easy-to-create seating area. Choose an ottoman with length and comfy cushioning to provide ample space for removing shoes.

Enhance the area with decorative pieces like chic pillows and vertically elongated mirrors to highlight and brighten the area.

25. Add A Touch Of Luxe With Gold Hooks

gold hooks in entryway next to console table

Add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your entryway with gold hooks. The hooks provide a sophisticated spot to hang coats and scarves, enhancing the functionality of your space without compromising on style.

Complement the hooks with another gold-accented decor, like a vase or picture frames on a console table, to unify the luxe theme in your entryway.

Interior Design Home Pro Tips For Entryways

5 Steps To Create The Perfect Entryway For You

Designing the perfect entryway that suits your style and meets your needs involves a blend of functionality and personal aesthetic. Use these 5 steps for a guided approach to creating an entryway that’s perfect for you.

1. Measure and Evaluate Your Space and Needs

Begin by carefully measuring the dimensions of your entryway to understand what you’re working with. Consider the width, depth, and height of the space.

Assess how the entryway is used daily and what functionalities are essential—whether it’s storage for shoes and coats, a place for keys, or simply a beautiful space to welcome you home.

2. Define Your Style

Choose a design theme that reflects your personality and flows with the rest of your home.

Whether you lean towards modern minimalism, rustic charm, or vibrant eclecticism, defining your style early on will guide your choices in furniture, color schemes, and decorations.

3. Smart Storage Solutions

With your space’s dimensions in mind, select storage options that fit neatly into your entryway without overcrowding. Measure any furniture before buying to ensure it fits the available space.

Consider multifunctional pieces like benches with built-in storage or slim console tables. Wall-mounted hooks and shelves can save floor space while providing ample storage.

4. Choose Furniture and Decor Wisely

When selecting furniture, always refer back to the measurements of your space to ensure a good fit. Look for pieces that serve dual purposes, like a seating bench with storage underneath.

Decorate with items that enhance the entryway’s functionality and aesthetic—mirrors to add depth and light, rugs to define the space, and personal touches like art or photos that make the space truly yours.

5. Light It Right and Add Finishing Touches

Lighting plays a key role in setting the mood and functionality of your entryway. Choose fixtures that complement the size of the space—nothing too large that might overwhelm or too small to be effective.

Accent lighting can highlight art or architectural features. Finish off with personal touches like a stylish mat, greenery, or seasonal decor to make the entryway welcoming.

10 Small Entryway Ideas

Small entryways can be both a challenge and an opportunity to get creative with your home’s first impression. Even with limited space, thoughtful design and smart storage solutions can turn a cramped entry into a welcoming, functional area.

Here are ten compact entryway ideas to help you maximize your space and style without overwhelming the area.

1. Wall-mounted key and Mail Organizer

Create a simple wall-mounted organizer by installing a small shelf with hooks underneath. Use the shelf for mail and sunglasses and the hooks for keys, making everything accessible right by the door.

2. Slim Console Table With Mirror Above

Place a narrow console table against the wall for placing mail and displaying decorative items. Hang a mirror above the table to add depth and give you a spot to check your appearance before heading out.

3. Shoe Rack with Seat

Opt for a shoe rack that doubles as a bench. This setup allows for shoe storage underneath and provides a convenient seating area for putting on or taking off shoes.

4. Floating Shelves for Decor and Essentials

Install floating shelves for small decorative items, plants, or daily essentials. This keeps the floor clear and adds a vertical storage solution.

5. Corner Coat Stand

Utilize a corner by placing a coat stand for hanging jackets, scarves, and hats. It’s a simple, space-saving way to keep outerwear organized and within reach.

6. Wall Hooks with Personalized Name Tags

Install a row of wall hooks and assign each to a family member using personalized name tags. This method encourages organization and helps keep everyone’s belongings separate.

7. Under-Bench Storage Baskets

If you have a bench, slide storage baskets underneath to neatly store shoes, bags, or winter accessories. This keeps items hidden and the entryway clutter-free.

8. Accordion Coat Rack

Install an accordion-style coat rack that expands or contracts based on your needs. It’s perfect for hanging coats and scarves and can be adjusted to fit the available wall space.

9. Magnetic Wall Board for Notes and Photos

Hang a magnetic board to serve as a spot for leaving notes, reminders, or displaying photos. It’s a functional piece that can also be personalized with decorative magnets.

10. Decorative Umbrella Stand

Choose a stylish umbrella stand to place near the entryway door. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it can also be a statement piece that adds to the decor.

Embracing a small entryway’s limitations can inspire creativity and functionality, transforming it into a welcoming and organized space. By cleverly utilizing vertical space, choosing multifunctional furniture, and adding personal touches, you can create an area that enhances your daily routines, making every departure and return more enjoyable.

10 Wall Ideas For Your Entryway

Your entryway is guests’ first impression of your home, making it a prime space to express your style and hospitality. With the right wall ideas, this area can transform from a simple pass-through to a dynamic, welcoming space. Whether you aim for functionality, beauty, or a blend of both, you can enhance your entryway walls in numerous ways.

These ideas range from artistic touches like gallery walls and murals to practical solutions such as organizational hooks and statement lighting, all designed to make your entryway truly memorable.

1. Gallery Wall

Choose a variety of frames and artwork that complement your personal style and the color scheme of your entryway. Arrange them in a visually appealing layout before securing them to the wall, creating a focal point that welcomes guests.

2. Oversized Mirror

Select a large mirror that fits the scale of your wall, and hang it at eye level to reflect light and make the space appear larger. This not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a decorative touch.

