When it comes to creating a guest bedroom and home office combination, there are many creative ideas to choose from that optimize space and functionality.

Be inspired by these ideas from wall unit desks placed against a wall to multifunctional furniture like sofa beds or Murphy beds that provide comfortable sleeping options without hogging space, to using room dividers or open shelving to distinctly yet aesthetically separate work zones from rest areas.

sofa bed with bookshelves and wood accent wall in home office
Guest bedroom home office combination with bed desk floating shelves

Transforming a spare guest room into a dual-purpose home office can be challenging. These guest room home office ideas provide insight into the layout, furniture, and decor to create a versatile space. Whether for daily tasks or hosting visitors, these designs offer inspiration for both work and comfort.

Don't miss the tips for what items to add to your guest bedroom and pro tips for designing a small guest bedroom home office hybrid!

Grab your favorite beverage, pen, and paper for notes; take your time and study the images, check out the room products, and enjoy! 

This is your creative time for your home!

10 Best Guest Bedroom Home Office Combo Ideas and Tips

1. Add A Sleeper Sofa and Light Weight Table

pull out sofa bed light weight table built in desk in guest room office combo

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Add A Sleeper Sofa and Light Weight Table

This home office combines the essentials of a work area and a guest room, making it an excellent combo for work and hosting overnight guests.

The sofa sleeper is an easy sleeping solution for guests without sacrificing the room's primary function as an office. The lightweight coffee table can be easily moved aside when converting the space for overnight stays.

The room's design, maximizes the ample natural light and spacious shelving, creates a great balance between work and relaxation.

faux leather sofa bed in guest room home office combo

2. Maximize Space With A Corner Desk

Corner Desk In Home Office Guest Room Combo

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Maximize Space With A Corner Desk

This corner desk is an ideal addition to a home office that doubles as a guest room, efficiently utilizing available space. The L-shaped design offers a 63″ work surface, allowing for ample room for both work items and guest items.

This desk has three built-in drawers that help with organization, making it easier to keep the room clutter-free and guest-ready. Equipped with an electric lift system, its 3-legs with triple motors offer height adjustments from 27″ to 48″, and supports up to 330 lbs. 

home office corner desk with adjustable height

3. Add A Trundle Bed

pull out bed under seat sofa in guest bedroom with desk modern rustic style

Add A Trundle Bed

This room combines the functionality of a guest room with a home office, thanks to the trundle bed sofa that is a comfortable seating option by day and transforms into a bed for overnight guests.

The sleek desk near the window provides an ideal workspace with natural lighting. The rustic wooden accents, coupled with the cozy cushions and throw blankets, create a warm and welcoming ambiance, making guests feel right at home while offering a serene environment for work.

Kodiak Trundle Bed Wood

4. Install A Room Divider

room divider kit with desk on one side and bed on the other of divider

Install A Room Divider

I love how this room divider kit creates the perfect blend of function and style in this home office guest bedroom combination. The room divider offers a practical solution to separate work and rest spaces, ensuring privacy for guests and focus for work.

Its elegant curtains complement the room while providing flexibility to open up the entire space or create distinct zones as needed.

This kit offers you a selection of 17 different colors and designs.

5. Include A Pull Out Sectional Sofa With Storage

home office with sectional pull out bed desk bookshelves rustic modern style

Include A Pull Out Sectional Sofa With Storage

This elegant home office guest room combo blends function with aesthetics. The bookshelves along the wall not only serve as a sophisticated backdrop but also offer plenty of storage space for books and decor, creating an organized and inspiring workspace.

Adding a pull-out sectional sofa with storage easily transforms the room from an office to a cozy guest stay, maximizing utility without compromising style. The added storage within the couch provides a discreet solution to stow away linens, pillows, or office supplies, ensuring the room remains clutter-free and versatile for its dual purpose.

pull out sleeper sofa in home office guest room combo
Tufted Sofa Pull Out Bed with storage shows measures for storage for clothes pillows bedclothes and other measurements of sofa

6. Create A Sofa Bed Inset In The Wall

sofa bed with bookshelves and wood accent wall in home office

Create A Sofa Bed Inset In The Wall

The sofa bed in this space offers a versatile solution, functioning as a seating area for work-related activities during the day and easily transforming into a bed for your overnight guest. Complemented by the rich wooden paneling and built-in shelving, the room exudes an organized workspace ambiance while providing ample storage space for office essentials and decorative items that add warmth and hospitality.

The placement of diverse lighting fixtures, from the intricate ceiling light to the adjustable wall lamps, offers variable lighting options for both productivity and relaxation, merging the dual purposes of a home office and guest bedroom.

