How Do The 4 Seasons Affect The Sale Of Your Home

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Should you wait to sell your home? Are you wondering when is the best time to list your property?

How do the seasons affect home sales?

Is there a better season for a higher ROI?  It’s a great question but the truth is we sell homes every month of the year.  There is, however, a difference in BUYERS.  We review these below. 

How The Seasons Impact Real Estate

There’s not much change in values from one season to the next unless the market is in an upward or downward spiral.

It’s crucial to speak with your Realtor® so you can make informed decisions regarding your market. 

If you want an optimum sales price for your home there are things you need to do to get it ready.

Keeping the below ideas in mind you can prepare and adjust by the season.

Discuss these areas with your Realtor® so you know the best options to get your property sales ready and how you can maximize your ROI.

Summer BUYERS – Selling your home in the summer

Tips For Selling Your Home In The Summer

Summer buyers are often families with childen. They’d like to make the move before school starts.

Curb-side appeal can be used here to entice buyers. Everyone loves a fresh cut lawn with vibrant flowers surrounding the landscape.

Capitalize on this and get your home as curbside ready as you can.

Also, I see quite a few job transfer individuals during this time.

Many people relocate during summer months.

Thinking of selling in the summer?  Be prepared. Check out these insightful tips on how to sell your home in the summer.  

Fall BUYERS – selling your home in the fall

Tips For Selling Your Home In The Fall

Fall can be a great time to sell your home. Many people don’t sell their homes in the fall and winter months so you’ll have less competition during these months.

Sellers often take their homes off the market in the fall/winter so there is less inventory which means less competition for you.

Fall buyers are typically highly motivated. Many weren’t able to find a home in the Spring or Summer and at this point many are very ready.

There are certain things you can do to prepare your home for selling in the fall. 

WINTER BUYERS – selling your home in the winter

Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

Winter buyers are usually highly motivated. They’re often new job transfers, divorce situations or a change in family situations and/or financial situations.

They have less time to make a decision and are less concerned with all the details and are more concerned with having a few concrete parameters met.

They’re often very motivated. Be ready and know these tips for selling your home in the winter. 

spring BUYERS – selling your home in the spring

Tips For Selling Your Home In The Spring

Spring buyers often start the home shopping process early so they can physically move in at the beginning of summer/mid-summer.

They’re often families with school age children. Many fit the profile of winter buyers.

Typically they want to get a jump on the market before the kids are out of school and summer plans begin.   Many don’t want to deal with moving in the summer since vacations and events are planned.

Be ready with these excellent tips for selling your home in the Spring. 

How the seasons affect Selling Your House
How The 4 Seasons Impact Selling A House