3. Wall Paneling

Install wall paneling to add depth and texture to your entryway. For a timeless look, you can opt for traditional wainscoting, modern geometric patterns, or simple horizontal planks.

4. Statement Wallpaper

Choose a bold wallpaper that makes a statement and apply it to one wall in your entryway. This serves as an instant makeover and sets the tone for your home’s decor.

5. Chalkboard Wall

Paint a wall section with chalkboard paint to create a space for jotting down reminders, messages, or a welcome note for guests. It’s both functional and fun, allowing for creative expressions.

6. Hat and Coat Hooks

Install a row of stylish hooks at a convenient height for hanging hats, coats, and scarves. This practical addition keeps essentials organized and easily accessible.

7. Decorative Tapestry

Hang a decorative tapestry or a woven wall hanging to add texture and warmth to your entryway. Depending on the design, this can be a colorful focal point or a subtle addition.

8. Floating Bookshelves

Mount a few floating shelves and arrange a selection of books, small sculptures, or other treasures. This provides storage and an opportunity to display items that reflect your personality.

9. Mural Painting

Commission a mural or paint one yourself if you’re artistically inclined, transforming your entryway wall into a piece of art. This can be as simple or intricate as your skill and space allow.

10. Statement Wall Lights

Incorporate distinctive wall lights that match your entryway’s aesthetic for an immediate wow factor. Whether modern, vintage, or artistic, these fixtures can dramatically illuminate the space while serving as stunning visual features.

12 Entryway Table Decor Tips

The entryway table serves as the first impression of your home, blending functionality with a personal touch. It’s a space where practicality meets style, setting the tone for the rest of your interior.

These entryway table tips aim to guide you in elevating this essential area, ensuring it welcomes guests and resonates with your unique aesthetic. Thoughtfully decorating your entryway table creates a warm and stylish introduction to your home.

1. Choose the Right Size

Select a table that fits the scale of your entryway without obstructing pathways. It should be proportionate to the space, allowing for easy movement.

2. Balance Function and Style

Look for a table that serves your needs for storage and display while complementing your home’s decor. A table with drawers can hide clutter, while the tabletop can showcase decorative items.

3. Create a Focal Point

Use the table to anchor your entryway design by placing a statement piece like a vase, sculpture, or lamp on top. This draws the eye and sets the tone for your home’s interior.

4. Add A Table Lamp

A well-placed lamp on your entryway table provides ambient lighting and adds warmth and welcome. Choose a lamp that matches the table’s style and your entryway’s overall aesthetic.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

Above the table, hang a mirror or piece of art to add depth and interest. This also helps to expand the space visually and complements the table’s decor.

6. Add Personal Touches

Display items that reflect your personality, such as family photos, favorite books, or a unique collectible. These personal touches make the space feel welcoming and lived-in.

7. Consider Seasonal Decor

Swap out decorative items on the table with the seasons to keep the entryway looking fresh and timely. Seasonal flowers, holiday decorations, or themed accents can offer a timely refresh to your entryway’s look.

8. Layer Textures and Materials

Combine different textures and materials on your entryway table for a rich, dynamic look. A mix of metal, wood, glass, and textile elements can add depth and interest to your display.

9. Keep It Clutter-Free

Regularly declutter the table to ensure it remains inviting and functional. A minimalist approach with just a few key items keeps the focus on those pieces and avoids a crowded look.

10. Incorporate Natural Elements

Adding a plant or a bouquet of fresh flowers brings life and color to your entryway. Natural elements can soften the table’s look and create a welcoming atmosphere.

11. Use Trays for Organization

A decorative tray can help corral smaller items like keys, mail, or sunglasses, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible. Choose a tray that complements the table’s style for a cohesive look.

12. Optimize Storage Solutions

If your entryway table has drawers or shelves, use them to minimize clutter and organize essentials like keys and mail. For tables without built-in storage, baskets or decorative boxes underneath can serve a similar purpose, hiding away items while keeping them accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I make my entryway look welcoming?

Incorporate warm lighting and a plush rug to create a cozy ambiance. Add a small bench or chair for convenience and comfort. Use soft, inviting colors in your decor to make guests feel at home immediately.

How do you make an entryway when there is none?

Define the space with furniture like a slim console table or a small bench to create a visual separation. Use rugs or different flooring materials to delineate the entryway area from the rest of the home. Incorporate wall-mounted hooks or shelves for organization and decoration to establish a functional and welcoming entry point.

What are the best storage solutions for small entryways?

Vertical storage options like wall hooks and floating shelves maximize space without cluttering the floor. Slim console tables with drawers or baskets underneath offer discreet storage. A compact umbrella stand or shoe rack can keep essentials organized and accessible.

Can I have an entryway without a table?

Absolutely. A wall-mounted shelf can be a minimalist substitute for a table, providing a spot for essentials. Consider a series of hooks or a coat rack for hanging items, and use a floor basket for shoes or umbrellas. Decorative elements like art or a wall tapestry can add personality and warmth without furniture.

How do I choose the right rug for my entryway?

Select a rug that is durable and easy to clean, as it will see a lot of foot traffic. Ensure the size fits your entryway space without obstructing doorways. Choose a color or pattern that effectively complements your entryway’s decor while hiding dirt and footprints.

What lighting is best for a small entryway?

Opt for overhead lighting that brightens the entire area without taking up much space. A wall-mounted sconce can add warmth and character while saving floor space. If possible, use a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting based on the time of day or desired ambiance.

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