Ashley Velletri Chenille Stylish Queen Sofa Sleeper with 4 Accent Pillows

7. Add Wall Unit and Desk With Under Cabinet Lighting

built in desk with floating shelves in home office guest room hybrid

Add Wall Unit and Desk With Under Cabinet Lighting

This home office guest bedroom hybrid seamlessly integrates the utility of a home office with the warmth of a guest room, maximizing space and design.

The built-in shelving and the added floating shelves above the desk provide abundant storage, allowing for a neat workspace and a place to display personal touches. The harmonious blend of functional features, from the streamlined desk to the inviting guest bed, paired with under cabinet lighting, creates a versatile environment perfect for both work and rest.

under cabinet lighting above built in desk shows 3 color modes

8. Install Floating Shelves and Ceiling Fan

floating shelves above desk and ceiling fan in small home office guest bedroom combination

Install Floating Shelves and Ceiling Fan For A Small Bedroom

This design merges the efficiency of a home office with the coziness of a guest room, making it ideal for a small bedroom.

The floating shelves offer vertical storage solutions, maximizing wall space without cluttering the room. The room's ceiling fan helps with ventilation and creates a comfortable atmosphere for both work and relaxation. The neutral color palette and above the bed decor bring a sense of spaciousness and serenity, making the room comfortable and inviting.

best bedroom ceiling fans
Urban Rustic Floating Shelves With Home Decor

9. Include A Murphy Bed

home office guest bedroom combination hybrid with a murphy bed

Include A Murphy Bed

Create a beautifully designed home office in a small space that seamlessly transitions into a guest bedroom using a murphy bed.

The muted color palette and thoughtful home decor create a serene and functional room, perfect for work and rest. The built-in shelving and discreetly hidden guest bed highlight the room's dual purpose, maximizing efficiency without compromising style.

10. Place A Streamlined Desk Against A Wall

corner home office desk guest bedroom with storage

Place A Streamlined Desk Against A Wall

This bedroom combines a home office with the comfort of a guest room. The streamlined desk, with its drawer space, provides a nice workspace without dominating the room, allowing guests to feel welcome and relaxed.

The storage options, from wicker baskets to elegant dressers, help keep office supplies and guest items conveniently stowed away, maintaining a clean and organized space.

Home Expert Tip Section

What To Add To A Guest Bedroom

1. Provide soft, fresh linens and pillows for the bed.

2. Add a bedside table with a reading lamp.

3. Place a welcome basket with toiletries and snacks.

4. Include a full-length mirror for guest convenience.

5. Offer a cozy throw blanket for added warmth.

6. Set up a small coffee or tea station.

7. Supply a selection of reading materials and magazines.

8. Add a clock with an alarm function.

9. Place a vase with fresh flowers for a touch of nature.

10. Lay down a comfortable rug to warm up the floor space.

11. Ensure there's a waste basket for guests to dispose of trash.

12. Provide a luggage rack or space for guest belongings.

How To Layout A Small Bedroom With An Office

1. Place a compact desk next to the bed, using it as a nightstand.

2. Opt for a wall-mounted desk to save floor space.

3. Use a fold-down desk that can be tucked away when not in use.

4. Position the desk under a window for natural lighting.

5. Incorporate a loft bed with a workspace underneath.

6. Use a corner desk to maximize unused space.

7. Integrate a pull-out desk in a built-in wardrobe.

8. Combine a floating shelf as a minimalistic workspace.

9. Choose multifunctional furniture like a storage ottoman for seating and storing office supplies.

10. Position the bed against the longest wall and place a narrow desk opposite it.

Make It Comfortable With A Memory Foam Futon

brown sofa bed with lady sitting on it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a guest bedroom in my home office?

Identify a space within your home office for the bed or sleeping solution. Ensure the room has a mix of office and bedroom essentials like a desk and storage options for guests. Use multi-functional bedroom furniture, such as a fold-out sofa bed, to maximize space.

How do I combine my spare bedroom and office?

Clear out the spare room to assess available space. Integrate essential office furniture, like a desk, alongside bedroom items like a bed or sofa bed. Use storage solutions to keep both office supplies and guest amenities organized.


How can I separate the office space from the sleeping area in a combined guest bedroom and home office?

Consider using room dividers, bookshelves, or decorative curtains to delineate the two spaces. This not only provides visual separation but can also enhance the room's aesthetic. Make sure both areas have ample space to function independently without feeling cramped.

What type of furniture should I prioritize in a dual-functioning guest bedroom and office?

Opt for multi-functional furniture like a fold-out desk or a daybed with storage underneath. Wall-mounted shelves can save floor space and keep essentials organized. Consider a comfortable chair that can serve as an office chair and additional seating for guests.

How can I maintain a relaxing atmosphere for my guest while having an efficient workspace?

Choose a calming color palette and consistent decor throughout to maintain cohesion. Proper lighting is key; have adjustable lighting for work tasks and softer lighting for relaxation. Incorporate plants or soothing artwork to blend functionality with tranquility.

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